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Excerpted Little Bytes News Current Events:

No surprise…this explains why they have such a high crime rate. The police are part of the problem…and they are armed, while the citizens are disarmed and left to the consequences of this corruption. If only they would enforce the laws rather than be part of the criminal problem in Chicago they might not have so much gang activity and the highest gun violence in the country.

Researchers release study on Chicago Police Department corruption--Police are part of the gang,drug&gun violence | Littlebytesnews Current Events | Scoop.it
From gang activity to civil rights violations to illegal drug dealing, 300 Chicago police officers have been convicted of crimes since 1960and a third of those convictions happened since the year 2000.

Researchers from the University of Illinois-Chicago on Thursday released the report entitled “Crime, Corruption and Cover-ups in the Chicago Police Department,” which details police corruption and offers remedies.

Vice in the police department dates back to prohibition and the early days of the mob, which was linked to Chicago machine politics. The report says in later decades, street gangs cut deals with dirty cops. And as the War on Drugs escalated, so did corruption.

“The question on everyone’s mind is why is the gang problem so serious in Chicago. And the gang problem has always been serious in Chicago, in part, because the problem of police corruption has always been so serious,” said John Hagedorn, a criminal justice professor who helped write the report.

The report says the CPD “has at the very least a culture that tolerates police misconduct and corruption.” It says a “blue code of silence” and the failure of state’s attorneys to prosecute wrongdoers contributes a climate of tolerance.

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