February 21st, 2007 Posted By Pat Dollard.

A terrorist recruitment video features “Anderson Cooper 360″ as inspiration for jihadis to join. His clip is used at nearly the halfway point. Clip was sent to me from SGT Welsh.

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  1. American Soldier

    That fat bastard was Juba? I don’t see how his ass could ever fit in the trunk of a BMW!

  2. David

    CNN is the voice of those who want to kill us. I would love to get to ask Anderson Cooper how he feels to be a propagandist against his own country. Disgusting.

  3. Chesty

    Thanks again CNN for inspiring the insurgents. Anyone know where to find the clip of the General who was kind enough to show how a Helo is vulnerable to ground fire and how to shoot one down?

  4. Chad

    This makes me furious. How can you not feel like a piece of shit, when these bastards use you to encourage the deaths of more Americans. CNN is going to hell twice for giving aid to the enemy.

    And my understanding of Juba, is that there is no “one guy” it was several, and their work was grossly over exaggerated by propagandists.

  5. Rubin

    Note: the shitbirds at CNN along with their fellow MSM travelers will certainly attempt to re-write Iraq history and slander our Hero’s sacrifices made in Iraq just like their shitbird predecessors did in Vietnam.

    The good news is, We are not just a few anymore limited by our own circle of vets, friends and family, We are millions now connected by the net and can fight their deceitful lies and set the record straight!!

    hats off to you Pat D for your tremendous efforts, I know what inspires you…our fantastic kids!

    It is my privilege to have know a few of our Nation’s heroes. God bless all of you.


    While CNN proudly states that they will never serve as a propaganda device for America’s War on Terror, they air Islamofascist propaganda daily. I think this is despicable. What infuriates me is how CNN tries to explain away the controversy, that they air footage of terrorists sniping our servicemen because they need to show Americans what’s REALLY going on “over there.” How about over here? This pisses me off even more, how CNN explains why they WILL NOT air footage of 9/11 atrocities, like innocent people leaping from the upper floors of the twin towers because they could not stand the heat. It’s too raw, too gut-wrenching, too sad, Americans just shouldn’t see this kind of stuff. But it’s not too graphic to view an American GI taking his last breath before an enemy sniper’s round kills him?

    If we were beaten down with 9/11 footage in the way we are with this anti-war/anti-Bush rhetoric, I believe it would incite many more Americans to want to kill the enemy. But that would go against CNN’s core values and work as a US propaganda tool against the Bush-hating MSM. If we win in Iraq, then Bush wins, and the MSM can’t have THAT blood on their hands. This just disgusts me, deep in my gut. This is so backwards that it just makes me sick. But when it comes to the lefties, everything is backwards: American-like rights for those poor, innocent Gittmo prisoners, MSM revealing of secret programs used to spy on terrorists, etc, etc, etc.

  7. Chesty

    I like what Rubin has to say about the ever growing veteran circle. Think of where this country will be in about 10-20 years–we are going to be so polarized it’s not even going to be funny.

    On one side you will have us, the “haves.” We will be the ones whose actions spoke louder than words, made the sacrifices, and fought for what we believed it. We will be the ones who have seen the horrors of war and understand what it means to finish a job, no matter how dirty, deadly, or disapproved of it is.

    On the other side, you will have the “have nots.” They will be the ones who while we sacrificed, they were creating anti-war blogs from the comfort of their homes, while wearing Che Guevara T-Shirts and driving their beat up Hybrid cars with the “question authority” bumper stickers. They will be the ones who are undisciplined and have no sense of direction, honor, or virtue.

    In other words, they will be the ones sitting on the sidelines cowering in fear while the “haves,” the ones who have paid the price run the show.

    Until that day…

  8. DANEgerus

    We knew that they would:
    Who needs Al-Jazeera when we’ve got CNN…10/19/2006…
    Because CNN has a track record that explains why they do it:
    2001 Document: Saddam Regime Gives CNN…10/22/2006…Priority For News Coverage (Translation)
    Sucking up to terrorists gets you access…

  9. Co-producer

    If you go on cnn.com right now you’ll find a 5 minute report about sectarian violence, specifically death squads. The report, dated today, mentions nothing about the new strategy and how sectarian killings have been reduced significantly in the last few weeks. It makes it sound like the situation is exactly the same as it was before and that we’re doing nothing differently than we were a month ago, which is, not surprisingly, the way most Americans see the situation right now.

