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Jan 27, 2013 Comments Off on NLRB To Court: Drop Dead Chuck Biscuits

Excerpted from Front Page Mag: Who needs a document written by some old dead white guys anyway? Certainly not the lawyer for a mobbed-up union appointed unconstitutionally by Obama to act as the hatchet man for the unions. Forget the Constitution. It’s ObamaTime.

The Federal Appeals Court ruled that Obama did not have the authority to make recess appointments because the Senate was not in recess and the Senate, not the Executive, gets to decide when it’s in recess.

The invalidation of Obama’s recess appointments means that they are invalid and the NLRB cannot function. So the NLRB said, “Yes, we can function. So there.”

Following Friday morning’s appeals court ruling that Barack Obama’s “recess” appointments to the National Labor Relations Board were unconstitutional, union attorney (and current NLRB chairman) Mark Gaston Pearce vowed to ignore the court’s ruling.

“The Board respectfully disagrees with today’s decision and believes that the President’s position in the matter will ultimately be upheld. It should be noted that this order applies to only one specific case, Noel Canning, and that similar questions have been raised in more than a dozen cases pending in other courts of appeals.

In the meantime, the Board has important work to do. The parties who come to us seek and expect careful consideration and resolution of their cases, and for that reason, we will continue to perform our statutory duties and issue decisions.”

The NLRB does not get to disagree with a Federal Appeals Court. It has already overstepped its jurisdiction infinite number of times. Its opinion of an Appeal Court ruling is completely irrelevant.

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