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Mar 7, 2013 Comments Off on Ben Shapiro’s Speech to the CA GOP Convention: How to take Back Your State, & 3 Steps to Defeat Leftists iResist

By Jeff Rainforth

The California Republican Party held their semi-annual convention over the weekend. I had the pleasure of covering the event for PatDollard.com. Among the speakers was conservative author and Breitbart.com editor-at-large, Benjamin Shapiro. Ben gave his vision of what Republicans in California need to do to take back their state, and a three step approach for conservatives to defeat leftists on the political battlefield. Below is a summary of his speech.

Three Steps to defeat Leftists

1. Define them as a person

2. Frame the narrative

3. Point out holes in their philosophy

On defining leftists Ben explained, if you encounter a leftist who calls you or others a racist or sexist without proof, you need to call them out as being vile, disgusting human beings who do not warrant debate. At that point, end all conversation with them.

Ben went on to say, “These are big government bureaucrats who think they can run our lives. These are people who want to bully us into living the way they want. These are people who do not give a damn about kids in the inner cities who are getting a crappy education; they don’t. They don’t care about those kids; they care about the union payoffs they’re going to get for paying off the unions to keep those schools in the dregs.”

On controlling the narrative Ben noted; “They say we’re the party of the rich. Did you watch the Oscars? How is it the Republican party isn’t using class warfare against Hollywood? Next time Jerry Brown proposes a tax, we propose another tax. You know what the tax is? The tax is, If you earn your money in less than 25 weeks a year we take all of it.”

Ben also explained that conservatives need to make the left defend the Constitution. He said “they won’t be able to.” Why? “Because the left hates the Constitution.”

Winning California back from Leftists (also applies to other Dem held states)

In his speech, Ben reiterated the fact that the ruling Democrats in California want everyone to be dependent on the government. This is why they make it so difficult for businesses to operate, and why many companies are exiting the state.

Ben took on the changing face of California’s populace telling audience members that “Demographics in California do not support old white people.” He went on to say that Republicans need to explain to the growing Hispanic population that they are the ones who will be left to foot the bill for California’s unfunded pension liabilities.

Ben also said that Conservatives need to learn Spanish in order to communicate with Hispanics: “Everybody should be learning Spanish as fast as possible, not because Spanish is better than English, not for the sake of multiculturalism, which is idiocy and dilutes American values, not because of any of that, but because conservatism is universal and not language-bound… We can win people back, but they have to hear the message.” Don’t learn Spanish just because the Demographics are changing, learn Spanish because it is necessary to reach out to the new majority in an effort to persuade them to our side.

Ben ended with a note on bullies: “There is only one way to defeat a bully; everybody knows it: President Obama said it himself: you punch back twice as hard.”

Ben’s speech to the CA GOP was probably one of the best I have heard in a long time. He energized the crowd, laid out a clear plan to take back our state, and also how to defeat leftists at their own game. Honestly, I was hoping Ben would have been nominated for chairman of the California Republican Party. It surely could use a voice like his at this point in its history.

Thank you Ben for your tireless efforts to restore not only our state, but our country to what the Founders envisioned it should be, a beacon of hope, freedom, and prosperity for all who call it home.

Benjamin Shapiro is on Twitter here
His website is at www.benjaminshapiro.com


Jeff Rainforth, aka iResistAll on Twitter, is chairman emeritus of the Reform Party of California, former candidate for governor, and a PatDollard.com contributor.