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Jul 8, 2013 Comments Off on Did Rachel Jeantel Pressure Trayvon Martin To Attack George Zimmerman? Chuck Biscuits

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After spotting George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin had his final phone call. It was with Rachel Jeantel. Based on Jeantel’s racially-charged testimony, her belligerent, ‘tough girl’, ‘hood rat’ demeanor, attitude and behavior therein, tweets thereafter, her contradictory depositions and testimony, and her behavior after Trayvon’s killing (including avoiding telling police what happened and not attending his funeral) and up to and including the days of her testimony, two certain question are clearly begged: did Rachel Jeantel challenge Trayvon to attack George Zimmerman, and did Trayvon, owing her a promised call when he was done, feel he had no choice but to attack George in order to protect his manhood and reputation with Jeantel and anybody she would talk to after his report? Why didn’t she go to his funeral? Guilt? See the disturbing story, map and timeline below.



Excerpted from Wagist: As I’ve written about previously, Trayvon Martin had plenty of time to make it back to his temporary residence, Brandy Green’s townhouse, if he had wanted to.

Position [F], where Martin’s shooting occurred, is only 35 yards from where Zimmerman’s truck was parked [C], and only 70 yards from Brandy Green’s townhouse [D]. It would only take Trayvon around 30 seconds to jog that distance, less if he actually ran.

Until now, it has been somewhat of a mystery why Martin never made it back to Brandy Green’s townhouse when he was so close, and how he and Zimmerman ended up at position [F], so close to Zimmerman’s truck.

Had Martin jogged straight to Brandy Green’s when George Zimmerman first reported him running at 7:11:42, he would have been there by 7:12:12. Considerably before Zimmerman could even finish giving police directions to the complex.

This has baffled the police investigating the case as well. They couldn’t figure out why Trayvon didn’t simply go to Brandy Green’s if he felt threatened, especially when he was so close. All reports had indicated he was heading that direction.


At a safe distance from Zimmerman, near the rear entrance of the complex, Trayvon receives a call from his girlfriend DeeDee.

Most cellular providers round down the seconds at the start of a call. We see a phone call from DeeDee that began at 7:12pm, but it could have began anytime between 7:12:00 – 7:12:59.

Rather than simply going inside Brandy Green’s townhouse, talking to DeeDee seems to have given Trayvon some motivation to double back and confront George Zimmerman.

We’ve seen several pictures now of Trayvon on social media that would lead us to believe he wanted to look tough. It may not be much of a stretch to think he wanted to look tough for his lady friend as well. Read the whole thing