Full Red Eye Interview with Pat Dollard

February 13th, 2007 Posted By Pat Dollard.

If you watched the interview from hotair.com, then you didn’t see the entire thing.

Here it is in full.

Pat Dollard talks with Greg Gutfeld on Fox News Red Eye, Feb 9th 2007. They discuss Dollard’s story “War on Hollywood” in the March 2007 Vanity Fair issue. The largest story ever done on one individual in the history of Vanity Fair.

ATTN: I will be back on Red Eye on Tuesday night, Feb. 20 11PM PST! This time I’ll be in their studio in New York.

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  1. Randall

    Good to know you will be back on redeye. I’ll watching at 2 a.m.

  2. jd

    “The Anti-Michael Moore”?
    That means you tell the truth.
    Getting called the opposite of that fat, lying, self-aggrandizing, traitorous bastard is an award all by itself.

  3. Mark

    Pat you have the worst interviewee manners ever.

    I love it.

    Hahaha, btw those Red Eye people need to stop cutting you off jesus. Yeah haha jokes are good but damn they kept cuttin you off as you were winding down your answers. I hope they don’t ruin the possiblity of a good show.

    Pat… you rule. Ive been tryin to Fark your stuff as you never see any of the news info you put up on there, but to no avail. You keep writin, and I’ll keep tryin.

  4. James

    I love watching Pat on TV. Your so calm, yet jittery, to get information out. Your well-versed in oratory skills and you juxtapose ideas with real life scenarios to prove your claim.

    I find it funny when people try to argue with you, when they accuse you for something and prove them wrong, time and time again.

    Simply beautiful. Next time, I’ll watch live next Thursday.

  5. James

    oops, I mean Tuesday, Feb. 20th 2am EST.

  6. David

    Great bit. I watched half of it on Hotair the other day, and it was the first I had seen of you (basic cable, no FNC). How did you keep from getting mad when Greg G. kept cutting you off? You would start to answer one question and before you finished he would interrupt you and ask another. Tell the ‘Red Eye’ people to keep you on for a whole show next time, and please put the copy on your Website for those of us who are only basic cable cheapskates.

  7. David

    By the way, I donated yesterday and will be getting my Jihad Killer t-shirt. For everyone reading this great blog, please drop some money in the tip jar ($25 gets you a t-shirt)… it is for a great cause!

  8. Fraser

    Well done Pat!
    I like how they stretched the rumor that you stole all the Meds from the pharmacy….what did really happen, was it as BS? In the interview you said they are posting a video on their website, is it happening this week or next week?
    Anyways, as a college student who is a conservative I HAD to see Michael Moore speak at my school for a English class. It was the worst experience of my life. My school actually spent and wasted $15,000 on having him come speak. I have never heard a more unintelligent person speak about politics and current international policy. All he talked about was how stupid Pres. Bush is. In truth I could have done a better job speaking for $15,000 then he did, it was terrible. Anyways, my professor made us write a paper about the positive statements made in his speech and the movie, Bowling for Columbine, it was worth 50%of our final grade. Turns out I spent the next 3 days of my life, countering any comments Moore. Needless to say I worked my ass off on it and had it proofread to the point of little to no grammar issues.
    When I got the 12 page paper back, I was given a D-. I had never been more pissed off in my life, my fuckin liberal ass professor had given me a D on a paper because I wrote it from a more conservative perspective. I asked for a meeting with him, and blew me off saying that was my final grade. I actually told him he was a dick in front of my entire class. I wrote several letters to the dean of the English Dept. complaining, I even hand delivered it. Finally after a month of three letters, I was forced to go to the dean of the Liberal Arts College and complain. To make a long story short, I had to meet with the dean of liberal arts school three times, bring in all my letters of complaint and work in. I even had all the emails my stupid professor had sent to me. It finally came to the conclusion that I got an A in the class, got a refund for the cost of the class, and the professor was forced to leave because of his “unprofessionalism” in the emails. HAHAH FUCKER! So they said we persecute them……ya right!
    fraser clay

  9. Gus


    Good to finally see the whole interview. Although it could have been better but that’s Red Eye.

    By the way, I just Googled your name for the latest news and it looks like we’re starting to see the start of a smear campaign against you. They’re all based on the misinformation gathered by these pseudo-journalists having read the Vanity Fair article. You think they would have had the courage to at least give you a call, but courage isn’t in these people list of personal attributes.

