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The crash was at 625 N. Highland Avenue. This video shows Hastings heading south on Highland, just 4 blocks away from where he crashed, about 50 meters north of Melrose. One thing that is strange about this is that when it is at rest, the ass end of Hastings’s car is pointing east, which is the direction it would be pointing if it was heading north, not south, unless it spun around. The car filming the video below is heading north on Highland, not south, to give you some perspective. To continue that perspective, the photo above is looking north. And again, in that photo, it looks like Hastings’s driver door is smashed in from hitting the tree next to it while heading north. I’m coming to absolutely no conclusion, other than to notice that the photos indicate a car traveling north more than a car traveling south, like the car in the video. You can check out the street view of the 600 block of Highland here on Google maps. To see the exact spot of where the car is, it’s in between the one tiny palm tree in the median and the tree south of it.



Excerpted from The L.A. Weekly:
After the Weekly reported today that LAPD traffic investigators believe the car tied in reports to journalist Michael Hastings was going faster than 60 miles per hour before a fatal crash in Hollywood, we were tipped off to new video showing a vehicle blasting through a red light just moments before that collision.

The video, by freelance TV news crew LOUD LABS NEWS, shows a vehicle blazing through a red light on Highland Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard, only four blocks from the crash:

The video appears to have been taken from a LOUD LABS vehicle awaiting the night’s news.

Freelance videographers work the night shift in L.A. because local TV stations don’t budget enough for expensive, three-person news vans to work overnight. The freelance crews listen to police scanners and sell their footage to the stations.

In this case, the LOUD NEWS videographer appears to be in standby mode, with a camera rolling, when a car blasts through that light.

Soon after, multiple reports are heard on an LAPD frequency regarding an “ambulance traffic” accident at Highland and Melrose avenues only a few blocks south.

The video indicates those calls came in four minutes later, but we’d guess, given the vehicle’s speed and proximity to the crash site, that if it was the same Mercedes connected to the Hastings crash, it was more like a matter of seconds.

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