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Feb 11, 2013 Comments Off Pat Dollard

Excerpted from Washington Secrets: The war of words between conservatives and former Bush advisor Karl Rove has gone nuclear, this time over Rove’s claim that he worked for Ronald Reagan’s 1980 campaign and on a Reagan advisory board.

The bottom line: While Rove told The O’Reilly Factor Thursday that he worked for the Gipper, Reagan’s acclaimed biographer Craig Shirley says there’s no evidence to back Rove up.

Worse: In an email Shirley is sending to conservative leaders, he reveals that Rove backed former President Ford in 1976 and in 1980 worked for former Texas governor who didn’t back Reagan until after he was nominated.

Shirley penned the book about Reagan’s 1980 presidential campaign, Rendezvous with Destiny, and today said he confirmed his research about Rove several former Reagan campaign aides.

But Rove’s own book, Courage and Consequences, discusses his work for Reagan in 1980 on page 54.

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