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Brand New Clip from Pat Dollard’s “Young Americans” featuring the always besieged Government Center of Ramadi. The clip is called “Living With Snipers” and is a better version than the one airing on Attention Due to the popularity of this video, the bandwidth keeps getting sucked dry. Until we recompress it, please watch this [...]

A terrorist recruitment video features “Anderson Cooper 360″ as inspiration for jihadis to join. His clip is used at nearly the halfway point. Clip was sent to me from SGT Welsh.

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EXCLUSIVE: THE FULL 11 POINT PLAN FOR VICTORY IN IRAQ by General David Petraeus Commander of all U.S. Forces in Iraq, Admiral William Fallon, Centcom Commander, Middle East, and Ryan C. Crocker, U.S. Ambassador to Iraq. This is the 11 point plan that the men in charge of U.S. Victory in Iraq have submitted to [...]

If you watched the interview from, then you didn’t see the entire thing. Here it is in full. Pat Dollard talks with Greg Gutfeld on Fox News Red Eye, Feb 9th 2007. They discuss Dollard’s story “War on Hollywood” in the March 2007 Vanity Fair issue. The largest story ever done on one individual [...]

CNN Alliance With Jihadis Finally Exposed: CNN Correspondent Jack Cafferty Argues That Iran Has The Right To Continue To Kill Americans With IED’s And Other Weapons They Supply To Iraqi Insurgents.

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This is a must see.

I will be appearing on the new Fox News show “Red Eye” tonight, Feb. 9, at 11 PM PST check local listings for your timezone Update » You can see the half of the interview over at Update 02 » Full Interview

Everyone has been complimenting me on the awesome new design of the website. I think everyone should get to know the genius behind my deliverance, Mr. Chad Coleman in Mud N Guns, ( he’s the one in the red plaid shirt and cowboy hat, blasting the shit out of everything ) of Frontier Web Design. [...]

THE TRUTH ABOUT LAST WEEK’S KILLING OF 263 INSURGENTS IN ONE BATTLE. THE BATTLE THAT ACTUALLY KEPT THE COUNTRY FROM FINALLY BEING RIPPED FULLY APART. Alright, let’s just cut to the chase and get to the straight facts. The battle was indeed waged against a cult. The cult is called The Army of Heaven, and [...]
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