Marine Corporal From A Bunker In Ramadi: “I Got A Message For That Douche Harry Reid”

April 23rd, 2007 Posted By Pat Dollard.

Corporal Tyler Rock, 1/6 Charlie Company, on the left, at my old home, Camp Hurricane Point, Ramadi.

A view from OP Horea, “Most Dangerous Spot On Earth”, Downtown Ramadi. I no shit watched several terrorists die, on several different days, on this small strip of asphalt. We also took many IED strikes on it. This photo is from Corporal Rock.

Today, from Corporal Tyler Rock in an outpost in downtown Ramadi. His first sentence is in response to an email from me:

“yeah i know how you feel. its going to be very weird leaving this place and going back to america. weve been here for almost an entire year and have lived in the center of it the whole time. its crazy that when we got here it was so hectic and now its calmed down so much. so it was awesome to be able to see that turn out.

yeah news worth reporting…. well ramadi was once dubbed by everyone as the worst city in the world. but we have done such a great job here that all the families in the area have worked with us on driving out the insurgency and that we work directly with the IA and the IP’s. the city has been cleaned up so well that the IP’s do most of the patrols now and we go out with them to hand out candy and toys to the children. you can tell that the people want us here to protect them from the thugs and gangs (insurgents). granted they would rather have peace and quit but they know that if we arent here they will be thrown around by the insurgents. a good example is this one mission we did. long story short we got blown up in multiple buildings and had to run into a families house. i spent my christmas holidays covered in ash from the mortar fire and the IED’s, sleeping under a dirty rug i found in the house. everyone was sleeping way to close for comfort just to stay warm. anyways. a family was there and they obviously didnt want us there. atleast at first. the daughters were very sick so our corpsman treated them. they didnt have electricity so we got them a generator for power, they were cold so we got them gas heaters, we got them food and water and then we gave them $500. by the end of the week long visit with them we were drinking tea with them. when we left we cleaned their house better than it was when we got there. i even have pictures with the family. they told us that they liked marines and they would help us as much as they could and they gave us some information on the insurgents in the area. we ended up catching a HUGE target down the road from there house because of it.

Part Of A Weapons Cache Seized Recently In Fields Next To What Used To Be An Insurgent Claimed Hospital. Thanks To 1/6, The Insurgents Don’t Claim It Anymore. Zarqawi Had Reportedly Been Treated There.

yeah and i got a qoute for that douche harry reid. these families need us here. obviously he has never been in iraq. or atleast the area worth seeing. the parts where insurgency is rampant and the buildings are blown to pieces. we need to stay here and help rebuild. if iraq didnt want us here then why do we have IP’s voluntering everyday to rebuild their cities. and working directly with us too. same with the IA’s. it sucks that iraqi’s have more patriotism for a country that has turned to complete shit more than the people in america who drink starbucks everyday. we could leave this place and say we are sorry to the terrorists. and then we could wait for 3,000 more american civilians to die before we say “hey thats not nice” again. and the sad thing is after we WIN this war. people like him will say he was there for us the whole time.
and for messages back home. i have a wife back home who is going through a tough time. i just cant wait to be back home and see everyone. haha and i cant wait to go back home and get some starbucks. i love it when those people serve me. hahaha”

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  1. Michael

    Cpl. Rock, thank you for your service. You and your fellow Marines are doing great things, and you are making America proud. You are right about Reid, too. The majority of the Democrats are treasonous, back-stabbing, America-hating weasels. Please stay safe, watch yourself over there and thank you again for your sacrifices.

  2. johnF

    Cpl. Rock, you rock. Thank you for your service. America, Iraq, and the world owes you a debt of gratitude. To paraphrase a truly great leader, only once before has so much been owed to so few, the proud, by so many. I spent some time working with Marines from the 26th MEU recently, and I have nothing but respect for all of you, especially Sgt. Patrick Wilhelm. Next time I’m at Starbucks, I hope I see a Marine, because I’ll be the one buying.

  3. 0311inohio

    Semper Fi Cpl. Rock. Ooh-Rah, Alpha Co. one six, 1962 here. We (the sane people in this country) support you 100%, :beer: :beer: :beer:

  4. mindy abraham

    Good job guys-keep it up. I respect the military highly :smile: :beer:

  5. TWarrior

    It leads me to the simple question of how do these defeatists live with themselves?

    Thanks Cpl. Rock, and Gods speed!!

  6. David

    Godspeed Cpl. Rock! Thanks for your great work and your service to our country. We greatly appreciate what you and your comrades have done for us all.

    I don’t know if you saw this or not, but Jeff Foxworthy gave a fantastic presentation during the Country Music awards that everyone should see. Here is a link:

    Thank you for our Marines and Soldiers who keep us safe, and keep us from having to fight the thugs here in the USA. We’ll do everything we can for you from our side, keeping the pressure up on the Congress and Senate.

  7. rumsfeld47


    This shit-bag poolee is fucking MOTIVATED!

  8. JammieWearingFool

    E-mail Messages for Harry Reid…

    Harry Reid has rightfully been pummeled since he decalred defeat last week. Even the oily Charles Schumer backpedaled somewhat from Reid Sunday….

  9. Steve in NC


    Godspeed Warriors!

    :beer: :beer: :beer:

    Having the fascists being rebutted by the Service Men and Women in theater can effect the mainstream of America.

    Pictures are worth a thousand words, and since an actual thousand words do not fit into the short attention span theater we call network news it would be great if the service men and women in theater could create some images that give your comments re the facts on the ground. Email them to blogs and national and local stations. The media PR war is a war that needs to be won. I have friends (sort of now) that I thought had independent thought but some now spout shit because they saw pictures of bad things.
    The MSM almost or never show positive images and stories stateside, and that includes the mistakenly lauded fox news.
    A picture is worth a thousand words.

    This made the rounds into national coverage:

    Sorry we don’t have george soros and the hollywood elite to produce this for us.

    Drive On,


  10. Vikingbyblood

    Thanks again for another example of our fantastic Marines. To all of you in the Armed Forces; Thank you! You are the best that America has to offer and my family and I are extremely proud of you. It is not the creeps protesting that the MSM likes to show that represent this great country, it is all of you. You are doing a great and noble job so that all of us back here can be safe. Your sacrifice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  11. John G

    Man I say a prayer for you guys everyday keep America Strong my friends

  12. Richard1

    The war is lost — [Foreign and Domestic - in Iraq]
    …we are winning the war, though you would never know it from what the media reports. Here in my room, I have a small TV that stays perpetually on the AFN news channel. CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, and Fox are all represented. Yet from none of these news sources have I heard even a peep about the fact that the Coalition yesterday announced the transfer of security responsibilities of the 4th Iraqi province to the Iraqi government.
    …So you might ask how we can be winning the war when all you see on TV news is reports of bombings and death squads and such. The answer is simple. All of those reports come out of Baghdad itself. There are no reporters out here in the provinces. In nearly 13 months, I have seen one reporter here at Al Asad, and that was a gentleman from 60 Minutes who has been following our brigade from training through deployment to Iraq.
    The name of this blog comes from the oath I swore when I enlisted in the Army. I will support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, …

  13. C.L.Lucas

    Not that I live near one of two largest AF bases in the US and the largest B-52 base in the US (Barksdale), but Starbucks has finally opened up out here (in three locations). Since Katrina wacked New Orleans, and due to big Louisiana tax breaks, Hollywood has been filming and flaunting around town with smug looks on their faces.

    While we patron SBUX daily, in uniform, actually doing stuff for this country…a smug little POS, a Barrista feels it necessary to define himself with a bumper sticker stating, “Welcome to Iraq, the 51st State” and “Don’t be fooled by the Govt.” which pisses me off more than the former.

    Since Starbucks is gay/tranny/lesbian/liberal friendly, “Hey lets all get along and love each other,” then why in the hell should it be OK for me to be pissed off (offended) because some POS thinks we (I) don’t have any honor, integrity, or trustworthiness because I work for the government? Most of the frustration comes from the illegality of actually wiping the floor with him.

    Or should I really be bothered? He is after all a little bitch serving me coffee.


  14. Sharkbait

    Harry Reid is a Punk Ass! and the SBUX bitch is just that. Stay strong Marines!
    No worries!!


  15. Dbo

    I worked for SBUX for a while after I was medically restricted from deploying (a wicked case of mono) for my anticipated third tour in Iraq as a reservist.

    Since I had planned to be in Iraq for a year, and now found myself with a shit ton of free time a no job, I picked up a side job at Starbucks.

    I quit after a month when after befriending a regular who came in every morning, and he asked me about my life, I told him I was an Iraq vet and was hoping to be in Iraq again right now.

    He threw his straw at me disgusted at then stormed out like a little bitch, probably pissed off he now had to find a new starbucks to go to because he couldnt stand the thought of actually liking or being served by a “baby killer” or some shit.

    I no longer wanted to be around those kind of people, although the actual 60’s generation hipppies who came there and worked there liked me a lot and we had respectful conversations about Iraq and politics in general.

    It turns out this same guy hosts a weekly poetry reading/ competition/ and open mic I attended for three weeks.

    The third week I read a piece about all the good shit I did in Iraq, as a civil affairs marine, and how I was mistreated by ignorant americans when I returned. I specifically pointed him out and then took my leave never to return again.

    Fuck that guy.

  16. Greg - USA

    Cpl. Rock… thank you, and everyone, for your service to the greatest country on Earth! We need to get more stories, and pictures, like this and spread it around. I will be sending this to everyone I can.


  17. Iacobus

    Ooo-rah, DevilDogs! :grin: Awesome email, Pat.

    Dbo: Mr. Latte is fucking lucky I wasn’t there when the threw his straw at you. I would have reduced his ass to tears by the time I got done with him.

    Wish I could have been there at the poetry competition. The look on his face must have been priceless. :lol:

  18. Pavdog

    Great posts.. you made Drudge even!

    Keep the faith Marine! We aren’t all liberal pusses back home.

  19. Tom

    Thanks Corporal. Every time I hear one of those poisonous democrats speak I’m ashamed to think of them as leaders of this great country.
    To you and all the other soldiers over there I pray for you each day. You all make me proud!

  20. Bleeding heart conservative

    “The third week I read a piece about all the good that I did in Iraq, as a civil affairs marine, and how I was mistreated by ignorant americans when I returned. I specifically pointed him out and then took my leave never to return again.”-Ddo

    dude, since you read it, you must have a copy of it, hopefully in digital format. Post it here!! Or on a blog and post a link or something — would love to know about the whole incident.

  21. Steve S.

    Congratulations on your work. As ex airforce Intel. 64 to 68 I feel frustrated as hell with the Democrats. Can not believe the cut and run attitude. We lost in vietnam because of people like Reid. Well you and I know that if we pull out we will be fighting it on the streets here.
    Stay Safe

  22. JBM

    Jamal, should the Iraqis have a chance to be as dumb as you and speak freely against their gov’t? Are you superior to the Iraqis that only you deserve the right to express your opinion openly without fear of retribution? Regardless of whether it was right in the first place, leaving would be a disaster for these people. Perhaps you’ve read about places where we ran like Somalia or Iraq last time. I suspect you think some people are more worthy of saving then others, like Sudan. Since you’re not there and haven’t a clue other than through the eyes of the media, I suggest you think critically about who is being brainwashed by whom.

    In the meanwhile, thank you Cpl. Rock and all those serving!

  23. Mike

    You and other men and women are doing a great job god bless all and dont worry about the back stabbing there time will come in time and true americans will be put in office that support people such as yourself.

  24. Adam

    Just got to your site via the Drudge website. You have hit the big time. I’m just a civilian and I never send comments out but I had to today.

    Thank you so very much for your service and your families sacrifice. I can’t begin to tell you how much it means to me and my family that there are brave Americans like you who are willing to do what you do. You are appreciated, respected and valued as the finest our great nation can offer. Keep up the good work and remember that most of us here at home support you and the rest of our troops even if the media would have you beleive otherwise.

    Best regards,

    Adam - Frederick Maryland

  25. Plato

    Thanks for squaring Harry away. SF Brother!

  26. Peter Coderre

    Great job dude!!
    My wife and I have several USMC friends that have been in theater and we hear the same good news from them as well. I try to enlighten my candy-a$$ liberal colleagues here about the real story…..not the left-wing crap on TV. God bless you and keep on kickin’ a$$ and taking names!! Semper Fi.

  27. A. S. Wise

    Stay safe and keep whooping ass, Cpl. Rock!

  28. pcurrall

    We love you marine and the true americans appreciate the progress being made. Dont buy into the liberal media bs, those with knowledge beyond cable understand whats being done and our hearts go out to you and your family.


  29. Pat Dollard

    This story was just linked on The Drudge Report, which is what caused the site to shut down a couple times. Apologies.

  30. Sandee Enriquez

    Jamal? Yes…let’s walk away and allow extremists to take Iraq. Think the Iraqis lives will improve? Uh huh. Ignore Somalia and Darfur, too. Nothing worth American lives there either. And while we Americans are at it…let’s also remove all armed and uniformed personel from all of our inner cities. After all…..we’re not winning there either. Why risk our blood..anywhere for any reason? Hmmmm?

  31. Shark

    You guys Rock!
    and rock also! :beer: :beer:

    We love you guys :cool:
    Stay safe..

  32. CaptainNory

    With a the respect to you from people who realize that you truly put your life on the line every minute of the day to protect our nation. Unfortunaltly you are fighting two battles one in Iraq and the Cowards in the Senate who loath the military and GWB.

    Good luck,

    We are with you….

  33. david

    Thank you, wear your uniform and you will never buy your own starbucks again. We know what you are doing, only the ignorant belittle your task. I sat behind a young marine and his wife at the Red sox / yankee game if I had the cash I would have bought them a house.

    keep up the good work!!!!

  34. Otto

    >> it sucks that iraqi’s have more patriotism for a country that has turned to complete shit more than the people in america who drink starbucks everyday. we could leave this place and say we are sorry to the terrorists. and then we could wait for 3,000 more american civilians to die before we say “hey thats not nice” again. and the sad thing is after we WIN this war.

  35. mfn

    Godspeed CPL. Rock! don’t worry about that mental retard reid. you keep doing what your doing. us real americans support you 100% and more.

  36. Clairice Still

    That’s telling it like it is!
    Not all of us are “at the mall”!
    May God bless and keep y’all safe!!!
    Keep up the good work!

  37. Otto

    get a clue you dolts - Iraq had ZERO to do with 9/11.

    no wonder the only job you can get is blowing people up. :lol:

  38. Sarka196

    Semper Fi 1/6 Hard! Thanks for your service from a retired Marine! My son is with Alpha. Thanks for the great job and getting the word out.

  39. Tina

    Cpl Rock:

    You guys rock! God, I love Marines. You guys are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you and God bless America. We owe y’all a debt of gratitude we will never be able to repay.


  40. David in Indy

    Dear Corporal Tyler Rock,

    Thank you for your service for our country and the people of Iraq. Thank you for doing sharing your story with us. We need to hear more of these!
    You are a great American!
    P.S. Yeah Harry is a douche! He does not speak for most Americans.

  41. AJStrata

    My deepest thanks to all of you folks serving in Iraq and Afghanistan and making America proud. While folks like Sen Surrender (Reid) can never fathom what you have done they - thankfully - are not the majority. I honored to have you represent us back here so well. Be safe and know you will be welcomed back!

    Cheers, AJStrata

  42. Adam

    I will make sure Jeb Bush sees this posting. Possibly might make its way to the White House. I want to thank the grunt who sent this and Matt Drudge for posting it today - you all have done your country an invaluable service.

    PS. I hate Starbucks anyway.

    Adam (Florida)

  43. Russ McDonald

    Thank you for your service Corporal Rock.

    Please refresh my memory as to why we went into Iraq in the first place? I understand why we can’t leave but it
    seems to me we would have been better off keeping our eye on the ball in Afganistan.

    I’m no bleeding heart, but Iraq seems to be a huge error in judgment on the part of the Bush Administration. (The realization of which takes nothing away from any of the troops service to our country.)

  44. David

    Hey Otto It has to do with the WMD’s that were used on his own people and the fact that he did not come clean with what he still had. And he was funding and supporting various terrorist groups. Of course if you want the next 9/11 to have some wmd on the side he could have helped you with that.

    Keep up the good work over there folks!


  45. Ynaem Newo

    Senator Harry Reid is to Marshall Pétain as the Democratic Party is to the Vichy Regime.
    I would like to interpolate this analogy into the blogosphere to stimulate a discussion of its historical relevancy to the Senator’s recent political statements and others who make similar pronouncements.

  46. Ynaem Newo

    Senator Harry Reid is to Marshall Pétain as the Democratic Party is to the Vichy Regime.
    I would like to interpolate this analogy into the blogosphere to stimulate a discussion of its historical relevancy to the Senator’s recent political statements and others who make similar pronouncements

  47. D_Mac

    originially posted by Otto:

    “get a clue you dolts - Iraq had ZERO to do with 9/11.

    no wonder the only job you can get is blowing people up. ”

    Iraq might have had little or nothing to do with Al Qaeda before we went in, but they were attempting to produce WMD’s and had signed a treaty against it. Also everyone from the Democrats to France backed our invasion at the outset so don’t even start with the “we shouldn’t have gone in” BS.

    Now that we are there and Al-Qaeda has been pushed out of Trashcanistan, Al-Qaeda has a lot to do with Iraq. They seek a new homeland there and a terrorist recruitment playground. Iraq has everything to do with stopping the next 9-11 from happening.

    Before you post here do 3 things for me Otto;

    1) Read up on recent history
    2) Stop hating your country and your dad
    3) Think

    Thanks sport

  48. D_Mac

    Originally posted by Tina:

    “Cpl Rock:

    You guys rock! God, I love Marines. You guys are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you and God bless America. We owe y’all a debt of gratitude we will never be able to repay.


    Are you young and single, if so you may be able to repay that debt after all….

  49. Joyce

    Very often when I drink my stupid Starbucks, or indulge in any other simple pleasure, I think of what this kind of freedom has cost in the blood and sacrifice of American servicemen. Please know that many, many of us understand this.

  50. Spartan

    Thank you for speaking truth.

    Thank you for your sacrifice.

    Harry will be a footnote in history, what you are doing will not.

    God bless.

  51. Dan

    This was was lost when it took longer than the three to six months that was said to be necessary by our leaders to complete the job.

    Now we are just there to try and save face for Bush and Cheney.

    Combined how long this has taken, the numerous miscalculations and the lack of WMDs, and its hard to call this anything but a failure. We are fighting mostly insurgents, and not AQ, in Iraq.

    I hope and pray that all of the troops get out soon and get out safely. Those people in Iraq are bent on blowing each other up, whether we are there or not. Let them.

  52. rumsfeld47


    Don’t mean to be a broken record, but that’s the funniest shit I’ve seen a long time.

    Starbucks Brownie Frappucino? That’s a perfect MRE, baby! 15,000 calories or some shit, goes right to the liberal’s candy asses.

  53. r hawk

    While this is a good email regarding Sen Reids comments, you may have provided too much information about the young Marine. I am sure that Senate Staffers have already phoned the Marines at the Pentagon. As the old saying goes, pooh flows down hill and straight to that young Marine.

  54. Gail

    Thank you corporal. I appreciate your service to country.

    You’re contribution to making the United States safer is priceless and eternal. I can’t yet imagine a world where there is a prosperous Iraq, I hope and pray for it though.

    You make that hope more of a relaity each day. God bless you.

    I think more brave soldiers, like you, should post their experiences. The coverage of what happens in Iraq is overwhelmingly negative.

    I thirst for the truth and all I hear is negativity with the motive of undoing your hard work. Please don’t be discouraged and I will continue to hope and pray for your success.

  55. Concerned Citizen

    Umm, that “douchebag” is the Senate Majority Leader! Like it or not, there are three co-equal branches of government, and the one that pays the bills is no longer on board with this war. Has CPL Rock read the Constitution he swore to protect? By the way, if he were an officer he would be liable to court martial under Article 88 of the UCMJ (10 USC 888). Shouldn’t an E4 choose his words more carefully?

  56. Tim Roesch


    I second the douche bag and raise an entire fuckwad!

    I think the ‘E-4′ was being polite. Having met Marines from time to time douche bag is almost polite.

    Concerned citizen…try to read past the douche bag and see the truth in this E-4’s statement and pictures. Harry Reid just told the US we lost a war he didn’t want to fight in the first place.

    Concerned citizen…when all those polite Marines return home and Al-queda and Allah alone knows whomelse shows up at your doorstep to sodomize your kids and give you the key to the rape room who you gonna call?

    Harry Reid?

    Tim Roesch
    Command Private Major

  57. Jim Mac

    Just to let you all know, there are allot of Americans that support you and your brothers in arms. Regardless of political lines, the majority of the people I speak with support the troops and appreciate the daily sacrifices they make.

    Jim Mac U.S.M.C. 70-74
    Semper Fi

  58. Kevin

    Yeah!!!!!!!! CPL. Rock

    Buddy, when is your tour of duty over so we can start doing a write in for President.

    You got a right to be pissed from what that ‘douchbag’ ‘loser’ ‘weasel’ ‘jackass’ ’scum sucking egg dog’ Harry ‘Land Deal’ Reed, said.

    To Concerned Citizen: Nice one buddy, somebody over there gets pissed about what somebody says over here and you threaten his career. You want to go by his house and kick his dog too?

    GOD SPEED MARINES!!!! There’s a lot of people behind you back home. Don’t listen to what CNN says. Their douchbags too.

  59. Martin

    Time and time again we hear people on the left site things that they inevitably cannot prove. The One that gets me the most is this idea that the current engagments look like Vietnam. Well, let me tell you leftist baka (idiots) out there that you have it wrong. This is NOT VIETNAM. We have lost battles at times, yes, but this is clearly a localized insurgency that is the same (Identically) to the Meiji Restoration that Nipon (Japan) wnet through from the end of the 1800’s to just a little there after. British and American forces engaged with the Japanese in the effort of dissolving the ideals of the Tokogawa Shoganate that was ruling a clan system over Japan. Kinda like the mullahs and Imams. Also this was an insurgancy, what has no rules of engagement and that and no Uniforms. To compare these Vietnam TO Iraq IS HISTORICAL BLASPHEMY. Get Over Your Libby Selves And Quit Posting Your Slime On A Good Soldiers Page. Ooh-Rah Marine, and if youy run into my Uncle Capt John Sands Tell em I love me them Dirty Dogs!! Thank You All so much for the hope that you all bring to those that have you to thank for their lives. That’s All! Semper Phi!!!

  60. Martin

    Oh Yeah - Bring peace to whomever you come across in Iraq, and remember that deep down from the heart of the country to the ends of it’s shores there is a bell of freedom that will always ring for you guys, you bad men and women of the battlefield. We never retreat, we only advance in another direction. or something like that. Love yoou guys, KEEP THAT POWDER DRY:!:

  61. Gabe Thompson

    Concerned Citizen,
    Aren’t you just the picture of condescention…I’ll take the word of a *serving* American citizen over some random douche bag apologist any day.

  62. Skylane

    [To Mr. Concerned Citizen] This Marine has earned the right to describe Mr Reid in any form he sees fit.

    [To Corporal Rock] Keep up the good work Marine. The overwhelming majority of Americans support you and the mission, and as a Veteran of Desert Storm and the Balkan Conflict I wholeheartedly support ya’ll.

  63. gmoney

    Concerned citizen,What happened to freedom of speech?Yeh right that only applies to liberals.You and you ilk trample on the constitution until it fits your needs.

    It’s all becoming clearer.The military represents strength,courage,courage and honor.I know it must eat at you knowing that you will never have any of the three.I’m sure it must have something to do with getting wedgies by the football team in high school.Or that time when you were a senior and two freshman stuffed you in a locker.

    Sit back and shut up because “MEN” and women are dying for you goof!

  64. Sean

    The military serves the political establishment in a Democracy. The United States military does not have the authority to decide when to enter or leave a theatre of war.

  65. Gabe Thompson

    “The military serves the political establishment in a Democracy. The United States military does not have the authority to decide when to enter or leave a theatre of war”.

    No shit! But we do have the right to speak up and bitch when we’re getting dicked around. No one seems to be confused about who we work for. Do you seriously expect us to stand by and let let the democrats negate all the hard work thats gone into this war?

  66. Rusty

    Warren, you a liberal who dont now what hes talking about. Just shut up and get your facts straight. Saddam was conspiring with Bin Ladin to do 911

  67. Dbo

    bleeding heart conservative:

    (I am reconstructing this from memory as the original is on my old roommates laptop)

    For a thousand childrens freedom in Fallujah I swore,
    I would give me body, my life, my heart for this war.

    Destroyed infrastructure,
    Dead families of a former regime,
    Those memories I and my fellow Marines
    So humbly, So solemnly, set out to redeem.

    Back home at the college,
    When I was allowed to return,
    With stories of human triumph,
    My fellow americans gave me scorn.

    A photo on my wall, of a young girl in ramadi and I,
    many pictures of hopeful faces, and all they ask
    Is how many of your friends died?

    We bled and we fought,
    and with a soft hand,
    over an alien countries sky,
    like our own family,
    we loved them, eventhough you wont understand.

    Ordered to fight, and even though many refused,
    We kept our honor while you drank your booze,

    smoked your weed,
    and had your rallies,

    and then spit on my kin,
    Why did you come into my starbucks, time and time again?

    Only to berate me when you truly found out what I did.(pointed to the host)

    I have no regrets only the honor you refuse me.

    Everyone enjoy your fucking coffee (thats when I walked out)

  68. J_dub

    Sean, they seem to be better athorities on how the situation on the ground is going than most democratic congressmen.

  69. Jim Baxter

    “There are only two groups of people that know
    U.S. Marines:

    1. U.S. Marines


    2. the enemy

    Everyone else has a second-hand opinion.”

    Semper Fidelis

    Jim Baxter
    WWII & Korean War

    …or today’s Marine in Iraq or Afghanistan or tomorrow in …

  70. Scotty "DOC" HM1 Retired

    Tell You Corpsman to contact me if he needs anything… Im home and retired and ready to help if needed/….. Old Corpsman never die. we wrap our selfs up.

  71. Jim

    In my opinion, Harry Reid is a traitor to his country and has, in my opinion, committed treason by giving aid and comfort to the enemy with his statements. In doing so he has put US troops in harms way who are defending the United States. Where I come from, we call this treason….. Just remember, most Americans don’t think the way he does. He’s part of the corrupt thing we call the Democratic party……..

  72. Gene Sturlin

    Cpl. Rock, thank you for your service you just may be part of America’s finest moment. Harry the traitor Reid is wrong… not only is this war not lost it has already been won. You son have helped set up a democracy… think of that… a democracy where there was a dictator.

    You are awesome, Dirty Harry is scum and should be impeached. IN FACT I CALL FOR HIS IMPEACHMENT NOW!


  73. Dwaine

    I’m honored to be living in America where warriors like you and yours give it up for freedom.
    “Conservatives KICK ass so that liberals have the freedom to KISS ass.”
    We the People, have your backs.

  74. A real citizen

    Dear concerned citizen,


    But we would never do that, we support your right to spout whatever B.S. that you liberals want. You only support your own liberal agenda. Proof in the pudding = you want to pass a law taking talk radio off the air because you don’t agree with it? Freedom of speech anyone?

    As far as Ried goes he would love to surrender this country to terrorists. Socialists always stick together.

    Great job over there guys! True patriots over here support you.

  75. Joel

    Cpl. Rock,

    Please keep kicking some ass for all of us America lovers. these damn libs don’t speak for any so called “majority” of the American people who “oppose the war.” Apparently, freedom isn’t all that valuable to them. People understand how important it is. Get some for me.


  76. Right Wing Champ

    Marine From Ramadi: “I Got A Message For That Douc…

    It must be extremely difficult for our military now. If not for outstanding motivation, what’s to keep these men and women from gradually stop trying as hard as they can? Imagine if someone kept telling you you weren’t doing your job good enough. I w…

  77. Matthew Barney

    I dont know how to thank you guys enough for the awesome job you are doing over there. You truly are heroes. I have nothing but respect for you. I am humbled to see your courage, sacrifice and patriotism. Please let your comrades in arms know we love you and are grateful. Don’t let the Harry Reids of the world get you down. You guys have done a great job and I am jealous that I wont have the same badge of honor that you guys have earned.
    Come home safe…

    A grateful American

  78. Calvin

    You guys rock. If I see any Marine in Starbuck’s I’m buyin’. Democrats should be tried for treason — when will people wake up and vote against them?

  79. ligil0

    Cpl Rock,
    Thank you so much for your service. And I thank your family too. I am sorry that your wife is having a difficult time. You soldiers endure so much to protect us! I will pray for you and her.

    I have a special place in my heart for the Marine Corps as my father was a U.S. Marine for 21 1/2 years.

    Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  80. Gene Sturlin

    Cpl. Rock, thank you for your service you just may be part of America’s finest moment. Harry the traitor Reid is wrong… not only is this war not lost it has already been won. You son have helped set up a democracy… think of that… a democracy where there was a dictator.

    You are awesome, Dirty Harry is scum and should be impeached. IN FACT I CALL FOR HIS IMPEACHMENT NOW!


  81. JoeBlow

    You don’t really believe Iraq was responsible for 9/11, do you? I mean, even Bush finally admitted that was BS.

    Good luck to you guys, stay safe.

  82. Neal E

    Douchebag Harry Reid. Mr. Corruption, wheeling and dealing land deals in Nevada that line the pockets of his family and cronies. What does he know about war and the history of this country? Nothing!!! He is a douchebag of the highest order. He should read The Art Of War and memorize the details that specifically discuss politicians at home shutting their face when troops are in harms way.

    Thank you for your commitment and keeping us safe at home! Some of us wake up every day thankful that men like you are protecting our freedom and democracy. God bless!!!

    All the best

    Neal Edelstein

  83. Doug

    You guys are doing a great job. I stand in awe of how brave you guys are. sorry for what is too often reported and said back home.

    Thank you for protecting me and my family.

    May God bless you all.

  84. David

    Semper Fi brother Marine.

  85. oracleGuy

    We have a great country only as long as we have great warriors like Cpl. Rock to serve it.

    Thanks Cpl. for your service and thank everyone else there too.

    Senator Reid’s comments are a perfect example why I haven’t trusted the Democratic party with national security since I started voting in 1978.

    Semper Fi!
    Belmont, California

  86. diane emmerich

    Corp. Rock, Thank you a thousand times over for your service. And thanks for telling that bloviating old gasbag Reid where to stick it. You and those fighting with you have all my respect and prayers.
    Diane E in Milwaukee WI

  87. Anita EL-Jamal

    Please know that there are people here in the U.S. that love each and every one of you. I am the mother of a an Air Force member that helps fly the sats that are your ‘eyes in the sky’ and handle the GPS sats you all use. You have my respect for your courage, my love for your service, and I and others owe you a debt that can never be repaid. As for Harry Reid, he is less than Crow’s ‘one square.’

  88. jess v

    You guys keep it up, I’m proud of what your doing, the democrat party is a party of defeat and failure, that is all they know. I can’t believe them, what planet are they from. The british are leaving Iraq and Al-Queda said they are following them home. Pelosi and Reid sure have their heads deep up there ass, all they see thru is there bellie buttons. jess

  89. SP

    God Bless you Marines. Thank you for your service. Ooh-Rah!

  90. Jeff L

    Great job stay safe and keep up the great work :razz:

  91. Jo Jo

    Cpl. Rock, many thanks to you and the other great servicemen. You are the true American heroes, and don’t ever forget that. My son is in the Army, in the US now. Hang touch, sir. That “Dingy Harry” doesn’t deserve to wipe the dirt off your or any other soldier’s boots. Many prayers and blessings from NC.

  92. Bev Tabor


    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, I can’t say that enough. Because of you and your sacrifice we live bomb free here. We pray for you constantly and are forever grateful. You all are the bravest, most honorable people I know. Please thank your families for us, because I know they also pay a price. Every time we lose a solider my heart breaks, but their sacrifice is not in vain. You all make us very very proud. May God be with each of you and protect you.

  93. EB

    Thank you for you service. I just want you to know that even though the congress has turned this into a political issue. It has nothing to do with politics and is more about defeating those who would try to destroy us. You are doing a great job and thank you again for protecting our nation.




  95. Randolph Knipp

    What an honor to have men serving the nation like this man! I am truly proud to be an American, and it hurts my pride when I hear other Americans speak so despicably of our efforts to help another country become a democracy. I simply cannot understand it, since I know in my heart that we are all on the same side… How in the world can leaders be so much on opposite sides? It boggles the mind! Are there really evil people at the helm of the Nation? It is beyond understanding how we can be so divided, when I know that united we can be such a formidable force for good!

  96. liz dewolfe

    please believe, everyone i know supports what you are doing and is behind you all the way. don’t let the dems let you think otherwise.
    thank you and god bless

  97. Big Eugene


    There is no more noble task in this world than kickin’ terrorist pig ass. Great Job and thanks for all the hard work. Too bad there is so much more slime to wipe off your boots

    God Bless America

  98. Really

    I know he (Reid) should have never opened his mouth. But I dont see how you and or the Republicans can claim victory after losing so many American lives. The point hurts more once you factor in the fact that Iraq had nothing to do with the 3000 lives you refered to in your statements. No one is calling for the withdrawl of American forces from Afganistan. I am all for fighting them over there so we dont fight them here…but couldnt that battle field be in Afganistan? Thats where they were to begin with! Your write about what Reid said but wrong on many other points

  99. Asa

    My family has been in every conflict in this country since the Revolutionary War. I support everything you do there. To Hell with Reid and Pelosi. They don’t know “come here from sick ‘um”. Give them hell.

  100. Rob D

    Thank you for your service, Cpl Rock. You and the many thousands of men and women that make up our brave Volunteer Army deserve every honor. I was glad to read a bit of news out of Ramadi that was good, instead of the shit coverage the defeatist mainstream media spouts.

    Thank you for putting everything on the line for us. That’s something Harry Reid has never done and will never effing do.

  101. [email protected]

    From Vietnam Vet. good job.

  102. Annette

    OOOHHHRRRAAAHHHH!!! Great response. Thank you for your service and keep up the good work. I pray for all of you each day that God keeps you in His loving arms and gives each of you the strength you need to carry on.
    Don’t let ‘Wimpy’ Reid’s words get you down. We know who is doing the job and who is really in charge. I love our Troops and MARINES KICK A##:!::!::!:

    SEMPER FI! :wink:

  103. Sam

    Hate to break it to you, but what you are doing in Iraq has nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks. But whatever gets you motivated.

  104. Rod Ensley Sr

    To concerned citizen. Have you read the constitution? There is only one commander in chief. Also, too bad you haven’t read about the Barbary Pirates. If you had you would know that this is a long war and must be won or else we will eventually be killed or live under tyranny.

    Keep up the good work Pat. We in this household and all my friends support you.

    Too bad I’m not a movie star with lots of clout and money. If I were I’d could have more political influence.

  105. Floyd Sanders

    Stay focused and get home safe. Most of those politicians seem like douchebags on their soundbites, and Reid is a hapless man with power. And yeah, I’ll buy a Marine a Starbucks the next time I can. Bash or be bashed!


  106. Bill

    Well done, Marine. Well done.

    Senior Corpsman A 1/5
    Vietnam 1967

  107. Randall R

    Thank God for all of you guys. I hope you all make it home soon. We support you 100%.

  108. Al M.

    Harry Reid SHOULD be made to step down. This no good weasel has brought aid and comfort to the enemy. He really should be arrested for aiding the enemy, but NO pollitician, Republican or democrat has any spine to stand up for our country or its troops. All ANY of them want is to be re-elected, and to hell with anything else. The are all a bunch of self centered, egotistical, spoiled, and brain dead buffoons. NONE should be re-elected.
    HARRY REID….and others like him gotta go!!!!

  109. J Wright

    Yeah we all support the troops. They didn’t start this mess. And the best way is support the troops in Iraq is to bring them home. Funny that a bunch of chicken hawk lying politicans get more respect from some loud mouth troops than real veterans that are Democrats. Get real. Vietnam was lost when I was there. Iraq is lost now. Time to set up a dictatorship in Iraq that can be ruthless with the religious control freaks.

  110. tansi

    Cpl. Rock,

    You make me proud to be an American, thanks for speaking your mine, and telling the truth! You guys are doing a
    great job. The Democrats are up to the same old stuff, so
    at least we can plan on them trying to turn tail and run.

  111. Michael Phillips

    THANK YOU for what you and your fellow soldiers do everyday. You guys are truly heroes in ever sense of the word. Contrary to what the liberal press would have you think, America is behind you 100%. You are in our hearts and prayers. Semper Fi

  112. Steve

    Way to go Marines! I am so glad there are folks who took up the torch after I got out.

    Forget about Harry Reid and his ilk…They will always be a reminder and an annoyance to those who truely understand what its all about.

    Its all about that “mind over matter”, and they no longer matter.

    What goes around comes around for people like them.

    Thanks again for your service!

  113. Rich Foster

    Thanks for keeping the wolf away from the door, men.

    Remember, for every bleeding heart liberal tree-hugging hippy light-loafered trust fund turd carrying a sign, there are 4 or 5 of us too busy holding down a job to get out there and beat them with their sign.

    Semper Fidelis, you do us proud.

    3d Mar

  114. Scott in HB, CA

    God Bless You Marines. You are honoring America with your service.

    Your entire country wants the best for you - to complete your mission and come home safe.

    Dont listen to the news or politicians. You can straighten them out when you get home.

  115. Wes Griffith

    Fuck em!! give em hell and and don’t give up. H.R. is an asshole and dont worry about him. Pelesoi bites the big one too. Fuck em all we’ll take care of it. I hope.
    Best wishes,


  116. bruce

    This old Army grunt from Nam says Thanks for your service!!!

  117. A real citizen

    Concerned citizen,

    If we carried your logic then we should Court marshal John Kerry.
    Did he not lie about Veitnam? Not to mention treason.
    Pay attention to what these marines say you may learn something.

  118. Ken

    Sir! I am proud to hear of your service to our country. I will be even prouder when your mission is complete, and you return home safe.

    I have always felt that the true story of what is going on in Iraq had been either watered down, or never completely reported in the Media. So it was a treat to read of your experiences there on the ground, and the difference you all are making.

    Here in the States, we are getting a regular dose of politcal ads running on the radio. One is from the Edwards campaign talking about two America’s. Like Reid, he has not a clue. When the local reservists of the 1133rd returned home, I got to see the better part of America lining the streets as they arrived. The other America? They could not be bothered showing up to welcome our boys home. They are types like Reid, who would rather disgrace you sir, than support you. But that’s ok, because I know from looking at those lining the street of our town that day, the majority are behind you.


  119. Charlynn Harvey

    Cpl. Rock,
    Thank you for your service. I believe most Americans really support you guys. Most days I can’t listen to the news because of the leftist slant. My 17 year old son seems to be leaning toward the Marines. I’ll be proud of him but also afraid. This war could be won so much easier if the entire country would get behind the effort. I pray for you guys. I know you’re doing a phenomenal job.

  120. Tahoewino

    Cpl. Rock,
    Know that you and your brothers in arms are deeply loved and respected here, even if Dirty Harry thinks you’ve “lost”. He needs to resign his post as Senate Majority Leader so he can spend more time as the official Al Quaeda Cheerleader. I’m sending him a wig, a sporty little skirt and some pom-poms to make the outfit complete. Hoooooaaahh!

  121. Craig Couturier

    When are all the people who make comments like Reid realize that all they do by saying stuff like that is further embolden the enemy to keep on fighting. They(the enemy) all watch CNN. They care more about their own political aqenda than the safety of the American people, which brave men like Cpl. Rock are protecting abroad. Cpl., you should know that Y’all are supported in what y’all are doing by 99.9% of your country.GOD BLESS AMERICA, ITS MILITARY, AND THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF!!

  122. Steve Wagoner

    Your the man Marine. You guys keep pounding guys like Harry Reid, as you do the terriorist, and you will get them to shut their pie holes.
    God bless you and all the guys over there. Keep it up and don’t believe much of what you hear in most of the media. The vast majority of Americans are wirh you and will support you all the way. Even if we have to raise the funds privately.
    I thank you for what you are doing and my family thanks you.
    Also, the heck with Starbucks. Let me know how I can do it and I will buy you a beer. Heck, what am I saying. A lot of beers.
    Thanks again and keep your head low and your powder dry.

  123. Christian Coulter

    When you get back to the states, wear that uniform proudly. I hope that other Americans will join me in making sure we pick up the lunch, dinner or Starbucks bill that a Marine, soldier or sailor in uniform has to show that we stand with you, are proud of you, and welcome you back with open arms as our family. Our debt cannot be repaid in full, but small gestures add up, and as an American, I can certainly pick up a tab for an American Hero who has sacrificed so much, risked all, and performed your duty with honor. So many would like to say thank you, and more and more, we must overcome being shy or worried what you will think us strange, and just go up and say, Thank You!!!

  124. john

    Thanks for your service. I went to a funeral today for a fallen army man and our governer (big time anti-patriot) was there and it makes me sick to think that people like him look at this sacrifice as wasted. Fortunately nobody just reads the paper anymore. We know because of people like you and others like Michael Yon what is really going on. You are in our thoughts and prayers- You are our men in harms way are true heros- the personifications of the word.

  125. Ralph an old 4th ID man

    Thanks Brotherman, :beer:
    for all you do out there!!!

    I believe there is a place for the Harry Reids of the world.. that being on the trash pile of history somewhere.. He, and people like John Kerry..

    If someone were to really think about the oath they took in the military carefully, it speaks of dealing with enemies both foreign and domestic.. and it doesnt give a time line for that oath.. could be for a lifetime couldnt it?? Just a thought.. Keep up the good work Brother..

  126. Efrain


    Everyone that reads this…contact your Senators and Congressman and tell them “DEMOCRATES are embolding the insurgents and for them to STOP IT!

    Army MAJOR.

  127. Klabdak

    Thank you for all of the things you do that I am not even aware of. Your service is appreciated.

    Maybe when the Marines are done with Iraq, then can start cleaning up Washington D.C.

    Semper Fi.

  128. [email protected]

    The vast majority of us out here are proud to be American, and swell with pride at the job our young fighting men and women are doing. Those serving are some of the finest Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines, I’ve ever seen. Fight the good fight in the just cause and return to us safely.

    Oh yeah, and as for Harry Reid, a lot of people are referring to him as “The Less Than Honorable Senator Reid.” Who knows maybe Nevada will get the idea that he’s not helping them any and get him out of there.

    Skip–Vietnam 70-71

  129. "The War in Iraq is LOST," says Reed! - Page 6 - Hardcore Politics

    […] we leave what will be the affect on the war on terror? Read this listen to a soldier for once. Pat Dollard | Young Americans � Marine Corporal From A Bunker In Ramadi: “I Got A Message For … Today, from Corporal Tyler Rock in an outpost in downtown Ramadi. His first sentence is in […]

  130. JOHN R. GRANT

    Corporal Rock, Sir, I have the highest respect and admiration for you and that which you are doing!! I want you to know that my family and I deeply appreciate what you are doing!! Thank you, Sir!! The democratic leadership are ALL traitors to America and all that she represents! Not one of them is worthy of the position that he holds!!! John Murtha (PA) should be thrown out on his cheap, plastic ear!!! And Harry Reid is a despicable excuse for a piece of human flotsam…… The American people support you; these others aren’t good enough to be called Americans - that takes a special person; like those who fill the military. I know, I’ve worked with the US Air Force for 37 years!!! Continue your GREAT work, Sir! YOU WILL WIN!!! in spite of the worthless democratic leadership and the media - we don’t need either!!!! All Americans need to understand that the democratic party OWNS DEFEAT!!! These left wing, hate America, weasels have no spine and think that they can reason with these zealots (Al Q’ieda)!! Just remember all of this in 2008 NOV; vote Conservatives IN and ALL of the left wing, anti American democrats OUT!!! Harry Reid NEEDS a SUPER tongue lashing from a military MAN!! In my work, I’ve seen what the President sees and President Bush NEVER LIED TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, ONLY THE DEMOCRATS!!! There were WMDs in Iraq!!!! Syria and Iran now have them!! And, oh by the way, Dan (Nr. 51), President Bush NEVER said that it would take three to six months, but rather YEARS to clean out al Qa’ieda!! Go back and listen to his original speech to America!! And he said that it would be difficult!! We are SO VERY BLESSED TO HAVE THESE MARINES!!!! Otto (Nr 37), YOU get a clue!! al Qa’ieda TRAINED in Iraq!! You listen to and read entirely too much left wing diarrhea of the mouth - those who want to destroy American and ALL that she represents that is good because they are SO VERY BAD!!!!! They wouldn’t and couldn’t tell the truth with a gun to their collective heads!!! God speed, Corporal Rock, and you and your commrads are in our prayers. Thank you again for who you are and what you are doing!! harry reid is less than a slime ball!!! Some one needs to get al Sadar!! Let the Marine Recon go in and get him, put cement shoes on him, take him 500 km out over the Indian Ocean, give him a little push, and tell him to swim back to shore…….. Do the same with Amadinijhad ! Syria will then dry up and the war will be OVER!!! John R., in Sonora, Socialist Republic of California.

  131. Greg in AZ

    Keep up the good work. We are behind you. What do you guys need? We want to help. Stay safe!

    Reid is a disgrace.

  132. Jeffrey Michael Comfort

    God bless you sir, my prayers go out to you and your unit’s safety. Keep up the good fight and give those terrorist assholes hell.

    God bless America and God bless the Marine Corps.

  133. SMSgt Cravey

    hairy reed (no I’m not illiterate) is a fool and so are most, if not all of the liberals in this GREAT COUNTRY. They would rather you fail in your mission because they think they can play kissy face with people who want to destroy us all. I am proud of all of your service in the defense of the USA. I am a retired AF SMSGT myself and was in during VN so I know what you are hearing on the so called news, but know there are more people for you than are against you. All of you are in my prayers every day and night. I know the Lord Jesus Christ will see you through this ordeal.

  134. cvd

    Remember, conservatives, when you’re spitting your venom (liberals! pussies! traitors!), there are tens of thousands of liberals, more brave and patriotic than you at your keyboard, fighting for their country in Iraq.

  135. Ken Rexrode

    Like so many others have said, “thank you for your service”. It’s great to hear all the good you are doing. When OBL told his terroist clones to all go to Iraq once the war broke out most people didn’t understand what would ensue. Although, it has made the campaign far more difficult than originally expected it has provided us the wonderful opportunity to slaughter these losers in their own region of the world. What is so wrong with killing the terrorists there instead of possibly fighting them here in America. Or cleaning up after another 9-11. No one wants to give Bush credit for us not having another attack in 5 1/2 years on American soil. At least Rudy Guiliani knows what is at stake. The democrats have turned this war into an election issue. And the sad thing is is that they have 2/3 of America buying into this bring the troops home shit. Sad but true. Stay the course and be strong. Keep killing terrorists and keep helping the poor people caught in the crossfire.

  136. Marines NEVER change.. - Infantrymen's Military Forum

    […] change.. The "link" seems to have changed. This is what I wanted to post. [quote] Marine Corporal From A Bunker In Ramadi: �I Got A Message For That Douche Harry Reid� This Email To Me, Harry, And America, Direct From A Grunt On The Front Lines Of Ramadi, Is Just […]

  137. Rich

    Carry on Corporal! These armchair douchebags never seem to learn, as they sit in committee all day and whine that their lobbying money isn’t enough.

    To my fellow veterans, past and present - salute! Good job, keep your head down, and come home safely when the job is done!

    Rich Holley
    Sgt, 19K (Abrahms Tank Crew)3AD/1Inf ‘85-93

  138. steve fowler

    God Bless you Cpl. Liberty will win out. As long as voices like yours find a way to get the real stories of what is happenning to the public, the propagandists like Reid will continue to fail in thier attempts to sabotage the spread of freedom.

    Thank you and all of your brothers and sisters wearing the flag, for all of your efforts.

  139. Michael & Yuki Santi & Family

    Cpl. Rock. God Bless You and all of your comrades defending our freedom and way of life. There are many of us out here who represent the silent majority and are so proud of you. What a great job you are doing over there. You are a true American hero!!!

  140. Jerry T.

    “we could wait for 3,000 more american civilians to die before we say “hey thats not nice” again.”

    Uh…newsflash, Corporal. NONE, I repeat, NONE of the 19 9/11 hijackers were Iraqi.

    In fact, 15 of them were Saudis. You know, that country that is butt-buddies with Bush and DICK.

    We should NEVER have been in Iraq and it’s way past time to end this neocon-induced nightmare.

    May you get home soon and in one piece.

  141. Jim Campbell

    Thank you for finally bringing out some truth that our cowardice media the left wing thumb suckers can’t handle.
    Leaving without a complete victory and turing Iraq over to a stable government is only a policy that would be supported if gutless politicians, some now even on the right., and the media told the truth about your accomplishments. I commend all of you for protecting our freedom. Freedom isn’t free, Islamic Fascisim must be stopped. If given the chance you guys and gals with your attitudes can do the job.
    God Bless You, Jim Campbell

  142. John

    You’re a fucking idiot.

  143. Quang Nguyen

    Thank you, CPL Rock.

    America gave me 58,000 lives, dads, moms, brothers, sisters, sons, & daughters. Yes, I was born in S. Vietnam in 1962. Because of you, America, I now live in AZ with a wife and two beautiful children.

    Thank you America. Thank you, CPL Rock.

    God Bless.


  144. cmac

    Corporal Rock:

    If we had guys like Reid running the show in WWII we’d all be speaking German now!!!

    The America-haters like Ried and Michael Moore should all be airlifted to Fallujah and left to fend for themselves with the Muslim extremists that they love to defend.

    Wake up liberals, before it is too late!!!… These Muslim extremist enemies would cut your throats no matter your race, creed, straight, gay etc!!!

  145. Mike Martinovich

    First, I’d like to let you know how much i respect you for following through on your duty for your job. Second, if it’s ‘free speech’ you’re fighting for, our bill of rights, or the Iraqi bill of rights, then I believe you are just as entitled to call Harry Reid a douche as he is, like me, to say things like George Bush is the all-time worst president in the history of our country. Not merely because he lied to us about a war that never needed to happen, but because he is squandering YOUR honor and YOUR hard work and our country is going to suffer when the next neo-con corporate whore of a president cries wolf…because it won’t be me or MY son who fights for Haliburton, Dick Cheney or Big Oil and I assure you that it’ll be way harder to find thinking people throw themselves into a quagmire. I wish you a safe journey home and thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to continue to use my mind.

  146. Megan

    Thank you for keeping us safe. I hate living in America because we have to hear this political rhetoric 24/7 from Democrats. I know you are doing great things for the world and I thank you with all my heart.
    Please let me know what I can do to help get your message throughout the US.

  147. Robin

    Thank you so much for your service to this country. God Bless you and all our brave men and women overseas.
    You are right about Harry Reid! Liberals make me sick how they can want us to be defeated so that the President looks bad. They hate Conservatives more than terrorists - treason if you ask me.

  148. Another American

    Nice job Cpl. Rock! We support you 100%.

    Il Douche Reid and his proposal will go down in flames -again, like he always does. What a hoser. I bet he’s out of a job next term. Hear, hear Nevada’s citizens…

    Great posts everybody!

    Semper Fi.

  149. Maggie

    Thank you for posting this story and I apologize for second guessing you…….but please tell me that you have disguised Cpl. Rock’s identity. Speaking disrespectfully of an elected offical could get him in trouble with his chain of command. While I agree with his sentiment 100%, I would be very upset to know that the way he chose to express it got him in dutch.
    Cpl. Rock, thank you for your service.
    Otto - I am well aware the Iraq had zero to do with 9/11. It had it’s own justification. I am also well aware that when people like you make statements like that, it’s just a red herring. You want to draw us off topic. We went into Iraq for several specific reasons, I will not be drawn into a discussion of how some people misinterpreted those reasons. If someone didn’t *get it*, oh well. I got it and we need to stay and finish the job. And we will win. We will win because the American people rise above their difficulties. Because we understand what the Marines understand. Adapt, improvise and overcome.
    Ynaem Newo - Concur!

    Thank you.

  150. Media Lies

    You will not want to miss…….

    ….this video of Jeff Foxworthy at the Country Music Awards. He absolutely nails what’s wrong with the pompous asses in Hollywood.

    I ……

  151. Squire

    True Americans fight to win and will not tolerate a loser!

  152. Mary Villarreal

    Thank you so much for your service. It’s unfortuate that we have to hear lies from the Drive By Media daily. It’s also disgusting to hear Reid and Pelosi spew their rhetoric daily. They are the traitors and should be treated as such.

    My brother is currently serving in the Army and is in the city where you are. I pray that God will continue to keep all of you safe and that he continue to bless you and your families.

    God Speed and God Bless!

  153. Forrest

    Cpl. Rock,

    Please know many Americans do not share Sen. Reid’s sentiments and also think him a traitor for spouting such during wartime. Your service is greatly appreciated.

  154. Thomas

    :beer: :beer: :beer: HOO RAH Sir my everlasting gratitude and honor go to you. I am proud to have brave men and women serve this country and protect my freedoms. To hell with those socialists that denounce a war that we are fighting over there so we don’t fight it in our streets. These cowards don’t understand that without you there, L.A . would look like Ramadi. Houston would be burning as the oil fields did and New York would be the new Baghdad. Thank you again and God bless you.

  155. Linda

    Hi Corporal Tyler Rock and Company. I read your email on Drudge Report and had to write how thankful we are for your service. Harry Reid is the most disgusting idiot liberal (David Obey’s words not mine) who is taking orders from the far left anti-war hate America Democrats in this country. They are ruining this country that all of you work so hard to protect. He doesn’t represent me nor the majority of the American people even though he thinks he does. I pray for all of you each and every day. When I think of how strong and courageous you are, I just well up inside with pride that you give us all. Thank you for your family’s dedication and all they do to support you in your mission. We will continue to keep you in our hearts and try to cope with the 24-hour barrage of the liberal media and Democrats as they try to disparage your mission. But we all know the good you are doing there and realize the consequences if you leave Iraq for Al Qaeda to take over with the help of the Iran. YOU ARE THE ONLY FORCE FOR GOOD OVER THERE. PLEASE KNOW THAT WE SUPPORT YOU AND YOUR MISSION. MAY GOD SPEED.

  156. Matt in Albuquerque

    I am humbled by your dedication and hard work around the world. Keep it up!!!
    Thank you for allowing me and my family to be free.

    Reid is simply a loser!!!

  157. Jim Campbell

    Thank you for finally bringing out some truth that our cowardice media the left wing thumb suckers can’t handle.
    Leaving without a complete victory and turning Iraq over to a stable government is only a policy that would be supported if gutless politicians, some now even on the right, and the media told the truth about your accomplishments. I commend all of you for protecting our freedom. Freedom isn’t free, Islamic Fascisim must be stopped. If given the chance you guys and gals with your attitudes can do the job.
    God Bless You, Jim Campbell

  158. Disinterested

    George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Don Rumsfeld were among the radical right-wingers who were calling for War in Iraq (TM) over a decade ago. 9/11 was like a wrapped gift basket. They got to use that to scare the shit out of the deaf, dumb, and blind American populace and start the war that they were going to start no matter what.

    Why are our tax dollars going to protect Iraqis and to build infrastructure in Anbar province and other places in Iraq? WTF does that have to do with protecting America? Nothing. Quite the opposite. It is a NO-WIN SITUATION. Even Dubya admitted that this is not a war that can be won militarily. People who love war so much should go into the Pashtun region of Pakistan and start taking out some of the real terrorists, instead of aiding and abetting the terrorists in Iraq (which is the only mission that has been accomplished in Iraq so far). Kicking ass and taking names in Iraq may seem really cool, dude, but it’s the worst, most strategically idiotic thing we could have done. Now we’re basically fucked. Which terrorists are you going to shoot next? The Iraqi Shiite terrorists who have lived in Iraq their whole life? The Iraq Sunni terrorists who have lived in Iraq their whole life? The Syrians and Iranians in Iraq that no one can quite find? It’s an absurd notion - you don’t know who the enemy is. You just want to kill some hostile Muslims. Thanks for “supporting the troops” in a war that they can’t win, and helping to create the next generation of terrorists who want nothing more out of life than to kill Americans. I’m sure we can’t use that $billion a week in a more productive way.

  159. Sumeet

    You Sir are a Hero!!! and a Great American!!. America is safe because of your heroism and the heroism of members of our brave armed forces. Harry Reid should be ashamed :(

  160. Ken

    Thank you for your service to our country. It is brave men like you who really bear the burden of the freedom we all enjoy.
    Thank You.

  161. C. Wayne Lammers

    I called reeds ofice the other day and lost it. Before I left the line I called those Baby-Killing Traitors everything this old Sailor could think of. I urge ever real American to call these Senators and Congressmen and tell them how you feel, on both sides of the isle. It is time to take America back from these Treasonist!

    Keep up the good work Marines!

  162. Jensen

    Semper Fi Marine. My family and pray for you guys every day. There are many of us who truly believe in what you guys are doing over there even though the media doesn’t show it.

  163. Brian D.

    Thank you for keeping us safe.

  164. TimV

    You have every right to be pissed about the Senate Majority Leader declaring defeat!

    He appears to have committed Sedition, and should be censored, expelled from the Senate and jailed for aiding in the morale of the enemy.

