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Feb 1, 2013 Comments Off on WATCH: Egyptian Police Unleash Unholy Hell On Anti-Morsi Protester Chuck Biscuits

I wonder how you say “Rodney King got nothin’ on me” in Arabic.

Excerpted from RT: Cairo police disperse protesters, beating anyone they can catch – reports

Cairo police dispersed petrol bomb-throwing protesters with teargas and birdshot, arresting and injuring dozens. Protests have once again turned violent in key Egyptian cities as thousands take to the streets demanding the end of Morsi’s government.

­At least one protester was killed and over 50 injured during clashes in Cairo on Friday.

“He was shot with two bullets, and that’s the report of the hospital. The shots were in the neck and the right side of the head,” one of the witnesses told Reuters.

The 23-year-old identified as Mohamed Hussein Qurany was killed by ‘live’ metal bullets medical and security sources confirm.

Dozens of people have reportedly been arrested. Some of the arrests turned ugly with at least one case of police beating and stripping a protester, and dragging him naked into a police van “like a piece of meat,” Cairo-based journalist Bel Trew reported in her twitter.

Before they caught the protester the Cairo Security Forces were laughing and shouting “go get him, go get him,” Trew added.