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May 1, 2013 Comments Off on CALL TO ACTION: Join The Sacramento 4th Amendment Protest – Constitution Violated – Baby Illegally Snatched iResist

baby taken

Clearly, over the last couple of years, police officers have become increasingly emboldened to come into your home and seize whatever they want, especially if given the slightest excuse by a governmental agency or loose language in the law about “imminent danger” or “erratic behavior”, just like the excuse the lying female Sacramento police officer gives the baby’s mother in the video below. Unfortunately for that officer, a camera was rolling.

A message needs to be sent that this trend needs to be reversed. We are calling for an investigation by an appropriate outside entity of the actions of the Sacramento Police Department in this incident. Also, in relation to the broader, over-arching problem of increasing 4th Amendment violations by law enforcement agencies, we are going to begin investigating “brainwashing” of police officers by the Federal Government (via seminars, classes, videos and literature) in terms of casting these officers’ fellow citizens as domestic terror and other types of threats, when in fact these officers’ fellow citizens’ only crime is being Republican and/or legally armed and/or military. It is precisely this ‘war on the right wing extremists’ mentality that is being inculcated into police officers’ minds by the Federal and some state and local governments that is most-often responsible for the type of behavior you see on the part of the Sacramento Police Department in this incident. Read Jeff’s article below for details on the protest.

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By Jeff Rainforth: Protest Details Below

In response to Sacramento police breaking into a married couple’s home without a warrant, and then taking their child because CA Child Protective Services (CPS) told them to, Pat Dollard asked me to organize a protest here.

The protest is over American’s 4th Amendment rights being violated, and to send a message to government – don’t mess with our freedoms.

Anna and Alex Nikolayev, of Sacramento, California had their baby boy, Sammy, taken from them after they exercised their patient rights for a second medical opinion when he got sick. Anna & Alex left one hospital believing that the proper care was not being given. They immediately took their son Sammy to another hospital. A doctor from the 1st hospital notified CPS, who then notified the Sacramento Police Dept.

When police arrived at the second hospital, a doctor informed them that their son was fine, and that it was OK for him to go home with them. Sacramento police let them go on their way. The next day, however, CPS asked Sacramento police to take the child into custody. That’s when the raid began.

Sacramento police barged into Anna and Alex Nikolayev’s home, without a warrant, slammed Alex to the ground, and told Anna to give up her infant son.

This is what we are protesting. When a government agency can order police to raid a citizen’s home, without a warrant, and to seize their child against the wishes of medical professionals, is a day that we have entered into tyranny. More is sure to come with state-run ObamaCare. Next it will be for your guns. As Dollard said, “if they can do this to these parents, imagine what they will do to us in the future.”

Our goal is the initiation of a state investigation of Child Protective Services behavior in sending police to initiate the warrantless seizure of the child.

If you are in Sacramento, or the Northern California region, join us in this protest against our loss of rights under the Constitution. We have to take a stand, and, we need to take it now.

The protest will take place on May 11th, in downtown Sacramento. Video of the protest will be featured here on www.patdollard.com.

The Link to the protest page on Facebook is HERE. Share it and join us if you can!


When: At noon on Saturday, May 11th, 2013

Where: Sacramento City Hall at 915 I St, in downtown Sacramento.

What to Bring: Pertinent signage. Other freedom loving patriots who are concerned about the future of our country.

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Protest organizers are Jeff Rainforth, California Republican Assembly President Ron Givens, and war correspondent Pat Dollard.


Jeff Rainforth, aka RainforthJ on Twitter, is chairman emeritus of the Reform Party of California, former candidate for governor, and a PatDollard.com contributor.