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Excerpted from Trevor Loudon: Glenn Greenwald, the Guardian journalist who helped Edward Snowden launch the NSA leaks scandal, addressed a radical Marxist-Leninist conference in 2011.

Greenwald also ended the evening of July 3, as part of a plenary entitled “Revolution and imperialism in the Middle East” with Beesan Kassab, Chicago based pro-Palestine activist Ali Abunimah, Mostafa Omar and International Socialists leader Ahmed Shawki.

Before Greenwald and comrades started the plenary, the crowd warmed at the evening with a little chanting.

ISO is one of America’s main Trotskyist/Marxist-Leninist parties.

Their orientation can be seen from some of the other plenaries on offer, such as ”Lenin and the vanguard party,” “Marxism and the state,” “Marxism, war, and imperialism,” “Russia’s revolutionary process, 1905–1917,” “Trotsky’s theory of permanent revolution,” “Marxism and the future socialist society,” “The politics of International Socialism” and “Enemies in blue: The police under capitalism.” Keep reading

Civil liberties under Obama – Glenn Greenwald from International Socialist on Vimeo.