  10. Randy

    Any possibility of getting some translation of the high points?

    And yeah–it’s disgusting that CNN in the interests of “fairness” won’t show what’s REALLY going on, but instead wants us to fail. I wonder if they’d be so friggin biased if their boy Billy-Jeff were still around.

  11. XABN

    to Rubin and Chesty, I hear you Brothers. But just remember, they are not sitting on the sidelines. they are active in there attempt to destroy this country. our numbers are growing, glad to know there are more of us out there.

  12. Teufelhunden

    That literally makes me sick to my stomach. And so do the MSM and the stab us in the back Defeatocrats!!

    I pray for a leader like the late great Reagan to step up and lead this great country before we are destroyed from within.

  13. TJ

    CNN along with the hollywood crowd who pat themselves on the back for being”unbiased” are just protecting their own buts from being on the receiving end of a snipers bullet. They know full well you will get off unscathed by attacking, bush, our troops or US policy, but once they attempt to criticize the terrorists they will receive nothing but death threats until the threat is carried out. They are running scared like so many Iraqis who cannot be seen to support the american soldiers protecting their country.

    This is the difference between true democracy and freedom and the tyranny of jihadism.

  14. A Jarhead

    Anderson Cooper needs to be reminded that a Serb Sniper missed his head by about 3 inches back when he was a reporter for “Channel 1″…

    That dumbass…

    FWIW, my dog heard the Haji on that video from the other room and started barking. She ran in here and looked right at the puter like WTF?!?! Good doggie.

  15. James

    Don’t get too mad at those of us who are home. I realize most of the people on this site are either Marines or in the Army, but you aren’t the only ones who recognize your heroic contributions.
    True, you are the only ones to truly KNOW how much you have sacrificed, but there are those of us who can see through the Leftist bullshit, and we love you guys (yes, even on my college campus there are those of us who don’t buy into the Michael Moore shit).
    I know that nothing I can ever say will probably mean shit to you guys for what you have done, since I am a nobody who will never be anywhere near as selfless as those of you who have served….however, I just wanted everyone to know that you still have plenty of American support— we just don’t have news channels :).

  16. Mehdi

    Sorry Pat, but I don’t see how that lil bit Cooper shows inspire Insurgents any more than just showing clips of American soldiers in Iraq which is what most of that clip was. Anyways I couldn’t watch the whole thing cause Arabic gets on my nerves after awhile. I like my Farsi much better thank you.


    Mehdi, I think the point is that terrorists use footage from CNN on their recruitment videos.

  18. Mehdi

    I understand that. But they also have footage of Troops being interviewed on CBS in there. Propaganda is propaganda and they’ll spin anything anyway they want, it doesn’t matter what channel it’s on as long as it helps them with their case. I doubt any journalist is thinking about that what the insurgents might do with one of their pieces before they air it.

    I’m pretty certain any news channel would have aired that piece if given that footage. If anything we need to be showing more of the grim side of war is America so people understand the sacrifices that are being made over there.

  19. Emil M.

    He and the ones like him should be hung from the nearest tree for treason.

  20. Mark

    For anyone who doesnt think Americans are making propoganda for insurgents fucks:


    Hell I bet Al-Sadr’s got that cartoon framed in his bedroom.

    What happened to American Pride? How did it become cool to love the enemy and hate your country? Republican politicans need to grow a pair and start really callin these people out. Put a little 6 year old Iraqi girl in front of Congress and let them tell her that she’s not worth our money or time. Cause we know Congress don’t give a fuck about the blood our heroes spill.

  21. Mehdi

    Hung from a tree? What year do you think this is man? We’re trying to bring democracy and freedom to Iraq, not Iraqi justice to the United States.

