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Raw Police Cam Video:

Excerpted WhoTV:

A high-speed chase that started in Clive early Friday morning ended in Indianola with a fatal crash and the discovery of a missing child.

Indianola police confirm the man killed in the wreck was 33-year-old Jeremiah Eldon Johnson. According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s website, Johnson allegedly abducted his five-year-old son during a custody dispute with the child’s mother.

The mother was awarded full custody in July of 2012, but Johnson did not return him to her custody. A missing child report was filed with Des Moines police in November of 2012.

Indianola police confirm the child located in the crashed vehicle had been reported as missing to Des Moines police. Officials say they aren’t releasing the name but the child is in stable condition at the hospital.

Sgt. Jason Halifax with Des Moines police says Iowa law doesn’t have a parental abduction code and child custody disputes are often handled in civil court. He says Johnson was not facing any warrants in connection with the custody dispute.

He was, however, wanted in connection with a chase in Gwinnett County, Georgia in January. He was charged with fleeing attempting to elude an officer, two counts of obstruction of justice, reckless driving, cruelty to a child, reckless driving, and several traffic charges.

The chase began when Clive police say they tried to pull over a silver Volkswagen Passat around 2:47 a.m. after an officer noticed the car’s license plate was partially obscured by a plastic cover.

Initially the officer followed the vehicle as it made its way down the exit ramp if I-80 eastbound, then turned onto Hickman Avenue. The car made a sharp turn into the Love’s Truck Stop and stopped at the gas pumps.

“The officer pulled in behind him them to try and initiate a traffic stop when he engaged his emergency lights the vehicle sped up and began trying to flee from the traffic stop,” says Chief Michael Venema with the Clive Police Department.

Map of the Chase

An Indianola police officer placed stop sticks on Highway 92 at Pickard Park near the east of Indianola. Another officer positioned his car at 15th St. on Highway 92, facing northbound and turned on the emergency lights.

When the suspect’s vehicle hit the stop sticks, the officer in the car facing northbound exited his squad car after noticing the headlights from the suspect’s vehicle coming from the east. The suspect’s car hit the parked Indianola police car on its passenger side. The officer was not injured.


The impact of the collision ripped out the engine of the patrol car where it laid to rest a block away along with the driver’s car.

Jeremiah Eldon Johnson

33-year-old Jeremiah Eldon Johnson

Police say Johnson was killed in the crash, but he wasn’t the only one in the vehicle.

“Initially when officers walked up to the vehicle all they saw was the driver and that he was deceased until they heard someone crying from inside of the vehicle, and that`s when they noticed the child,” says Sgt. Brian Sher with the Indianola Police Department.

The child was taken to Blank Children’s Hospital where he is in stable condition.

Examiner.com reports:

A child that has been missing for three months has been found after a high-speed chase ended in a crash on Friday.

Jeremiah Eldon Johnson, 33, who was wanted for abducting his son, Johnathan, 5, from Des Moines, Iowa in November 2012 lead authorities on a high-speed chase when an police officer attempted to pull over Johnson for a traffic stop.

When police approached the car they found a child on the floorboard crying. Johnson was pronounced dead at the scene and the child who was later identified as Johnathan was taken to the hospital.

The Des Moines Register reports:

The suspect’s vehicle was traveling at an estimated 130 mph when it hit the patrol car, said Indianola Detective Sgt. Brian Sher. The child was found on the floor, behind the driver’s seat, under a pile of clothes. It’s unclear if the child was strapped in or how he or she survived the collision, Sher said.

“Miraculous is the word I would use to describe it,” he said.

Johnson was pronounced dead at the scene. The 5-year-old was seriously injured, according to the Iowa State Patrol, and transported to Blank Children’s Hospital.

Warrants for Johnson’s arrest in Georgia were issued on Jan. 11 following the abduction of his son, Johnnathon Eldon Johnson, and the fleeing from police, according to the Gwinnett County, Ga., Police Department.

Des Moines Police in December had designated the child involved in the accident as missing/endangered.

According to Clive police, an officer saw the vehicle around 2:45 a.m. on the off-ramp from Interstate Highway 80 eastbound to Hickman Road. A license plate cover partially obscured the plate and as the officer tried to run the plate, the driver of the car abruptly pulled into a truck stop.

Around 2:50 a.m. the officer activated his lights and attempted to stop the 2003 Volkswagen Passat, police said. He reportedly could not see how many passengers were in the car.

Johnson reportedly sped away from the officer. The patrol car reached speeds of 110 miles per hour but still couldn’t keep up with the suspect’s vehicle, authorities said. Other police agencies joined the pursuit.

Thank God the child survived, hopefully his injuries are not life threatening and he has a full recovery.