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Excerpted from The Ticket: A group critical of President Barack Obama’s choice of Chuck Hagel to be secretary of defense on Monday purchased the Web site domain ChuckHagel.com to oppose the former Nebraska senator’s nomination.

The Emergency Committee for Israel, an advocacy group led by Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, is sponsoring the new site and has already produced television ads against Hagel’s nomination.

The site highlights Hagel’s Senate votes on the United States’ relationships with Israel and Iran.

“Chuck Hagel has sought to distance the United States from Israel, blame Israel for Palestinian terrorism, pressure Israel to surrender territory and retreat to indefensible borders, and has consistently attempted to increase pressure on Israel and reduce it on Israel’s foes,” the site reads.

The group plans a Google ad buy so the site will appear as a top result on the company’s search engine every time a user searches for “Chuck Hagel.”

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