    Air Assault! (78-85)

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    This is about the law term. For other uses see Sedition (disambiguation)

    Sedition is a term of law to refer to convert conduct such as speech and organization that is deemed by the legal authority as tending toward insurrection against the established order. Sedition often includes subversion of a constitution and incitement of discontent (or resistance) to lawful authority. Sedition may include any commotion, though not aimed at direct and open violence against the laws. Seditious words in writing are seditious libel.

    Because sedition is typically considered a subversive act, the overt acts that may be prosecutable under sedition laws vary from one legal code to another. Where those legal codes have a traceable history, there is also a record of the change of definition for what constituted sedition at certain points in history. This overview has served to develop a sociological definition of sedition as well, within study of persecution.

    The difference between sedition and treason consists primarily in the subjective ultimate object of the violation to the public peace. Sedition does not consist of levying war against a government nor of adhering to its enemies, giving enemies aid, and giving enemies comfort. Nor does it consist, in most representative democracies, of peaceful protest against a government, nor of attempting to change the government by democratic means (such as direct democracy or constitutional convention).

    Put simply, sedition is the stirring up of rebellion against the government in power. Treason is the violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or state and has to do with giving aid to enemies or levying war. Sedition is more about encouraging the people to rebel, when treason is actually betraying the country.

  165. Parrish Highley

    Greetings from the VA hospital in Loma Linda, California.

    I truly admire your restraint in only calling Harry Reid a douche…it takes class, real class, to _only_ call him that. Leader of the Senate, my @$$:!:

    To all you good men out there, come home safe and sound ‘cos there’s a drink on me when you do.

  166. BART


  167. John S. Walker

    Pat- Rhe Marines and you are doing God’s work. Hang in there!

    RMC, USN (ret.)

  168. Beck

    From a housewife in Indiana…thank you for everything ALL of you are doing over there. Thank your family especially for their part in living in the reality of serving your country. I just WISH our TV would show us more day to day GOOD things going on over there. We already know that war is ugly. Anyway, thank you for your service and to all your buddies with you…THANK YOU, you are appreciated by me!
    Blessings, Beck

  169. Amigocabal

    Yep, Iraqis need US in Iraq like they need a hole in the head. Fucking liar!Z Three million Iraqis have left the country. No wonder Ramadi is a ghost town. Pack your bags and come home, and join the rest of your buddies begging on the freeway ramp exits!

  170. Roger Edins

    Harry Reed does not speak for me!!!!!May the good Lord bless and watch over you and all of our great solders. You have the gratitude of me and my entire family of many. We thank you for keeping us safe, even those that do not appreciate it. we are praying for you…..Roger

  171. 17 Years and Running

    From a longtime SOF aviator to you over in the Department of the Navy (the Men’s Department) I give you a joint “Ooh-Rah”.

    What you started to see with Murtha, then with the anti-war events in DC, then with Pelosi, now with Reid is the same crowd from the 60’s who spat on vets then are finding it hard to maintain their facade. Kerry, Clinton*2, Hollywood*1,000 all want to return to the Born on the 4th of July era where they can insult and spit - but it is politically unpopular. They think (correctly) that they can say “support the troops” but “the war is criminal, meaningless and lost” and the press and publci will be fooled.

    Internally this creates self-loathing because they hate war (unless it is a liberal’s war like LBJ or Clinton) but have to act proud of us vets. As the operational environment becomes more 1960’s you will see more radical comments by anti-American jerk-rags like Reid. They just can’t help it. The mask will crack after a while and out will come the “baby killer, baby killer, yaaaaaaaah!” from the DNC.

    Welcome these comments because the country is red. Even the blueish centrists are still proud Americans who have been mildly brainwashed. When it comes down to it people will have a clear choice as they did with Carter/Reagan. This one Democryte election cycle will crack because it will be a clear “Hanoi Jane” vs “GI Joe” decision.

    If we can just keep closet dwellers like Foley from handing the ralley caps to the opposing team.

    Fight on Marine. We defend even the ones who would choose slavery over defending themselves. They can dissent becuase of our brothers’ sacrifices.

  172. James

    Thanks to all our brave men & women for their service.

    It’s too bad Harry Reid and the like only care about their party and who wins in 08. Maybe if Hollywood was attacked on 9/11 instead of NYC, these people would think differently.

  173. RALPH


  174. Brian Dixon


  175. RALPH


  176. J.G.

    Deep, heartfelt thanks to you and your brothers / sisters in arms. I send a prayer to you all each night. Stay safe. Give ‘em hell.

    As for Harry Reid, he may actually be so dim as to not realize the damage his words do or he just doesn’t care what he says to make political points with the far-left nutlogs. Either way, he is unfit to hold office or to represent the good folks of this nation.

    I think I’ll send the bastard a little white flag to wave.

  177. Eric

    Cpl. Rock,

    I would like to thank you for your service to our country. America-haters like Reid may espouse the defeatism of the left, but remember that many of us will always support you and be thankful for making the courageous sacrifice of serving us. I also thank you for giving the side of the story that is completely ignored in the media. They may ignore your contribution, but those of us here at home need to step up and make sure that the public gets your story and the stories of others like you that show how much progress is being made in spite of the media and people like Harry Reid trying to turn the public on you and against the mission.

    Once again, thank you, and you and all your fellow soldiers will remain in our thoughts and prayers.

  178. jtb


    I know I’m not worthy to carry your water–my USAF “career” was long ago and not distibguished–but I’m awfully proud to part of a country that still produces brave and patriotic men like you and the other folks “Over There”.

    Unfortunately, there are too many folks who don’t believe in anything (like they adopted the words of that John Lennon song “Imagine”). Lenin called them “Useful Idiots”. They seem to run a lot of our universities, major news outlets, and the Democrat Party.

    If you or any of your team make it to the Dallas area, I’ll buy that cup of Starbucks coffee or whatever seasonally appropriate beverage you’re looking for… just look me up.

  179. Paul Perinati

    God bless you folk’s for what you do,To keep us safe.Hold your head’s up high,All enemy’s of the U.S.A will get what they deserve.
    Thank you all

  180. B Noe

    Cpl Rock,

    You said it buddy; Harry Reid is a first-rate hack!

    Good luck and thanks for kickin’ ass and takin’ names.
    We support you!

  181. Steve Lockridge

    Corporal Rock, I can’t begin to thank you enough for what you and the other soldiers are doing for this country and the world. If there is a hero the entire world should look up to, it is the American soldier. You guys are the greatest and we will NEVER stop supporting you. The small minority of liberal wusses that have weaseled their way into power do not speak for the majority of the American public.

    Semper Fi

  182. Craig C.

    Words cannot express My Gratitude to all of you who show us your courage daily. I am a Captain at my local Fire Department. It is great to have heroes like you guys and gals. I am a father of three and thank God for people like you, who believe in America. God bless all of you over there. Don’t listen to the Dems, they are just scared for you as well!

  183. Dennis Preston

    Thank you so much for your service to our wonderful country. God Speed your safe return to us. We admire what you are doing for the cause of liberty.

  184. Mac

    When I watch CNN each night and see that idiot english reporter with the crooked nose, I want to just spit on the TV. All they know how to report is what may look bad. I can’t wait till they shut up because they know they were wrong from the word go. Our troops will come home victorious and show all the “harry reids” of the country that they don’t have the stomach to fight for freedom!

  185. Robert Perrego

    Cpl Rock,

    You got balls son. You ever get to New York City and I would be happy to buy you that coffee and all the beer you can drink. The only reason that shit insurgency has been holding is because of the pussy ass liberal politicians using this war for their own personal polticial gain and acting like bitches, otherwise the ‘tough guy insurgents’ over there would have folded long ago. Sorry your job is harder because of them. As far as I am concerned they should be armed with a slingshot and used as a diversion for the IED’s while real men like you go to work everyday. Hey Hillary - straighten that t-shirt with the bullseye on it, just like Bill with your forehead!

    Rock on!

  186. Ben Allbritton

    Devil Dog Rock,

    You did more to win the war by showing the compassion of a U.S. Marine to that family in Ramadi than all of the bombs dropped in the war. Guys like you are our secret weapon. Stay safe, shipmate!

    Salty Seadog

  187. Bob O

    Senator Reid’s comments on the war are tragic.

    It shows how ignorant our law makers have become and how little they know of history or anything for that mater. Senators like Reid, keep trying to make comparisons to Vietnam, when Iraq is nothing like Vietnam. His comments about the war being lost does identify one parallel to Vietnam. The Communist North Vietnamese knew that they could not win the war. America was to strong, with better equipment and superior troops. Knowing this, they went on a campaign to demoralize America at home, with the help of the media and some folks like Hanoi Jane. The strategy worked and the rest is history.

    Well now we have “Ramadi Reid” spreading a message of dome and gloom while our troops are doing an outstanding job in Iraq.

    It truly is shameful!

    Even more shameful is how Senator Reid is calculating how many seats the Democrats will pick up as a result of their undermining the war on terror.

    I pray that everyone remembers just how despicable this is at election time.

  188. thelonedrifter

    Corporal, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!

    Thank you for your service, not only in defending this country, but letting everyone over here know how things are going.

    Keep it up!

  189. John Rosing

    May God Bless you and your fellow men and women in uniform. Saying the war is lost = saying we surrender. Not on your watch! Thank you for your service to USA and the Iraqi people.

  190. jim peoples

    :beer: Here is all of you over there where ever THERE is.

    I am 60. I did my thing a long time ago, my daddy did his thing, his brother died a fighter pilot WWII. My wife’s daddy did his thing WWII and just past last year. Purple Heart, Bronze Star, sniper. My son Graduated USAFA class of 2000, he did his thing. We have law inforcement in the family as far back as records go. Daniel Boone is part of our life and my kids have their names on his plantation house in South Carolina.

    We are Standing.

    Hand Salute!

    Can we get you a cold one when you come home ?

    God Bless, Thank you and your families for serving.

    Jim and Annette Peoples, Burleson, Texas

  191. KenC

    Thank you for your service. I found your picture and commentary through Drudge.

    We need to hear more from the troops on the ground and less from the politicians and pundits. Thanks for bringing us real news.

  192. Kathie Engel

    I commend the Marines for the outstanding job that they are doing over there. It certainly seems like it is thankless, but we in America do appreciate your work, and fully support you. Kathie

  193. Alex

    Yeah, but there wasn’t a problem with “insurgency” before the US invaded and broke the country (and ours in the process - great job!) Was this worth a trillion dollars and a few thousand dead Americans? I think not.

    No more war for Israel.

  194. Phil former Corpsman

    You go guy. It was the same white flag waving weasels who lost my war in Vietnam. We won every battle that we fought but these spineless weasels gave up and walked away.
    Rub their noses in your successes and just maybe the so called indipendent press will take a true look at the successes.
    Harry Reid is invested in our losing and he will do anything to assure his success ( loss for America).
    I’m only 63 so move over I’m waiting for them to up the age so I can reup.

  195. Ken Temecula, CA

    Cpl. Rock…keep the faith brother. Stay strong and win this war. God bless you and your families for your sacrafice. People like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have dishonored themselves and the country. Sadly, they don’t care about anything but thier political punk ass. Semper Fi!

  196. Mike Tan

    Dear Sir

    Greetings from Singapore!

    Just wish to let you and your courageous band of brothers (and sisters :-) know that countless Asians support what you and the US are doing.

    You may read only protestors and demonstrations against the war on terror (I am still using this term even the State Dept has stopped) in the MSM but it’s only a fraction as compared to those who believe in your mission and want you all to succeed (and you will!).

    We care about everyone in the frontline. Please be strong, be safe.

    Thank you.

  197. Bean

    Unlike those like Senator Reid, I know personally that USAA is committed to our men and women in uniform and their families at home. Check out the website, you will be glad you did.

  198. Terry Platt

    Pat, I would be proud to pull watch any time for you guys or carry ammo or water and that is hard for an old army guy to say. God Bless T Platt U.S. ARMY ret 1/27 25inf wolfhound 1968

  199. SamH

    America will never lose this war as long as we have people like you on the ground fighting.

  200. Sue

    As A Mom — I thank you for sacrificing so much in your endeavor to keep America strong for my children’s future not to mention the future of so many Iraqi children that will never have to face the wrath of Hussein’s sword. What some American’s don’t seem to understand is, what we do now — how we utlimately finish the work in Iraq — will determine the kind of world our children will live in. Too many of us today live in a world of instant gratification — some things can’t be changed over night and without sacrifice. Perhaps this is not a war that anyone can win or lose? Who said wars need to be won or lost? Perhaps it’s just enough that everyday our soldiers try to make a difference in a place that had and continues to have so much pain. Forget the WMD — This country may have gone to Iraq for that purpose, but GOD has lead us down a different path. Perhaps in the on going battle between good and evil — America did win with all the good that WAS and IS being done in Iraq. America and those that fought with us are trying to make a difference — that’s more than can be said about most of the World — Remember when the going gets tough, the tough get going and the weak run. Thank you for setting an example of courage, strength, committment and Love for this country and those that live in it….Stay Safe, Strong — Keep the Faith we are behind you and so is GOD!!

  201. Garrett Schueler


  202. Frank

    Amen Brother……. f harry reid he sucks keep up the good work guys dont listen to the drive by media run by libs

  203. Brenda Eddins

    Thank You , THANK YOU for protecting me and my family,May the Lord place his protective fence around all of you,and the ones that need your prayers are the ones that want you to leave, because they are BLIND…. :beer: :roll:

  204. SteveintheCatskills

    Harry the body reid is the new Jane Fonda of the left. You are all Great Americans . I thank you for your service to our country and pray for your safty. BTW, Starbucks Coffee gives me a headache and all you libs who have posted can go to Iran with pelosi and stay there. :beer: :beer:

  205. not bill clinton

    Corporal Rock;

    Thank you for your service and thank you for telling Douche bag Harry Reid off. I will support you guys if you decide to overthrow a future Democratic Party regime under Obama or the Hildabeast, a future democratic president that will give away our country. Corporal Rock, you guys are our last line of defense, we need to support you and we need to empower you. We will be with you should the military decide to overthrow the Democrats and we would love to see Harry Reid tried for treason in a military tribunal and then hung. We need to win in Iraq and we need to make the anti-war crowd in this country also pay, and I mean pay big time………. Semper Fi..

  206. eagle

    Thank you for all your doing over there. Harry Reid speaks for no one that i know and he should be tried for treason for aiding the enemy.

  207. Jack E

    GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRate…! :mrgreen:

  208. Don T.

    I think that what you are doing in Iraq is wrong. I think that when this war is over, people will realize that the US military is resonbile for thousands upon thousands of murders. These people arent your enemies. They are people like you. They think that they are fighting for their homes and their way of life, just like you.
    You have a resonbility, not just to follow orders, but to be a consciencious human being. You should not be there, and you will not be forgiven by god or in the annals of history.

  209. Brian, From Michigan

    Keep doing what you do Best Cpl Tyler Rock. You and your crew are the greatest.

    Your 3-Pictures tell the story. You are the front line, you guard the door. ty for the time you took to write us. And I thank this website for conveying it.

    HR is typical of whats wrong with America. Google up “Harry Reid Sweet Heart Deal Nevada” He buys land for $166 an Acre. He’s a crook, and nothing more.

    President Bush is our President for a reason. The whole world may hate him. But he’s still President. The constitution says The President is Commander and Chief of all Military Forces. Therefore all American Troops salute the President and so do I!

    President Bush says that we need to be in Iraq, and I beleive him. So carry on, Stand tall and be proud. And one day this too shall pass.

    May god bless our beloved USMC

  210. Maricela

    CPL Rock,
    You and your comrads are the best!
    I thank you and all your fellow brothers and sisters out there. Harry needs to resign and that’s all to it!

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Maricela Lugo

  211. Robert Kleisley

    Thank you Cpl. Rock for your service. You bring honor to the corps. Thank you for talking the talk but more so for walking the walk. We old Marines are proud of you.
    Semper Fi
    An old 0311 Marine.

  212. Amber Aguilar

    Ten million thanks for your hard work and sacrifice serving America and Americans. Saturday I worked with a group collecting items for care packages that we send to support the troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and Walter Reed. Tonight we sorted the items we collected and will pack boxes next Monday. If you would like to receive a package send your name and address to:

    Military Support Group
    Trinity United Methodist Church
    1738 Galloway Ave
    Memphis TN 38112

    or send an email to , It will be our honor to add your name to our mailing list.

    May God go with you and bring you home safe.

  213. Ralph an old 4th ID man

    Dear Alex,
    Do everybody a favor..
    let the brave men and women in America do the thinking.. you can fetch coffee for them at starbucks..

  214. CJ

    Ahh, A post by Pat Dollard found on the Drudge report. Pretty convenient.

    Will this activity regarding Mr. Reid be included in the documentary?

  215. Paul Hail

    Cpl Rock

    Thank you for your Service I am one American whom appreciates the Work you do dailey under the most extreme conditions. I am a Patriot Guard Rider who has met first hand Families of those who have made the untimate sacrifice.
    Many like myself support you and your Family and wish you a safe return home.

    While in your travels in Iraq please keep an ear open for info on MIA SGT Matt Maupin He has been captured and is MIA since 2004. He is from my local area and needs to be brought home.

  216. Joe Ret AF in Texas

    I think we need a “Do Over”…that is, get rid of those in congress who are making a mockery of our country, and place the young men and women in our armed forces at risk. God bless each and every one of our troupes, they protect our great nation. Take Pride in Remembering: Because our military members perform their duties as professionals…those who choose to voice their opinions have the right to Freedom of Speech!
    Feel proud and stay focused!

  217. Jamie Renda

    Thank you for your service. My husband is in Afganistan and feels things are going really well there too. It is too bad that we don’t have a media that is loyal to our troops in providing more positive coverage of the great things that you are doing. But positive doesn’t sell as well - just ask those poor college students in VA. that the media won’t leave alone. Best wishes - our prayers are with you and all of our service men and women and the contracters that are serving our country!

  218. John

    Thank you for your service to the country.
    Irrespective of the reasons you were sent over there. I know our military is doing its best with the situation and doing its best to stabilize Iraq. I know you guys are representing our country well and I hope the Iraqi people are grateful for the sacrifices of our military.

  219. Ben

    “Yeah, but there wasn’t a problem with “insurgency” before the US invaded and broke the country (and ours in the process - great job!) Was this worth a trillion dollars and a few thousand dead Americans? I think not.
    No more war for Israel.” - Alex

    Hey Alex,
    The “insurgance” in Iraq during the “peaceful period” before the war was either terrorist from Syria or Iran, or followers of Saddam Hussein, a man who killed anyone who didn’t followed him. I’m guessing America’s war converted them from humble, innocent criminals to war-seeking soliders was America’s fault.

  220. otis devine

    sir i would like to thank you for your courage. i believe more servicemen should follow your lead and speak out before the yellow party destroys what you are risking your life to protect ( AMERICA ). do not worry they cannot prosecute all of you and if they did who would protect the country certainly not the liberals as they are scared to death of having to do what you are doing. if the liberals can speak out i will certainly defend your right to speak out. all they are worried about is the truth being told to the american people.

  221. thomas benton


  222. Matt

    Thank you to every Militray person who keeps me safe. YOU are the reason I feel safe. God protect and bless you, and thank you from the core of my soul.

  223. McShelley

    Dear Corporal Rock,

    I look at my two year old son, and I can’t help but think always about how blessed he is that his father can come home to him every day, and play with him in the sun. I have several friends in the military; one is married 8 years, one is a vietnam vet, one is my own blood uncle, and two more of them will never return. One of the lost two had a son my age, a son that will only know his daddy through two-dimensional photos.
    It doesn’t end there: I am deeply honored to say that my father-in-law was a WWII vet & career National Park Ranger, all his brothers served, with one being one of the first POWs, who suffered through the entire war in Japanese coal mines.
    I want you to know that real patriots are also real Christians, and we pray for all of your safe returns to your families. We know how much you miss them, long to be back with them, watch your little ones grow, enjoy your wives; and yet, you are torn by your sense of duty to protect those in the areas you are sworn to protect.
    The family you holed up with for a week: they were real people in real need, in a very real terrifying situation. You are not baby-killers. You are savers of babies, because you know what it is like to have your own. No amount of war will ever take away your love for human life - nor will it take your soul - so long as you keep alive that demonstrative love for others that you have.
    If only all Americans could have the chance to give away their very sustenance and warmth for the sake of total strangers in need. God will remember you. We can’t stop the war, but we can pray for you to come back home to your families, and pray for our leaders. Without our prayers, I assure you that the casualty rate would be much higher.
    The war is not lost.

    Shelley in Manchester, TN

  224. Mike Henry

    thank you. thank you VERY much.
    ~Mike & Michelle Henry
    Ft Washington, PA

  225. bc

    Harry Reid and the rest of the Democrat party have chosen to sell their souls and the United States for their dream of more Senate seats. Oh, expect them to flip-flop on the “war is lost” comment. But the truth is plain: they don’t want the US to win. Invested in defeat, they work for a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    Where is the party of John F. Kennedy? Kennedy was willing to “pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship” in the defense of liberty. WAKE UP DEMOCRATS! You will soon be seen for the miserable opportunists that you are.

  226. Kat Jackson

    I don’t think Iraq could survive without guys like you. All of us here in America are lost. We need brave confident young men like you to show us the way. To show us how what to watch on tv and how to change the educational system so we can become more like you. I am ashamed that I am not in Iraq, but I am 62 years old and I doubt they’d take me.
    I know that you have the correct answers and opinions. I wish you come back and shoot people at star bucks because I know you are strong like that. I like it when they serve my starbucks too! haa.haa. Those douche drinking douche bags.
    Don’t worry Cpl. we will turn america into an image of of us. Where there will be no star bucks and no politicians like reid and no snooty schools like Harvard and Yale and maybe we’ll do altogether without college.
    I think everyone should pick up a gun and go to Iraq to help rebuild it. I know you are the strongest guy in the Army and that the Special Forces unit there couldn’t stand up to you because you are a very brave young man.

    Have you tried out for Special Forces and do u think you could make it? I think you should be in that and then come back and run for president. thank you
    And oh, black people and anyone who disagrees with you should shut up, cuz you are just right. I mean why would anyone dare argue with you? You are too strong and too smart. thank you for being so smart.

    -Kak Jackson

  227. T Grant

    Thank you so much for serving our country. You stand on a wall and protect my family. You have my infinite gratitude.
    God speed

  228. Mark Fillmore

    No words can adequately express how proud I am of you Corporal Rock and the other soldiers in Iraq. Your post here was eye-opening, encouraging and uterly fantastic.

    I’m glad to hear a soldier’s point of view for once… we never hear it from our media.


  229. Jim

    My Dad just died. He served on Guadalcanal from the landing on in WWII, 1st Marine Division. Also several other hellish islands after that. He told me during Vietnam that we were not fighting the war all out as a country. He told me the same thing after he voted against Bush in the last election (He was a life-long Republican) . I didn’t think Harry Reid’s remarks were right, because of you guys; but we aren’t all in over there as a nation are we? Not enough Marines, Army, or goods. Not enough support back here. These were the thoughts of my dad a six year combat veteran of the Marine Corps. I wanted you to know.

    I am proud of you Marines however this comes out.

  230. Jamie

    One more note on the media’s coverage in VA. - I think it is time that the media stop giving coverage to the young man who brought so much sorrow and start giving positive coverage to VA. Tech and the great students there! But again I doubt that they will because that does not sell!

  231. Sgt. G.B. Mayo (USMC ret)

    God Bless Cpl Rock! Don’t listen to the BS that the social-euro trash-communist-deocratic party idiots are spewing. They’re losers and always will be. They’ll get theirs from the almighty at judgement day. Keep up the good work and I wish i was there with you guys.

    Semper Fi,

    Geoff Mayo
    4 Bat/4LSB - Persion Gulf War

  232. Detour

    I’m a reformed liberal who has seen the light. During the first Gulf war, I was, “No blood for oil”! I am now am America loving conservative! The good hearted soldiers are making us all proud. We can’t afford to lose this. I think it is possible that we lose it though. Political correctness is going to get us all killed! You guys carry the very the fate of western civilization on your shoulders. God bless you! I have never served in the military. I’m too old now to do so. I would if I could. Thank you for doing what you do.

  233. apruelas

    you know we have a commander in chief and the best of the best generals running this war furthermore, we have some of the best damn soldiers in the world on the ground in iraq. we are experienced we have been schooled and if it was up to us im quite sure that we would choose to have no loss of lives. i think its time for those cowards who have not the courage to dawn the protection vest and grab an m16 and toe the freakin line to close their freakin mouth. shut the heck up. you undermine our mission in so many ways and so many of your ideas would only be at the expense of some of my brothers and sisters in arms in iraq at the moment. Mr. Reid i would suggest to you sir, that if you are not willing to do the job i do, you ought shut up, go to your comfy office and answer some freakin phone calls or what have you. whatever it is you choose sir, i ask that it does not involve undermining what we are trying to accomplish. I ask that you sit behind your desk sir and put sincere consideration into how you can honor the job we do. And sir I welcome you to grab a protective vest, m16 and join us on the battle field and if you are not willing to do so, then sir I will continue to do that for you because regardless of your opinion, I will stay here and continue to fight so that you sir can continue to enjoy the freedom that we are providing you.

  234. Rome

    Exactly when is the MSM going to give us the death toll of the enemy? They sure seem to love the 1000 man milestones, but I never hear any body counts for the other side. I guess killing the bad guys isn’t important.

    Corporal Rock you are a hero to me and my family. Please take care of yourself. From a total nobody (me), to a real American Hero (you) please wish the other men and women serving with you our best.


  235. mrgsxr

    Corporal Rock,
    I just wanted you to know that we in the States hear nothing but doom and gloom concerning Iraq. We never hear about any of the triumphs or anything that can even remotely be described as positive regarding the efforts of yourself, your fellow Marines or the other members of the US Armed forces diligently serving there. So, from one American to another, Understand that most of the American people support what you are doint there, despite morons like Harry Reid….

  236. Dianna

    Dear Pat,

    Thank you SO much for what you are doing!!! The example you and all of our service men and women is something I hold up to my Sin every day! You make me proud and utterly humble to be an American. You are the one that has EARNED this country, not us here sippin Starbucks (can’t stand their coffee truth be told)! But sure as a Liberal will lie to your face I would be HAPPY to serve one such as yourself!

    Stay SAFE! Stay strong!


  237. Mark Fowler

    Keep up the great work. There are PLENTY of people who support you even if one side of the aisle doesn’t and the other side has lost their balls……

  238. Lucky Dad

    Corporal Rock

    You do the heavy lifting over there, and we’ll do the heavy lifting over here!!

    2 - things;

    1) Expect to never pay for anything in my presence (please avoid car lots etc.)

    2) If found in ANY STARBUCKS expect to be taken somewhere else for some real coffee!

    carry on

  239. Dianna

    change “Sin” to “Son” and we got it right LOL Thanks Pat!

  240. M M

    Cpl. Rock,
    Thank you for fighting the bad guys on that side of the pond–we’ll work on our side! My Army hubby takes care of your injured from downrange. I’m commisserating with your wife–I know the separations are hard. My prayers are for her tonight. Godspeed, marine.
    M M

  241. Coastie on board

    Cpl. Rock:

    You have my deepfelt and utmost respect. As a vet I know sometimes it’s hard dealing with the chain of command, conflicting orders, crazy ROE’s, being away from friends and family, etc. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family. I have three young boys between the ages of 9 & 13, ALL THREE are members of our local “Young Marines” regiment - OOOOO-RAH. This Great Country owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to all of the men and women in uniform. Unfortunately, you are also serving and protecting the rights of douchebags like Reid, Pelosi, Murtha, Edwards, Clinton, the MSM, et. al. to spew their insipid, incendiary and non-factual BS. But, I suppose, that’s why you and your brothers and sisters in arms do it. Because you know and love this country and you want to protect our freedom and way of life with your life. Thanks to you and all your brethren for your service. By the way, Screw Starbucks - just overpriced java - go to Dunkin’ Donuts, it’s cheaper, better and more like REAL Americans - a simple cup o’ joe without all the frufru! It’s true what they say. The Few. The Proud. The Marines. Semper Fi, Marine. Semper Fi!

