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Jan 19, 2013 Comments Off on Is Mel Gibson the Father of Jodie Foster’s Children? Dinah Tellya

Excerpted from The Atlantic: Aside from some of the weird rambling and the kinda sorta coming out, one of the more mysterious things about Jodie Foster’s big Golden Globes speech last weekend was her intensity about her friendship with Mel Gibson. The two were seated next to each other all night, and when on stage, Foster said something along the lines of, “You save me, too.” They are clearly very close, but now some folks are wondering exactly how close. The rumor right now is that Gibson, already the father of eight children, is the biological father of Foster’s two sons. Yes, people think that Gibson donated sperm to Foster and her then-partner Cydney Bernard and that’s how a baby, or rather two babies, were made. Which would be strange! Maybe even stranger than the whole Melissa Etheridge/David Crosby thing? Yes, possibly even stranger than that. But how real is this? Well, let Page Six tell you: “‘The kids look like him [Gibson] but blonder,’ said one amateur genealogist.” Ha. Haha. “Amateur genealogist,” huh? Guys, you can’t corner that scared Fordham intern in the office, demand a quote from him, and then call him an amateur genealogist. He’s just Josh the intern. That’s all. Not to diminish his credit, of course. If Josh the intern thinks the kids “look like him [Gibson] but blonder,” then I for one choose to believe it. This thing happened, guys. And it is weird. But don’t tell Foster’s kids, obviously. She said she won’t tell them the donor’s name until they are 21. Which… yeah, sort of even weirder.

Excerpted from Page Six: Could Mel Gibson be the biological father of Jodie Foster’s two sons?

That’s what some in Hollywood were wondering as Foster thanked Gibson — “You know, you save me, too” — in her heartfelt speech Sunday, reports The Post’s Los Angeles correspondent, Richard Johnson. Gibson was sitting with Charles, 14, and Kit, 12, at Foster’s table.

Foster has never revealed her handsome sons’ paternity and has reportedly said she won’t tell the boys until they turn 21.

“The kids look like him [Gibson] but blonder,” said one amateur genealogist.

If Gibson, a father of eight, donated his sperm to Foster, it would explain her fierce loyalty to the troubled star while the rest of Hollywood shunned him over his anti-Semitic remarks and abusive treatment of Oksana Grigorieva, the Russian girlfriend who bore his last child, Lucia, 3.

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