    The two hit pieces are on Radar Online (Jeff Bercovici) and Daily Reel (Matthew Ross). Bercovici is on personal crusade against Bill O’Rielly and had an article featured in the Huffington Post. Radar Online is owned by Integrity Multimedia LLC which was recently purchased by Yusef D. Jackson (Chairman), son of Rev. Jesse Jackson, for 2 million dollars and possibly Ronald W. Burkle for 8 million. Burkle is a well known billionaire Democratic party contributor and is a close friend to Bill Clinton. A previous backer of Radar was the infamous Jeffery Epstein.

    I don’t think I need to say more.

  10. Pat Dollard

    Pharmacy never happened. Have the whole tape of me on a fully continuous loop, out the gate, check the alleged whorehouse ( with two Iraqi Soldiers accompanying me, not alone as VF claimed. On the way back we stop at a stall and I buy us all smokes. That’s it. Back to gate. Camera runs without stopping for 40 minutes, the whole time I’m out. Last year Hollywood Interrupted published an “eyewitness” who claimed that I killed 5 Marines with my bare hands as revenge for them gangraping me. I’m flattered, truly, that so many people are coming up with so much shit. Just jealous that they are often funnier than me.

  11. Heather

    I just wanted to thank you for the honest look at what the war in Iraq is really like. My husband is stationed in Ramadi. I visit your website because I know I will get a true picture of what his life is like now. Plus, your irreverent style makes me smile.
    I usually watch Red Eye because, well……. I really don’t sleep anymore since my husband left. Anyway, I agree with Mark they need to quit trying so hard to be funny that they don’t let you finish what you’re saying.
    Hopefully, next timethey’ll cede some of their airtime to you so viewers can actually hear what you have to say.
    Please continue providing a honest look into our truly brave soldiers and marines lives.

  12. fraser

    As my brother gets ready withs his men (he is a marine Lt, almost 11 months in)to go to Iraq, I almost feel the same thing. I cannot imagine the thoughts and stress you must be going through. All I know is the only thing I can rely on is my family and friends to get me through the thoughts. I wish your husband my best, along with all the other men and women who the courage to serve. My hearts and mind is with you Heather!

  13. Paul

    Pat, I admire what you’re doing here. Keep it up.

  14. Tim


    I love your web site and give you all the credit in the world for what you are doing. It is a true calling and you are the right man for the job.

    I’m in the PR business and have done some media training. I know you’re a Hollywood veteran and have more than a few friends who can help you here, but I’d like to see you dominate these interviews a little more so you can get your message out in spite of time constraints and hosts with ADD.

    Bottom line, when you get some TV time, don’t waste your time setting the stage to refute allegations and false claims. Just get to the points YOU want to make and keep it simple. No need to recap anything that wasn’t mentioned by the interviewer. Don’t get caught up in the interview process or technology (ear piece). When the light goes on, don’t be distracted, look at the light, talk to it and be the anti-Michael Moore you are.

    We’ve needed a voice like yours more than you realize. Thank you for everything you’re doing.

  15. Ma

    Mr. Dollard,

    Ten minutes ago I didn’t know who the fuck you were and could not have cared less. But after a lucky click and some down-to-earth reading, you have another fan.

    I served in Fallujah, 2004.

    “Muji, meet Allah.”
    Over a million served.
    The United States Marine Corps

  16. Morlock

    Having been exposed to Red-Eye for the first time I have to say that it’s one of the most mond-boggling, unjournalistic journalism I have seen in a while.

  17. Kelly


    My husband is a Marine. We were introduced to your site quite a while ago when you were just getting this off the ground. I’d seen you on Fox News and liked what you had to say so I looked you up online.

    I told my husband there was something he HAD to see and showed him your site. Of course, he rolled his eyes, thinking it was something he’d probably seen a million times before, but when he saw your videos, he was hooked. He works in a maintenance control shop on a flightline. Afterhours, he used to put the song from your video on the PA system and his guys on the flightline LOVED it! He introduced quite a few young men and women to the greatness of Pat Dollard.

    We just had a friend over, tonight, another Marine. We showed him some of your documentary and he said, “Wow - can you send me this link?”. We’re letting everyone know about your work. I even belong to a conservative forum where I’ve posted links to some of your stuff in the past. People love you and love what you have to say.

