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Apr 15, 2013 Comments Off Jake Hammer

Above: Windows of the Starbucks blown out.

UPDATE Excerpted from ABC News: The death toll in the Boston Marathon bombings has increased to three people, according to the Boston Police commissioner.

Among the dead was an 8-year-old boy, law enforcement sources told ABC News.

“This cowardly act will not be taken within stride,” Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis told reporters this evening. “We will turn every rock over to find the people who are responsible for this.”

At least 133 people were injured, including several children with severe trauma, when bombs exploded almost simultaneously near the marathon finish line. Some of the injuries have been described as amputations and severe burns.



UPDATE 2: Source of first explosion is reported by witnesses as having come from Starbucks building, and second explosion came from a trash can in front of Abe and Louie’s restaurant…most major news sources are now agreeing with me that this was a terror strike, given the nature and location of the explosions…restaurant cook on site just reported tying his apron around the severed stump of a lady’s leg…developing.

UPDATE 1: I witnessed the report of the three dead myself on Fox News from a Marathon official giving his eyewitness bodycount report to a police official. He said, “I’ve counted for sure 3 blown apart. That’s 3 confirmed dead.” I’m calling this a terror attack based on eyewitness reports from the scene of witnesses describing explosions coming out of two separate locations which are inconsistent with gas line or other such explosions…Developing…BOSTON (AP) — Two explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon have resulted in injuries.

Bloody spectators were being carried Monday to the medical tent that had been set up to care for fatigued runners. Police wove through competitors as they ran back toward the course.

There are a lot of people down,” said one man, whose bib No. 17528 identified him as Frank Deruyter of North Carolina. He was not injured, but marathon workers were carrying one woman, who did not appear to be a runner, to the medical area as blood gushed from her leg. A Boston police officer was wheeled from the course with a leg injury that was bleeding.

About three hours after the winners crossed the line, there was a loud explosion on the north side of Boylston Street, just before the photo bridge that marks the finish line. Another explosion could be heard a few seconds later.