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Jan 31, 2013 Comments Off Pat Dollard


Hagel: ‘I Support the President’s Strong Position on Containment’

Why would he say that Obama had a policy of containing Iran, which is the policy of allowing them to have nukes under the belief that you can contain them from using it, unless his buddy Obama had told him in private that that’s what his ultimate policy was? Did Hagel accidentally reveal a dark and dangerous Obama secret?

Excerpted from Washington Free Beacon:
Defense secretary nominee Chuck Hagel announced he was in support of President Obama’s “position on containment” of Iran’s nuclear program during his Thursday confirmation hearing.

Hagel later walked back his statement after a note was passed to him.

“I was just handed a note that I misspoke that I said I supported the president’s position on containment. If I said that I meant to say that we don’t have a position on containment,” he said.