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Feb 12, 2013 Comments Off on 96% Of Baton Rouge Murders Committed By Blacks Pat Dollard

What are the national stats? Seems to me like the problem isn’t guns, but the fact that the black community won’t fix itself. If Obama, Biden and Piers Morgan want to fix the main source of gun murders in this country, clearly they need to get crackin on that.

Excerpted from The American Conservative: Not long ago, in the Mall Killers thread, we had an intense discussion of race, crime, and culture. It started with a reflection on the fact that a rampaging flashmob of black teenagers terrorized customers at the Mall Of Louisiana, and required it to be locked down and evacuated. Some of the mob continued down the street and caused mayhem at another mall. One of the questions we discusses was whether or not the statistics on violent crime in Baton Rouge justify being afraid of and avoiding young black males.

Yesterday the Baton Rouge Advocate published a lengthy analysis of the 2012 murder stats in the city. Take a look at this PDF of one of the inside pages. Last year, 83 people died by homicide in Baton Rouge. Of that number, 87 percent were black, and 87 percent were male. Two-thirds had been in trouble with the law before, and one-third had been in trouble with the law for drugs. The median age of victims: 26.

Of the perpetrators, the median age was 22. Get this: 96 percent of them were black, and 90 percent were male. Almost two-thirds had previous arrests. One out of four had a drug record.

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