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Feb 19, 2013 Comments Off on University Of Colorado Recommends Women Accept Being Raped Rather Than Use Gun To Stop It Pat Dollard

Nowhere does the school recommend use of a gun for protection, or any weapon, and in fact, thinks the idea so bad that the first recommendation is one of adopting a defeatist attitude from the outset. “Be realistic about your ability to protect yourself.” In other words, “since we must indoctrinate you out of wanting a gun for self-defense, and it’s really the only way to win, we’re going to tell you that wisdom actually dictates you just accept being raped.” And further, they flatly state with #5 that “if your life is in danger”, just passively accept the rape (since guns aren’t an option).


Excerpted from NRO: Guns being Bad and gun-free zones being Good, the “Department of Public Safety” at the University of Colorado Springs has some advice for its students as to how they might protect themselves:

1. Be realistic about your ability to protect yourself.
2. Your instinct may be to scream, go ahead! It may startle your attacker and give you an opportunity to run away.
3. Kick off your shoes if you have time and can’t run in them.
4. Don’t take time to look back; just get away.
5. If your life is in danger, passive resistance may be your best defense.
6. Tell your attacker that you have a disease or are menstruating.
7. Vomiting or urinating may also convince the attacker to leave you alone.
8. Yelling, hitting or biting may give you a chance to escape, do it!
9. Understand that some actions on your part might lead to more harm.
10. Remember, every emergency situation is different. Only you can decide which action is most appropriate.

Stupidity begets stupidity, it seems. Alternatively, if “passive resistance” or being “realistic” don’t greatly appeal to you, how about you decide that the action that is “most appropriate” is that you shoot your attacker in the face?