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Jan 8, 2013 Comments Off Dinah Tellya

UPDATE: Piers Morgan Goes Off On ‘Scary’ Alex Jones To Politico, Claims Pattern Of Brits Being ‘Gagged’, Compares Self To John Lennon

UPDATE – WATCH: Alex Jones Claims Producer ‘Panicked’, Started Crying Mid-Show, Piers Yelled ‘Get Out!’, Security Guards Threw Him Off Set One Segment Early

First of all, Jones does a brilliant job of highjacking the show as if it was his own. Then, when Piers can’t get anywhere on the gun debate, he tries to discredit Jones on the 9-11 issue as if being wrong on one thing means you must be wrong on another. Hang in for the end, when Jones switches to an effete upper-class British accent. The whole thing is more lively and wild than you will expect.

Part One:

Part Two: