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Personal commentary-Let us re-visit history to gain insights into what may be happening once again because we failed to learn.

These are my own insights into history, an editorial, as to where I see things going. I know the recent past of Islamic take-overs, and some knowledge of the ancient genesis of these conflicts.

I welcome others to contribute where they feel I’m wrong, or where I have left out relevant data. This is a post that looks at facts and history, not rhetoric. However, I am very biased towards Western culture and have very bad feelings for the actions of the marauding armies of Sharia law and Islam.

That said, let the story unfold;

My quick history tells me that (radical) Islam spread across the Middle East, to North Africa, and eventually Spain. Sound familiar? By radical Islam I refer to no tolerance for other faiths, and the strict adherence to Sharia law. The ones who did not practice Islam were lesser citizens, called Dhimmi, and they were taxed (jizya) for being such ‘infidels’.

Essentially they sought a global Islamic Caliphate where all would fall under Sharia law and rule. They are marching again.

The truth about the Crusades and the March of Islam; The Real Crusade

As I was taught long ago, the Crusades were brutal. They were, however, a vicious reprisal for an equally vicious Islamic invasion from North Africa and the Mediterranean.

The Islamic fundamentalists wanted the world to bow to them, and Sharia law. The West resisted. It was eventually stopped in France after they infected Spain.

This is where the fingerprints start for the Templar Knights, Illuminati, and other bullshit. But that is irrelevant.

Crusades and Islam

Good source here for the history of it all.

I’m still poring through it…

stay tuned for more