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Jan 9, 2013 Comments Off spratico

I hope Pat doesn’t mind this diversion from news sources, I may make it a regular thing. I read a bunch of different opinion pieces from notable conservatives such as Victor Davis Hanson, Thomas Sowell, and the like.

I usually read the American Spectator and National Review Online. While much of it is somewhat establishment Republican bullshit, I do find gems, usually from the authors previously noted. There are more too. Those are just two of my favorites.

So, maybe I will compile into one post at the end of the week, all of the pieces I found poignant and relevant to the values of this website. I think I understand the values of the site and will use my own judgement, but if the administrators find certain opinions irrelevant or inappropriate they can delete those links.

Anyway, let’s start with these that I found pretty fucking profound;

This one points out that while America appears utterly doomed, it is usually faith and nationalistic patriotism that keeps a country steadfast in the face of ruin.

A New Year In America

This piece points out that liberal “group-think” is a cowardly knee-jerk response to issues as opposed to honest individualistic thought.

Groupthink In America

This piece by Sowell sets forth the theory (that we all are aware of), that educating kids is better than indoctrinating them.

The Role of ‘Educators’