    I wish we could’ve seen an interview where they just let you talk…I’d start getting interested in what you had to say and they’d cut you off, damnit. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait to see what you come up! That forum I belong to is at www.covertconservatives.com for anyone who feels alone in this conservative, liberal-infested world. Come hang with us.

    p.s. - LOVED the story above from the guy who got his professor fired…gee, why didn’t we hear about THAT in the news? That was awesome!

  18. Brien O'Brien

    Hi Pat,
    I heard about you and your story last night, Friday the 16th on Los Angeles AM Radio station KFI 640, on the John Ziegler Show. John was correct, you are a Patriot.

    As far as your Red Eye Tonight interview, disappointing. Did all the talking heads on that show not understand your story? You, and your immense story were pretty much trivialized on the show. Bummer.

    Your story about The Real Truth In Iraq, about our beloved American men and women of The American Militaries, these HEROES, and what they are doing in Iraq (and their many and varied ‘Victories’), is more explosive then an atom bomb, yet RET turned it in to a RPG.

    From the bottom of my heart, with all that is in me, “Thank-you Pat Dollard for having the guts, the grit and determination to go to Iraq, to do what journalists are supposed to do in the first place. To show and tell The Real Truth, no more, no less.”

    As well, I believe that you Pat Dollard, have given hope (and true friendship) to these brave men and women, and hope for their families and friends.

    I will be telling everyone that I know about your website Pat. Lastly, I believe in the power of prayer, and I believe that you Pat Dollard are proof that prayers ARE answered, in more ways then one.

    “The truth is more important than the facts.”
    - Frank Lloyd Wright (1868-1959)

  19. D_Mac

    Hey anyone able to find this Vanity Fair article? I don’t want to support the rag and buy a copy and I can’t find a transcript on their site or anywhere else online. Let me know if anyone can send a copy, or just type it from the article word by word and post it here



    Keep up the good work. Don’t let them cut you off on tonight’s episode! Thanks for telling our story that the rest of the candy ass media won’t.
    Semper Fi
    - Beans

  21. Dominantau

    Fabulous segment Pat.

    Despite the interuptions, very entertaining and more importantly informative. It’s very encouraging to see a forum which allows all sides of the Iraq debate and general political issues to be heard, challenged and respected.


    ♥ D

  22. TJ

    I know this is irrelevent to the conversation , but fraser , way to go in getting your liberal professor canned. saving his emails and all really showed what it takes to prove that education can not be subservient to political bias. apparently,The liberal creed regarding “keeping an open mind” only applies if you agree with everything the professor says. This is not the first nor will it be the last instance politics usurping higher learning.

  23. nathan

    hey pat your awesome bro. you are backed 100% by the corps. GET SOME BROTHER!

    1st marine grunts!

  24. Lenore

    Thank you for helping to get the other side of the story out. I for one think our troops are doing fabulous fighting this war on Islamic terrorism. The chore of finding good news in the media concerning Iraq or Afghanistan is hard, very hard. The media does not realize that for every car bombing they show, for every unproven rumor about our troops, for every negative story about Iraq they embolden the enemy. People join the team they see winning in sports, in life and in war. If they showed the accomplishments of the Islamic terrorist, like the show the accomplishments of our troops, the terroist would be getting little if any air time.

    Pat, have you been to Iraqi Kurdistan? If so have you taken any film as to how you are treated? If not what a perfect segment in a film, the true appreciation of a liberated people. I hope you have a chance to go there and show us.

    Again thank you for putting yourself in harms way to get the other side of the story out.

  25. Lenore

    And fraser, you should let your story be known. Call any conservative talk show and you will probably get on immediately. A talk show to email is Bill Bennetts Morning in America. He loves this stuff and will get your story out and to the right people.
    Good going, and congrats on the A.

  26. Tom


    It annoyed to see them making such ironic ha ha of your tales. You need and deserve a much more respectful format than Red Eye which is clearly so much closer to the deluded MTV types you satirize than to the Young Americans you lionize.

    I hope to God you make a most kick ass film. It is desperately needed. I also hope you get to do appearances on less stupid of a show than Red Eye. The juxtaposition of your Hollywood/media past with your brass tacks Iraq experiences puts you right on a fulcrum of mass opinion. If your story didn’t exist we would have to invent you.



  27. J

    Good point regarding the other regions of Iraq.
    Very informative website about the Kurdish region…

    See for yourself what our courageous patriots have done to promote a peaceful prosperity.

