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Mar 25, 2013 Comments Off on Anonymous-Linked Groups Hack Israeli Websites, Release Personal Data Jake Hammer

Excerpted from FREE BEACON:

An anti-Israel hacking collective affiliated with Anonymous says it has initiated a widespread cyber attack against the Jewish state, penetrating websites affiliated with the Mossad security service and a slew of related entities.

The hackers claimed late Friday that they have obtained and released personal information relating to 35,000 Israeli government officials, including politicians, military leaders, and police officers, according to a Twitter feed associated with the hackers.

A comprehensive spreadsheet purporting to include the information of all 35,000 Israeli officials was published by the website Cryptome, though it did not independently verify the information.

The coalition of hackers appears to have ties to the Iranian government, Pakistan, Syria, Egypt, and the terror group Hezbollah, according to a report published by Cryptome.

The hackers have united under the banner of online movement called “OpIsrael.”

Their stated goal is to “remove the Israel from WWW (World Wide Web),” according to The Hackers Post, which has been following the group’s activities targeting Israel.

“It looks like hacker target [sic] different Israeli servers and hacked the websites,” Hackers Post reported.

The anti-Israel hackers say they perpetrated their attacks to protest treatment of the Palestinians.

“The reason for hacking Israeli websites was to raise voice of Palestine’s [sic] who are under hell created by Israel and left a deface page [on the hacked websites] displaying images of Palestinians affected by Israeli shelling,” the Hackers Post wrote.

Hackers left vitriolic and offensive messages on the websites they accessed, according to the Hackers Post.

“We Not Forgive [sic] What You Have Done To Our Family !!! Long Live Palestine!!” stated one hacker’s message

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