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Jan 31, 2013 Comments Off on Never Cared About Jobs In The First Place: Now That Economy Is Getting Really Bad, Obama Shuts Down Jobs Council Pat Dollard


Remember how his entire first year was spent on nothing but Obamacare? Which, ironically, is the greatest job killer in the history of Federal laws.

Excerpted from The Hill: The Obama administration will discontinue its jobs council despite persistent unemployment and news this week that the economy shrunk.

The council, created in 2011, has met in full only four times in its two-year existence and was up for re-authorization this week. The administration says it will instead find different ways to encourage job growth, opting to close down a program that had become the target of Republican criticism.

“The President is grateful to the members of the Jobs Council for their effort and service over the past two years, and looks forward to working with them moving forward on these important issues,” a White House official said Thursday.

An administration aide told The Hill last week the council of top economists and business leaders “was only intended” to last through its original two-year term.

A White House official said Thursday the administration would launch “a new, expanded effort to work with the business community and other outside groups to advance specific policy priorities promoted the Jobs Council,” and that such efforts would include efforts to promote small businesses and infrastructure improvements.

The White House also said that senior administration officials were in regular contact with outside business leaders while developing strategy for immigration and deficit deals. On Wednesday, senior administration officials held a call with over a dozen business leaders. The president also plans meetings with outside groups next week.

The decision is sure to draw fire from GOP lawmakers, who used the group’s infrequent meetings to suggest that President Obama was not paying sufficient attention to the nation’s unemployment problem during the 2012 presidential campaign. Already, a Republican National Committee official blasted out news that the council was shutting down to reporters on Thursday.

White House press secretary Jay Carney defended the group’s infrequent meetings at a press briefing last summer.

“There’s no specific reason, except the president has obviously got a lot on his plate.

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