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Jan 15, 2013 Comments Off Tom Ferrari


President Barack Obama plans this week to present 19 separate executive orders on gun control and will press for comprehensive legislation to expand gun-purchase background checks, lawmakers made privy to the president’s agenda said Monday, according to the New York Times.

The biggest congressional fight on gun control in nearly 20 years — which also includes efforts to ban assault weapons and high-capacity clips — could be launched as soon as Wednesday, the Times reports.
But considering the president’s expected inability to get acceptance for his plan through Congress, Obama will not shy away from using use executive orders for restrictions he deems necessary, according to the Times.
Those actions are expected to include limits on guns imported from overseas, pressure on federal agencies to improve sharing of mental health records, and directing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to conduct research on gun violence, according to lawmakers informed of the president’s plans, the Times reports.    Keep reading