  22. John

    “Anderson Cooper needs to be reminded that a Serb Sniper missed his head by about 3 inches back when he was a reporter for “Channel 1″…”

    yeah, -he missed- ,shit happens…but at a bare minimum the serb involved here deserves a thank you letter and a well stocked fruitbasket, agreed?

  23. Freedom will be defended - milnews » Terrorist video: Proof CNN Reportage inspires insurgents recruitment

    […] Terrorist video: Proof CNN Reportage inspires insurgents recruitment By darkblue A terrorist recruitment video features “Anderson Cooper 360″ as inspiration for jihadis to join. His clip is used at nearly the halfway point - this hat tip goes to Pat Dollard […]


    Mehdi, the problem is that the MSM spins EVERYTHING against USA!! It’s not unusual to see multiple American news sources in terrorist propaganda - that’s the damn problem! The mainstream media is not just a propaganda tool that terrorists use - it is THEE propaganda tool of the left wing, the Democrats. The lefties have a vested interest in seeing America lose this war, because if we do, then Bush loses and they win - sadly enough, it’s that simple. Our loss would pretty much assure them White House in 2008 - I find it absolutely shameful and treasonous, the lengths they will go to ensure our defeat.

    The MSM is constantly airing what you term the grim side of war - “another Marine killed today” or “three soldiers killed by a roadside bomb.” It is all they show here, and that IS their intent! What I think Americans need to see, but never will from the MSM, is more of the good deeds, how well our men and women are representing their country, and what the majority of Iraqis really think, and how we’re really kicking the hell out of the terrorists. A small reminder every now and then of why we’re fighting this war wouldn’t hurt either. But none of this will ever happen because their intent is crystal clear – they WANT us to lose, the bastards.

  25. Kevin

    Strange that even though tis in Arabic it doesn’t seem all that inspiring. Kind of boring - even in another language. No rousing music, no slo-mo scenes of marching “freedom fighters”, no fist pounding speeches from their glorious leaders degrading the opposition. I say this director doesn’t have much of a future in Hollywood.

  26. REN

    I was reading through ‘Iraq the Model’, one of my favorite Iraq blog reads and discovered this:


    It is possible that ‘Juba’ never really existed, being a composite of other snipers, or that if there ever was a ‘Juba’ he may have actually been killed over a year ago:


    Good news in any case. It’s really quite sickening when you follow the ‘Juba’ stories, especially of the growing interest of ‘him’ and insurgents in general, in America. See:


  27. TJ

    james ,

    from a former soldier: thanks for the support, it is appreciated!

  28. Marc

    You know its bad when i have to tune to another countries news cast (BBC) just to get a VAGUE picture of whats REALLY going on.
    What can we do to prevent these reports? OR at least shed some light on the false ones. I get so upset seeing all the people around me proclaiming that we’ve “lost it” in Iraq. How can you NOT support the people who are over there dying for OUR freedoms. I’ve been called ever name in the book by just wording my support for the president and the military. I just want to know what I can do to HELP our nations amred forces.

  29. Greg - USA

    Is there any chance of getting a translation on this? I would really like to know what they are saying.

    Keep up the awesome work, Pat!

  30. alexa kim

    I knew I shouldn’t have watched this before bedtime. (I dropped the guillotine on CNN the day I heard they were airing the sniper video. They are banned from my house.)

    I have a sincere request: please give a little more warning in the set-up text for the video. I didn’t know it contained the sniper video I wanted to never see. This will give me a nightmare tonight.

    I pray for all My Soldiers in combat to be draped by God’s impervious robe, to rest knowing that we support them, their mission, their work, their every breathing moment.

    I’m so proud of you, I can’t even say. (All I can manage is trembling speechlessness in person.)

    I pray for God to infuse each of My Soldiers with His Almighty Awesome Power, making true and terrible every shot they take, every missile they fire, every bomb they drop, every blow they deliver. I pray for My Soldiers to be the deadliest, scariest, most unrelenting force ever known to man. For every enemy killed cannot kill My Soldiers.

    I do not revel in war. But I root for MY team to WIN!

