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Afghanistan: ISIS Claims Responsibility For Jalalabad Suicide Bombing That Slaughtered 35

Apr 18, 2015 No Comments ›› Ayala Chaviva

Via THE INDEPENDENT: Isis has claimed responsibility for a suicide bomb attack in Afghanistan that killed at least 35 people queuing to collect their wages and injured 100 more today. The blast rocked the eastern city of Jalalabad on Saturday, reportedly killing children in the busy city street. It appeared to target government staff and military personnel who ...

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Mass Arrests In Abbottabad

May 6, 2011 5 Comments ›› Angelia

Arabnews.com ISLAMABAD: Security forces conducted raids at various places in Abbottabad and arrested hundreds of people. The arrests followed protests by Jamaat-e-Islami activists against the killing of Osama Bin Laden by US commandos. Bin Laden was killed in a US military operation in Abbottabad, Pakistan, on Monday. Before the arrests, media men were driven out from the ...

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Iraq Deploys U.S.-Trained Troops To Ramadi Fight For First Time

Jul 23, 2015 No Comments ›› Jack Flash

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraq has for the first time deployed soldiers trained by the U.S.-led coalition in their campaign to retake the city of Ramadi from Islamic State militants, the U.S. military said on Thursday. The disclosure came during an unannounced visit by U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter to Baghdad, where he met Iraqi Prime ...

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Iraqi soldiers train with members of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, at Camp Taji, Iraq

U.S. To Send 450 More Troops To Iraq

Jun 10, 2015 No Comments ›› Infidel Alie

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama ordered the deployment of up to 450 more U.S. troops to Iraq on Wednesday to advise and assist local forces in an effort to reverse the recent gains of the Islamic State. Under the plan, the United States will open a fifth training site in Iraq, with the goal of ...

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Obama Repeats What He Said Last Summer: “We Don’t Yet Have A Complete Strategy” To Defeat ISIS

Jun 8, 2015 No Comments ›› Chuck Biscuits

You'll notice numbnuts said the exact same fucking thing last August, meaning he still hasn't done jackshit to come up with a strategy since: Excerpted from The Hill: President Obama said Monday the United States does not have a complete plan to train and equip Iraqi forces to fight the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria ...

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Obama Claims He Is Going To “Ramp Up” Assistance To Iraq To Fight ISIS

Jun 8, 2015 No Comments ›› Chuck Biscuits

ABC News Videos | ABC Entertainment News Excerpted from ABC News: President Obama met with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi at the G7 Summit in Germany today to discuss the fight against ISIS. But there was an awkward moment between the two leaders before their meeting. Obama was engaged in a deep conversation with Italian Prime Minister ...

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Obama Keeps His Back Turned To Iraqi Prime Minister Trying To Discuss ISIS War

Jun 8, 2015 No Comments ›› Chuck Biscuits

Excerpted from Washington Free Beacon: President Obama and Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi had an awkward moment at the G-7 summit in Germany, when the latter sat down next to Obama after a group photo and was obviously hoping to speak with him but only got his back. Obama appeared engrossed in another conversation with International ...

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Anti-ISIS Coalition Summit Fails To Devise New Strategy

Jun 3, 2015 No Comments ›› Darby Crash

Excerpted from DW.DE: In the second meeting of the coalition against the "Islamic State" since it began last summer, foreign ministers vowed to take a long-term view of the fight against the terror militia. Speaking to journalists outside the Foreign Ministry in Paris, Frank-Walter Steinmeier had little to add to what was said during an official ...

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Senior Iranian Military Adviser Killed In Ramadi Battle

Jun 1, 2015 No Comments ›› Chuck Biscuits

Tehran (AFP) - An Iranian officer has been killed near the Iraqi city of Ramadi while advising Iraqi forces on how to recapture it from the Islamic State group, state media reported Monday. Jassem Nouri, who had also served as a military adviser in Syria, was killed on Thursday, Iran's official IRNA news agency reported. Political and ...

