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Feb 16, 2013 Comments Off on Colorado Government May Force Gun Company Out Of State As It Passes 15-Round Mag Limit Infidel


Excerpted from The Daily Caller: The Democratic-controlled Colorado House of Representatives gave early approval to a bill limiting ammunition magazines to 15 rounds on a voice vote Friday, despite threats by at least two companies to close shop and move to a more gun-friendly state.

One of those companies, Magpul, makes 30-round magazines for sale to military customers, as well as other equipment for assault rifles. Alfred Manufacturing, a third-generation Colorado company, also said it would relocate if the bill becomes law.


The bill specifically exempts magazine manufacturers and their employees from prosecution, but Magpul Chief Operating Officer Doug Smith has said the company will move out of Colorado on general principle. Magpul employs about 600 people.

The state House of Representatives will officially vote on this and other gun control bills on Monday. Vice President Joe Biden, who is vacationing in Colorado this weekend, called Democratic lawmakers and encouraged them to stick to their guns, according to FOX31 Denver.

During hours-long debate Friday, some in the Republican minority thought that the threat of losing jobs might make some Democrats think twice about passing a bill that even some of its supporters admitted wasn’t perfect and may not curtail gun violence.

“The issue here is not the size of the magazine,” said Republican Rep. Jim Wilson. “This issue is the Democrats trying to pass something in the heat of battle.”

Although bill sponsor Democratic Rep. Rhonda Fields spoke passionately about how the ban would save lives — “I firmly believe that high capacity magazine clips have no purpose except in a theater of warfare,” she said — other Democrats conceded that the measure bordered on symbolic.

Democratic Rep. Lois Court said that one purpose of passing laws was to make a statement about “what kind of society we believe ourselves to be.”

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