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Jan 12, 2013 Comments Off on Missouri Lt. Gov. Kinder: ‘Suburban soccer moms’ don’t understand assault weapons like men do Pat Dollard

Excerpted from The Daily Caller: Republican Missouri lieutenant governor and 8th Congressional District candidate Peter Kinder declared that “‘assault weapons’ is a misused term used by suburban soccer moms who do not understand what is being discussed here” during a Republican primary forum in Salem, Mo., Thursday, the Missouri News Horizon reported.

Kinder made his anti-gun control statement during a forum at Salem City Hall in which all 12 major GOP candidates for the 8th Congressional District seat being vacated next month by retiring Republican Rep. Jo Ann Emerson attempted to prove their conservative credentials.

The Republican nominee for the seat will be decided by the 86 voting members of the 8th District Republican committee, and will immediately become the heavy general election front-runner in the strongly Republican district.

Gun control has been a hot topic in the race as the Obama administration and congressional Democrats aim to renew the nationwide assault weapons ban, or possibly take more sweeping gun control measures in the aftermath of the elementary school shooting in Newtown, Conn.

The congressional candidates appeared on stage one by one, answering the same five questions. Kinder, however, was asked an extra question about why he wants to leave the lieutenant governor’s office for a job in Washington. He replied that he has a passion for federal issues, like stopping Obamacare.

“The question was asked about the Lt. Governor’s office vacancy and he was able to answer it well,” according to an analysis by the Missouri Times.

Kinder also reminded the crowd that in his last statewide lieutenant governor race he won 109 of 114 counties. “I do that by not ignoring the small counties,” he said.

Kinder, a close personal friend of Karl Rove who was first elected Missouri’s lieutenant governor in 2004, made a concerted effort during the forum to appeal to the district’s committee members, some of whom have turned on him in recent weeks in favor of either Jason Smith or Todd Richardson, state representatives and grassroots candidates who also participated in the forum.

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