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Jan 10, 2013 Comments Off Toro520

Via The Daily Mail:

The well-to-do heroin addicts who were arrested for allegedly keeping explosives in their Greenwich Village apartment were reportedly planning to blow up the arch in nearby Washington Square Park.

Friends allegedly told police that Aaron Greene, who was arrested along with his then-pregnant girlfriend Morgan Gliedman, had previously tested explosives in the Manhattan public park.

The friend’s report that Greene was seen sprinkling powder on the ground before throwing rocks at it to see if it would explode is in keeping with police theories that the couple were stocking up on highly unstable explosives in order to stage an attack.

The New York Times reports that police interviewed Daniel Whittaker, a friend of Greene’s who lives in upstate New York.

Mr Whittaker, who is a corrections officer, was questioned because Greene told investigators that he had given some weapons to ‘a friend in law enforcement’.

The main focus of the investigation, however, has been the apartment that Greene and Gliedman lived while she was pregnant with their child. Gliedman, 27, went into labor during her arrest and because she stopped doing heroin during her pregnancy, the child was born drug free.

Inside the apartment, officers found seven grams of the explosive powder HMTD, which was reportedly the substance used in the 2005 London Underground bombings.


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