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Feb 1, 2013 Comments Off on Did Ann Coulter Refuse To Board A Plane Because The Pilot Was Black? Pat Dollard

Excerpted from The Blaze: The Daily Currant, like The Onion, is a parody site. In other words, the stories that they publish are not intended to be taken seriously as they are entirely false.

But that didn’t stop several people from reporting one of the Daily Currant’s stories about conservative firebrand Ann Coulter as fact. The story, titled “Ann Coulter Refuses to Board Airplane With Black Pilot,” argued that Coulter refused to board a plane because she feared the black pilot got her job as a result of affirmative action, thus making her unqualified to fly. This is, of course, completely false.

According to passengers, at that point Coulter stood at the front of the cabin and began screaming her concerns to the entire flight as they finished boarding.

“Aw come on people, a black woman flying a plane? You know she got that job through affirmative action. Am I the only one worried about this? I mean hello? Our lives are at stake here…”

“Other goofball jokes that should make it OBVIOUS this was a parody include a TSA spokesman named “Dirk Diggler” (haven’t these people seen Boogie Nights) and the fact that the PR flak called Coulter “mentally ill” rather than give the usual measured bureaucratic response. Oh, there’s also a line about Coulter asking her fellow flight-mates if we should just allow Mexicans to become doctors,” Mediaite’s Andrew Kirell notes.

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