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Feb 2, 2013 Comments Off on Notable Editorials – Week 5 spratico

Sorry, but week 4 had nothing worthy, so I skipped it. But here are some thoughts that I found worthy of sharing from the last week;

More thoughts on the ouster of Marine Corps General James Mattis

Thomas Sowell explains why Shouting Louder is usually an indication that you have no logical answer.

Victor Davis Hanson illustrates how Europe’s Dream Becomes It’s Nightmare, trying to be like the US in it’s unity, but still wielding socialism to attempt it.

Victor Davis Hanson goes on to demonstrate how Europe’s Wishes Came True, as a more socialistic America has led to her weakening.

Bruce Thornton lays out how becoming Wards Of The State not only reduces productivity and prosperity, but also creates a crisis of human character.

What Is The Future Of Conservatism?
Victor Davis Hanson tells you his thoughts.