  242. Roger

    I just wanted to say you and all the others like you are greatly appreciated.
    On the subject of 9/11 and Iraq…
    No one ever claimed Iraq was linked to 9/11, what was said is that 9/11 was a paradigm shift in the way we need to deal with our enemies because the only thing worse than a terrorist, is a terrorist that finds state sponsorship.
    As far as Iraq goes, Clinton even threatened to invade Iraq in the late 1990’s for God’s sake if Hussein didn’t comply. Well Saddam never did comply with the mandates and unfortunately with Clinton, his threats were more grandstanding than anything else or worse, they were to distract the nation from Monica. Clinton was never a president to make decisions because taking a real stand always alienates someone and it also means you could be blamed for something.
    Anyway, isn’t it reasonable that Saddam watched the footage on 9/11 and thought he could support future attacks in this way? I mean 9/11 didn’t just change our way of thinking, I’m sure it changed our enemies’ ways of thinking as well. Didn’t the 9/11 commission report say that one of our weaknesses was a lack of creativity and foresight in dealing with the terrorist threat? Well I have to think that going after the obvious, such as Saddam Hussein would be applying creativity, vision and foresight to the problem. Yes, 3000+ lives are a terrible loss but we all need to keep things in perspective.
    Do we let our enemies get so out of hand that we can no longer protect ourselves from even greater threats and attacks than 9/11; until things get to the point where 3,000 lives would be a drop in the bucket? How do some demean the sacrifice needed to keep our country’s future and safety secured? With this logic we would have never even become a country in the first place. How is social progress in some people’s minds so inextricably linked to defeat?
    I don’t think these people have any perspective on which to measure what real sacrifice means? I wasn’t around for the Revolution or the Civil War or WWI or WWII but I have a brain and I can think. I guess others must need to experience these tragedies first hand to understand what is at stake. My only hope is that there aren’t enough of these people in my country to require another massive attack on our soil to figure out what the right course should be. President Bush understands we need to keep our enemies on the run and not wait for them to organize and strike us here at home.
    If I was Bush I’d secretly have the Israelis bomb Iran and take out their nuclear operations. I’d give them the bunker busters to do it. No one likes them over there anyway and they definately have a vested interest in seeing Iran’s facilities blown away. I mean we’re fighting Iran now the same way we fought the Soviet Union via Vietnam/Cuba, maybe we should take the initiative there too. There are plenty of people over there that would love to see their Supreme Leader and President taken out. Okay, I’m on a tangent sorry… This was meant to be one paragraph but I always tend to get carried away…
    Keep up the good work.

  243. Mark

    Thank you, Marine, for your service. My prayers are with you — and against the “douche” Harry “We’re Losers” Reid. What a man you are, sir. What a scum Senator Reid is.

  244. Bill Brandt

    I am amazed today at the power of the Internet - and networks.

    40 some years ago a Cpl Rock could not be heard though the Cronkites and “news” media. But millions now have access to his opinions, which I think are a lot more valid than the daily crap we are exposed to with our media here.

    I’ll tell Cpl Rock to “keep the faith” - we have a President who won’t back down.

  245. Ron Parypa

    You folks over there are “gettin’ er done.” As our guys and gals have done so many times in the past, you are keeping it safe for my family in the threatened streets of our cities.

    When the defeatist rave on, remember their names are forgotten 20 years later. We all remember you and those who went ahead of you 250 years later.

    We have our freedom and our security because you are holding the line. We don’t forget!!!!

    Thank you all, and God bless.

  246. botulism

    A few thoughts from a centrist:

    Unfortunately, the war (of public opinion) has been lost. General mismanagement by the Administration (in Iraq and most other domestic affairs) has led the majority of the public to oppose our current involvement and regret the original invasion. I don’t care if most of the people you talk to think what we’re doing in Iraq is worthwhile, because even Fox is reporting that most Americans now think the Democrats can best handle Iraq. Revelry!

    When people refer to Iraq as Vietnam, nobody gives a shit about historical technicalities such as whether the insurgency is uniformed like the Viet Cong or what the war strategy was blah blah blah… the comparison is to the war weariness of the nation. Perception is reality.

    So the question is, are we losing because we really don’t have the best fighting force of all time, or because the enemy is that good and our tactics stink? Well as sure as I know that Dale drives the #3 car, I know that you’ll say “the media did it.” If that was the case, and I was a general in Iraq, I’d do a damn good job of cleaning up the maybe four cities the media dares to visit so there aren’t any car bombs exploding that kill 50 people every day and so that John McCain doesn’t look like a douche when he tries to walk down the street.

    Actually, I think the media treats Iraq with kid gloves. They were the ones that were complicit in the lead-up with Bush, because if there’s anything they like more than a horse race, it’s a war. Second, given the amount of US lives lost, the media really treats Iraq now as a front page obituary rather than a human tragedy, because it’s too far away (and the people aren’t white enough) for it to register much with the public. I mean seriously, if an insurgent car bomb went off in say Atlanta, that would be THE END of civilization in Georgia. There would be hysteria, mass lootings, and street executions of all muslims. Yet that shit happens every day in Baghdad and the public health experts peg the Iraqi death toll at +600,000.

    Like it or not, the number of people that still support the war is now the tiny piece of the pie chart. At least easily villified goons like Rumsfeld are gone, but when Rove (or you) lash out at the Leftists, it doesn’t particularly endear you to the majority of reasonable Americans who neither sleep with a copy of the 10 commandments and own guns, nor do they drive hybrids and plant begonias on earth day.

  247. newell

    The lib scum strategy is for Reid and Pelosi to be as wacked as possible so that
    Hillary can slip into the ‘middle’ of American politics and become the next president. The more irresponsible and outrageous their statements and positions, the better. And yes, the lib scum do not care about our kick ass marines risking their lives every day to build a country. They will flush Iraq and a few million lives if it would mean president hillary itch clinton.Lib scum are NOT beyond this and we see it playing out in front of our eyes. My family and I back our military and country, in word and deed.

  248. fred lienhard

    To Senator Harry Dirty Reed, If ya can’t Stand Behind the Troops, PLEASE!!! Stand in Front of Them!!! …borrowed from a sign i saw on a pickup truck. Rock On !!!

  249. AntiScreed

    YOU TELL EM! I am sick and tired of all the patsy ass Dems and libs trying to replay Viet Nam and I was IN the Air Force at that time coming home to spitting hippies and filthy comments about us….I am going to show you a link here that I just made a vid of today…in HOLLYWOOD and it shows the creeps and their ilk and what they think they are obliged to do anymore. One thing to know though Sir…WE ARE TOTALLY behind you in MASS numbers and I am just wanting others to know what I FIGHT them as I can every day! There are NOT masses against you but a deeply disturbed few that scream loudly and have been emboldened by Reid and his cohorts to do what they did here in LALALAND:


  250. d.tillinghast

    you guys are the the best! thanks for your service! senator reid is a nitwit.

  251. JSF

    Cpl. Rock:

    You are doing a man’s job to keep the boys (such as the Democratic party dillatantes) safe. reid does not speak for me. When we fly the flag of freedom overseas, America becomes a little more secure. Reid and Pelosi would rather America deal with Slavers and Despots then support the cause. God Bless you!

  252. goddamn

    it’s all fucking maddening…. reading these posts is like sitting through a schoolyard taunt with a lot of finger pointing and name calling where each side is reluctant to commit to anything… and just like then, nothing gets resolved and you’re no closer to a solution… part of me thinks we should have one delegate from each side of the spectrum get in a boxing ring and have at it for five rounds of no hold barred action, winner take all… talk only gets you so far, action speaks… and grammar counts for something, you winos… don’t call me a liberal, but the truth is i’m embarassed by the way we’ve conducted ourselves in Iraq… as an example of truth, liberty and justice, this country and our people have the fucking obligation to take the moral high ground in this fucking mess instead of shooting them all and letting God sort them out… do i feel safer now than i did six years ago??? not a fucking chance… do i think the presidents intentions were pure and unselfish in invading Iraq??? no way, the evidence speaks for itself…. what do i think we should do??? get the fuck out of Iraq and try not to let the door hit us in the ass… as for all the bloodlust, i think it would be better served in afghanistan pursuing the undisputed mastermind of this 9/11 tragedy, bin Laden himself… strange how no one seems to be much interested in him lately, and that a State Department report says that the presence of al Queda in Iraq has been exacerbated by the presence of our military… meaning, meatheads, we have allowed an organized insurgency to take root, recruit, and organize by our reckless and clumsy tip toe through an area we knew nothing about…. whatever the reason for our invasion of Iraq, frankly I don’t care… we’re not nation builders and i’m sure the Iraqis can take care of themselves, but if in the 21st century we still stand for the principles that this country was founded on, let’s get together for a solution to the dilemma of our time… it’s time to serve as a model on the world stage for the values and ideals of a true and funtioning democracy instead of being labled liars, boors and bullys by the societies and cultures we would most hope to affect and influence… oh, and bin Laden’s head on a stick would be nice…

  253. Yizmo Gizmo

    Corporal Rock,

    With all due respect, after 4 years and 1 trillion
    dollars spent, what is taking you guys so long to win?
    Sounds like a quagmire to me.
    Wouldn’t that much money be better spent elsewhere?
    Like on educuation?

  254. Marsha Stayer

    This sums it all up:

    It’s because of people like Cpl. Rock that allow us to express an opinion.

    Reid’s comments do nothing more than aid and abet the enemy!

    Has our country gone mad? My God, we have to stand united until the last of our troops come home.

  255. Wild Thing

    Thank you so much Pat for this from Corp. Rock.
    God bless him and please thank him for me with all my heart for all he is doing and for serving our country.

  256. Dennis M.

    I pray for you all every night. You are our heros. Thank you for the service to all of us. I understand how it must feel to see and hear the traiterous liberals. These are the same scum that burned the flag and went to peace marches when I was in Vietnam. Keep up your spirits it is the dweebs that are getting all the press. Thank You Again and God be with you.

  257. Theodore's World

    Ooh-rah, Devil Dog! Corporal Tyler Rock Has A Message For Reid…

    Corporal Tyler Rock, 1/6 Charlie Company, on the left, at my old home, Camp Hurricane Point, Ramadi. Marine Corporal From A Bunker In Ramadi: “I Got A Message For That Douche Harry Reid” This Email To Me, Harry, And……

  258. John Millhauser

    You guys are the present greatest generation–these Demo idiots are the most shameful generation–keep up the good work!!!

  259. Yi Ha




  260. Spike Maldonado

    Yeah! Semper Fi!

    You are doing the right thing!
    You are doing it because it’s the right thing to do!
    You are doing it right!

    Dingy Harry is guilty of treason!

    Stay Blessed! Praying for your safe return!
    Spike Maldonado USMC- Amarillo Texas

  261. Jason Hodge

    Thanks for telling Hardly Reads what a traitor he is!! For all of his talk about “free speech” (i.e. Liberal’s only valued amendment), watch how fast he denounces this fine U.S. Marine for voicing his feelings about a worm who (let the record show) is nowhere in his chain of command, unless you’re tracking through the accounting department.

    Harry Reid is a bold leader in the Senate, charging forward into dangerous territory for the glory of his own name at the expense of his country. Way to go, Hairy!

    Speaking for my family here in Ogden, UT, we love you Marines, Soldiers, Airmen, and Sailors for your brave defense of our country and your selfless sacrifice. I can hardly watch the news without tearing up thinking of our courageous fighting men and women.

    We in the U.S. keep asking to hear the stories and names of our heroes in the armed forces, but he himself is the only hero that comes to Harry Reid’s mind. …such a scoundrel! Self-serving scoundrel!!

  262. adam b.

    In appreciation of all who serve these great United States of America. Thanks a billion! And thanks to this site for the pro-American stance displayed.

    A huge “NO THANKS” to all spineless lefties who wish to lose.

  263. Sgt R.T. Smith

    Good to Go!

    OOORAHHH!! :twisted:

  264. Idealist

    A million thanks to you and all the soldiers in Iraq, Corporal Rock. Thanks to you, we have a free country where we can all intelligently debate the issues, share our opinions, agree to disagree, and not just mindlessly bash all those who do not share the same exact thoughts. Freedom is how you use it.

  265. Joef

    :roll: That’s right, don’t get mad the the person who sent you to Iraq under bogus intelligence, and lies. Get mad at the guy who is trying to get you out of this war based on lies and deceit. How’s the WMD search going?

  266. guidewest

    Some of us have stopped being Americans. Some are Democrats, some Republican, all PARTISANS. This American stands with you and once you’re done in Iraq, we have a job for you here in America.

    “Either a man is an American and nothing else, or he is not an American at all.” Teddy Roosevelt

    God’s Speed, Brothers and Sisters, God’s Speed!
    Texas Loves You!

  267. The Humanoid

    Semper Fi! All of my friends, and I mean ALL of them, support you brave servicemen and women. Sen. Reid does NOT represent the majority of Americans. We respect and honor you. May you all return home safely.
    I’m a former First Lt. that served in the Infantry in Korea in 1952. I’m too old to give you anything but moral support, and you guys and gals have that. God Bless!

  268. Makesagr8point

    Please send more pics, videos and comments about how this war IS being won! It saddens me to know Harry Reid and the rest of his Democratic constituients(sp?)are counting on defeat in order to win back the Whitehouse and congressional floors. How pathetic! I suppose the only hope we have is if they do win THEY will have to fight the same war against terrorist and regime governments the same way our current President has done. However, I seriously do NOT have faith or confidence in their crooked backbone to do any better of a job in managing the task at hand which, is keeping this country safe from all who seek to hurt her. God love America and the soldiers who keep our way of life in hand. Go troops, go! hoowa! hooup!

  269. bill williams

    Keep up the great work soldiers…all of us here in USA support you and your effort…do not listen to the democrat propaganda..there is more support here than is published by the liberal controlled press…harry reid and nancy pelosi both are wrong…stand strong on your battle have much support her at home…THANK YOU for your sacrifices…..

  270. WAlanGluck

    Scary Reid should be impeached from the US Senate. It’s good the he was not the Senate Majority Leader during WWII or the Civil war. Perhaps he is a descendant of Benedict Arnold…

  271. Ken

    Great job telling how it is. I have e-mailed this surrender monkey several times. May the good Lord be with all you soldiers and Marines alike. :beer:

  272. yehudasf

    Unfortunately yes, the “war” in Iraq is lost. Not for lack of valour & commitment from the personell serving in the theatre of war, rather from the self-serving statements of the opportunist political apparatchiks who see this as a chance to gain political capital from espousing the positions of the hard left. As a service-connected (wartime) disabled veteran I find the cloying smarm of these vermin revolting. In the end the service personell will come home & Iraq will descend into a fractured, tripartite mess. the south will form a Shia’ confederation with the Islamic Republic of Iran, the north will be a quasi-independent Kurdish state, & central Iraq will be the Sunni rump remnant of Iraq. None of this near inevitable outcome can be laid at the feet of the willing service persons, their commitment did not waver. It can only be set on the doorstep of the pandering politicos who once again are betraying the USA & the service personell thereof.

  273. Loach

    Great story. It’s great to hear the positive impacts you guys are making on the lives of so many people. Don’t worry about the douche Harry Reid. All hippie liberals like that live in fantasy land and just don’t get it. Hang in there and thanks for everything!

  274. Cipher

    Uncommon valor is a common virtue for you and your fellow Marines.

    The biggest problem in the Middle East is not Iraq, it is Iran. If we do not take out the Iranian regime and destroy Iran’s nuclear weapons program before they build nuclear weapons, Iran will become the greatest threat to peace in the Middle East and the world.

  275. Jimmy Green

    After hearing my senator’s remarks (I live in Nevada) I was, and am, so disgusted that I wrote him a scathing e-mail. I’ve never before written a politician. He and others like him are a disgrace to America. You service men and women keep up the good work. I love all of you. Keep safe and give ‘em hell.

  276. Christopher Barone

    Semper Fidelis Marine, you make me proud, you make my family safe, and you are what Demo-crits (like hypo) can’t possibly fathom, unconditionally patriotic, unlike Reid and MOST (not all) demo-crits!



  277. Billie Jo

    I can not beleive some of the remarks. Reid is trying to protect you the military. Another 9 were killed today. In a country who wants us out. I don’t know where you get your information, based on some the remarks, you should leave party difference out of this. I know this wed site doe’s like leftist remarks, maybe if you did. your website could have some truth to the way things are going all over the world not just in Iraz

  278. newell

    There are hundreds of hours of video of top American politicians, democrat and republicans alike, saying that Saddam Hussein had WMDs and that he was a serious threat to the USA and the world, all LONG before GW Bush even made it to the White House. Just because you believe your propoganda BS that the WMDs were made up does not make it true.

  279. HUBERT E. Campbell

    1st Marine Division Recon Marine from the Korean era says contine to kick ass. Reid and Democrat traiters be damned. You are a geezer’s hero. Semper Fidelis.
    Hubert E. Campbell. Cpl. USMC Recon Company, 1st Marine Division 1954-1957.

  280. Mike S

    The American fighting men and woman are the best this World has to offer. I hope you all stay safe. I wish you got paid a hell of a lot more money, but if you did it would attract a bunch of pud knockers to the Military. Just stay safe and we all do love you guys the most.

  281. iraqu

    the war is lost. iraq has been turned into a hellhole. our american solidiers have been shown as killers, savages, and brutes. our country has lost its moral authority in the world. the world is looking for new global leadership.

    this sucks for us, our country, and our children and their future.

    i’m moving to china

  282. Hal Howell CPO USN(Ret)

    CPL Rock,
    I just want to add my gratitude to you and all our men and women serving in Iraq and Afghnaistan. You are all doing a fine job despite what traitor Reid says. He is a sorry excuse for a Senator and I hope the people of Nevada finally come to their senses and fire him. Please know, he does not speak for Americans but only for the Defeatocrats who live here. May the Lord bless and keep you all in His care and your families as well. My son made it home safe I we pray you all will as well. Take care and good hunting!
    Semper Fi

  283. stan van tiem

    Well done Marine. Keep up the good work and know real America is behind you and all the troops. Dingy Harry Reid and his ilk are why this war is grinding on–they give hope to our enemies. The media rarely report the progress and they also give comfort to our enemies.

    I am proud of you and all our troops.

    Stan USMC 65-68

  284. RRStubbs

    Here is a little reminder of who is and who is not a Good American. I remember how it felt when these assholes abandoned us in Vietnam. Go to my website: and sign up.

  285. gregusa

    gregusa again, thanks again for all your efforts thanks.

  286. MDS

    Cpl. Rock,

    Thank you for your service. I’m a high school history teacher in So. California(live in Oceanside, so if you find your way to Pendleton, there is a few cold, frosty beers for you, on me.) and I want you to know that the vast majority of my students, their parents, and even my fellow teachers support you wholeheartedly. Harry Reid is a quisling of the first order and would have made the Nazi collaborators proud. Keep your spirits up and your head down. God bless you.

  287. kop

    Harry Reid is a smart chiken

  288. j.r. delich

    Dear Cpl Rock,
    You have wisdom well beyond your years! True Americans support and defend what you are doing! May God Bless you and keep you safe for your return to your family! We admire and respect the courage and fortitude displayed by you and all your comrades-in-arms and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
    Carol and J.R. Delich

  289. Pricey

    I know you have to get raw like that out in the field. Life and death does that to a person.

    You and the other brave warriors are kicking a**! Keep it up! We should be kicking a** on the weasels Stateside that are trying to zero out everything you’ve done.

  290. Saddam Bush

    Wake up to the fact that you are being used for the financial gain of the richest 1% of the American public!!

    Do you not see the irony? As a Republican, I must speak out. How does saving American lives suddenly translate to treason??? 9 more dead today, how many more tomorrow??? or Wednesday??? You speak of Ramahdi as if it were Cape Cod. The violence has lessoned because they are ravishing Baghdad now. Then we hear about plans to build a wall to “keep people safe” LOL


    It often takes a bigger man to end a terrible situation than the cowardly man who created it.

    Best of luck to our fine troops and let’s hope you get home safe real soon. Iraqi Freedom isn’t worth a single American Teardrop, forget 3,300 lives and countless destroyed families. Get our Heroes Home Harry!!!!!!!!!!

    I am An American no matter what you’ve been tricked into believing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  291. Jim Riviera

    OORAH!!! Devil Dog!

    Good Call CPL! Scumbags like Reid and the rest of the liberal PC, Democratic Maggots will never understand nor do they get it.

    It will always be Marines, like yourself and other service men and women who put their asses on the line day in day out waiting to come home that understand the meaning of freedom and the price that has to be paid for it.

    Watch your six, come home safe, and know that you made a difference. Job Well Done Marine!!

    Jim Riviera
    Frmr Sgt. USMC

  292. Greg - USA

    This thread has EXPLODED! Fucking awesome! We will never see this on the drive-by media. For you liberals, that’s the TV that shows other things beside The View.

    Rich Foster - “Remember, for every bleeding heart liberal tree-hugging hippy light-loafered trust fund turd carrying a sign, there are 4 or 5 of us too busy holding down a job to get out there and beat them with their sign.”

    Holy SHIT that made me laugh so hard I shot beer out of my nose!

    Ben O - “Well now we have “Ramadi Reid…”

    That’s a good one! I will use that every chance I get.

    I won’t respond to liberal pieces of shit anymore so those of you posting here are going to have to be satisfied with making yourself feel worthy of attention. I can spend my time better elsewhere, like wiping my ass with one square.

    Some people here have mentioned picking up the tabs for our men and women in uniform. I decided to do thing long ago but I will be damned if I can find any. You guys need to wear your uniform in public! I did see three young ladies in uniform but they had already paid for their meal. Any service personnel I find will have their tab on me.

  293. Christopher Barone


    Take your ignorant a** back to watching Opera and Hillary’s new southern twang!! Marines don’t need idiots and traitors like you and Reid to protect us. Harry Reid protect a MARINE? FUND the fucken war you dumb ass. You can’t be “for the troops” and “against the war” you fence riding hypocrite. Let me explain on a much lower level to all democrites, you can’t be against Baseball and tell everyone your favorite team is the Cleveland Indians or …Got it? I doubt it! PLATOOOOOOOOOON DISMISSED!!!!

  294. hbdavis

    dirty reid have a (+)dirty hands, :twisted: (-)mind, :evil: and -soul :mrgreen: ! let’s start asking him about his little dirty secret on his involvement in land zoning in nevada. maybe reid wants to zone baghdad too, so he can make alots of money. hey maybe he and pelosi have a cuts from al qaeda, if they pull the military in iraq, al qaeda will donate $$$$ and vote for them in the next election. :roll:
    but don’t worry God is always with you Marine, He knows who are the good and the ugly. :razz: God bless you all!

  295. BC

    Look, alot of people stateside got your backs, the problem is the people with the pulpit don’t. They have thier own agenda’s or can’t get pub if they don’t tow the line.

    You guys got to start barking louder. I hate to say it but you almost need to run a campaign to win back the debate. Bloging, and emails are cool, but what about either taking or giving access to the media. How about petitions, don’t let these people speak for you. Thier latest strategy is to say ‘we’re the ones who really have your back.’

    To the other side, Harry Reid, your an arguement, a talking point, and a political tool to gain power. As much as you’re trying to win hearts and minds over there you need to find a way to do it stateside.

    Be safe, and God Bless.

  296. Joef

    How’s the WMD search going?

  297. Gloria Shuttleworth

    I just want to say that I salute all of our veterans and our troops! God bless you for keeping me free. Freedom is one thing I don’t take for granted. No matter what you hear there are more Americans who support you then those who don’t. Come on safe. My prayers are with you.

  298. Lowell Kenney

    Thank you for your duty and your opinion. I salute all of you guys and gals over there and elsewhere in our services. The democratic leadership should be ashamed of themselves and what they are doing to you.

    My God protect you and may you know that an awful lot of folks are behind you a 100%

  299. Yizmo Gizmo

    Joef– they quit talking about WMD’s along time
    That was just BullShite from BushCo.
    The lemmings are headed for the sea.

  300. natureboy

    :evil: great job guys. keep it up and when your done kickin ass over in iraq maybe we can recruit you to take out the liberal scum in this country.

  301. Jim

    Corporal Rock, thank you for your service. I agree with your comments. What side is he on? I know he is not a Patriot.

  302. Christopher Barone


    Please come up with a better idea before you you say “cut and run”. Sometimes our decisions in life are are:

    1. “tough” i.e. fight the bad guys in Iraq and next Iran

    2. Worse i.e. leave Iraq and wait again for them to attack us in the US, like we did on 9/11. Learn your history. JUST BECASUE WE LEAVE IRAQ DOESN’T MEAN THE WAR ENDS.

  303. ion


    Much respect to Cpl. Rock and all the troops in Iraq.

    I can only hope to be half as brave as men like that when I enlist in the USMC later this year.

  304. Citizen Phil

    Corporal Rock… All I can say is thank God Almighty, that you and your fellow warriors are on the watch for the United States of America, and for those Iraqi families who are understandably shaken and weary. As I have written in the past, if you were not killing those demon possessed terrorists over there, they would be all over us over here. I know you want to get home, but in the mean time, kill as many as you can, and scare the living crap out of the rest of them. Oh, when you and your friends do come home, be sure to tell America exactly what you think of the liberals like Harry Reid, Murtha, Hagel (he acts like one), and all the rest. Be sure to tell the American people, to stop putting these liberal white flag waving democrats in office, because it just makes your job all the harder, and all the more dangerous. The people are being lied to, not by President Bush, but by these shameless democrats and their big media buddies. Thanks again, and be safe !!!


  305. Brian

    Maybe we should do what we can to run Harry Reid out of town. This is a democracy so we should use the system that we have to remove him from office. I don’t care if he is the Majority leader - he spouts off political BS and back-tracks hours later. He obviously doesn’t have the courage of his convictions. Check this out too - this Iraq funding bill that he and the other Dims are trying to push down President Bush’s throat is rife with pork - that’s right millions for Harry Reid’s district, millions for Nancy Pelosi’s district. They are trying to take advantage of the situation while spewing BS from their ivory towers.
    God Bless you Cpl Rock and all of those other Hard Chargers’ over there.
    Semper Fi, Mac.

  306. Sandra F

    Don’t get me started on Harry Reid and the chicken little Democrats running in circles screaming “The sky is falling, the sky is falling” When you are a Democrat, the glass is always half empty, right Mr. Reid?

    The “media” brings us few stories about the goodness our soldiers dispense, one person, one family at a time, like Mr. Dollard described. Such deeds are the face of our sweet and blessed country. Thank you for giving our nation such a good name in the hearts of that small family. Keep spreading the light. I hope that we persevere long enough that these families may also hold tight that easy freedom which we enjoy.

    American soldiers - there is nothing better.

  307. James Thompson

    Iraq (Mesopotamia) is the original homeland of all Europeans and of course European Americans; it may have been unwise to invade, or at least until Osama BinLaden was cought at Tora Bora. To have reduced the US Forces from the Cold War Levels by Bill Clinton was very unwise; not to have taxed the rich to build them back up was also unwise. Now that the US has hung Saddam Hussein, who was communist leaning, not religious Muslim leaning, the US has acquired a Moral Obligation to the People who represent the ultimate homeland for all persons, of any European Extraction, be it Nordic, English, German, Slavic, or Mediteranian. You guys over in Iraq and Afghanistan are doing God’s Work. Further, the English Speaking peoples owe an obligation to the Ummayad Muslims for Averroes (Mohammad….. Ibn Rushd) whose advocacy of Aristotle inspired England and Europe to recover from the Late Dark Ages, when England and Europe was just a series of Nasty Feudal Military Dictatorships. Thomas Jefferson states in two letters, “My philosophy…. is that of Old Aristotle,” making Aristotle’s the Official Philosophy of the US Constitution. See listing Aristotle in the Index volume to Thomas Jefferson’s Collected Papers. I served in the US Army’s 4th Armored Division in Germany in 64-65, my father and great grand father in the US Navy, my grandfather was a Marine in Germany in WWI, who was gassed and suffered PTSD. Since 1860, all major US Military Opponants have followed one of the neo-Platonisms, all based on the Irrational Allegorical Method which can use anything to “prove” anything else. The US immigrants of the 1600s all were inspired by the Natural Law, which consists of Aristotle’s Rhetoric, Ethics and the Seven Extant Pages of Zeno’s, of Citrum, Cyprus, philosophy. Today’s Left are the sons and daughters of the New Left, sons and daughters of the Old Left which is the Julius and Ethel Rosenberg generation of Stalinist communists. Today’s left are the people Senator Reid is trying to appease. The US is an Independant Nation because George Washington and his Army, Navy, and Marines, and the US People held the Nation together, when the continental congress wanted Benjamin Franklin to allow France to negotiate a surrender, and get Canada back from the British. But John Jay, US Ambassador to Spain went to France, found out what was going on, went behind the France’s back and negotiated the Treaty of Independence with the British, also know as the Treaty of Paris of 1783. The Roman Senate was always corrupt, the US Contintal Congress was always corrupt, and the Congress of the US Constitution of 1792, has always been corrupt, but there have always been a few good men to shame the corrupters.

  308. Skully

    Awsome job Cpl. Thanks for you service and sacrfice!! That goes for all our boys & girls in all branches. And most importantly to the fallen.
    FUCK Harry Reid!!! That wimpy douche bag asshole couldn’t fill the shoes of you brave heros. His idea of sacrifice is saying something nice about the President/CNC. He does you all a great disservice, and owes you one huge apology. Keep the faith; there’s plenty of us here still behind ya who aren’t liberal pussies. God be with you & God Bless America!!!

