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Feb 18, 2013 Comments Off Infidel

Excerpted from The Daily Caller: The United States Department of Agriculture has been working to dispel immigrants’ concerns that getting on Food Stamps will harm their chances of becoming U.S. citizens.

The USDA addresses those fears in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or food stamp, brochures it distributes to Mexican consulates as part of its “partnership” with the Mexican government “to help educate eligible Mexican nationals living in the United States about available nutrition assistance.”

In one portion of the brochure, USDA’s text asks, “If I get on SNAP benefits, will I be a “public charge?’” The brochure then answers: “No. You and your family can apply for and receive SNAP benefits without hurting your chance of becoming U.S. citizens.”

The brochure further advises immigrants that members of their family could qualify for food stamps, even if they don’t.

“If you are not eligible due to your immigration status, your legal immigrant or citizen children may still qualify,” the brochure reads. ”You do not have to provide immigration information about yourself when you apply for your legal immigrant or citizen children.”

Legal immigrants may obtain SNAP benefits after a five-year wait. Children under 18, refugees, asylees, and some disabled and elderly do not have to wait, as the pamphlet notes.

The brochure, obtained by The Daily Caller, was part of a packet the USDA offered in response to a July inquiry about the USDA/Mexico partnership from Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions, the ranking member on the Senate Budget Committee. The packet contained materials the agency gives Mexican consulates to distribute to Mexican-Americans, Mexican nationals and migrant communities in America.

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