  31. Fraser

    I am so tired of the leftist crap being glorified by CNN. As a student, I try to watch and listen to all sides of such debates. As many college students are, I am sadly exposed to this type of crap all the time. As far as I am concerned the CNN people responsible for playing this on TV should be charged with treason. We all know this type of decision is made by Exects themselves, so that means the hole controling group of CNN should be charged. Hell the US Govt considers Aljazera(sp?) a terrorist network, why can’t we ban CNN for these actions or atleast fine their ass millions of dollars. I mean fuck, a guy in NYC was charged with treason for playing Aljazera on his home television via sat. Just a thought………….

  32. Accounting Bum » Blog Archive » Pat Dollard’s

    […] It’s so good it almost makes you wonder why we don’t see stuff like it on network/MSM news.� Almost. […]

  33. Todd Boyer

    The politically correct BS is out of hand. Not all of us at home suscribe to the leftist/socialist/communist propaganda put forth every day. Newspapers, TV, radio, mags, internet. It never ceases. Thanks for putting it out there Pat. No vet here but I am here to say that there is a lot of support for you and the one hell of a bitch job you guys are doing. As for the future? Honor and integrity still stands for something with at least some of us. There’s more support than you may know…

  34. Brit o.O

    Just wanted to say that I am against the war in Iraq, because I feel that our leaders led us into a conflict over a lie, no matter how they try to play it out.

    I do however support all of the coalition soldiers, the true heroes of this conflict, who are out there genuinely trying to bring something positive to Iraq. It is these soldiers who are putting their lives on the line to give the people of Iraq a better future. To them, they have my fullest and sincerest respect, and I wish them a safe return to their respective homes.

    ps: I know its a sidenote, by can anyone explain how come you guys in America are allowed to drive and go to war by 21, but you are not allowed to drink (although I am sure you do). It just seems very strange.

  35. starkc

    Cause’ its how it is. No like alcohol has ever been hard to get anyway.

    And thanks for your respect; but like everyone else who claims to be anti-Bush/Blair but pro-troop makes me laugh. I don’t agree with the President on everything, but he’s the Commander in Chief.

    Also, one of the primary reasons for invadig and deposing Hussein was to liberate the Iraqis. Your statements are utter hypocrisy. Whether you know it or not. Coalition troops were given the *mission* of making things better for a formerly repressed people. That mission was issued from the top.

  36. Jimbo


    you can save your “I don’t support the war but I support the troops” BS. Let’s see, I guess that means you think American and British soldiers are dying for nothing? Thanks, that’s a lot of support.

  37. Ron

    The problem is we’re winning the gunfights and losing the PR fight. We have been losing that fight since shortly after 9/11 and the Media and leftists in this country are leading the way. This is the time for Winter Warriors not Sunshine Patriots. Thanks Pat for showing what those back here don’t get to see. RAH

  38. Krisdy

    I believe propaganda is on both sides, good and bad. I see the need to show the public what is going on in Iraq and to understand that our boys are getting injured, maimed and killed over there but it needs to be truthful and equal on both sides. It just makes me cringe inside when I see sniper hits on our troops, but it has to be seen, it has to be known. Against the war or for the war, one soldier said it best, if we don’t quell it now we’ll be back in 5 years again and more will die. I just wish more people would see Pat’s side of the war and then these commie liberal wimps will stop protesting and supporting our boys. I have a friend leaving for Irag this week, he works for BW, I wish him a safe return for he will be counter sniping.

  39. Morlock

    I wonder if you would jump on Mr. Dollard’s throat should footage of his documentary be used by insurgents. Praying marines getting mortared sounds like the stuff they find helpful.

  40. starkc

    Embedding and being with Americans is a little different than embedding with terrorists and murderers.

  41. Morlock

    Embedded, right. That’s why it says “insurgent video” in the corner and is being described as such.

    This material is so much from a journalist embedded with terrorists than the insurgent material in Dollard’s videos.

  42. starkc

    You’re right, embedded was the wrong term.

    What the Bhagdad correspondent was doing was fishing for interviews and publicity. What he got back, was the name and location of an Insurgent “spokesperson” to which he sent some questions and had answered via video recording.