    Thank you Pat and our Military for risking your lives and having a pair!

  28. JD

    These jokers should just close their mouths and let you tell your story. Their questions are rediculous. Did they not do their due dilligence and research you before they asked you for the interview? George Clowney, who cares, let’s get to the meat of the issue.
    Thank you for being such a good sport, and thank you for the balls to get the real story. You are a true patriot.

  29. alexa kim

    Pat, I echo the sentiments of the other commenters who complain about Greg’s impudent interruptions, albeit all in good fun. I think you handled the mangled interview rather well but I would really like to see an entire hour devoted entirely to you and your work. With questions that indicate more non-un-seriousness.

    I pray for Our Young Americans every time I think of them, of you, of their families. I think of all of you all the time.

    You’re the anti-Michael Moore, eh? The second I heard that, I grinned big. Thank you GOD!

    Everyone: go to your local library and find out if they offer access to a free online database service that catalogues and provides text only versions of the magazines. This means that you are paying for the subscription anyway with your tax dollars. Doesn’t that make you feel great? Yeah, me neither. But at least, you won’t have to pay yet again. And, you can access it from home.

  30. FHB

    Those guys are such idiots. They should let you talk. Our media is such a disgrace.

  31. alexa kim

    I meant to ask, have the ROEs been changed? Please answer only if ok with OpSec, of course. But I have been praying that they will have been returned to the status of PROTECTING MY SOLDIERS, not the enemy.

    Thank you.

  32. starkc

    No. ROE are the same and won’t be changing anytime soon.

  33. alexa kim


    Fuck. On top of the crap at WRAMC, with IAP Worldwide, that makes me furious.

    I won’t stay quiet about that, I won’t.

  34. starkc

    ROE is important. While it can be frustrating; but it prevents accidents (while increasing our danger level) and bad PR.

    There are problems at Walter Reed. However, I’ve been going there since I was a little kid (my parents we’re military as well) and have never seen anything to give credence to the accusations flying around. But then, my exprience with VA is only with helping my father with his paperwork to get compensated for his numerous injuries sustained in service. They have been very accomodating to him. However, he’s a COL ret. so the treatment and attention he recieved is going to be better than say.. SSgt. Joe Schmo.

    I don’t know enough about the situation to really be able to talk about it. If the worst of the accusations are in fact true, then I agree with you. But it’s going to be fixed.

  35. boure

    Gutfiels: “Tom, get your hand out of your hair.”

    Boure at home: “Gutfield, why do you keep squinting?”

    The Red Eye team are nearly impossible to watch. Pointless interjections interrupt an otherwise fine interview. Your forbearance is laudable. Thanks for the interview. Great site here.

    Fraser in the comments, I’m glad you got your A plus satisfaction.

    Now, off to find the jar.

  36. Chris

    I am one of those young americans who realize the coolest, most badass, most honorable thing to be today is a combat marine, and i joined up. I am headed to Parris Island in May, and I hope to see you in Iraq soon thereafter. Semper Fi man.

  37. Tom

    Well done mate… you got me inspired to do the same. Im from India living in London as a student and probly the only student who supports the war against terrror and sees the wider picture…. i’ve got into fights with the “peace loving” wankers trying to put out my opinions and plain hardcore facts!

    Best of luck hope people see and realise what the boys are doing out there. My prayers go out o you and most importantly the young men and women fighting for us all.

    The idiots on red eye didnt let you finnish a sentance… didnt seem interested in what you really wanted to say… bloody wankers.

    There are a couple of things that are a big problem in US compared to UK is the healthcare given to the wounded soilders when they get back and we must do somthing about that. Also I’ve heard both Brits and Yanks are under equipped. How do I do what you’ve done, thast get in with the troops, and try donate some basic equipments etc?

    2nd Lt Thomas
    London, UK

  38. just posting

    fox news has the stupidest anchors… this show fox n friends. they cared about makin their corny ass jokes instead of lettin u say what u had to say. why the fuck do they invite someone on just to act like some add kid n say stupid shit. anyways keep ur tv appearances up

  39. Brian

    Semper Fi, Sir. Wish I had found your site much sooner. It’s great that someone else is fighting for us that can take the focus off of the Hollywood morons.

    Cpl Mithen USMC
    2002-3 Kuwait & Diawaniah,Iraq
    2004-5 Ramadi,Iraq

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