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Iraqis Begin Major Offensive To Retake Ramadi

May 26, 2015 No Comments ›› Chuck Biscuits

Excerpted from The Los Angeles Times: A major government offensive to recapture the city of Ramadi from Islamic State militants has begun, Iraq's official media reported Tuesday. State-run Al Iraqiyah TV said “wide ranging” operations had started to “liberate” the city about 60 miles west of Baghdad. Whether the counteroffensive had kicked off in earnest remained unclear. ...

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Biden Honors Iraqi Army

May 25, 2015 No Comments ›› Jack Flash

Excerpted from The Hill: Vice President Joe Biden honored Iraqi forces during a call with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Monday amid a public spat between U.S. and Iraqi leaders. Biden reaffirmed U.S. support for the Iraqi government's fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), according to a readout of the call provided ...

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Typical: Bin Laden Loved Reading Anti-American, Conspiracy Works By Deranged Lefty U.S. Authors

May 21, 2015 No Comments ›› Ayala Chaviva

Via FOX NEWS: The English-language bookshelf in Usama bin Laden’s personal library featured a collection of anti-U.S. polemics and left-wing conspiracy theories from some celebrated darlings of American academia, according to critics who analyzed the terror mastermind's reading list. Anti-American conspiracy tomes on everything from the CIA to the Federal Reserve were among the 39 English ...

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Perfect Timing: U.S. Intel Officials Release 100+ Documents From Bin Laden Compound

May 20, 2015 No Comments ›› Ayala Chaviva

Washington (AFP) - Hunkered down in his Pakistani compound, Osama bin Laden pleaded with his followers to stay focused on attacking the United States instead of being dragged into Muslim infighting. Documents that were declassified on Wednesday shed new light on the mindset of Al-Qaeda's founder, his debates over tactics, his anxiety over Western spying and ...

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“Do You Wish To Execute A Suicide Operation?”: Read The Al Qaeda Employment Application Form

May 20, 2015 No Comments ›› Jake Hammer

Excerpted from The Week: The Director of National Intelligence on Wednesday released a tranche of English-language documents seized from Osama bin Laden's hideout in Abbottabad, Pakistan, that have shed new light on the former leader of al Qaeda, including that he was something of a 9/11 conspiracy theorist. Another document that surfaced gives new meaning to ...

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Thousands Of Iraqi Refugees Trapped On Road To Baghdad As Shias Prepare To Retake Ramadi

May 19, 2015 No Comments ›› Ayala Chaviva

Via FOX NEWS: A full-blown humanitarian crisis has developed from ISIS takeover of Ramadi, as an estimated 25,000 Iraqi refugees are now making their way east toward Baghdad, seeking food and shelter wherever they can and facing the prospect of being blocked from the capital city amid fears their ranks could include militants. The United Nations and ...

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Iraqi fighters of the Shiite militia Asaib Ahl al-Haq (The League of the Righteous) stand guard outside their headquarters on May 18, 2015 in the Iraqi mainly Shiite southern city of Basra, as Shiite militias converged on Ramadi in a bid to recapture it from jihadists who dealt the Iraqi government a stinging blow by overrunning the city in a deadly three-day blitz. "When it comes to readiness, we have more than 3,000 fighters waiting for a signal from the secretary general (of Asaib) Sheikh Qais al-Khazali," spokesman Jawad al-Talabawi said.  AFP PHOTO / HAIDAR MOHAMMED ALI

Iraq Turns To Iranian-Backed Militias To Retake Ramadi

May 19, 2015 No Comments ›› Ayala Chaviva

Via FOX NEWS: The Iraqi Army’s humiliating defeat in Ramadi has left Baghdad with little choice but to make a deal with the devil – the battle-hardened and Iranian-backed Shia militias that offer the best chance of retaking the key city, say experts. Shia militias, including the formidable Badr Brigade – Shia fighters who sided with Iran ...