  309. Trever

    All of you guys have done a terrific job and I and a lot of Americans support you!

    God bless our Armed Forces of the United States of America!

  310. Christopher Barone


    I would pay to see a Al Qaeda take you by the chin, pull your head back and cut you from ear to ear, while you gargle and squirm like the coward you are. Regardless of WMD’s we are at war, for a noble cause. Lemmings??? Everyone said he had WMD’s including Kerry, Reid, Clinton and many other DEMOCRITES like you. Now be gone Frenchie!!

  311. TattooedMarine

    Cpl Rock,
    You have sacks the size of 5k bladders:!: GySgt G-

  312. dubya

    and harry reid was right, he cares about the troops and doesnt want them to be used as toy soldiers…and the war is lost.
    if you can tell me how exactly we can win. then ill reconsider.
    but you guys dont have a fucking clue. you did no research into the ethnic makeup or history of iraq.. you are the same dumbshits whose solution to anything is just to bomb it into glass. peoples lives are not a dick measuring contest. or put your money where your mouth is and sign up and serve yourself.

    you buy into cheap propoganda and are dumb as fucking rocks.
    if by this point you havent realized that this war was a mistake then you are a lost cause.

    70% of this country has woken up and doesnt want a war that lasts for eternity and bankrupts the fucking country. $1 billion a day and we wonder why our schools and healthcare system is shit.. get with the program.

    harry reid is speaking for the majority of americans

  313. Steve Gale

    Who-rah & Semper Fi Cpl Rock. I did 13 months in Nam ‘66-’67 & couldn’t wait to get home, even tho I faced the war protesters when I returned. I thought the Nam was bad, but from what I hear about Iraq, there’s no way I can even compare my wartime experience with yours.
    I hope & pray you Marines (and soldiers)come home in one piece, and in victory.
    Don’t pay attention to our cowardly “leaders”. Keep the faith. This is the decisive battle of our generation and we must prevail.
    Bless you all

  314. Joe

    I can’t tell you how proud I am of you men and women. Forget what that idiot Reid says, you are the heros as far as my family and I are concerned. Reid is an embarrasment to the great state of Nevada.

    Come home safe :beer:

  315. Dan

    Message for all our troops in field: Liberal airheads are showing their colors and running for cover from the likes of Cpl Rock - Give ‘em hell… they’ve earned it!

  316. Dennis

    Cpl. Rock, it’s obvious that Harry Reid is more concerned with playing politics than insuring the success of the mission in Iraq that our military personnel have already sacrificed so much for.

    Other Washington liberals like Al Sharpton and John Murtha are also undermining the war effort… suggesting that we reinstate the draft, as though our volunteer forces aren’t getting the job done.

    These political hacks care nothing for your work and sacrifice, and they care little for our country either… it’s all about them, and playing party politics.

    Reinstating the draft is their way of pushing Americans to speak out against the government just as they did on the Vietnam war. And saying that we’ve lost the war in Iraq is Harry Reid’s way of pushing Americans to provide his party with the power they want right now too.

    Don’t worry Cpl. Rock, we’re not all fools with nothing better to do than jump on the liberal love train. We’ve got your back here at home.

    Harry expected his words to fire like a tracer round, but instead they came out like a pop with no kick. And he’s too dumb to know what comes next… backfire from hell, which is exactly what this traitor deserves.

  317. zimm1111

    God Bless All US Military Personnel!

    You give us the right to say what is on our minds; even when it may be something stupid.

    Thank you for protecting me, my family, my friends, and yes, even my enemies!

    May God protect you as you protect us.

    :beer: :beer: :beer:

  318. James007

    Way to go cpl Rock! God speed to you! as for mr. dick face read he needs to be casterated because he has no balls. most demogods are that way bunch of whinie bitches! Keep up the good work! be safe! James

  319. Proud American

    “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” by George Orwell…

    No person with a reasonable mind likes war but some wars are necessary to defend the safety and security of our country. Thank you so very much for doing your part. I Love America and want our children to grow up where they can enjoy the great American dream.

    May God keep you in the palm of His hand and put an army of angels to camp around you. “When I am afraid, I will trust in God.” Psalms 56:3

  320. Christopher Barone


  321. Dennis L.

    Dear Corporal Rock and all your brothers-in-arms: thanks for everything you have done and will be doing for my children, my wife and myself. You are not forgotten. Politicians like Reid and his colleagues do not understand the meaning of self-sacrifice for a greater cause. Their major concerns revolve around making political points, opinion polls and the next re-election. Let Reid go to Iraq and tell you and the others that your blood, sweat, toil and tears have been for nothing. Too many people live in a make believe world and cannot or will understand the mortal threats that face all Americans today. God bless all of you. Dennis L.

  322. SSgt LR Voss, USMC

    good work hard dogs. keep it up and stay hard.

    i’m in starbux land now, looking to get back in the fight next year. as good as it is to be back home, when Marines are fighting some place shitty you would rather be there fighting with them than back here in the land of the fat and happy.

    Semper fi,
    SSgt LR Voss

  323. Scott Nelson

    Cpl. Rock, Semper Fi. I am with you all of the way. “We the few, the brave” You the U.S.M.C. and all of the other service men and women in the Middle East are what we are all about. Not the left leaning people back home. I wonder if they know how we the United States became a great nation? Let us ponder a moment, wake up and smell the coffee. We fought for it, you idiots. Don’t forget we at home have your “6”. Viet Nam Vet 3/7 June ’68 to June ’69 Doc Nelson. Keep it real Cpl. Rock and the rest. :beer: :beer:

  324. E.M.C.

    I do thank you for your sacrifice and service. Truly.

    I just wanted to say - I’m not sure that Reid’s comments are directed at you specifically, or your brothers in arms, though his comments are undoubtedly being politicized and are at the center of an unfortunate controversy. I think one can rationally make the statement “the war is lost” without it being a pejorative comment toward the troops who are fighting. Indeed, one can respect and admire the sacrifice of our servicemen while disagreeing with out commander in chief. This is not a political statement. It is a rational one, just as the comment to this effect made by the military officer at the top of the chain of command is a rational comment.

    Furthermore, I wish that many of us who get worked up about the idea that the war is lost would speak rationally about these things instead of lumping any dissenting voice in with those who want to “cut and run”. That is a tired cliche, and we need to stop talking past each other. The fact that Drudge posted this blog shows that your efforts are being unduly politicized, and your identity being used by certain elements in the media for political purposes. I find this unfortunate.

    Nevertheless, from one former military serviceman to one who is serving now - fight the good fight, and be a fine soldier, which I’m sure you are. Thank you for your sacrifice and your effort. May you come home healthy, and may you do your country justice in your actions and words.

    Sincerely, E.M.C.

  325. Bleeding heart conservative

    Ddo- That rocked! I hope you flesh that out to a longer piece and send it to a blogger who will publish it!

    The USA is being lied to by the loonie Left, which frames Iraqi Freedom through the lens of Haditha and Abu Ghraib… a handful of soldiers who were tried and in no way representative. Meanwhile, a thousand untold stories of dedication, bravery, heroism, charity, compassion, and rescue are ignored. a half dozen renegades at the prison act like childish freaks, and that’s on the news every night for months. A platoon feeds, clothes, rebuilds a village, and that’s not even mentioned once.

  326. The Original "Sharkbait"

    “Sharkbait” - you stole my moniker!

  327. Jim

    Well we hear you loud and clear sen reid is playing God
    and i dont think its going to go over well with the President. (13: 1-8 romans A MUST READ) all power comes from God You guys are not door mats you are the backbone of this country and this country was founded on God. Keep your heads on the Job this stuff at home is nuts the dems want power back and will do anything to get it give them enough golden rope and find a tree the day is coming reid will be eatting crow.

  328. Matthew Herren

    Congrats on being featured on the Drudge Report… that’s big stuff and I’m glad millions will have a chance to get a real life look at a man on the ground.

    Thank you, not only for your service, but for sharing your experience with the world. God speed.

  329. ed dodd

    :shock: semper fi do or die every time.

  330. Rocky

    There you go dumbass let them know when we plan to leave. Then they can plan a big victory party. Harry Reid is an idiot and anyone who voted for him should be ashamed! What he said is treason. I love this country and our military. How can we get respect in the world if our leaders are going to be so weak. If you look at muslim society it’s not the weak and liberal ruling these countries.

  331. Heidi vL

    What I can’t wrap my head around is this idea that the Democrats have; this idea that they can support the troops while at the same time not support the job they’re doing…. If someone said to me, “I support that your job is a mother.” I would smile at them until I heard the rest of their sentence, “but the job you are doing as a mother is wrong, immoral, misguided, evil, a lie, not worth fighting for, etc.” Then I’d realize that they don’t support me at all. I know how much I love my kids and will do anything to protect them, and will do everything I can to bring them up to be decent citizens - just as our soldiers are doing everything they can to protect Americans because they love America and all it stands for. They are fighting, and dying, for US and this beautiful, free country. Either you are behind the soldiers 100% or you are not. This “I support the troops but not the war” is hypocracy at it’s best.

    But then, I don’t think the Left would recognise hypocracy if it bit them in the rear. Look at jet-setting Cheryl Crow telling us to wipe our rears with one sheet of toilet paper. Or all of Hollywood crying about “global warming” while they fly here, there and everywhere and, in someone like John Travolta’s case, own a fleet of jets. I guess if your “job” in life is memorizing lines and being able to successfully burst into tears, or walk a catwalk to display the latest fashion trends, THEN you are allowed to break the (I would think most obvious to them) “green” rule and fly all over our “rapidly warming” earth. However, if you actually work for a living (or to put it another way, do more than memorize lines and play dess ups) and need to travel, or if you want to go on vacation once a year, well then, your reasons for flying just don’t cut it and to save our planet you should stare YOUR conscience in the face and walk to your destination, or rent a row boat.

    The point of my rantings is that I want to personally tell you that there are those here in America who GET IT. We understand why we are at war (whether it be with those in Iraq, Afghanistan, or even the possibility of Iran in the future). We get it. We only have to look at our Constitution to get it. WE love America and know that SOMEONE needs to defend her, namely our brave military. You are defending our country’s wonderful beliefs - our God given rights - against those who think those beliefs are from hell and are bent on destroying what America stands for. Freedom of speech? Freedom of religion? Yeah right. To those bent on detroying us there is only one religion….

    How everyone does not see what we are fighting is beyond my comprehension.

    So all I can personally say is “thank you”. Thank you to the military men and women out there sacrificing so much of yourselves for me so that I can live in this awesome country of ours and do the things I do and raise my children how my husband and I want to raise them. And thank you for sacrificing so much of yourselves for the ingrates who throw Starbuck’s straws at you, and worse. As hard as I am sure it is, DON’T let them get under your skin or get you down. They are ignorant and, for whatever reason, are unable to see the bigger picture. Unfortunately, there are those in Washington who can’t see the bigger picture either.

    Those people are unable to comprehend that if the people bent on destroying America succeeded (which they never will thanks to all of you who not only get it, but are acting on that insight) they wouldn’t have their Starbuck’s or “global warming” fears to worry about. Their world would be turned upside down.

    So they can worry about how many squares of toilet paper we should use. Let’s you and I, and any other sane person, focus on keeping America intact so that we can still have the comforts of even USING toilet paper. Ignore Hollywood and others who parrot their irrational beliefs. They are incapable of consistancy and only know how to talk out of both sides of their mouth.

    Whether fighting in a battle, or during some reflective time, or whatever you may be in the middle of doing over there… know that there are millions of people who feel just as I do and who are thinking of you and praying for your safe return home…. And who are behind your mission 100%.

  332. richard shuping

    god bless you god bless your comrades and to hell with harry reed stupid dumbass, why doesn’t he go make another shady land deal and let the troops do their job, stop politicizing the war harry.

  333. Robert Grass

    Thank You Corporal Rock! Thank you and all our soldiers for doing such an outstanding job! You all, of course, are the best in the world!
    All of us common folk back home support you and all the others 100%! It’s the Democrats in Washington that don’t. I’m really not sure exactly who supports them.
    Keep up the great work and God bless you all!!!

    Robert in Tulsa

  334. B-Dawg

    Come on home! The British didn’t hold Ireland, India, or Afganistan, the empire doesn’t always win. You are getting shot at while everyone here knows you and the rest of your buddies are coming home staring in Oct. See you soon.

    War is Over
    (if you want it)

  335. Jeff aka: OnlineDJ

    A tremendous debt of gratitude goes out to you and your fellow soldiers for doing a wonderful job for the United States of America. That sounds good, doesn’t it? UNITED STATES OF AMERICA !

    It seems some have forgotten how to say those words and remember what they mean. I assure you, these “politicians”, I’d rather call them traitors, do not speak for the majority of US.

    I don’t think it’s hit them yet, that if they stop before the job is done, they’ll be bringing home a group of pissed off individuals by the thousands.

    I’d like to invite all of you over there to visit my site when you get a break. I want you to send in mp3’s with “Hello’s and Shout Outs” to anyone you’d like.

    If you want to say hello to family or friends, just send them on. I’ll post them during the music. If you have anything you’d like to hear, let me know. I’ll do my best to get it played or make you a unit or genre specific show. You can also have your family members do the same. Let me know just enough info in your email to make it interesting…

    We support you folks!! Don’t ever forget that. We support our troops…..and all their missions worldwide on behalf of The United States of America. God speed my friends.

    Jeff aka: OnlineDJ

  336. Victor Garcia

    It’s the liberal Democrats; the parties that stands for nothing and believes in even less who have declared the war lost. They have such concern the military, yet often refer to them has “boys” and made every attempt block absentee votes cast by active duty service men and women in the 2000 general election in Florida recount. You men do this nation proud. Those men who fought and died in WW2 are known (and rightfully so) has the “Greatest Generation, they did not seek this out it was thrust a pond them. I have no compulsion saying that this generation of men and women serving in Iraq deserve a title of equal significance has those fought in WW2…

  337. John Roberts

    OORaHH, that is all, carry on hardchargers.

  338. Conservative and Proud

    Ain’t it funny how all the anti-war freaks whine about what’s good for them. well, SOMEBODY FOUGHT FOR YOUR FREEDOM!!! Since we kicked some redcoat ass over 200 years ago, we have been fighting for freedom all over the world! Thomas Jefferson did not take any shit from Muslim pirates and we are not going to either! And I quote some pantload liberal, “botulism” in this post, “Well as sure as I know that Dale drives the #3 car”…you are too friggin stupid to know who drives the #3 car…NO ONE DOES, DUMDASS!!! Dale drives the #8 car and the #44 car. FUCKING WAKE UP TO REALITY!!! And Sgt. Rock, you keep on kicking godless ass over there! You make us proud to be Americans, even the screaming libs do too!

  339. TJ


    nice attempt at pretending to be a centrist(which is just another word for confused).

    just like harry reid and pelosi , you pretend to know the mindset of the american people, and look at the soldiers and supporters bible thumping redneck members of the NRA.

    Well i dont fit into your snobbish little categories. I am an educated northern, gulf vet, who enlisted while having a degree. I happen to know far too many americanas who have a brain and realize that giving up is not in our best interests.

    while the world is suffering initially its better for the muslims to be focused on america and using its energy and resources on our soldiers in Iraq and afghanistan. rather than retreating , giving them a chance to rebuild while we kiss their asses and try to negotiate with them.

    The terrroists are laughing at gals like you. they know they can scream victim and you will jump to protect them from the big bad americans.

    the terrorists live for Jihad and martyrdom. I say we give it to them, relentlessly until they want to make a treaty, then we annihilate them.

    No surrender! thats for the french! :wink:

  340. Dale

    Thank you for your service. God Bless the US Military for protecting our freedom

  341. ikabod

    I could care less what that military loathing idiot reid has to say. As far as I’m concerned, the war is over when the MARINES say it is. Until then Carry on!
    And from someone who only support the warfighter (edwards air force base Information technology support) Thank you for your service. May the Lord watch over you and get you home soon. And yeah I am DAMN proud of you kids!

  342. Rocky

    How exactly do you think you got the right to sit back and talk shit? Was that the result of liberal diplomacy? Maybe you will get lucky and your buddy will be able to stop funding our troops and their families. I think they would love nothing more than our countries defeat. Think about it, how does any positive news out of Iraq benefit them? How about putting America before politics! Do you honestly think they will all just walk away and think of us as another Switzerland?

  343. Mike

    GOD BLESS YOU.YOU PUT YOUR LIFE ON LINE FOR FREEDEM.Douche harry reid remind me about comunist country I born.How is posibile a guy like harry reid a liar,a cheater to decide about our soldiers.

  344. humbleradio

    Great site and well done from a former member of USAF. (Otis ANGB, Falmouth Massachusetts-the home nest of those two beautiful F/15 Eagles New Yorkers saw arrive above their unprotected city on 9/11.)

    Wishing you safety and happiness.

  345. Dennis

    You know, I was really pissed at Harry Reid’s traitorous words that we had “lost the war” in Iraq, but reading comments here from some of his dumbass liberal apologists is even worse, if that’s possible. Where do they get off denigrating the service of those currently fighting for their country?!

    Yep, I gotta hand it to you libs… you really know how to win people over to your point of view!

    Cpl. Rock, I love you man. Me and my family pray for you and yours every morning and night. Forget the naysayers, and take comfort in the fact that the there are many pulling for you, and who respect your service and sacrifice. God bless!!

  346. Ben of Mighty New Jersey

    regardless of how/why we got into Iraq, leaving the place like a patient in the operating room with the insides hanging out is an irresponsible thing to do.

    Pelosi and Reid are short-sighted and irresponsible when it comes to the long term and anything resembling the big picture.

    I’m embarassed increasingly often to be a Democrat. should be ashamed for trying to take out Joe Lieberman for daring to stick to his guns on foreign policy.

    and Reid is a damn moron for speaking like that.

    How many of you think Giuliani is a viable answer?

  347. Marshal Shane

    The liberals and leftist in this country can only win by owning defeat. Throw the damn media out of the country. Issue a set of rules of engagement that fit the use of the best military in the World. Close the damn border between Iraq and Syria and Iran to terrorists and arms. Give adequate notice to civilians in areas where insurgents are active then unleash Hell.Let Cpl Rock and his Brothers in arms do their job. Appreciate the Hell out of them when the job is done and they come home to the best country in the World. :beer:

  348. Dwaine

    Take this to your buds;
    We the PEOPLE have your backs !!
    WE the PEOPLE, GET it !

    “Conservatives KICK ass , so that liberals have the freedom to KISS ass”
    “Scaredy Harry is the exalted leader of the Cut and RUN!!! bunch”

  349. Rocky

    How about all who vote liberal cut and run?

  350. Rene from NO,LA

    Thank you CPL. and Thank you to your fellow service men and women. The libs wnat free speech but if you don’t agree with them they want to shut you up. Keep speaking your mind keep fighting on everyday so that my little girl can grow up in a safer world. Those who serve our country are owed so much. My nephew was over there serving with the navy demo a team. he was disarming an IED that was meant to look like one type only to be another. it went off he survived weeks in a coma, lost a leg two of good freinds weren’t so lucky you see he was the only survivior. After his mind allowed him to remember what happened he said he wanted to stay in the service to train others, so that what happened to him wouldn’t happen to someone else. I live in New Orleans lost everything in the storm but what truly touched and had a great impact in my life was the men and women who had just returned home from Iraq come to the gulfcoast and not hesitate to help in whatever way they could. one guy was home but a few weeks when he was ordered to NO he was from the Philly. I had the opportunity to spend some time with him. AGAIN THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS TO ALL U S service people and screw benedict harry and nasty pelosi

  351. Harry Beasley in Phoenix

    God bless you and your brothers, Rock - Semper Fi!

    That shitbag reid is a COWARD, plain and simple. We need a no-holds-barred General Patton type to stand up, grab him by the nose, and kick him in the pants to once again get the point across that AMERICA WILL NOT TOLERATE COWARDS, -especially- among our leadership!

  352. Todd

    You’re the man. Keep up the good work We are 10000% behind you. FUCK the haters. You rock.

    God Speed!

  353. Mike Hollins

    Cpl. Rock,

    There are a lot of yellow curs like Reid here. They want the U.S. to lose this war. And even though they have no shame themselves, future Americans will remember them with all the contempt they have earned.

    So don’t let the disloyal bastards get you down. The rest of us know what a fine job all you brave guys are doing there for our country. And we will always support you in any way we can.

  354. Ken Lowe

    I found you via Drudge.
    Thanks for the good work there. Thanks for the reporting too bad a network isn’t there. I guess there are no more Ernie Pyle’s (my dad generation).
    I did two tours in Vietnam 67-69 as a recon scout and have so much respect for what you guys are doing. Too bad you didn’t have Schwarzkopf in there from day one today it would have been all over. I don’t envy the people having to fix up the bad plan from the beginning.
    Please keep up the reporting as much as you can. I live in Australia now mostly because I got sick of the American politicians.
    I just hope they let you guys finish the work you have to do there to create a new strong safe place for these people to live.
    Get 40 politicians, 40 Hollywood actors and some news readers in front of a camera and it looks like it is all going pear shaped when in fact it is NOT. Keep up the reporting from the pointy end of the pencil.
    In late 68 it was all over where I was until the Johnson screwed it up, I know I was there on the ground at the pointy end of the pencil, I sure hope they don’t screw it up again. If they do the ramifications will be felt for decades.
    Again keep up the good work and just know that although it may feel like you are there and no one back here is supporting you…. It aint so. We do support you, we do vote, we do care.

  355. Joe Chip

    Cpl Rock. Great to hear you are doing the Iraqis a favor by your continuing presence there. I’m sure they’re grateful everyday to be under the thumb of such a well-spoken, caring individual such as yourself.

    That said, it is regrettable that you are involved in an illegal, immoral war that was started by a bunch of warmongering criminals. It’s also unfortunate that most of the rest of the world sees America as the “bad guys” in Iraq — you may not be blowing up mosques and killing kids (deliberately) but you are occupying a foreign nation that did not attack or threaten us, and that’s usually regarded as a Bad Thing. I’m not sure providing a generator to a single family makes up for invading a country and kicking off a civil war, thereby destabilizing an entire region, but what do I know…

    Ah well, perhaps the free Starbucks when you return will make it all worthwhile! :roll:

    In the meantime, Semper Fi!

  356. Raquel Ford

    I wish Harry Reid would get some COURAGE from the wizard. Though we know he won’t get amy… because his real name is Benedict Arnold.
    We love and honor you, our soldiers in uniform, especially those in the frontlines; you are always in our prayers at home and in the Holy Masses around the world. Do your job and come home soon.

  357. amy

    Dear soldier,

    Thank you for your service. I can’t imagine how it must feel to be putting your life on the line every day to make the world a safer place for us only to hear one of our leaders denigrate your accomplishments.

    Please know that there are many of us who support your efforts and truly appreciate your incredible sacrifice. We pray for your safety and success in your mission.

    -a grateful American

    ps. It’s very encouraging to be able to hear of the progress and successes you’ve had with the Iraqi people. It’s something the mainstream media will not share. Would it be possible to create a site where all servicemen could post their own stories, experiences, victories etc? I, for one, would love to be able to get the news from the people who really know what’s going on and not just from those who sit in an office and decide what they want me to hear.

  358. Haakon Dahl

    You Devil-Dogs make my balls tingle! Fricking great to hear somebody who still has enough sack to tell it like it is to Senator Reid, to Speaker Pelosi, and sideswipe those smarmy Starbucks morons along the way. How do I want my coffee? BLACK, you pansy!

    I read a great sig somewhere.
    “There are two kinds of Americans–those who provide Liberty, and those who enjoy it.”

    Keep it up, Devil-Dogs!

  359. David

    We are trying to fight them on the domestic front, but there are a lot of them and they have control over the mainstream media. Our Universities and public schools have also been infiltrated, and they churn them out. They use Orwellian tactics such as steering our vocabulary and political correctness. They marginalize the majority by making us feel guilty about being who we are. Communism isn’t dead, it has just gone underground. They are invading us from within like a Cancer. They have control over both the house and the senate. They pretended to be blue dog centrists, but after they were elected they kept the likes of Harry Reid and Nanci Pelosi as leaders. Nanci Pelosi’s district includes the people’s republic of San Francisco. They are using environmental issues to make us feel guilty about our superior economic system and to allow our enemies to gain leverage over us. Let’s end the madness and take our country back. It is fitting that we start with a bucket of tar and some feathers.

    Thank you for telling us the truth and for your service.

    – A Son of Liberty

  360. BRIAN

    Great info. Everyone should keep in mind that the only reason we are over there in the first place is due to JC. No, not Jesus Christ but Jimmy Carter. Keep up the fight in Iraq.

  361. Haakon Dahl

    BTW, Harry Reid is no douche. A douche at least serves a useful purpose, and knows how to make a woman feel good.

  362. pants

    i only have questions.
    i know your busy, so i know you might not be able to answer.

    first, one of my friends is thinking of joining the army or the marines.
    at first i was a little freaked out y’know but he really wants to do it so im going to stand beside him. He has a interview or something like that coming up with the army next week. So my question is, whats the difference between the army and the marines?

    second, i tried researching this whole sunni vs shiite thing. there was all this talk about 500 years ago and this guy and that guy. are they almost the same religion, like catholics and babtist? they are right?

    and last. have you made any iraqi friends or are you guys pretty separated?
    are the iraqi people pretty friendly, do they seem like good people?
    the one that arent shooting at you i mean.

    alright, i know these are stupid questions so sorry for bugging you.

    be safe, make it back, keep it real

  363. J. R. Long

    Harry, Nancy, Hillary and Obama, and Edwards. Not quite a good poker hand. Two pair and one jack. They say the have the mandate of the people. Not sure about that. Polls say otherwise. “Get’er Done” Marines. When and where will our leadership of our country stand up and have the guts you all have. It is a sad day in Washington DC. Thanks for your good work and hang tough. Do not let the “nuts” let us loose another war. jrl

  364. Old Coastie

    Imagine what it Iraq would be like if those gangs (insurgents) were not there. Electricity, water, food, improving homes, schools, sewers etc. have been built by our military and others in the coalition only to be destroyed by those people the left wants to have lunch with. Do you think if we left they would all just shake hands and smoke the peace hookah together? Who is the aggressor and who is the defender. Get your head straight. A cab driver many years ago said, “we are taught you are the infidel and someday will have to kill you” as he drove his cab in NYC. “That will be $25.00 Mr.” And there you have it, enjoy your lunch.

  365. Joyce Romano

    God bless you, Cpl Rock and all the troops. Most Americans really appreciate your service and sacrifice. We pray for your safety and success. Unlike some of our disgusting Congresspeople. The way they talk about our wonderful military and our President makes me sick to my stomach and breaks my heart. Is this freedom of speech or TREASON?

    On your behalf and mine, I have daily been demanding Harry GReid’s resignation. And will continue to make alot of noise.

    That unpatriotic coward should be prosectued for treason.

  366. Kenneth Mc Cutchen

    As a Retired Viet Nam Vet I salute you all and pray for your safe return every night As long as we hve young guys like you protecting our six back here I sleep peacefully every night GOD BLESS you all

  367. Doretta Malone


  368. Full Power To The Shields

    Dear Pat,

    Thank you for your service.

    I wrote an article on my blog regarding those concrete walls and how they can stop the more than 1,000 years of violence.

    It’s at

    It’s entitled:

    “10 years of inconvenient walls VERSUS
    another 1,000 years of violence”

    I hope you can read it and if you agree share it with your fellow soldiers and commanders. Not to mention IA’s and IP’s that you associate with.


  369. eric konitzer

    as a liberal x marine who drinks starbacks my candy ass just loves knowing that I am struggling with gas prices…illegal immigration…my house is losing value…and someone who is fighting to protect americans thinks so highly of his fellow americans

  370. Tony Foresta

    The costly, bloody, noendinsight horrorshow, and excuse for wanton profiteering in Iraq cannot be won militarily. The fascist warmongers, profiteers, and pathological liars in the Bush government will sacrifice you, your families, and all those Iraqis you laud for their oleaginous and wanton profits.

    It is sad indeed to see our own soldiers ruthlessly slime our fellow Americans, and Senators for daring to question, challenge, dissent with or oppose the deceptions, abuses, catastrophic FAILURE, woeful incompetence, and wanton profiteering of the fascist warmongers and profiteers in the Bush government.

    Why don’t you inquire with the families of Jessica Lynch, or Tilman for a more balanced opinion of who is defending who, and who is ghoulishly exploiting who in our government.

    You people are either part of the propaganda and disinformation apparatus of the fascist warmongers, profiteers, and pathological liars in the Bush government, or - you are woefully misinformed.

