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Jan 30, 2013 Comments Off Spit Stixx

Excerpted from The Blaze: No stranger to selectively edited video clips, MSNBC on Monday aired a misleading and incomplete clip of testimony given by the father of a Sandy Hook victim at a hearing before the Connecticut Legislature. The edited version of his remarks, aired on Martin Bashir’s show, make it appear as if pro-gun advocates maliciously interrupted (or “heckled” as many have said) the dad for no reason as he calmly argued against civilians owning semi-automatic rifles and high-capacity magazines. In fact, the edit was so subtle not even we picked up on it in our original story.

Here is how he presented it in his selectively edited clip on Monday:

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Watch the unedited footage below, courtesy of the ever-vigilant team over at Twitchy (the clip will start at the relevant point):

As you can see, MSNBC decided to completely remove the portion of the video where Heslin asks his rhetorical question.

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