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Feb 21, 2013 Comments Off Pat Dollard

Excerpted from U.S. News & World Report: The military will not be able to fight outside of Afghanistan and expenses will actually increase if sequestration takes place, the Pentagon’s No. 2 said Wednesday night, adding to the chorus of ominous forecasting coming out of the Defense Department that would include massive civilian furloughs.

The across-the-board mandatory cuts known as sequestration would force the military to find $46 billion in savings by the end of the year. This further complicates the Pentagon’s financial woes as it still waits for Congress to pass a budget for this fiscal year.

Deputy Defense Secretary Ash Carter told PBS Newshour Wednesday night that these savings would have to come out of the pockets of those preparing to defend America from its next enemy. Taking money from these training units means the military won’t be ready for conflicts outside of Afghanistan, he said.

“By the end of the year, two-thirds of our active duty Army units and our reserve units will not be ready to fight other wars,” he said. “Many of our Air Force units will not be ready to fight other wars. A third of our Navy, our ships in the Pacific, will not be at sea.”

Some analysts argue the dire warning are all part of a White House campaign to pressure pro-defense lawmakers into cutting a deal over federal budget reductions and tax increases.

Matt Mackowiak at The Hill points to multiple opportunities the White House and Congress could have seized to avoid the looming cuts.

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