    There is no possible military victory in Iraq brother.

    Take one neighborhood, loose another. Take that another, loose the one you took month ago. You are deceieved. You commander in chief is sacrificing your lives for the wanton profits of the oleaginous fascist warmongers, profiteers, and pathological liars in the Bush government.

    Godspeed and a safe return to your families and an America who loves and honors you my brother.

    The fascist warmongers, profiteers, and pathological liars in the Bush government you blindly worship do not care about you, your families, or America, and will ghoulishly exploit your service and your blood for thier exclusive profits, and partisan political points.

    “Deliver us from evil!”

  371. David

    Semper fidelis.

    Ad inferna Harry Reid. :twisted:

  372. Martin Miller

    When you get back home the real work starts. It’s time we take care of Harry Ried, Chuck Hagel and all of them. It doesn’t matter what party they are. You are right. When we WIN this those jerks will try to take the credit.


  373. Armando G.

    Way to stick it to that Douche Ried! Keep up the good work soldier!

  374. Dennis

    Joe Chip, you sarcastic liberal loser. You only display your ignorance when you say that Iraq did not attack or threaten us. Saddam did a lot more than threaten… he paid $25,000 a pop to families whose children served as suicide bombers. He hosted a terrorist training camp, and hosted a certain Al-Qaeda terrorist named Al-Zarqawi, remember him?

    He also played up the threat of having WMDs so well that everyone in the world believed that he had them, even good little liberals like Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and the douchebag himself… Harry Reid.

    If Saddam was alive and running Iraq today, you liberals would be screaming that he and Ahmadinejad were racing to see who could build a nuclear bomb first. Never mind that Saddam already had 500 tons of yellowcake on hand just waiting for the world to turn its back so that it could be used to jump start his nuclear program.

    So don’t give us your liberal talking points crap about us being Imperialist occupiers. Save it for your convention with Michael Moore, Alec Baldwin, and Harry Reid.

  375. Zach

    My freedom isn’t being protected in Iraq any more than it is when I take a crap in the toilet. You’re nothing more than a cog in the military-industrial complex. At best you keep the current economy running.

    Cheers! :beer:

  376. RACHEL

    Harry Reid is first and foremost a crook and an dumbass. And we are going to get this coward thrown out of office.

    We salute our brave troops and we are so proud of all the good work you do to keep us free and for all you do for those who aren’t even smart enough to appreciate it.

  377. JRR

    Here’s a video compilation you definitely won’t see in the mainstream media. The next time you hear the expression “Bush’s war” remember this video. Note that there’s no “opinion” .. Just direct video which deserves wide distribution.

    God bless our troops. Damn Reid to hell.

  378. Anthony

    Rock on Marines, ROCK ON!
    Harry has forgotten what happened to the Roman Senate when the Emporers took over.
    Then the Emporers forgot who put them on the throwns. The watchers, the guards. Their Marines decided in the end in all to many cases.

    As for the lefties that are posting here. Take a close look at a county by county electoral map sometime. Your precous Leftist are elected were the welfare is thickest, and only there.

    Again, Go Get them Marines!!!

  379. Frank

    Thank you for your service. I hope someday the liberals will see past their hatred of George Bush and give war a chance, since peace was already given a chance. Go and kick some insurgent ass, put the fear of God in them, and watch them go running back to Iran.

  380. French Tanks

    Rumors in Washington suggest Sen. Harry Reid will try and counter the criticism that “he does not support our troops in Iraq” with a bill next week, for the purchase of new French tanks! The new tanks have (1) forward gear and (3) reverse gears. The new tanks come complete with a “white flag”.

    Cpl. Rock, God bless you and the rest of our troops! You are making a difference in Iraq and America is proud of you!!

  381. Rick A.

    :beer: :beer: :beer: CPL ROCK…You are one bad ass, truth talking, heart breaking mother f’er!!!!! Keep the faith brother! You and your fellow Marines are in the thoughts and prayers of my family! I will buy you Starfuck’s coffee any time!Thank YOU!!!!

    Rick A.
    Chicago Police :twisted:

  382. Mark Jeghers

    God bless you guyz and keep you safe!

    Harry reid is such a disgraceful jackass
    that he deserves a slap in the face.
    Self serving Democrat cowards like him created
    the bloodbath in Vietnam with exactly this same
    tactic, and I pray to God they don’t succeed
    again. If they do, the blood of MILLIONS will
    be on HIS HANDS.

  383. Jose

    Harry Reid is the new Neville Chamberlain, Marshall Petain and Quisling COMBINED! The truth is he is just a defeatist wuss patronising to the leftist America haters, who don’t give a damn to the heroic sacrifices of our armed forces.
    Cpl Rock your sacrifice will never be in vain, as you doing a helluva job kicking ass. God bless you and America.

  384. STG-41

    A BIG Ooh-Rah and Semper Fi, Marines.

    The only desert territory Harry Surrender knows how to take is the land he got in a crooked swindle in Vegas and made a few millions on. And his party cares more about pleasing their far-left patrons than they do about what’s right and what’s just. But we know all that.

    What most Americans sadly do NOT know is that Marines are astounding men and women, HIGHLY intelligent, HIGHLY dedicated, HIGHLY motivated, and HIGHLY brave, courageous, and the kinds of warriors that America has always found in time of need. I applaud you for spreading THAT good news to more people, even the propagandized sloganeering fools who post their derisions and delusions here defaming you even while you protect their right to BE jerks.

    There can be no “diplomatic” victory with terrorists and jihadists. They only have one goal–to kill us and to die trying. Happily, we have good people–Americans and Iraqis–willing to help the terrorists and jihadists to die quicker and to die before they harm others. The sooner we kill them the sooner this will be over. There is no other way. Anyone who saw the towers fall and doesn’t understand this will never understand it. Such is life. But it does not deter the mission or the warriors who continue to bravely execute it.

    Semper Fi, Marines. Now go kill the bad guys and ignore the whiners like the Senator from Surrender. He is ultimately irrelevant and the best way to prove it is via Victory. Some say his whines give aid and comfort to the enemy…..and the best way to combat THAT is to give ‘em hell instead.

    I know you will. Be vigilant. Be effective. Be well. And know we love you, admire you, and are so very, very proud of you….and that pissant fools and whiners are utterly lost in your shadow as you stand tall, proud, strong, and free for the United States of America.

    God Bless you and keep you and bring you home VICTORIOUS!

  385. BIGS

    WHATEVER :roll:

  386. Jim

    25th ID 1972-75 I wish you guys all the luck in the world over there in Iraq and Afghanistan . I think Dirty Harry needs a blanket party, maybe a claymore in his christmas stocking, Daisy chains are nice in the summertime.I believe that most of the politicians in DC need to be bitched slapped into reality or maybe return to there former jobs on hotel street on Oahu.take care.

  387. Viv

    First of all - can’t thank you enough for your patriotism. My husband got back from his year in Bagdad in Dec working with the National Police there and is arranging to go back next year. He related how police begged him to not have us pull out knowing thousands will be slaughtered by the insurgents.
    What do you think was being trucked over to Syria just before Saddam knew we were coming in? Did you see how long it took to find a big plane buried in that huge desert there? WMD could take up little room in comparison - like a needle in the haystack to find, so I still don’t rule them outsomeplace!
    Everyone knows what a crazy cruel guy Saddam was, he proved it killing thousands of innocents and also wanted to have control of the oil supplies - remember the attack of Kuwait?? Imagine if we let him merrily continue his ways? A crazy man in charge of the oil supplies, hence the world’s economy! Does that not matter to you libs? Or can’t ya figure it out?
    As far as now, if we pull out like you want, not caring about the innocents that will be slaughtered and no country EVER believing we’d stay and help them in the future, so they might as well cozy up w/ the commies, etc, since they know we won’t stand by them, have ya thought about w/o us there and the insurgents thriving, they sure as heck aren’t going to just stay put after they wipe out all the folks they want there - they’ll just come over here and wipe out more of us - maybe you or your loved ones. Too late for you to wise up then! You have to think of the BIG picture and not just being PC and thinking if we’ll just be nice they will too!! We weren’t in Iraq when we had terrorists coming after us years back, remember 1993 WTC, the Cole, etc??? How many times can we turn our backs and continually be attacked? If Clinton had a spine they probably wouldn’t have succeeded on 9/11! He wouldn’t take OBL when he was offered up!
    If we can establish some kind of democracy in Iraq, it’s worth the risk to potentially start a domino effect in the whole region!! Think of the possibility, would you?? The terrorists aren’t going to quit, even if we pull out!! Wise up! I truly believe we would be speaking German or Japanese if it were up to the Reids, Clintons, traitor Kerrys, Obama, Pelosis, etc. How many years did it take us to get our country running and independent of England? More than 5 years! If we could be united and not having to be PC we could have this war over sooner - don’t give the insurgents hope with bad mouthing our Commander in Chief and depriving our soldiers of what they need to get this over quicker!
    If I can give my husband soldier over for this cause for over a year and probably another next year, you sure can keep your mouth shut if you can’t be supportive of democracy! Also, I feel as though folks who wanted Saddam left in office condoned his and his sons’ brutal tortures and rapes of innocents! Sure you wouldn’t have wanted to be there or your daughters in his or his sons’ sights!!
    Also, you all can watch your potty mouths when online!

  388. Jack

    Come November 2008 we’ll see if the American people think this war has been “won”. I believe our troops have indeed won the military portion of the war; what most of you folks have failed to notice is that we aren’t winning the broader strategic war. A good number of patriotic Americans are beginning to question the wisdom of this war; once the public opinion has turned (and I believe it has) then you will get more and more leaders (Democrat and Republican) starting to admit the reality in public. When Senator Reid says that the war is lost, he’s just saying what many, many of us believe. I don’t feel our troops failed in any way whatsoever; I think we lost the war in a political sense. Iraq is not worth the blood or money. But we are stuck there and will be for a good long while. I applaud the senator from Nevada for speaking the TRUTH.

  389. Sgt. McDonald

    God bless you and thank you for all that you do. You put your life on the line for U.S. Know that we appreciate you and pray for you every day.
    2nd MAW, Cherry Point, 1970-72.

  390. David Scudder

    Thank you all for your incredible work in Iraq. I pray for you daily. My daughter is a contracter there. She has told me some amazing stories of the people she has met serving our country. You guys are the ones that make it easier for her to be there. She loves you all too. Be blessed, and know that the media doesn’t represent the entire nation. Only the amoral elite. And they are so pitibly small and insignificant.

    David Scudder

  391. John

    hairyreid is a flavored douche….

    islamofuckwits beheaded seven people on the next island over last weekend, they were just walking to work…

    The world is a dangerous place and you guys are doing a great job, keep up the good work.

  392. John

    i appreciate your contributions. never forget that there are americans who exists who understand what a shit situation existed over in the middle east before american troops arrived.

    i pay taxes more whole heartedly knowing that they’ll line your pockets eventually. you’ve earned my respect and my american citizen monetary dues.

  393. Jason

    Dennis, what is liberal about not supporting this moronic war? The big government global socialists and world bank criminals are the reason we are in this mess to begin with. If anybody is a “liberal” (assuming a liberal is a big government ninny) it is you.

    Since when is it the mission of America to go even further into debt when we are already nearing ten trillion in the hole, installing european style “democracy” into every turd world pisshole country on the planet.

  394. LTC(DR) Philip D. Park

    Great comments! I am a dentist at FOB Bucca. If you only knew how much we do to patch up terrorists you would probably be mad.

    Reid is blinded by his lust for ending the war. He thinks that he has a platform to work from.

    We love Marines! Go out there and kill terrorists!!

  395. BIGS


  396. Glockfan

    Cpl. Rock, Greetings from Anaconda! Godspeed to you. I am a civilian here at LSA Anaconda and the primary reason I came over here was to provide the troops with the support they deserve.

  397. JRR

    The only opinion I respect and trust is the opinion of the men on the ground in Iraq…not any of the armchair generals who don’t even know where Iraq is on a map and who have no foresight. The men on the ground give a much different story than our leftist press who have been undermining this war since the day it started. If there is one thing I have learned it’s that you can’t believe one word you read in the paper anymore. I have NO respect for today’s “journalists”…who are really just propagandists for the left.

    Godspeed, troops! We love you, we respect you and we TRUST you. You are the experts…not some loser working at the NYTimes.

  398. C Mac


    You are worth 10,000 Dickless Cheney’s! Too bad Dick has better things to do then go on patrol with you, him with his prissy Italian 28 ga and you with your digital cam would make a real pair! Just keep in mind there is more to winning then the battles, heck in Nam we even “won” Tet. To bad Bushie is loosing this one for you guys.

  399. Dave Phillips

    Corporal Rock, I’m just amazed at the strength, determination,COURAGE and patriotic love that you and all the Marines and other armed services have for the United States of America. I’m just a proud American when I see and hear what a kick -ass job you gentleman do especially under the harsh and dangerous conditions that you work in day in day out. You men risk life and limb and do thankless, dirty and dangerous work that most Americans could never have the stomach, strength or resolve to do. I have friends and family that have served at one time or another in either the Marine Corp or U.S. Army and I have some insight into the deep pride and drive you gentlmen have to succeed at all costs. You gentlemen are succeeding day by day. War is hell and I pray for all of you who are serving. I wish people would walk up to a Marine or a soldier and shake their hand and say THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE. Reading your blog gives me hope as a civilian in a Democratic-leaning-leftist-socialist agenda that this country is headed toward. Keep fighting the good fight. I’m proud of all you gentlemen. Please remember this: “I HAVE SPENT MUCH OF MY LIFE FIGHTING THE GERMANS AND FIGHTING THE POLITICIANS. IT IS MUCH EASIER TO FIGHT THE GERMANS.” British Field Marshall Lord Montgomery. SEMPER FI! Dave Phillips, Houston, Texas

  400. jim dixon

    Semper fi Marine. You are a true patriot and Harry Reid is a demoralizing force to those who serve our country, however…….he will fail because of the American figting spirit. Reid does not understand that Americans are not losers …never were and never will be.

  401. Thomas

    NICE!!! It’s about time something like this gets posted. A Marine in the trenches speaks.

    I have two sons currently serving in the Marine Corp and both have served in Iraq. One son is currently in Falluja. The other has been there three times. He was involved in the taking of Baghdad, the assault on Falluja and Ramadi, too.

    This Marines’ post is a breath of fresh air compared to [most] the American Press and Media, which is busy sitting in Starbucks and have not a fricken clue…I wish they’d get one.

    The American media does not understand the insidious nature of Islamic extremists, period.

  402. FAPLAND



  403. David Scudder

    I forgot to mention that my nephew was on recon in Iraq, and he also reported to me how much the Iraqis appreciate what we are doing for them. In fact one mother and daughter would bring cookies and cake everyday to him to say thank you. Even after the insurgents blew up their car, and burned down their house. Even after they shot at them while they went to the base to say thank you again. Those are the stories NY Times should report. If that country wanted us out, we would be gone. We have about 150 thousand men and women there. There are multiple millions there who with one very little effort could do what many “Occupied Countries” have done in the past. Overwhelm them, and get their country back. But those people know for the most part that we are the best thing that ever happen to their country. It is the Islamic fascist who want us out. God bless the USA and every purple fingered Iraqi. And God bless our troops.

    David Scudder

  404. John

    My only complaint is that you are giving douche bags a bad name.

    We all owe you a beer.

    Thank you and all your brothers in arms..


  405. STG-41

    Let’s face facts. All these whiners who CLAIM they’d be FOR this if we were just in Afghanistan instead of Iraq are liars. They’d be against it there, and they’d be against it anywhere else in the world. They’re against trials of the terrorists who bombed the Towers and the scum in Guantanamo, so why should we ever believe them when they claim they “like” Afghanistan but somehow find fault only with Iraq? Facts are facts–they hate whatever anyone with an “R” by his or her name on the ballot says, and they hate anyone who dares raise the American flag and dares proclaim liberty to be mankind’s birthright and who dares share it with others.

    And another thing…these idiots who whine “Oh, those people over there have been fighting each other for centuries, and they’re a lost cause and we should just ignore them and write them off, waaaaaahhhhh” are one thing and one thing only:


    I believe that Arabs and Persians are no brighter or dumber or more peaceful or warlike that Americans, anglos, asians, blacks, latinos or any other race, nation, or people on this planet. They have the same capacities for good, for inspiration, for intelligence, for education, for constructiveness and for an appreciation of love, peace, and the Divine. The fact that they have been led into a twisted way of thinking by evil, greedy, power-hungry men who use God as their excuse for greed is sad, but when Democrats try to write them off they are being RACIST in the purest sense.

    The way I look at it, a huge chunk of the world’s human capital is locked behind an Islamo-Fascist “iron curtain” just as those in the Soviet prison were for 50 years and as those in China have been and still are and other places where freedom of thought is controlled and opressed. Let’s LET THEM LOOSE! Let’s invite them to join the human race FOR OUR OWN SAKE, not just for safety, but for all that brain power and inspiration!

    HOW MANY great books, great art works, great inventions and scientific discoveries, cures for diseases, engineering accomplishments, great businesses and other kinds of progress for the entire HUMAN RACE have we lost out on because those minds and imaginations have been enslaved to this SICK belief system and, in the case of the WOMEN of the region, to their insane restrictions. Would your MOM who died of CANCER have LIVED if more doctors were working on the cure longer…including doctors in Iraq or Jordan or Afghanistan? Would your CHILD who died in a car crash have lived if some innovative metal or safety system had come out of a research lab or factory in Egypt or Syria? Would you be wearing better clothes, listening to better music, even enjoying a better glass of wine or slice of bread if all that human potential was RELEASED instead of ENSLAVED? And the same goes for the dictatorships and decay of Africa.

    The “third world” is the FUTURE of MANKIND. We can help it, release it, and invite it to join the modern age…or dismiss it in the racist superiority-complex-driven stupidity of Harry & Hillary & the rest of their ilk.

    We’re not just WINNING a WAR, we are LIBERATING a PEOPLE.
    Semper Fi, Marines, and thanks for the BIGGER victory you’re bringing us as you crush the terrorists who hold the good people of Iraq in their grip of fear and hate and violence just as tightly as they’d like to hold the free world in it.

  406. Ken Webster

    God bless each and every one of you in ALL service branches for the outstanding job you are doing. What many forget is that this is an “All Volunteer Force”…that my fellow Americans (and you radical leftist) is the epitome of PATRIOTISM! The sacrifice you and your families are making is held in high regard by true Americans who understand and appreciate your unselfish contribution to the security of this noble…yes radical American hating left, a noble nation! Simply saying “thanks” doesn’t seem enough. Just know that our inability to appropriately express our appreciation and profound love for you is heartfelt.

    “The war is lost”… ABSOLUTELY NOT!…the soft centered, linguine spine, egotistical left wants to re-live Viet Nam all over again. Why on earth would they want to do that since they ‘hated’ that era so much? Political gain at all costs…nothing more, nothing less. Political gain is more important to them than the security of this nation. Political gain is their religion, they worship it! They want to cut and run and they desire deep down in their dark souls that the US be defeated and IT ALL HINGES ON THEIR SICOFINT HATRED OF GEORGE BUSH, DICK CHANEY, & CARL ROVE. That is SICK! To see THEIR OWN NATION (it galls them to have to admit that yes it is THEIR nation though they hate it so much) humiliated because of their putrid political Benedict Arnold acts is appalling! There is no war this nation cannot win if it is left up to the military, and, if Washington keeps their meddlesome fingers and egos out of it, and, if the hypocritical media would report all that is going on in the area of operation and not just what emboldens the enemy and the anti-war rent-a-crowd ! War cannot be run from Washington…that is what brought about the demise and success of the US involvement in Viet Nam…I KNOW BECAUSE I WAS THERE! This is a different war…it is not a “standard” war between combatants on both sides that WANT TO SURVIVE THE CONFLICT with victory as the reward but rather it is unlike any war this country has ever fought before because it is a “spiritual war” against a satanic mindset enemy that HOPES TO DIE on the CHANCE that they will achieve “paradise” and be greeted by seventy two virgins. What these air-heads don’t realize is that their “paradise” is Hell itself and the seventy two virgins are the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Donna Shelalah, Maxine Waters, and Janet Reno, etc. And, it is not Viet Nam all over again, but numb nuts like Reid, Murtha, Kerry, Pelosi, Kennedy, and “Leakie” Leheay (plus a host of others) don’t have a clue and never will because they are consumed by their hatred of the President, his Administration, and this nation. However, those on the left that are mentioned are not alone because for the most part there is not a double handful of honest, patriotic, red-white & blue blooded Americans in ALL 335 members of Congress. They have sold their souls for a few minutes of fame in their own minds. HONORABLE Senator Reid…I THINK NOT! There’s nothing honorable about pursuing defeat of your own nation, putting your nations troops in harms way and then cutting off their ability to fight the enemy and defend themselves. My apology to you Benedict Arnold, but you are now in second, third, fourth, maybe even 336th place behind the vulgar, unpatriotic behavior of this pathetic Congress on both sides of the aisle.

    As Yogi Berra (‘50s catcher for NY Yankees) said, “it is deija-vu all over again”. Been there, done that, got the cap, T-shirt, and medals to prove it, however it’s hard to comprehend the reality that it is the sixties and early seventies all over again…the idiots are running the institution, again!

    Lt. Col., USAF (Ret.)
    Viet Nam Veteran

  407. amy

    To Joe Chip-

    Saddam was playing a dangerous game of ‘guess the wmd’ by thwarting UN efforts to conduct investigations into his weapons development program. UN weapons inspectors subsequently discovered a number of warheads designed to carry chemical and biological agents in addition to what they believed to be proof of his ongoing attempt to develop nuclear weapons. This was in defiance of a UN resolution requiring complete disclosure of his weapons program and cooperation with the inspectors.

    Hindsight is 20-20. But I’m willing to bet that had Saddam developed and used a nuclear weapon, you would’ve been among the first to blame President Bush had he not gone in with coalition forces to take him out. Personally I’m glad we have a leader who isn’t afraid to make tough choices and take decisive action to keep our nation safe.(Even to protect morally superior, know-nothings like yourself)

    Thank God for Americans like Cpl Rock!

  408. Joe

    God Bless You and Thank YOU for your service CPL Rock! Senator Douchebag is an embarrassment and should be charged with something under the sedition laws–or even treason…

    I hope that you and all of our Marines, Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen know that ALL normal Americans support you and the mission to eradicate the Islamists.

    Be safe and Semper Fi from a grateful Marine brat who “served” a brief tour in both the Army and Navy…lol

    Sic Semper Tyannis to the Libs!


  409. Liberal Kryptonite

    Thanks to CPL Rock and the rest of the military for getting it right - and to Dollard and Drudge for getting the word out! God knows the MSM wont do it.

    I wouldn’t waste the contents of a dirty douche bag on Reid’s flaming skull!

    Keep your head down and your chin up, Rock!

  410. Lloyd L.

    Semper Fi Cpl. Keep up the good work. My oldest son joined the Marines during Desert Storm. My youngest has just finished US Navy boot camp and is becoming a Hospital Corpsman with an almost 100% probability of serving with a Marine unit in either Iraq or Afghanistan. I would hope that SOME Federal Prosecutor would kindly remind the “Honorable” ( in a pigs eye) Gentleman from Nevada, the “Honorable” Mr. Reid of the following:

    TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 115 > § 2381 Treason
    “Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.”

    Now, how can someone like the “Honorable” Mr. Reid NOT be counted as a Traitor? I can assure you, in the history of THIS country, had he said these things in any other war from 1860 thru 1952, he would have had a fair trial in the morning and be shot or hung by noon. His own words convict him of Treason as defined by our laws which he is sworn to uphold. He has already proven he is totally capable of honor OR of having the right of holding “any office under the United States.”

  411. Joe Battelle

    Harry Reid is right. In terms of setting up a functioning democracy in Iraq, no chance. The only reason there are terrorists there is because George Bush made it possible. Created Baghdad U. of terrorism. And because he can’t admit his mistake and accept his punishment, we’ve/you’ve got to stay there.

    The way to support the troops is to bring them home. Hope you get there soon. Joe.

  412. Viv

    what can we expect from the libs? They believe the mainstream press since, if I recall reading some surveys have about 85% of the press acknowledging being Dems, so they’re fed it and believe it hook, line and sinker… sad…

  413. Don T.

    Do you all really believe that we as Americans have more liberty than the rest of the world? Perhaps more liberty than people in China and the Sudan, but we are LESS free than the majority of developed countries like England, France, Germany, Japan, and South Korea. This bullshit about the military providing us with Liberty is riduculous. Soldiers were the defenders of liberty until about 200 years ago. Now, people like Bush send them away to fight for dollars while he steals our liberties at home.

  414. SZV

    The war is lost.

  415. Master Chief

    Great to hear the TRUTH!

    God bless you Devil Dogs! Ooh Rah, Semper Fi!

  416. Viv

    Don, when have you lived in another country?
    I just left living in Germany for over a year and was shocked to find out how many restrictions they have. I loved their recycling, but a German told me they just dump it sometimes, so don’t be so impressed. They don’t even know what garbage disposals are. They can’t mow their lawns on Sundays or even other days between 12 and 2! And can be ticketed for working in their own garden on Sunday. We couldn’t even wash our car at our house or hire the neighbor boy to mow the grass. They have so many restrictions! So don’t tell me other countries have more liberties until you’ve lived there yourself! I forgot and washed down the sandy gravel in front of the house after snow melted one day then had to worry if the police would show up to give me a ticket if a neighbor reported me! Also, it’s common knowledge you can get a ticket if you leave your car running over 3 minutes NO MATTER how cold it is or at a railroad crossing that’s backed up (understand about ’saving the environment’ but then they rarely have any intersections where you can turn right on red; I sure hated wasting fuel when no one was around because I had a red light!)

  417. john

    war over
    you lose

  418. Don T.

    I live in another country now, and have since 2001. I have lived in all of those countries over the span of my life. So, dont give me this “a german told me” bullshit. It wont stand up in a court of law, and it wont stand up here.

  419. Kyle

    Cpl, I am from Las Vegas and have that nasty piece of shit for a senator. As my Sgt. Instructors at OCS would say he is nothing but a bag of ass. This guy is a little skinny piece of shit that was the one that always got picked last and pegged first in dodgeball and knows nothing about being hard. It is almost comical if it werent so serious, but a Pfc. has more dedication and understanding of the war than the senate majority leader. Fuck Harry Reid,and his hippy pals like murtha. Lt Col. Murtha that is a fat nasty ass that has forgotten or never knew the meaning of Semper Fi. They dont lead by example they are cowards and will always give up with the going gets rough. Semper Fi

  420. Don T.

    And Besides, I would rather be guaranteed habeus corpus than mow my lawn on sunday. Dont you think?

  421. Joe P

    Thanks to the CUT AND RUM DEMOCRAPS!! Reid an Pussylosi
    don”t have any guts

  422. Viv

    I was only mentioning how I wish we Americans would recycle more like they do to a German in a college class there - when she told me not to be that impressed.
    Is it freedom when it’s illegal to not be able to have your store open on Sunday or after 8 PM (unless you have a restaurant (or a bakery on Sunday morn)??? I sure took free enterprise for businesses being allowed to do that in the US for granted when I wasn’t able to shop at more convenient times over there!
    Hurry for the freedoms we have here! Maybe you should move back to the other countries, it sounds like you’d be happier there.

  423. Viv

    OOps, I reread and see you are elsewhere, glad for you!
    Please, do control your potty mouth online tho!

  424. Don T. is a Mugwump

    Don T. dude put down the crack pipe. You calling our soldiers muderers, is the same sickness, as you calling Colonel Che a hero. Your a angry young man who couldn’t find the love of his father, so I do pity you in that regard. So if you can’t say something to the subjects face, which you wouldn’t have the balls, then you probably don’t have the conviction of your opinion

  425. Joe Battelle

    W has us stuck in the Iraq tar baby and Senator Reid is just trying to get us out — an effort the polls show has overwhelming support among the American people. Let’s hope he succeeds so all the soldiers can come home. Joe.

  426. Viv

    I’m not a combatant or terrorist, and rather be safe than sorry. I am willing to give up some freedoms since have nothing to hide and haven’t done anything to give the government cause to suspect me. I see nothing gained for safety’s sake by restricting businesses’ hours though.
    It’s late and I’m going to bed…

  427. robert miers

    and you are, although many spend a lifetime trying to lose that nickname, kudo’s to you and your buddies. My daughter’s friend (home from iraq)(going back in July) told me that cutting off their money would not stop his marines. He said that the marines can and would operate on peanuts and popcicle sticks if needed. That brave man is 24 and the oldest in his group is 20. What they lack in age is countered in courage, wisdom, and honor. When on ones deathbed, money, jewelry, social statis and the like will be the farthest thing in you mind.
    Your God, family, faith, honor, and service to mankind will be your warm protector.
    God Bless, and thank you

  428. Wayne Beckman

    Corporal Tyler Rock I love you guys. Thanks for what you all are doing. I have a little laugh for you.

