Obama, Pelosi To Do Private White House Lunch
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Mar 31, 2014 Comments Off on Obama, Pelosi To Do Private White House Lunch Jack Flash


Excerpted from The Hill: President Obama and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) will meet Tuesday for lunch, according to the White House.

The pair will share a meal in the private dining room, a small enclave just off the Oval Office.

“The President and Leader Pelosi are meeting to discuss a number of issues on the Democratic agenda, including raising the minimum wage and common sense immigration reform,” said a White House official.

Last week, House Democrats introduced a discharge petition, in hopes of winning over enough Republican votes to force a floor vote on the Senate comprehensive immigration reform bill. Pelosi has admitted the measure, which would require around two dozen Republicans to vie with House leadership, is unlikely to succeed, but Democrats hope it will intensify pressure on House Republicans to move forward their own legislation.

In a statement last week, Obama said he applauded the move by House Democrats.

“Immigration reform is the right thing to do for our economy, our security, and our future,” Obama said. “A vast majority of the American people agree. The only thing standing in the way is the unwillingness of Republicans in Congress to catch up with the rest of the country.” Keep reading