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Excerpted CBS News:

BIG BEAR LAKE, CALIF.   Los Angeles police say they will reopen the disciplinary proceedings that led to the firing of a former officer who’s wanted in three killings over the past several days.

Cmdr. Andrew Smith said Saturday that the department will reopen the investigation that apparently has led Christopher Dorner to seek revenge against former LAPD colleagues who he believed cost him his law enforcement career.

Dorner alleged in an online manifesto that he was wrongly fired for reporting that his training officer used excessive force.

Police Chief Charlie Beck tells KCBS-TV the department will thoroughly re-examine Dorner’s allegation to ensure the public that the LAPD is fair and transparent. He says if Dorner wants to surrender, the LAPD will “be happy to hear what he has to say.”

Meanwhile, a scaled-back search party took advantage of a break from stormy weather Saturday to hunt for Dorner, using heat-sensing helicopters and fanning out in fresh snow as vacationing families and weekend skiers frolicked nearby.

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Could news of re-opening his case get Dorner to come out of hiding and call a truce? If this is truly about him wanting to ‘clear his name’ you would think this would show him the LAPD is trying to give him the benefit of the doubt and a second chance. However, I’d say he already made his bed and now has to lie in it…he has already killed three people and shot others. He is now a wanted man and a good cop turned bad cop. He has made a worse ‘name’ for himself by his own senseless and self serving actions.


Fox News discusses the current situation in the manhunt, as well as the ‘role mental illness plays in deadly attacks’

According to the Fox video report with Dr Alan Lipman, Criminal Psychologist and Executive Director of the Center for the Study of Violence :  

Dorner has a “long history of explosive and violent episodes’  including being kicked out of high school for fighting resulting in him being kicked off his high school football team. In Dorner’s manifesto he lists other violent behavior he tries to justify. He talks about things from his childhood in which he is “still burning with rage” about as if they just happened yesterday, he then gives examples of those grandiose thoughts and items by reading some of those statements.  

Dr. Lipman says Dorner’s manifesto shows he’s filled with feelings of grandiosity. Dr. Lipman believes Dorner’s a classic narcissist, not psychotic, but filled with rage which has lead to homicidal thoughts. “He’s the kind of guy that likely wants to go out in a ‘blaze of glory’.” Dr. Lipman also states that Dorner is also suicidal because part of his letter was a goodbye to things and people he enjoys.  However, believes he will likely want to go out in suicide by cop rather than take his own life and fade away.  

As a Criminal Psychologist, Dr Lipman concludes that Dorner could also have bipolar disorder because of the amount of grandiosity and media attention he is seeking.  He says there is evidence Dorner’s come into contact with people who have confronted  him about his violent behavior, likely referring to an ex-girlfriend who filed a restraining order against him for threatening her in 2006.  Dorner states in his manifesto that he is likely clinically depressed, for which he may have received treatment, and would tell us more about his state of mind and any medications he might be on or has tried.