    The Pope took a couple of days off to visit the rugged
    mountains of Alaska for some sightseeing. He was
    cruising along the campground in the Pope Mobile when
    there was a frantic commotion just at the edge of the

    A helpless Democrat, wearing sandals, shorts, a “Save
    the Whales” hat, and a “To Hell with Bush” T-shirt,
    was screaming while struggling frantically and
    thrashing around trying to free himself from the grasp
    of a 10-foot grizzly.

    As the Pope watched in horror, a group of Republican
    loggers came racing up. One quickly fired a 44 magnum
    into the bear’s chest. The other two reached up and
    pulled the bleeding, semi-conscious Democrat from the
    bear’s grasp.

    Then using long clubs, the three loggers finished off
    the bear and two of them threw it onto the bed of
    their truck while the other tenderly placed the
    injured Democrat in the backseat.

    As they prepared to leave, the Pope summoned them to
    come over. “I give you my blessing for your brave
    actions!” he told them. “I heard there was a bitter
    hatred between Republican loggers and Democratic
    Environmental activists but now I’ve seen with my own
    eyes that this is not true.”

    As the Pope drove off, one of the loggers asked his
    buddies “Who was that guy?”

    “It was the Pope,” another replied. “He’s in direct
    contact with Heaven and has access to all wisdom.”
    “Well,” the logger said, “he may have access to all
    wisdom but he sure doesn’t know anything about grizzly
    bear hunting! By the way, is the bait holding up, or
    do we need to go back to Massachusetts and get another

  429. Chris

    God bless you, and Thank-You for being a hero, unlike our pansey self-loving greedy, arrogant senators, most of who couldn’t shine your boots. I appreciate your efforts and back you up 110%
    Long Island, NY
    All the armed forces are in my prayers.
    I pray to the one true Lord and Savior: Jesus Christ - son of God !


    You guys are really appreciated…..please don’t pay attention to the general media……they really don’t understand the cost of freedom…….maybe someday they will……..

    thanks again

    love and prayers
    Cool Richie

  431. Devil Dog

    Oooh Raaah! Devil Dogs. From a retired Marine GySgt keep up the good work. Outstanding response. I pray that you get home safe to your wife and family very soon.

  432. Ken Pittman

    Cpl, thanks for your service. You make us proud. Please know that it isn’t just the families of Iraq you are helping. It is the families of the world that cannot thank you enough. What happens in Iraq will dictate how many suicide bombs and IEDs go off in New York, London, Berlin, Madrid, Sydney, Toronto, Tokyo or even in the smallest of towns in America. If history is a barometer, we can say we know what happens if you fail. Remember how emboldened the Islamic fanatics were when the Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan. That sort of victory brought Osama bin Laden to legendary status due to some myth but also due to the retreat of a superpower. Thousands volunteered to join his Jihad. US Soldiers and Marines are draining the resources of the enemy to expand their hatred and thirst for death to anyone not willing to convert to Islam. The pussies in Europe can sit this one out and let America save them yet again (3 times in 90 years). I have four sons (ages 10,7,5 and 2) and believe me when I tell you that I am aware that YOU and your friends are sparing their lives by heroically ending the cause and lives of the enemy so that when my boys are of age they can live in peace instead of chewing the dust you are. Again, THANK YOU. I wasn’t sure how this generation of military was going to respond to 9/11 and the orders from the White House following it, but I must tell you that you guys are making history. I’m 41 and a widower who has a radio show in New Bedford, Massachusetts. All I do is try to keep morale up for my listening audience. You do more for your country in your sleep than any of us back home can hope to do. Harry Reid is demonstrating a desire to see America lose simply to boost the Democratic Party. He is a sick and pathetic loon who’s sedition goes on unpunished but take his cheap shot on the chin Marine. Forget the defeatists and the ingrates, in the end it is they who will feel the shame. We are with you and pray for you by the million. God bless you, keep you safe and return you to your waiting wife. - Ken Pittman

  433. Jim H.

    Cpl Rock, Godspeed and thank you, my wife thanks you, and our kids thank you. Ignore the defeatocrats.

    all the best,

  434. David Ray

    For all you and the rest of our Brave Men and Women do to safeguard our Freedom, merely saying Thank you, is not enough! God Bless: Live long, Live Well and Prosper - ye Guardians of Light!!

  435. Lance.tmq2

    Man, his words take me back to my Cavalry days.

    I sit in front of this computer every day now, I collect my disability pension (100% thanks to Uncle Sugar) and ache and hurt constantly. Some days I can barely walk or get up from my chair. But I’d give my right nut to get back in the game. If I wasn’t a permanently brokedown old “broke-dick,” I’d be right back in the shit. Funny how you hate it while you’re there, then long for it when you leave.

    I think coming back to a world that doesn’t understand, and mostly doesn’t give a shit, tends to make us long to go back. Case in point, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and the other Michael Moore ass-wipes who actually believe they have a better plan than non-liberal realists like me and this young Marine. I’m not sure what their plan is, nor do they, but by God they tell us they know better even if they don’t. This is absurd.

    I wish this young jarhead all the best. I was always awestruck to watch these 18-year-old kids turn into salty troops in just a couple of months. Absolute die-hards and America’s finest crop of young men just kept coming, year after year.

    Damn, I wish there was more that I could do for them. All I can do is run a blog that hatchets away at the Mujahideen-mongers who stirred up all this shit. I guess I’m now in the Information Warfare business. Guess that beats sitting around jerkin’ my meat and joining the seditious liberal traitors.

    OooohRaaaah and Sabers Ready!

  436. Da G-Trane

    Don, Don,
    Where can I find the enlightenment that you seem to have piled to such luxurious excess? You are so worldly. I’ve never left the city limits of my little town in my little, provincial, God-fearing fly-over state. Maybe someday I’ll pack my recycled buttplug and drive my Prius out to meet you in your utopian castle in the sky.
    In the meantime, keep enjoying your right to differ (albeit from a great distance) and be sure to never acknowledge the people who protect that right.
    America misses you, sport.
    Yours in Chomsky,
    Da G-Trane

  437. Gbear

    “the war is lost. iraq has been turned into a hellhole. our american solidiers have been shown as killers, savages, and brutes. our country has lost its moral authority in the world. the world is looking for new global leadership. i’m moving to china.”

    Iraq is a hellhole NOW?? What the hell do you think it was BEFORE with Saddam and his brothers peeling the skin off people who played soccer (football) badly??? Much less chemically bombing minorities that threatened them, etc. etc.

    I’ve been in China for seven years now, fag. There are plenty of you douchebags in hiding teaching English or whatever out here cuz you’re such a reject back home. Then you get here and flap your mouth with every anti-American comment that comes to mind thinking you won’t be challenged by anyone intelligent that can speak your language. What you don’t realize is there are plenty of expats here that’ll kick your a$$ too, myself included. I suggest you watch your step. Or move to France.

    While I’m on a roll, isn’t it funny how Democrats campaign about “helping bring our soldiers home” when 90-95% of the military votes Republican? And we’re not talking moderates either; I find that most who serve are _very_ conservative. I think it’s amazing how the Dems are never called on that… Yes, these soldiers offer great sacrifice, but don’t ever think that voting for cutting and running is serving anything else than your own warped worldview. These are men of honor who make great sacrifices for an incredible nation. Listen to *them* a bit (as opposed to Katie Couric or Dan Rather…) before flipping that vote switch, will ya?

    Cpl Rock and all in the military, y’all are doing an amazing job. It really is good to hear from the horse’s mouth what goes on down there, as opposed to the subjetive cr*p we get from those with only leftist agendas (Democrats and the media). I’m sure all that negativism affects you guys even more. Screw em! I and most Americans can’t be more grateful for your sacrifice.

    Thank you!!

  438. Jim Romano

    Best to you and your colleagues. My family appreciates your terrific courage and your terrific efforts.


  439. Terry, Georgia

    Thank you for the very blanket of Freedom you provide. You are all HERO’s and have more patriotism in tip of your little finger than the Democrate Leaders in their whole body.

    It’s sad that Ried and Pelosi wants you to lose, Wants America to Lose; because they are losers. This country never has liked losers. You all are winners in my eyes and I would be glad to buy you a Starbucks when you get back. There are many people here that support you.

    I hope you and many realize you are not alone We support you!

  440. Gbear

    DonT, list some of these “sacrifices” of your liberty you specifically have suffered from as a result of Bush’s policies. Please.

    Gitmo and the Patriot Act were in place *well* before 2004, and you still got your butts kicked by W & Co. (Read that again. Pretty amazing, huh? Wasn’t like he was the genius of all presidential candidates in history, was it?) Ain’t like there’s a big referendum from the people against these policies now, either. Yes, yes, y’all won Congress last year (I was surprised you didn’t win it in 2004; gay marriage was a great platform to run on, huh?) by basically shutting up and saying “we’re not W”, but prepare yourself for Rudy in 2008. And if you don’t think that’s happening, ask the ultra-left New York citizens how much they appreciated the end result of Rudy’s policies (that also called for serious sacrifices) when he was mayor. Then see if you can convince yourself that things will change for you and your buddies next year.

    Stay comfy hiding out overseas, dipsh*t

  441. Gerry Raidy

    To all the Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan, SEMPER FI!!!!
    To all the members of the Armed Forces, THANK YOU!!!!

    This situation with “Dingy Harry” Reid, reminds me of VietNam. The America haters will do anything to grab headlines and to push their agenda. DON’T LET IT HAPPEN!!! TRUE AMERICANS ARE BEHIND YOU 100%!!!

    Gerry Raidy USMC 1962-1965

  442. Hal

    What a Marine. What a man. A real American

    Douche Harry Reid what a poor excuse for a man and American

  443. Frank

    We cannot thank you and your fellow service men enough. Also thanks for the comments to big douche. Same goes to the rest of his fellow red a$$ traitors in congress and elsewhere. Bless you all!

  444. richard schwartz

    Thank you for your service…I do not know what else to say

  445. Ahmed

    Your drive is based from day to day clashes with pther people who are shooting at you.

    What you don’t get is that they are the ones shooting back.

    If America would get the hell out of these peoples country, they would stop fucken shooting at you.


    that is probably not what you want, because then you couldn’t play hero boy any more!

  446. Commander Mojo


    Iraqi fingerprints are all over the first World Trade Center bombing—pull your head out!

  447. David W

    Excellent, God Bless You!…And I hope with all my might that Harry Reid will crash and burn in the his next election. What a loser!

  448. M algore

    Don T - where have you been, we missed you. next time, we will use a bigger caliber and automatic weapons.

  449. Former Devil Dog

    I love You Devil Dog and wish I were there covering your 6! Sept. 12, I was told I was too old to re-enlist but to send my sons… I could have kicked that little navy pricks ass :evil:

    My middle son is on his way to being a Marine Corps Officer rather than an enlisted like me. I am proud of him and he will carry on the same tradition as you Rock! I will fight the good fight here at home doing what ever I can to stomp out defeatist liberals where ever they slither.

  450. M algore

    Semper Fi to all of the warriors in Iraq and Afganistan.

  451. IdiotKeeper

    Viv, you’re an idiot. “I am willing to give up some freedoms since [I] have nothing to hide” …

    The problem with that is that you will never get them back. Once this government takes something, it keeps it, for ever and ever.

  452. Squid

    CPL Rock, Semper Fi, GBU, Fair Winds and Following Seas. Very Respectfully, Squid, U.S.N. (Retired)

  453. Greg


    Tell the member of your platoon that Americans deeply appreciate all they do for us. Our entire family pray every day and night for your safety. You’re all that stands between us and armed fanatics. Thank You!

  454. Scott Newman

    God Bless,
    I’m sorry that so many Americans are ignorant of what you are really doing in Iraq. They obviously don’t find the truth from the mainstream media.
    I’m sorry you have to hear about and read the politically motivated defeatism that comes from to many of our political “leaders”.
    I’m sorry that you have to do with out enough of the tools you need to do the job that needs to be done.
    I’m sorry there are “leaders” that would rather play “arm chair general” and try and run the war from here.
    I’m sorry you have to put up with “leaders” that would rather figure out how to lose instead of figuring out how to help us win.
    I’m sorry you have to put up with so many idiots here at home that really have no clue to what this is all about.
    I could not be prouder of the men and women that serve our greaat country.
    I could not be happier that you are doing so well to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people.
    I am truely thankful to you for going after the really “bad guys” that many Americans don’t think exist.
    My pledge to you is:
    I will do everything in my power to vote the idiots out.
    I will do everything I can to make sure you get the tools you need for the job.
    I will do everything I can to educate my fellow Americans about what is really going on.
    I will do everything in my power to help your families while you are away.
    I will greet you and welcome you home the day you return to America as the true hero’s you are.
    God bless you and keep you safe.
    THANK YOU !!

  455. Pierce

    Corporal, you will never know how many Americans appreciate you and your efforts. Please know that we will never forget you nor allow those who have done their utmost to undermine you and the mission in Iraq to forget that they provided aid and comfort to the enemy in time of war. What a bunch of Benedicts.

  456. mjjp

    The Marines and Army are great. However the so called war is over as there is no leader to topple and no land to gain. All the evidence is in and the verdict is we should not have gone to war in the first place. Toppling Saddam while good is not and was not worth the troops we lost let alone the tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis who were killed. Because of our non sense the survivors will be left for years of struggling to get their life back. The Sunni don’t like the Shia and vice versa and the Kurds don’t like anyone. Fighting for the sake of fighting is counterproductive. Come home to defend America.

  457. Jack T

    Cpl Rock,
    Thank you for what you do!! I am very proud of the work you are doing. Stay strong and know that the American citizens are supporting you. Reid, Schumer, clinton others like them will say and do anything for “face time”. Starbucks coffee cost too much anyway, What is the profit on a $7.00 coffee.

  458. Tim

    God speed CPL and take care of your self. It can be said of a true leaders like you, “those that best lead have best served.” Semper Fi!!

  459. MSG Hill

    Kick ass Marines. We train as we fight so keep your head down. As far as StarFucks goes, I can’t stand the yuppy attitudes so I visit a local cafe(more homey with regular people). And you are right, Sen Reid is a douchbag and that is only if you are being kind. If you see SFC Vazquez, give her a hug from me and tell her to keep low. Take care and return safe,

    Master Blaster

  460. Ronnie Thompson

    :lol: I want to just say THANK YOU!!!!! Sen. Reid & most democrats are so out of touch with the average American

  461. Deb

    We are so thankful for all that you are doing. You and your fellow Marines are doing us proud. I pray for you and your families. Thank you ! Harry Reid needs to resign…today.

  462. Sean Bartlow

    Cpl.Rock, Keep the faith brother. You and your fellow marines are loved and (truly) supported by millons of us.
    You guys are what makes America great. OOH RAH!! SEMPER FI !!

  463. Phil

    Thanks for your efferts, when your done over there doing the great job that all of you do, we need you back home cleaning up the mess from the socialist appeasers and starbucks drinkers..The later being the toughest of all jobs you will ever have…

  464. pf miller

    WE the people , are with YOU…… no attention to THOSE wimps and pessimists. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. ex ARMY man..Korea era. :beer: :beer:

  465. PG

    Cpl Rock,

    Thank God for you and your service. Were it not for Marines like you, America’s finest, people like that coward Reid would turn us into France; a nation of cowardly, do nothing weaklings. The sad story is that the Dems need this war to be lost so they can rape our political system for decades to come and view your service and sacrifice with disdain. I hope and pray that America wakes up and realizes we are at war…


  466. AJ

    SEMPER FI ! I am in the Navy and I appreciate all that you are doing it this situation. We are brother in arms and we are serving our country the way we are ordered. Keep up the good work and stay safe. AE1

  467. Alex B

    Corporal, I thank you so much for serving this great country of ours. I have so much respect for the military that when these liberal dick heads starts putting you down it just pisses me off, totally and my heart breaks for you all. Please, we need you all from the military to speak out more. Speak out againts these politicians who doest not serve the US interest or pretends to be. These people has no shame! They’re out there bashing out President in a time of war and pretends to support the military. They’re in the losing side. If the US wins which we are, they’ll won’t have their job and lost credibility. But if the US supposedly lost the war they’ll say, see I told you so. God Bless The USA. Victory!

  468. DENNIS


  469. david t

    Just a simple thank you to you and all the others in our military who serve our country. I support your efforts, am amazed by your commitment and pray for your continued success and safety. I am convinced you are in a war that ultimately is the most important in our nation’s history.

  470. Gregory S. Davis

    You boys hang tough.

    My prayers, my thoughts and my will is with you.

    Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, the Clintons, Rosie O’Donell (let’s just say Hollywood and all their Washington friends) - they are misguided and have no sense of propriety. More worried about global warming (something they can’t prove) than about terrorism (something 9-11 proved to us all is deadly real.

    Keep fighting the good fight.

  471. DENNIS


  472. JP

    Keep it up guys! Don’t let the Harry “Jane Fonda” Reid’s do to you what they did to us during Vietnam. We had no voice then, but you guys have the internet today!

  473. Chris

    Thank you so much for your service to this country. I love the U.S.A. and appreciate all of the opportunities that I have because of men and women who serve to protect my freedom.

    When I had the chance to serve as I came out of High School, I was a chicken-shit and did not do it. I regret that, and you and all those who serve have my respect and my gratitude.

    Columbia, SC

  474. Ron Chalmers

    I wish you and all Americans over there the best of all possible worlds. You have made our world safer.

  475. kim strauss

    Thanks for your service. When push comes to shove, you folks are carrying the load. Harry Reid is surfing the political wave.

  476. Matt

    If I see Reid, I’ll gladly kick him in the nuts on your behalf. But it looks like you’ve already done that!

    Stay safe, mighty warior. The Collins Family from New Berlin, WI, welcomes you and yours any day, any time.

    We are proud of you.

    Matt, Jen, Kathleen, Delaney, Matt Jr., Ava.

  477. Michael Manthey

    As a retired Air Force tech sergeant (Vietnam Viet) I applaud and appreciate your sacrifice for the people who can’t do whats need to be done themself. Very few understand why we do this, but many within themselves wish they had the guts to do what we do. You will always have a place in my heart for you and your family. I know it hurts to hear the things people say (I know first hand), but you know what many of us can’t explain. This is the right thing to do, so help us GOD. We are the answer for GOOD against EVIL. “I SALUTE YOU SOLDIER”

  478. Charles

    My heartfelt respect goes out to you and the brave men that are making that part of the world a much better place! You have more balls than I’ll ever have going over there and doing some very heavy lifting. Three words to end this with:


    Fuck him! Hopefully this country doesn’t fall asleep at the wheel and re-elect such scum into office. Thanks again!

  479. zman

    Cpl. Rock et al.,

    Great prose!

    Semper Fi My Brother! Hit it hard, hit it straight!

    We have your back here. As an Army Vet holding two (2) Honorable Discharges myself, I believe I earned the right to say that.

    I would have jumped at an opportunity to return to my calling and live out my destiny in the Glory Walk; and like many parents who would have taken the place of thier kid if they could.

    That was not to be. As a police sergeant myself, I took my daughter on patrol with me for a 8 hour long father -daughter chat the day before she left for Iraq.

    Most were private conversations but I shared some personal and specific military experiences with her. I went over some things about ambushes as strange as it soounds.

    She wasn’t a month in country when their seven vehicle convoy was ambushed by insurgent forces. My daughter fought a good fight along with a number of young American men and women in Karbala. They were ambushed and proved themselves well. She returned home with a different perspective of life and a deep distrust of Liberal Democrats.

    In my opinion each and everytime Hollywood elite, MEDIA, and DEMS make those poisonous remarks they are followed (usually within a day or two) by more attacks on our kids over there!

    As a parent and citizen I am looking forward to the 2008 elections and hope the Republicans take serious notice of this DEM controlled congress and remember it for what it is.

    How is it that Republicans sit back and take the campaign restrictions and yet allow Liberal MEDIA and Hollywood to campaign for DEMS with each days newscast, television shows, as liberal radio talk shows spew forth their lies etc.?

    Cpl. Rock and all, you guys and gals will live on forever in the pages of history. Your efforts, pain and tears will never be forgotten.

    In the coming days, months, and years when you return home and re-enter civilian life remember it was ‘we’ that had your back, while the DEMS, LIBERALS, Hollywood Elite, and major MEDIA worked feverishly against that effort at every turn in the road.

    God Bless America!

  480. Mark

    Corp Rock, Keep up the great work!!! Our thoughts and prayers are with you. It is sad day when some in this country care more for the terrorists than for those who fight to defend us. From a former Marine, Semper Fi, and God speed.

  481. Bones

    Thank You Sir! You are a Hero. Will write more later I just needed to say I support you not like others who say the support you by saying we should surrender. You Rule. God Bless!

  482. Ten Hammers

    Mr. Rock, good show. You have support here. God Speed. U.S.N. 1970-1974 ( non combat Vet ).

  483. Laura

    REAL people here back home are very grateful that we can sleep peacefully at night. WE know this war is not over. WE know that the sacrifices of your family and others keeps the terrorists on the run and out of our homes. Don’t listen to the politicians, celebrities and media are saying. Our lives are safer because you are protecting us. Thank you.

  484. steve p

    Semper Fi former Sergeant Charlie 1/6 - Keep up the great work Rock there are many people behind you. I am a volunteer firefighter and we all support you!…..the real Americans not the political hacks……you are serving proudly

  485. trever

    trever thanks again keep on keeping on thanks again

  486. trever

    trever again, thanks again for all your efforts thanks.

  487. Tim

    I’m saying it again from a VERY grateful FREE American family man: Thank you for protecting my family, myself and all Americans from the evil over there!

    We love you all, be safe and kick ass. We all know the truth no matter what Harry Reid says, keep up the good work!

  488. Viv lol

    i have nothing i can give but all the same no terrorist of combatant hopefully and thank god. hey viv spare a couple dollars im hard up

  489. Mark Gibson

    I think it will be a great day when every time someone does a Google for Harry Reid, the word “douche” comes up. And then people on the news will pick it up, so it would be like

    “This is Mark Gibson, for Fox News, reporting that the douche Harry Reid said something stupid today. But what can you expect from a total douche? Later this week, he’ll be honored by the douche nozzle manufacturer’s association for elevating the visibility of douche nozzles everywhere.”

  490. Mark

    The way to tell it, Rock!

    F-ing Starbucks doesn’t represent the community but they do get more press.

    Good stories on media controlling what we see and hear at this website: it’s pro-American.

  491. Tim

    Thank you for your service and your courage to voice your opinion Corporal.

    So…What the hell are we going to do about Reid and the others trying to destroy the fabric of America and tear it apart from within? Are we going to keep anonymously whining about it in blogs or are we going to stand up as one and denounce it, or worse?

    That is the question.

  492. Jon Lester

    Because of your story putting the most serious things in perspective for me, I no longer care about the petty differences with inferior minds I’ve dealt with lately, said minds being as one with Sen. Reid. I thank you for your post, your service and your role in forging what I believe will be very important and consequential human history.

  493. Koos

    So now that Iraq is nice and peacefull I suppose you can go home?
    Why are you still there?

  494. Viv lol

    fair disclosure:

    i posted gregusa
    Viv lol

    i used to have paypal but some guy named hernandez hacked it any funding for food today is probably out of the question

  495. Ron S.

    :beer: :beer: :beer: I want to thank the men and women of our armed forces for there sacrifice and dedication to keep the american people safe around the world. I can’t imagine anyone that loves this country would not support your efforts. The people who speak out against this war are border line treason. If you dont support the war efforts at least support our troops.


  496. MM2

    Thanks, Corporal. Sometimes a squid even gets lost in the BS the media puts out. Thanks for putting out the message.

  497. John B

    Thank God for you all. I saw that cold puddle of puss, Harry Reid on TV news yesterday. I am embarrased and discusted by him and the rest of his pathetic party.

    I pray that God protects and blesses you all.
    I will do my part here, as a Glock owning, middle aged, fat white guy with a wife, 2 daughters and 3 cats, to support your outstanding service to our nation.

  498. jeff

    i wold first like to thank you for your service to this country of ours it makes me extremely proud to even comment about your service. the bastard dems are afraid of both you and us, as we know we are right, i only pay half assed attention to the news as it is so politically distorted (read hate bush) that anyone that believes it just gets in line with them. trust me, the majority of americans know what is right and just, and we believe in you. thank you again for the your service to our country and to ourselves.

  499. Magdalene

    “the Democrats are treasonous, back-stabbing, America-hating weasels.”

    WELL SAID!!! I am sick of all of our politicians… it is time to vote all of their a$$es out of office. Thank you for your service sir. May God bless you, your troop and your families.

  500. Steve

    Self-serving excuses for men like Reid don’t deserve US citizenship; much less public office. Were Reid’s counsel followed, our good Marines, soldiers & airmen would have to take the fight to the terrorists on US soil. One thing is sure. Reid is a loser!

  501. robert lee

    i can lay my head on my pillow at night and go to sleep knowing i will wake up the next morning a free man with all my freedoms intact. god bless you soldier and all the rest of the military everywhere! we love you and support you! semper fi fellows. keep up the great job cpl.

  502. Jeff

    Thank You for your service.

  503. Doyle

    THe troops shouldnt be there in the 1st place, this was an is a misguided war by Bush Co. The brave service men and women who have died is tragic.

    BTW Viv, what other rights are you so willing to just give up for the “feeling” safe. I will not give up any of my rights as a US citizen.

  504. John VH

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you and all the men and women of our Armed Services. This country owes you a big debt of gratitude. Every politician should walk in your shoes first before making stupid statements like Harry Reid. Lets arm all of Congress and the Senate and put them on the front lines, let them do something for this Country.

    God Bless you and may all those who have died, be welcomed into God’s all embracing love and rest in peace.

  505. Dennis Cutler

    So BIGS, I take it the 15 0r 20 losers who have spouted off typical “no brain required” free expressions of thought voted for Kerry. What’s your point! I am over here in Afghanistan and there is a lot being done over here, as has been mentioned many times the media will not report it, it is no wonder you people think like you do. People blog back, in the majority, from Iraq and Afghanistan and you say it isn’t so. Bugger off, enjoy your freedom to be stupid and let the brave do the fighting for you moron.

  506. Bill

    Hey pal keep your head down, and your iron sights straight, Harry read is a homo,it is very easy to say the war is lost when your in cushy Washington job is at stake,he has sold his soul so he is already dead, you keep your self alive and keep zapping bad guys. Trust yourself, trust your men,watch your back.
    Semper Fi :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:

  507. Greg West

    Y’all check out this bumper sticker. This is for that rat bastard Harry Reid.
    He is the absolute antithesis of Vince Lombardi
    Remember we are Americans.. “Winning isn’t everything.. It is the only thing”

    That is the attitude that built this country

  508. Rob

    The democrats are a shameless bunch of idiots who will exploit anything for their own political gain. It doesn’t matter if it’s gun control or national security, they will squeeze every ounce of blood from the warm bodies of the victims.

  509. Mark

    Reid is a traitor by any definition.

  510. Brian

    Cpl. Rock thanks for defending Liberty! Actually, you are helping to establish it, so the IPs and IAs can then defend it. No greater sacrifice is there than that which you give people you’ll never meet. Thank you for representing us. Americans.

    As for Don T., thank you for moving elsewhere since 2001. I wish pathetic malcontents like Alec Baldwin who promised to leave, when President Bush was re-elected, would take Harry Reid and join you.

    Our armies have been defending Liberty more recently than 200 years ago. Having lived in Germany, you should know that. Certainly, either fascism or communism would still control vast parts of that country and the whole of Europe, had the US not fought for Liberty so that Europeans could then defend it themselves.

    As recently as today, nine of our GI’s died fighting for the Liberty of Iraq. Do not insult them with your ignorance, Don T.

    Thanks again, Cpl. Rock! Many salutes!!!

  511. Tom S.

    Semper Fi Cpl Rock!

    You guys are awesome. Don’t worry about that piece of shit Reid, we have YOUR backs! Stay Hard and God Speed.

    I’ll keep a :beer: ice cold for you!

    S/F My Brothers

  512. Earl Biggins

    Thanks for the wonderful job you are doing combating vile muslim extremists. However, all Americans have a right to disagree and express different points of view. Protecting our liberties is worth dying for. So be proud that some asshole in starbucks is free to express their opinion. Many muslim countries would hang or imprison their citizens for opening their pie hole.


