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imagfgdfdgfdgfgesExcerpted: The Atlantic Wire

After stealing a truck and exchanging fire with a small phalanx of police, feared fugitive Chris Dorner disappeared into a cabin in the woods, never to be seen again. Within minutes, the cabin was engulfed in flames.

A new sighting of fugitive ex-cop Chris Dorner along California’s highway 38 in Big Bear, California stirred police into action early Tuesday. The Los Angeles Times reports that a suspect resembling Chris Dorner broke into a house, tied up a couple and stole their white pickup truck stolen around 12:20 p.m. local time.

The Times and AP reported that Dorner engaged in a shootout with fish and game officials some time after that and fled to a cabin in the woods. A stretch of the highway was now closed while authorities continue searching for Dorner. Two officers were hit in the fire fight, one of them fatally, and it was quiet for a few minutes. Witnesses report hearing a single gunshot, after which the cabin went up in flames. It’s unclear if Dorner shot himself or escaped before the fire, but police say they didn’t see the fugitive emerge from the cabin before the gunshot or the fire.


(Update, 9:46 p.m.: Authorities found a body they believe to be Dorner inside the burned-out cabin after the flames calmed down. Update, 10:21 p.m.: Sources inside the L.A. mayor’s office confirmed that the body was Dorner’s, as have multiple law enforcement sources. Law enforcement officials have yet to confirm that Dorner is dead.

Update, 11:16 p.m.: In a press conference, LAPD commander Andy Smith said that, in fact, no body had been found inside of the cabin, despite earlier reports that it has. Smith added that the cabin was “still too hot and no inspectors had access to it yet.” Dorner remains at large.)

However, is this how the story really ends??


Excerpted: Littlebytesnews Current Events

Earlier I heard on Michael Savage that there were reports that Dorner might have escaped. This is the only site/news report I have found to confirm that there was a possibility he got away and ran towards a horse stable during the time police had him surrounded and right after the fire started, see update at 7:33pm from yesterdays[2/12/13] shootout beginning at 7:14pm from The Atlantic Wire:

Update 2/13/13: Police confirm that a body has been found in the burned cabin, but are waiting for forensic confirmation that it is indeed Dorner.


Update 7:14 p.m.: Police are now asking the press to stop tweeting about the situation, citing officer safety as a concern.

Update 7:18 p.m.: Witnesses on the scene say that the cabin is on fire and billowing black smoke into the air above the park. They do not yet know what started the fire but say that the “entire building is engulfed in flames” and “burning completely uncontrolled.”

Update 7:33 p.m.: News helicopters flew into view of the cabin and confirmed that it was indeed on fire. Speculation over how it started and what’s become of Dorner continued. There’s a chance that the tear gas that police threw into the cabin earlier in the afternoon lit it on fire, or Dorner could have started it himself to create a diversion while he fled. Some witness on the police scanner said that they saw tracks headed from the cabin to a horse stable and suggested that Dorner was on the move again.

Update 7:40 p.m.: A KCBS reporter on the scene reports hearing a single gun shot just before the cabin went up in flames. They’re speculating that this could have been self-inflicted.

Update 7:45 p.m.: As fire trucks rushed to the scene, sheriff officials said that the fire was actually ammunition burning and not the cabin itself, but that has not been confirmed. Meanwhile, the fire trucks aren’t being allowed to drive up to the cabin until the scene’s been secured. Reports suggest that a SWAT team will break through the wall of the cabin with a bearcat as soon as they can.

I wonder if police have followed up on this report or if they are just waiting to confirm the forensics report?? At least they are keeping security on the families Dorner threatened in his manifesto until the identity of the body can be confirmed, but…what if he got away??

How could his wallet and drivers license survive such a fire, which left nothing of the cabin and indistinguishable remains?

Lastly, there are contradicting reports on whether the police intentionally set the cabin on fire, as heard on police scanners, or if it was unintentional and caused by Dorner himself as a diversion.

Did Christopher Dorner really burn to death and die  in that cabin?

Who set the fire? Was it set by Dorner as a diversion or the police with tear gas canisters?


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