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Gothamist – Aaron Greene, the 31-year-old Harvard grad who was arrested on Saturday morning with his pregnant girlfriend for allegedly possessing explosive powder and shotguns, previously stabbed a bouncer in 2005 with an eleven-inch butcher knife and served eight months in jail. The man he stabbed says that the altercation began after Greene stole his slice of pizza and stalked him through the Lower East Side—and soon after the stabbing he predicted Greene was more dangerous than authorities believed at the time. “I told the District Attorney that one of these days, he’s gonna shoot up a schoolyard or blow up a federal building,” the bouncer says. “But watch—he’s gonna skate on these new charges, he’s gonna get off because of his family.”

The 44-year-old bouncer agreed to speak to us on the condition that we refer to him only by his initials, A.H., explaining that “I put that five-year ordeal behind me, and I don’t need the Greene family coming after me.” He said that while he was in the hospital recovering from the stab wound, he was visited by a friend who was dating Greene’s sister, Claire. “We were friends at the time,” recalls A.H., “but he seemed nervous, and he told me, ‘Aaron does stuff like this all the time and he always gets away with it.’ ”

A.H. was working at Max Fish on St. Patrick’s Day in 2005 when he first met Greene, who was sitting in a booth with a date. “My friend had gone out and gotten me a few slices of pizza for dinner, and he put it down on the table and Aaron said, ‘Which one is mine?’ ” the bouncer said. “I told him, ‘Whichever one you’re paying for,’ and we both laughed. The vibe was calm. But after he gets up to leave the bar, my friend noticed that my slice was gone.”

“So I went up to him and asked him, ‘Did you steal my dinner?’ And he reluctantly ends up taking the pizza out of his coat sleeve, and hands it to me,” A.H. said. “That’s when I told him that he had to leave because he stole my food.” Then, a regular patron who was sitting next to Greene and his date told the bouncer he was missing his Walkman. “So I find them outside, and he agreed to let me give him a light pat-down.” The bouncer found what appeared to be a “Folgers can full of change and dollar bills—like someone’s tip jar, but no Walkman.” A crowd had gathered, and Greene got into an altercation with another patron, but the group dissolved and the night proceeded without incident.

According to A.H., Greene’s date later testified to a grand jury that Greene left the bar enraged, making threats against him as the two walked back to Greene’s family’s Soho apartment. Here Greene grabbed a butcher knife and left to go back to the bar to confront the bouncer. When his date tried to stop him, he cut her hand.

After closing time, A.H and two friends started walking west to the subway at around 4:30 a.m. “I then see this silhouette leaning against Katz’s with one hand in his pocket, and I saw his pony tail, and I thought, ‘Oh, it’s the same guy from tonight.’ ” The bouncer says that Greene was “glassy-eyed,” and continued following the group for 30 minutes, even as they attempted to lose him, telling Greene to stop following them at least twice.

Eventually the bouncer ended up confronting Greene on 1st Street between Second Avenue and the Bowery. “I told him to leave us alone. And as he pulled the hand out of his pocket I slapped him in the face, and then he whipped out something and plunged it into my side.” A.H. said he was in shock. “When I looked down and saw the feathers coming out of my jacket, I knew it was a knife.” Despite his deep stab wound, A.H. said that he then chased Greene for several blocks into Soho while on the phone with 911. “The cops came with the ambulance, and I pointed out to them who stabbed me, he was only a half-block away, but they just asked to see my ID and took me to the hospital.”

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