Navy SEAL Team 6 Father: ‘American Warrior Blood Is Pooling In Oval Office’
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Dec 9, 2013 Comments Off on Navy SEAL Team 6 Father: ‘American Warrior Blood Is Pooling In Oval Office’ Chuck Biscuits

WASHINGTON — Aaron Carson Vaughn was an All-American kid who became the best of the best, one of the most skilled warriors in history.

He was a highly decorated member of the elite Navy SEAL Team 6, but he was killed in Afghanistan under suspicious circumstances.

According to his father, Aaron’s life was squandered by a president who was more concerned with appeasing the enemy, and even our allies, than protecting those serving under his command.

Billy Vaughn also believes his son is dead because the Obama administration put a target right on the back of SEAL Team 6.

That’s why the title of Billy’s book about his son is “Betrayed.”

Former Rep. Allen West, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, called it a “must read.”

Retired Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin described the book as “a fascinating story of incredible courage and sacrifice, government deceit and the changing nature of warfare.”

And syndicated columnist Diana West wrote, “Betrayed takes aim at the lies and secrecy of a government no longer true to the American people — not even to the families whose sons have paid the ultimate price.”

Born to be a SEAL

Aaron Vaughn grew up on a small Tennessee farm enjoying fishing, hunting, football, four-wheeling and mudding. But he was born for something bigger, and he knew it.

Revenge for Osama bin Laden

Thirty-year-old Special Operations Chief Aaron Vaughn was one of 30 U.S. special forces soldiers among those killed on Aug. 6, 2011, when a Chinook chopper was shot down by the Taliban in eastern Afghanistan.

SEAL Team VI had killed Osama bin Laden three months earlier, on May 1, 2011.

The deaths are not unrelated, according to Aaron’s father, and many others.

They strongly suspect the downing of Extortion 17 was payback against SEAL Team VI for the death of bin Laden.

And they blame the Obama administration for recklessly identifying who killed the famous terrorist leader.

WND asked Billy: Who holds the most responsibility for your son’s death?

“Absolutely, it is the United States government.”

Blood is pooling in the oval office

He strongly suggested the U.S. president has the blood of American fighters on his hands.

“American blood is being shed in a foreign land, but the trail leads right back to the Oval Office,” he said. “American warrior blood is pooling in the Oval Office.” Keep Reading