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Daily Caller: A Champaign, Illinois man drowned Jan. 1 in a mall pond as increasingly angry observers demanded a rescue, at least 13 minutes after the local fire department arrived at the scene.

The man, Kenneth Brown, 20, slipped under the freezing water 18 minutes after falling through the ice, but local firefighters didn’t launch an inflatable boat until just before he disappeared. The firefighters pulled Brown’s body out of the water roughly an hour after they arrived.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/01/04/illinois-firefighters-stand-idle-while-man-drowns/#ixzz2HGnygtJH

Onlookers demanded firefighters rescue the man, and even volunteered for the task, but were told by the Champaign police to stay away.

A Champaign firefighter declined to comment on Brown’s slow-motion death, while 22 firefighters and six vehicles stood on the nearby shore.

“We can’t say anything about it,” the firefighter told The Daily Caller. “We’re directing all [responses] through campaign police department.”

The Champaign Police Department did not return TheDC’s calls.