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Feb 18, 2013 Comments Off littlebytes

Israel will award President Barack Obama the country’s Presidential Medal of Distinction during his upcoming visit.

Why is Israel awarding Obamao a presidential medal?? What has he done to honor Israel or show any respect for them during the past four years?? Do they think pandering to him and making his ego bigger is going to make him like them more and do more for them? You can’t buy love…Obama’s hate for Israel is deep and it has shown in his failed policies over the last four years, by his support for the Arab Spring and aiding Egypt/Muslim Brotherhood with military weapons and Hamas with more aid while cutting aid to Israel!!

Obama has made the Middle East more unstable by encouraging the removal of Mubarak and Qaddafi and now he is aiding the terrorists in Syria to remove Assad. Soon the entire middle east will be more radicalized and Israel will be surrounded by a more hostile and dangerous environment than they were before. There will never be peace over there because Islamists hate Jews and Christians and the Muslim Brotherhood has a charter/oath to destroy Israel. Iran and Hamas  have the same goal and soon they will all unite and seek to destroy Israel.