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Jan 18, 2013 Comments Off on Notable Editorials – Week 3 spratico

Another installment of editorials from the past week that I thought were worthy of sharing;

S.E. Cupp does a good job of explaining why kids are the way they are today. Not only do they not fear consequences for their actions, but they see a culture that sometimes rewards degenerate behavior. And, of course, this devil-may-care attitude has leeched into Washington.
The Kardashian-Congress complex

Thomas Sowell illustrates how the unintended consequences of feel-good liberalism does so much harm to the black community.
Liberalism versus blacks

Mark Krikorian, from the Center for Immigration Studies, tears apart a ‘report’ released by the pro-amnesty, Migration Policy Institute. They inflated immigration-enforcement numbers and funding.

Victor Davis Hanson explains how people seem more compelled to appear “hip”, rather than being themselves and doing the right thing. He goes on to explain how this “hip-ness” gets many people excused from vile, immoral, and even illegal behavior.
The Hipster Facade

Gabriella Hoffman (you may know her from Twitter) issues an inspiring rant on why the War On Men must stop.
The War on Men Must Stop: My Thoughts on Manliness

John Hayward shows where Romney was actually right on some things he was mocked and criticized for.
The vindication of Mitt Romney

AntiSharia.com documents the under-reported persecution of Christians from the 2-3rd century up to the 100,000 Christians killed in 2012.
More than 100,000 Christians killed in 2012,for their Faith,according to Italian Scholar Massimo Introvigne

Victor Davis Hanson explains why the 1st and 2nd Amendments are at war with one another in a quest to quell gun-violence. He ponders why some are so quick to call for more gun-controls when maybe they should be calling for more restraints on the culture of Hollywood and video game violence.
The War Between the Amendments