    He also got video back of a terrorist(s) murdering Coalition servicemembers. The difference between recordings of US troops and terrorists in Iraq are that the US troops fire only in defense of themselves and of innocents; sometimes they aren’t even allowed to fire in defense of innocents. When you see a terrorist, they are the instigators. You can get footage of soldiers being killed, and you can even get footage of civilian aid workers having their heads cut off; but that won’t be aired on CNN because most reasonable people would agree that civilians aren’t acceptable targets. Despite Anderson Cooper’s (and the general media’s) claim of showing “both sides of the story” they don’t. There is footage on this site, I believe in “Triangle of Death” of a group of terrorists executing several civilians on video. There are literally hundereds of these videos, they’re sold like bootleg movies in the streets of Arab nations; but you won’t see them on CNN. Why?

    Becuase they depict these *people* as anything but what the liberal establishment would have you believe; legitimate insurgents. They don’t show “both sides” they show one side; the fake one presented by criminals.

  43. Morlock

    From where do you know how the correspondents worked? It certainly isn’t evident from the video, since only the one small part is from CNN. I’d be thankful if you showed me the source.

    The main criterion by which TV operates is the amount of violence. That’s why you didn’t get to see the insurgent shoot, and that’s why most channels didn’t show the soldier shoot in the infamous “he’s faking he’s dead” video. That’s also why you don’t get to see that many bodies of body parts.

    I agree that TV doesn’t show each side. However, I don’t think that your explanation applies. No mainstream coverage I know portraits civilian killing terrorists as fighters not killing civilians or whatever your claim is.

  44. Jay

    I hardly see how this reflects badly on CNN. The people who made this video use whatever footage they can get their hands on. So they got some from CNN, big deal.

  45. starkc

    I know from CNN’s press release (a media outlet making press release’s, hilariously ironic I think) and from Anderson Cooper’s blog. Good enough?

    But they covered the stories. This one of a criminal murdering soldiers, and another of a US soldier shooting a comatant who is pretending to be dead. Both stories were presented in a way that is sympathetic to terrorists and criminals. In the “He’s faking, he’s dead” video, who do you emphasize with? The soldier or the man on the ground?

    I think it does; because that’s the conclusion I’ve come to. If you don’t think that, fine. Your education and circumstances, not to mention opinions, are obviously different from mine.

  46. Morlock

    Listen, I wasn’t saying that I didn’t believe you when I asked you from where you knew what the correspondent did. I was just asking for your source because it interested me. No need to feel attacked.

    In the “faking he’s dead video” I certainly emphasize with the guy shot, because to me it is the killing of an unarmed person. In the insurgent video, I emphasize with the poor American and the people around him, so I would certainly not say that both stories show the insurgents in a good light.

    I agree with Jay. What’s the fucking point of accusing CNN because insurgents used some CNN material out of context. This can happen to a lot material from other channel and people, including Dollard’s.

  47. starkc

    I didn’t see it as an attack, the “Good Enough” was an honest question in case you wanted a link.

    The guy playing dead discarded his weapon, as many of his type do. Also, playing dead with an active hand grenade is a tactic frequently employed by Muslim fanatics because it is a sneaky way to take someone with you. Normally medical personell,because in case you didn’t know, we heal and care for all the combatants we capture. As opposed to cutting off their heads on tv. (wait, I’m sorry. They do that to civilians, military personell are too difficult to capture). Shooting him to be sure was a safe, if by some morally questionable (sorry, but I place the lives of my fellow Americans above those of criminals and violent fanatics).

    Besides, the question wasn’t about the terrorists using western media; that is to be expected. The question was of CNN doing the story and giving them fuel. The terrorists who gave the CNN correspondent the footage knew it would be a controversial story and make waves, and probobly knew that in the aftermath; they could take western media footage and make informational attacks on the West, in an attempt to discredit their main enemy (us).

    Know it or not, by airing the footage CNN made itself a puppet of Al-Qaeda (through the ISI). But I’ll bet you anything their producers aren’t losing any sleep over it.

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