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Mar 2, 2013 Comments Off on The ‘Wasn’t Me’ President ‘Shaggy’ Spoof Remix littlebytes


The “Wasn’t Me” President

Hey Barack man, come on man. Let me in man.
Uh, Bill is that you?
Yeah man. It’s Hillary. She caught me again.
Uh, well, wait because I don’t have my teleprompter right now.
It’s one of Monica’s relatives; she just turned 20 and showed up at a function. I couldn’t help it
No matter what… It wasn’t you

How do you do it? Cus they caught me red handed stain on the dress and all
You got away with Solyndra, Bengazi, and you can’t roll a Bowling Ball
How could I forget that a woman could save some sample seed
You spent 2.6 times faster than bush while families can’t afford to eat

Keep your likeability up to a max
Never let’em see you sweat. just relax
Call’em penalties if it’s really a tax
And the media will cover your tracks

To be a true playa never ever,ever choke
If they catch you in a lie tell em you misspoke
47% don’t care about the math
SO when they got you dead to rights, just laugh.

Your dad and Grand dad were Commies (Uh it wasn’t me)
Your mom and Mentor were too (Uh it wasn’t me)
Your Pastor said “Damn America” (Uh it wasn’t me)
They got you and Miedvedev on Camera (Uh it wasn’t me)
You’re playin with the numbers (Uh it wasn’t me)
You said you’d be transparent (Uh it wasn’t me)
You said Al-Qaida’s on the run (Uh it wasn’t me)
You’re try’in to gut the military (Uh it wasn’t me)