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Aug 9, 2013 Comments Off Jack Flash



Excerpted from The Daily Mail: A California murder suspect and his 16-year-old kidnap victim have been spotted hiking together deep in the wilderness of the Idaho mountains – 1,000 miles from his San Diego County home where the teen’s mother and little brother were found dead.

Police in San Diego revealed today that two riders on horseback believe they saw James DiMaggio and Hannah Anderson in the rugged ‘River of No Return Wilderness’ outside Cascade, Idaho, on Wednesday.

Hannah appeared healthy and safe, leading San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore to conclude: ‘As far as we know, it didn’t appear she was being held against her will.’

DiMaggio’s Nissa Versa car was found this morning in a remote, hard-to-reach area. It was covered in brush in an attempt to conceal it and its license plates were removed. Keep reading