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Jan 15, 2013 Comments Off on Utah Smoothie Bar Charges Leftists A Dollar More For Drinks Infidel



Excerpted from The Blaze: The fee, alone, is enough to infuriate admitted leftists, but they may be even more frustrated when they learn what Burnett does with this extra $1: He donates the monies to conservative causes like The Heritage Foundation, a right-leaning think tank. Despite seeming inflammatory, Burnett claims that his goal, rather than to offend, is to spark conversations about regulatory structures and the energy industry.

“Really what I’m focused on is the fiscal differences between big government/small government and liberal ways, as far as entitlements and spending,” he told KSL. “We have a fiscal problem in this country. We’ve got to deal with it or we don’t have a country, so to kind of help make that point, just a little bit, I charge (liberals) just a little bit more.”

While some have taken to Burnett’s Facebook page to voice concern (one person called his price structure “pathetic”), others are supporting it. The business owner reports that, despite some pushback, a few liberals (he said three, so far, have paid extra) are happily doling out the difference for his smoothies.

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