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Feb 8, 2013 Comments Off Pat Dollard

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My favorite part is the typical cowardly journalist move when he says “A lot of people say” or “A lot of people believe” when he’s giving his own opinion.

From Breitbart TV:

DON LEMON, CNN HOST: “But there are people, especially minorities, urban radio, especially African-Americans and hispanics — this story shows that now, just like the O.J. Simpson story, just like the Rodney King story, that people… There is a distinct difference in this country the way people view race, the way people view news stories, the way we filter things, because there are people who support him. There are people who say, “I had a problem with my job. I had a problem with police officers” — especially with stories that concern police officers. There are people with a general distrust of police officers, especially African-Americans and hispanics. They believe that he had a beef, a legitimate beef, but now he’s gone off the deep end and he’s doing it the wrong way now.

CNN Host: So prior to him going off the deep end, a lot of callers, and this isn’t just talking about LAPD, this is different municipalities across the country, they’re saying he’s not so crazy.

LEMON: Right. The LAPD historically has a problem with racism. [They] had a worse problem with racism years ago, especially 20 years ago when the Rodney King story happened and probably worse before that and then it was cleaned up. No police department in the country is perfect. The LAPD is not perfect now, and people are still saying the LAPD has a problem with racism now, and police departments across the country have a problem with racism now and the way they treat people of color.

2. CNN’s Lemon: LA Cop Killer ‘Wasn’t Crazy’ When He Wrote Manifesto

DON LEMON, CNN HOST: Still, again, this conversation is no way justifying what he has done, but it is also something that we need to talk about. Also something that is not — that is being talked about online, being talked about on the radio, but not being talked about in media coverage. I have to say, even other journalists, because I made a similar point yesterday, that it appears from his manifesto that he is, you know, he wasn’t crazy when he wrote his manifesto. Someone, another journalist from a major news organization wrote me and said, confidentially: “Your coverage of the LA fugitive story makes me proud to be a black journalist. Yes, what he’s doing is wrong, but your points are right. Praying for him and the victims. once they catch him. Obviously this is a confidential message because of where I work. Peace and Love.”

CNN HOST: Once they catch him, it’s a conversation we need to have.

LEMON: Absolutely.