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Feb 6, 2013 Comments Off on Hagel Confirmation Vote Delayed As He Hides Documents Which May Prove He Is Paid Lobbyist For Iran, Worse Spit Stixx

He’s afraid we’ll see his financial connections to the Iranian regime, who may be paying him as a lobbyist, spy.

Excerpted from The Hill: A vote on former Sen. Chuck Hagel’s (R-Neb.) confirmation in the Senate Armed Services Committee has been delayed after Republicans demanded more information from the nominee on his paid speeches and financial disclosures.

Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin (D-Mich.) had hoped to hold the committee vote on President Obama’s Defense secretary on Thursday, but 25 GOP senators — including all of the 12 Republicans on the committee — sent Hagel a letter saying they opposed a vote until he provided the information they were calling for.

Levin said in a statement that he wasn’t holding a vote because the committee’s review of Hagel was “not yet complete.”

“The committee’s vote on Senator Hagel’s nomination has not been scheduled,” Levin said in a statement. “I had hoped to hold a vote on the nomination this week, but the committee’s review of the nomination is not yet complete. I intend to schedule a vote on the nomination as soon as possible.”

The delayed committee vote throws up a new roadblock in Hagel’s confirmation, which was still on solid ground after a shaky confirmation hearing, because several Republicans said they would not support a filibuster and no Democrats abandoned him.

Republican senators are calling for Hagel to provide documentation of all his paid speeches in the last five years, as well as additional financial disclosures for organizations he’s affiliated with, such as the Atlantic Council, where he is chairman, and McCarthy Capital.

For most of Wednesday, the vote was up in the air, as the committee’s aides sought to address Republican lawmakers’ concerns about Hagel’s disclosures.

But the letter from Republicans requesting additional information from Hagel may have sealed a delay in the vote.

The letter does not focus on the questions about paid speeches that were raised during Hagel’s confirmation hearing, but over whether the organizations Hagel is affiliated with had received foreign funding.

“Your refusal to respond to this reasonable request suggests either a lack of respect for the Senate’s responsibility to advise and consent or that you are for some reason unwilling to allow this financial disclosure to come to light,” the senators wrote in the letter obtained by The Hill.

It did not appear that Hagel was planning to provide any more documents to the committee, however.

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