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Obama Built That: Ramadi Falls To The ISIS Demons

May 17, 2015 No Comments ›› Ayala Chaviva

Iraq security forces withdraw from Ramadi, the capital of Iraq's Anbar province, 115 kilometers (70 miles) west of Baghdad, Sunday, May 17, 2015. Suicide car bomb attacks killed over 10 members of Iraqi security forces Sunday in Ramadi, which now is largely held by the Islamic State group, authorities said. Last week, the militants swept ...

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Report: Obama Lied About Bin Laden Raid

May 10, 2015 No Comments ›› Spit Stixx

Excerpted from The Hill: An expose published on Sunday alleges that President Obama deceived Americans with his narrative of the 2011 assassination of Osama bin Laden. Author Seymour M. Hersh accuses Obama of rushing to take credit for the al Qaeda leader's death. This decision, Hersh argues in the London Review of Books, forced the military and ...

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ISIS Texas Shooter Was A ‘Heartthrob’ In Pakistan

May 6, 2015 No Comments ›› Ayala Chaviva

Via AFP: Nadir Soofi, one of the gunmen who attacked a Texas venue hosting a contest to draw the Prophet Mohammed, was a charismatic "ladies' man" as a teenager, contemporaries from an elite Pakistani school told AFP Wednesday. Soofi, 34, and Elton Simpson were shot dead by police on Sunday as they tried to storm the controversial ...

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Report: Family Of U.S. Hostage Gave Al Qaeda $250,000 Before Deadly Drone Strike

Apr 26, 2015 No Comments ›› Ayala Chaviva

Via NY POST: The al Qaeda captors of now-slain hostage Warren Weinstein pocketed $250,000 in ransom money from his family in 2012, before reneging on the secret deal, according to a Pakistani intermediary. The captors even continued to negotiate with the intermediary for weeks after the 73-year-old American aid worker was accidentally killed in a US drone ...

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Iranian Ships Moving Away From Yemen After Being Tracked By U.S. Ships

Apr 23, 2015 No Comments ›› Jake Hammer

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Iranian ships are moving northeast away from Yemen, a U.S. official said on Thursday after a convoy of Iranian cargo ships prompted U.S. concerns that Tehran was sending weapons into region. The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, called the move a “promising sign” but said the United States would continue to monitor ...

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John M. Dawson_0

Spc. John M. Dawson: First U.S. Soldier to Die in Afghanistan Since Combat Mission Ended

Apr 20, 2015 No Comments ›› Darby Crash

(CNSNews.com) – U.S. Army Specialist John M. Dawson died in Afghanistan on April 8, 2015, representing the first service member to die in Afghanistan since the combat mission there officially ended, according to the Department of Defense (DOD). Dawson was supporting Operation Freedom’s Sentinel when he died in Jalalabad, Afghanistan of wounds suffered from small arms ...

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ISIS Offensive On Iraqi Provincial Capital Forces More Than 2,000 Families To Flee

Apr 16, 2015 No Comments ›› Ayala Chaviva

BAGHDAD – Clashes between Iraqi forces and Islamic State militants pressing their offensive for Ramadi, the capital of western Anbar province, has forced more than 2,000 families to flee from their homes in the area, an Iraqi official said Thursday. The Sunni militants' push on Ramadi, launched Wednesday when the Islamic State group captured three ...

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Mideast Iran Saudi Arabia

Report: Iran Suspends Pilgrimages To Saudi Arabia Amid Spat

Apr 13, 2015 No Comments ›› Ayala Chaviva

Iranian protesters chant slogans in front of the Saudi Embassy in Tehran, Iran, Saturday, April 11, 2015. Defying a government ban, hundreds of Iranians protested over two male Iranian pilgrims who alleged abuse after Saudi officers at Jeddah's international airport searched them. Demonstrators shouted: "Shame on you!" and "Death to House of Saud!" in reference ...

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Iraq Launches Couter-Offensive Against ISIS Around Ramadi

Apr 13, 2015 No Comments ›› Jake Hammer

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraqi security forces launched a counter-attack on Islamic State in the western province of Anbar on Monday, seeking to reverse an early setback in a new campaign to recapture the country's Sunni heartland. Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced the new Anbar offensive last week, but Islamic State (IS) then overran two ...

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