  513. Kevin Barry

    Dear Pat, Thank you for your service. As usual we have young men like yourself in harms way. It’s got to be depressing because you would hope that all of the country is behind you and there are many who are. Unfortunately politics play a devisive role in this battle and like Vietnam, you are the one that’s going to suffer for these A-holes. I have no doubt that the majority of the people in Iraq appreciate what your doing there. Of course the left media wants you to demonize you and think the worst. When your not killing innocents your raping the children. They don’t see the humanity that the American soldier has for the down trodden and they never will acknowledge the savagery of the insugents. Don’t let Harry Reid’s surrender stop you from doing what you belive is right. God Bless Rock! K.Barry U.S.A.F. 69-73

  514. Dennis

    Don T. you are full of it. I’ve been to Spain, Italy, Monaco, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Lebanon, Israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE, England, France, Germany, Norway, Scotland, Holland, Jamaica, Brazil, Uruquay, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, Singapore, Austraila, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Djibouti, Tunisia, Eqypt, Somalia, Kenya, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Aruba which I consider a pretty fair representation of the world (leaving out Russia, India and China) and I can state that we do have it a lot better than the majority of those countries. Are there a few exceptions sure, just like we have our warts, but it is a heck of a lot better than what is out there. Enjoy where you are, don’t bother coming back, you can’t handle the freedom.

  515. Kim Atkinson

    Keep up the good work and a majority of the American people support you. The ones that don’t, who needs them anyway, check out some of their logic in their posts. These are people I want to be around, NOT.

    I only get my news from Drudge unless I need some laughs I watch CNN or MSNBC. I better not hear Hillary talking like a Marine.

    Stay safe….

  516. Michael Mertens

    Cpl Rock,
    As a 43 year old, I look back at my life and can only wish that I had made such a selfless contribution to this great country. Beyond your contributions, there is the threat: the parallels we see today with pre-WWII; yet so many remain blind to the ominous events.
    Don’t believe the left-leaning press- the Mertens family and all my friends strongly and totally support the efforts; and recognize the progress that has been made by our brave troops.

    Godspeed and Thank You! God Bless America and God Bless our Troops!
    You make me proud to be an American.

    Mike Mertens

  517. Celeste

    Don’t be discouraged by Harry Reid’s comment. How many wars did he fight? Or better, how many millions did he make as a result of a ’sweet’ under the table real estate deal in Nevada! He’s scum and his no credibility with anyone that matters. He’s the liberal’s mouthpiece. Beware, America…………if the leader of the Senate can say this war cannot be won and get by with it…….our walls are tumbling down around us. Where is our pride for our military. And Do Not believe their line ‘but we support the troops’. These Democrats are a danger to the very fiber that made us great. They have no backbone, no pride, and when things get tough, you only see their backside! GET HARRY REID OUT OF THE SENATE! Where are the voices of our conservatives demanding his removal?? When want patriots leading us - not wimps. It’s time someone stood up for America! GET REID OUT!!

  518. Engineer Jim


    Harry Reid is not worthy to lick the bottom of a marines boot. He is a traitor … plain and simple. Know this Corporal Rock and all you other marines: The strong and the brave of this country are with you and will be until victory is achieved. Reid and others are domestic enemies … They are no longer countrymen.

    Semper Fi
    Captain Mac
    US Army (Retired)

  519. ROCKY

    Harry Reid is AWESOME. Just because you are invested in this war don’t make it righteous. The facts are simple: more troops, more Americans & more VETS are pissed because the president & Vice President really LIED to sell us this war.

    We are all veterans. Our children will continue to pay for this war for generations.

  520. Mike the Marine

    Used to be in Wpns co. 2/8 in Gredana/Beirut.
    Know what you going through brother.Damn politicians screwed the pooch back then to.

    Your pride is showing brother,
    Keep your head down and GET SOME!!!

  521. Melissa A.

    God Bless
    Come home soon, and safe.

  522. 受不了

    ” and then we could wait for 3,000 more american civilians to die before we say “hey thats not nice” again”

    Hey! Irag had absolutly nothing to do with 9/11. It has been an established fact for a long while now. The only you are there helping the people is becuase you disckhead of a President blew up their country and created this civil mess.

    I will always support a soldir in the field, but I really can’t stand a government that uses it soldiers as the US has done.

  523. md

    Words can not describe the amount of respect and thanks that my family and I feel your you and the rest of the USMC’s! Your courage and patriotism will NEVER be taken for granted by the greater majority of americans. THANK YOU, stay safe and God Bless!!!!

  524. Craig Altenhofen

    Unfortunately, unless we as a country wake up and smell the coffee, all we will have is a buch of Starbucks owned by the Chinese. We have lost our identity as a country. The world is flat and we have no true borders, politically or economically. With our military’s fortitude Iraq will become a great ally and the world will see us again for what we are: liberators and advocates for freedom.
    To all the Iraq alliance military and your families, the world owes you are debt which may never be recognized by the majority.

  525. Ken Wales

    Thank you for your service sir! DO NOT LET THESE POLITICAL HACK MORONS IN WASHINGTON DC get to you! They are clueless! You are HIGHLY respected by Americans and we pray for your success in your mission and you safe return! KICK THEIR BUTTS!!! (Read this link on Drudge Report!)

  526. H Siverio

    Hey Rock,
    You guys have a lot of support over here even though most of the time the only thing you hear comes from the left wing politicians like Harry Reid. Unfortunately he’s out to impress his party, who is desperately trying at all cost to win back the Presidency. I want to thank you and your buddies for doing what you are doing to keep us safe over here.
    God Bless and be safe.

  527. Sillk

    We never should have been in Iraq in the first place. This whole “war” never should have happened, but Bush lied and made up the whole WMD thing to get us over there and settle a grudge he had against Saddam.

    This whole war is BS and all the troops over there have died for NOTHING. What a waste. You people that are defending Bush and keeping the troops over there make me sick.

    The American People do not support this “war” of yours. Time to come to terms with that and get our troops HOME.

  528. Brannon

    Way to go, gyrene!

    From an Army guy about to head back for his third year, I enjoyed your site, photos and statements. You Marines have done one heck of a job during your tour at Ramadi. That’s something that you can be proud of for the rest of your lives.


  529. Army Brat

    God speed Marine, thank you for your efforts to ensure America maintains it’s position as a FREE Country where ALL people have the right to FREELY express their opinions…

    Ironic how 99% of these posts reflect a mentality more in line with wishing we were a Military Dictatorship! To some free speaking Americans that’s why we are in Iraq!

    Cheney and Rumsfeld used a personal agenda from their days serving under Bush I…Instead of a full invasion of Afghanistan, home of OBL, or Saudi Arabia where 15 of the 19 9/11 terrorists were from…We invade Iraq…The only Middle East country with NO AQ pre invasion…

    We fear the spread of Islamic extremists and we invade the only country in the Middle East that is not run by Clergy??? Saddam had more to fear from the Islamic Caliphate than us…

    By invading Iraq, we help to strengthen the only real power in the area, Iran. Instead of leaving their natural foil, Iraq, in place???

    We preach Democracy in the region as we support Musharraf in Pakistan…Who took power in 2002 through a Military Coup of a Democratically elected government.

    We rail against the evils of AQ and terrorists, yet the birthplace and teaching ground for virtually all of Islamic extremism is Saudi Arabia, home to the Wahhabi sect, the most extreme…So we invade Iraq???

    The one thing that makes me laugh is all these people saying if we don’t fight em there, they’ll swim 6,000 miles and show up on our door step! LOL….The Bush family has been bringing the Saudi Royal family to your doorsteps for the last 10 years…At $3 a gallon!

    I lost 2 uncles and my father watched hundreds of his buddies die in Vietnam (read the book Mud Soldiers)…We put 500,000 Americans in harms way in Vietnam because our enemy was the USSR?? Those ignorant enough to not remember the past are destined to repeat it…

    Keep the faith Cpl., stay safe, come home and remember, the dissent is not about you and your buddies, the dissent is about choosing the right place and the right time to put our fine young men in harms way.

  530. R. Vince

    Remember this: Never in the history of humanity has another country fought a war to BRING democracy to another country. What you folks are doing is of historic importance.

  531. David Chamberlain

    Semper fi!

    Thanks for your service and enlightening comments. In most of life’s events, the headline grabbers shout over top of the real life stories that occur with the humble people slogging through the reality of it all.

    Harry Reid doesn’t get it. He’s never lived any of it.

    Keep on keeping on.

    God’s Peace

  532. Cowgirl19

    YOU GUYS ROCK!!! Keep fighting the good fight, and forget those democratic crack heads in the government. We’re behind you all the way, until the job is done. Semper Fi!!!

  533. Kevin McElhannon

    Concerned citizen,

    Where are you from France? Well I think you should wake up and smell the coffee that Cpl Rock is talking about. These Men and Women are not hiding behind unmarked uniforms or flying planes into buildings to kill people. They are protecting you and everyone in this country by taking the war away from our homeland. Do you really believe that the war is lost? We did not start this mess but we will finish it. Thank you for your service to all of the Men and Women who are there day nad night watching over us. God Bless hope to see you all home soon.

  534. swango826

    Hey Otto, Germany had zero to do with Pearl Harbor. People like you like to say that there is no evidence linking Saddam to Al Queda. Not true. Read a document called ‘The 9-11 Commision Report’(you might have heard of it). In it there is EVIDENCE of connections between Saddam and Al Queda. Not as much evidence as the OJ jury had, but then OJ got off even with a mountain of evidence, which goes to show you, you’ll never convince everybody. No WMD in Iraq? Also not true. There have been numerous reports of WMD found inside Iraq. Look up a 2003 New York Times article(not Fox News) article about the U.S. Military securing 3 tons of yellowcake Uranium found inside Iraq. Yes, the same stuff the libs like to say Bush lied about Saddam trying to buy from Niger. He already had lots of it.

  535. Ron E

    Mr. Reid is demoralizing and telegraphing the wrong message to the enemy…all for selfish political gain. There’s no other reason for him to lie and say we already “lost the war”. He’s the loser and his comments, now in the global media are akin to treason as far as I’m concerned.

  536. Bryan Flood

    I don’t really have much to offer you guys by my full suppoert.

    Thank you for your service.


  537. Curtis Frazier

    Semper Fi, 3rd Recon 67-69, You and your fellow Marines are doing a great service to your country. Everyone I have talked to stand behind you 100%. If I could, I would put on a uniform and join you. Remember the Marines have never retreated in over 200 years. No retreat, no surrender. We had our Hanoi Jane, looks like you got Bagdad Reid. These people just don’t get it. They are more interested in getting votes and winning the 2008 elections, then supporting our troops. Hang in there we all love and support what you are doing. Semper Fi

  538. Bryan Flood

    I don’t really have much to offer you guys by my full support.

    Thank you for your service.


  539. Ron E

    Mr. Reid is demoralizing and telegraphing the wrong message to the enemy…all for selfish political gain. There’s no other reason for him to lie and say we already “lost the war”. He’s the loser and his comments, now in the global media are akin to treason as far as I’m concerned.
    God bless you and our other military heroes who are putting their lives on the line for the USA…not just blowing hot air to get elected again like the shameful Mr. Reid.

  540. Ross Odom

    The Harry Reids of this world and the “mainstream” media are convinced they’re on the rise and winning the ideological debate. If we conservatives keep to our principles and stay strong AND VOTE, we can beat these people.

    When we do, Cpl. Rock, come home and help us celebrate.

  541. Barry Leaper

    You Americans deserve the government you have. You’re so blinkered that you can’t see when you’ve been lied to.

    YOU supplied Saddam with all his weapons, he had NO WMD’s, and he had NOTHING to do with 9/11. You went to war to gain oil, not to liberate a country.

    Just keep voting for Dubya and keep your heads down and pray it gets better.

    Everything’s alright.

    You are free…. (repeat ad nauseum)

  542. EACN

    Cpl, simply put, Thank you.

    From a Navy Seabee from an earlier era.

  543. Wild Bill, Sgt USMC (Former Active)

    Cpl Rock, after spending some time with RCT-7 (2004-2005) in the al Anabar providence, I too feel your frustration at what the U.S. has come to. Ever since I got off that plane and back on American soil after 16 months, nothing has made much fucking sense here. (Even after cooling off for over a month in Okinawa.) The flag flies at half-mast for college kids that get killed, yet when one of our Counter-Intel guys gets hit so hard by a Vehicle Borne IED all we can send his wife is a fucking DNA sample, there were no half-mast flags… Wait, I forgot, we weren’t even allowed to display the American flag ANYWHERE in Iraq, all in the name of Political Correctness.

    It is very easy for those whom have never had thier boots in the sand to pass judgement. It is even easier for them to be opinionated about ‘What is really happening’ over there. And the Democrats that have declared this war lost before it even began, I have a nickname for those butt-fuckers, I call them ‘The Suckers of Satan’s Cock.’ If they think it would help out thier career and make them a buck or two, they would gladly take his load accross thier faces.

    But I digress. I, like many of us, really know what has happend and what is happening, and the best thing we can do is get together on occasion, drink beer, and give out a big OORAH! I still have a lot of friends still up in Lejeune, and if you let me know when you get back, I’ll look you up and we can go grab a beer or something. (Is Jugs still open?)

    In closing, a word from Reagan:
    Most people go thier entire lives wondering if they ever made a difference in the world, Marines don’t have that problem.

  544. Eddie

    Corporal Rock
    First thank you and you fellow troops for the work you are doing in Iraq, it is a privilage and an honor to be able to say that to you.
    Second. A vast majority of Americans believe in you, our cause and our country and for morons like Mr. Reid to speak as stupidly as he did is an embarasement, as an American I offer an appology for the discredit he invoked and ask you and the troops in Iraq to forgive such ignorant behavior. Mr Reid does not speak for me or America.
    Stay strong, fight on
    Thank you for your service to The United States of America
    Eddie, Boston, MA

  545. Shelton

    God bless all the U.S. Service men and women. The majority of Americans appreciate the sacrifices of you and your family. With out the military this country will ceast to exist. Be safe.

  546. Todd

    Many thanks from a 6th Marine Alum (TOW Platoon). Keep it up and come back to us safe when you are done. We will need you, and others like you, when we form our own movement and clean up the pussies in D.C., Frisco and Seattle.

  547. NoelA.

    As Bob Hope said “America is behind you 50%”. The other 50% don’t deserve the sacrifice the military men and women make for America on a daily basis. I’m glad you guys are out there protecting me and my family.

  548. Paul

    Cpl. Dollard- God Bless you and your brothers in arms over there. We believe in you and the mission at hand. Tell your brothers over there to not believe what the leftist media says over here. Unpatriotic and borderline treasonous.

    Best to you -watch your “six”

    The Lewis Family

  549. Neal

    At some point, if people learn and grow, hubris and nationalism are replaced with reality and the sense Americans have no special place in the world (other than a very hi-tech military) and no special place in God’s eyes. We are just fortunate…for now.
    Pride, vengeance, and ignorance are hastening America’s downfall.
    OK military fans….Please be smart and think of ways to feel good about yourselves in ways other than sending your kids to kill those you fear. Keep America strong by throwing away less…..($$ and lives) Overreaction is usually worse than underreaction.

  550. HOLLY in Florida

    My son is a Marine that was in Ramadi for 7 months last summer and fall and experienced some of the worst times there. It is disgusting to hear our politicians talking about something they really know nothing about. I am so PROUD and thankful to our men and women fighting to protect us back home. THANK YOU!!! Keep up the good work! God bless….

  551. Steve

    You guys ROCK! Keep up the good work and be safe! The vast majority of us here in the States support you and your mission. Thank you all for your service and your sacrifices that you and your families have made. God bless you all. Thanks, Steve

  552. Jason

    My family and I just want to let you know how much we appreciate you going to work each day. Not only do you have to deal with an enemy hell-bent on killing you, but you have to deal with an enemy at home hell-bent on setting you up to fail.

    We really appreciate everything you are all doing for us over there. If you weren’t fighting the enemy so hard over there, they would be over here within a few months.

  553. Samuel Medina

    Thank you CPL Rock! As a former Marine I salute you and our comrades who are doing the hard job while freedom rings in America. The Democratic party is a socialist party, full of people with no spine. They would surrender our country to the enemy for a stake in power and money. They are the reason we as true Americans must stand and unite against cowardess and appeasement. May the Good Lord lead and protect all of our men and women in uniform and their families so that future generations may know the truth and be proud to be Americans.
    Samuel Medina Sr.

  554. Bill

    I have three sons in the ARMY, all of them have been to Iraq/Afghanistan multiple times. GOD BLESS AMERICA, FUCK Harry Douche Bag What’s his damn name.

    Democratic fight song “LET’S LOOSE THIS THING”

  555. marjorie

    Too bad all the REAL men are over in Iraq!! Maybe ya’ll can come back and teach some of these boys how to be men. Love ya’ll and keep up the good work!

  556. Jason

    As a former Marine, with friends and relatives still overseas in several different line infantry units, this story is dead on. It’s great that we have an opportunity to read it and Drudge has made it available for more people to read it, but what if this letter would be acknowledged on medias such as Fox, CNN, MSNBC and the others?

    Semper Fi! Cpl

  557. Martin

    Cpl Rock -

    What Harry said was treason! He turns his back and sticks his head in the sand with comments like those. We are at war, and the Western world better wake-up and realize that this war is worldwide. There are attacks every day outside of the US, Iraq and Afganistan (Of course these go unreported by the main-stream-media.)

    My family and I are behind you and your fellow Marines and Soldiers there on the battle field. We do what we can over here to raise awareness. My wife and I showed up at a recent Cindy She-Hag rally (by the way her recent visit to Greensboro, NC was sponsored by “World Can’t Wait”. This organization gts its funding from the Communist Party. The media actually pointed this fact out! I couldn’t believe it when I heard it!). We were confronted by a large group of Liberals (just like Harry, Hillary, Obama, etc). The local radio, television, and National Public Radio folks were there and put cameras and microphones on us. One by one the Libs drifted away as they could not refute the facts. Most of them were either in thier 50’s (Vietnam protesters reliving their youth) or 18-30 year olds trying to emulate theses elderly traitors. I watched TV and listened to the radio……nothing but shots of the She-Hag and softball questions to her followers like “Do you think its wrong that our soldiers are killing innocent Iraqi citezens?”

    By the way, my wife attended a recent Rally in DC to support all of you on the front-lines. Large numbers of Vietman Vets and others were there. Our side outnumbered the Anti-War crowd by 3 to 1 and get this, the anti-war crew sent out buses into DC to round up Homeless and empty out homes for the mentally ill (in exchange for a sandwich, booze and dope - no lie, they they said the bus doors opened up and you could smell the dope). They gave them generic signs to hold. There side was also full of flags (no USA Flags though). The flags were mostly from the middle east (no Israel flags either). What a CROCK!!

    Listen, we have a long way to go in this war. Our strategies, missions, leaders, and personnel will change but our resolve must remain strong! Thank you for your service! I mean it sincerily!


  558. robert

    this thing called the iraq war is no war. from the beginning it was designed and fought like a police action. not enough troops, no draft, no way to pay for it. a bunch of chickenhawks willing to sacrifice good men and women to the benefit their buddies.

  559. Brian C

    Just got to work and realized the Dems are trying to set a surrender date….Trying to resurrect the 60’s when they had power….They’d give away the nation so they could have power over what’s left. I’m a Viet Vet, and trying to compare this to the Vietnam war is a waste of time, like comparing a 64 chevy to an 06 Vette. Different era, different people, different motives, this is not a fight for a little country in South East Asia, it is a containment of Islamic terror, and surrendering will not make it go away….. Slimeball Harry Reid and idiot Pellosi, they’re not doing this for america, it’s to try to get Hillary and the Clinton Power mongers back in the White House. Shame on their kind.

  560. EAB

    You’re all puppets. It makes me sad that propaganda machines worked so effectively on you all. It’s your demographic that allowed Bush to invade Iraq because of an entirely unrelated incident, perpetrated by people with an Iraqi-ish skin color. There were no WMDs, and they weren’t linked to the bad 9/11 men, but since alot of people had been killed, ignorant assholes like yourselves allowed bush to gung-ho himself into another vietnam. This is the part where someone tells me how bad a man saddam was - true, and if bush said “saddam is a bad man, let’s go fuck his country up” then that would be one thing, but remember the initial point was WMDs and terrorists, neither of which were there before us.

    I like that the majority of the arguments coming from the republican flag-wavers are based on patriotism and such, but who says patriotism = blind faith? It was an OIL WAR, it’s now a FUCKUP WAR. It, like all the decisions of the Bush administration, has been with the interest of the wealthy in mind. I find it HILARIOUS that a huge, HUGE Bush-supportive demographic is made up of poor assholes who don’t know better, and who are the primary recipients of the Bush administration’s reaming.

    thank your sir, may I have another!

  561. Steve Grass

    Thank you.

  562. Terry

    Rock on Cpl Rock. Your remind me of my home state, Texas. Tough but friendly. (Texas means “friend” in some Native American language.)

  563. SAM


  564. Mike Brown

    Corporal Tyler Rock, you are my new hero. Plain and simple. I’m a vet but I never had to go to war. You write with such conviction and truth that I would love to shake your hand and look you in the eye and say THANK YOU! You and your fellow warriors are the last best chance we have as a nation. While you and the rest of the true Americans are over there fighting and dieing for all of us, most Americans are too busy watching American Idol to know or care about your sacrifice and the true nature of this war. After this one is over, come back and help the rest of us take back our nation from the lefist sissys. GOD SPEED!

  565. Andrew

    Thanks to you and all our military!!!! We appreciate you bigtime. And your families too for the sacrifices they have to make while dad/mom are away.

    Keep up the good work. I’m proud you’re on my team.

    Louisville, KY

  566. MRFA

    Hey Cpl. - Greetings from the Navy! As a Vietnam vet I sit here and watch the maddening political prostitution of the likes of Reid and Pelosi, and I can’t help but make comparisons to what I saw as a combat veteran of my own war. The same shameful behavior is now being directed toward you guys as we faced 40 years ago. Hang in there Shipmate - you’re the hero. They were so eloquently described earlier as “douche-bags!”

    Semper Fi

  567. Mike

    I sent the weinie Reid a letter thru his website sharing my thoughts about how irresponsible his comments were. As with many politicians I got no reply or comment at all. I don’t know a lot about the man but there is no way he ever served in the military. Anyway, Thank you so much for all that you are doing. You have the love and appreciation of many of us here in San Diego. Keep your head down.

    You are in Our Prayers,


  568. Jmerv

    Huah from an old Infantry O-3. As for Reid and the other dhimmi-wannabees, well, ILLEGITIMUS NON CARBORUNDUM.

    God Bless & keep up the outstanding work!

  569. Patriot

    There is a phrase, honor the warrior - but don’t feel obligated to honor the war. Marines are the ones called upon to do the business of the US and you represent how it is expected to be done, thank you!

    It is little wonder you have so much work to do and are going to be deployed time and time again — and it has nothing to do with anyone being envious of our freedom. It has more to do with us thinking that our style of self governing is what “everyone” wants and sending in the military to serve that up.

    I do honor the warrior, but as to the leadership that sent you there, sorry, as a Retired USAF LtCol, I offer little more than utter contempt.

  570. mark

    first and foremost………..thank ou for our service and dedication

    we are proud of you what you are doing is noble and right

    we do not feel that the war is lost

    keep the faith

  571. Greg

    Thank you and God Bless

  572. ED OWEN



  573. Scot Walker

    Thank you for what you are doing. The blame-America-first scum in this country get the most attention by the media, but they are the minority. Have we won in Kosovo yet? Oh yeah, it’s OK for a Democrat president to bomb “innocents” for 78 straight days. Is that “Civil War” over yet? Are the radical Muslims finished burning down Christian Serbs houses yet? Never. As was 1,000 years ago, it will continue.

    Keep up the good work. You are a hero.

  574. bill

    Thank You for your service.
    Because of people like you, we are free…..
    makes me proud to be an American.
    Keep your head down and your powder dry

  575. Bill Beatty

    Thank you for helping to protect democracy and my family.

    We should all be writing directly to Senator Reid and letting him know that all is not lost. The link below will take you to his Senate email. It would be extremely powerful if he heard directly from military personnel in Irag as well as Iraqis who appreciate our willingness to protect and assist them.

    God bless you.

  576. LARK

    right on brother

  577. Boomer Lou

    Perhaps a general boycott of scummy Las Vegas will convince the nit-wits of Nevada that selecting this treacherous preacher as their senator wasn’t the most prudent things to do…..I suppose its Soros who pays that twisted old queen.

  578. Roger Bacon

    Men often oppose a thing merely because they have had no agency in planning it, or because it may have been planned by those whom they dislike. —Alexander Hamilton

    God Bless America, God Bless our brave soldiers and their families! I’m American by birth, free by the Grace of God, but Freedom is never Free.


  579. petertosh

    Is this a site for overzealous marines? The day Iraq has a western style govt. is the day hell will freeze over. We are talkin about an ancient civilization that has an unlimited supply of people willing to die. I respect what the soldiers are doing in Iraq but lets be realistic! Whenever the dust settles IRAN will be the big winner here. A fraction of that money could have helped rebuild some of the Gulf right here in the states. What a waste!

  580. Tony

    God Bless You!! Thank you and all the men and women who stand up and fight to keep our country safe. The work you do today will keep us safe tomorrow, even those anti ware critics that won’t appreciate what you are doing untill all is history and it is viewed in retrospect. I honor you and your effort. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  581. Christopher T Larson

    To Cpl. Rock,
    Thank you for your service and the sevice of all service people over there. Be safe, come home to open arms. The demoRats are against this country. I guess U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy was right when he said there are communist in our government. Liberalism equals Communism different name same meaning.

    Chris Larson

  582. Pete

    I wish the media would post positive stories. Not just about Iraq and the military, but they seem to think that everyone only wants to hear body counts and other people whining about being called a name.

    So many Americans and Westerners are so weak now that they cannot handle verbal assaults, let alone the true assaults that our service men face every day.

    I appreciate what our service men are doing. I know they are trying to do what they can to bring safety to women and children in a war zone. It is sad when people in Iraq have a better image of US troops and what they are doing than the US in the states.

    Please pass along our appreciation and thanks to the troops serving at home and abroad! (and don’t hesitate to share what you are doing and that you are proud to fulfill your duty - trying to protect and serve for the US *AND* the Iraqis)

  583. Eli Rodriquez

    I was once part of the 325 at Bragg so I think that calling harry reed a douche bag does disservice to douche bags around the world.
    Civilians should leave the war to the WARRIORS.

  584. Boomer Lou

    Yes, yes I did misspell “things” . As for the remainder, it is in fact the voice of moderation….

  585. BigJay from Popug

    Thanks for what you guys are doing. Some of us Americans are still behind you! And yes, Harry Reid is a douche, thankyou for fighting for his right to be one!

  586. Lawrence D. Cannon

    I am somewhat uneasy at calling Harry Reid a douche. Douche serves a useful purpose as a feminine hygeine product that helps women feel fresh. Calling Reid this is too much of a compliment for him. However, if Corporal Rock (please please please make Sergeant!) wants to flatter Reid like that, I’m not going to stop him. :lol:

  587. Bernard


  588. ci ndyQ

    I keep hearing from “patriots” - mostly military types that we’d win this war if only the politicians would get the hell out of the way!

    Sorry folks - that argument is as wrong now as it a few decades ago when we allowed ourselves to be misled into a war in Viet Nam.

    The problem in Iraq (as it was in Viet Nam) is a political one the politicians there need to fix. Five years of the American military playing Whac-A-Mole with “insurgents” obviously hasn’t worked.

  589. west_rhino

    Cpl Rock, BRAVO ZULU and Godspeed!

  590. Kathryn Clark

    To BIGS, yes I voted for George Bush, after voting for Democrats for twenty years. I protested the vietnam war and the first gulf war. I protested until boots were on the ground and then I supported the troops. This is something the democrats cannot understand or comprehend. You protest wars before war begins, not after. It took me twenty years to realize the democrats are cowards and liars. Yes, I voted for Bush, and will continue voting for Republicans. So get over it. Hopefully you will see the light.

  591. Mike Witt

    Just wanted to send you guys a “thank you”. Keep up your great work.

  592. SGT. Armes

    CPL. the wright thing being done need not ever be explained to those who are afraid to be where you are. “Freedom has a flavor those who have not fought for it will never know” GOD Bless you my friend.

  593. Boomer Lou

    Yes, yes I did mispell “things” . As for the remainder, it is in fact the voice of moderation….

  594. Pete C.

    Thank God our seemingly ignorant country still produces the bravest, strongest, and smartest military in the world. I continue to stand in awe of all of you. The dumbass politicians and news media don’t make it sound so at times, but there remains a large core group of your fellow citizens that appreciate everything you continue to do each and every day, over there. Please continue to watch out for each other, so you all can come back home safe to your families, when you’re ready.
    Pete C.,USN 1973-77

  595. Daniel

    CPL Rock needs to STFU and do his job. I’m tired of hearing the troops’ opinions. The troops don’t make policy — the government does. To the Marines that don’t like the war, they need to just do the job the signed up to do. To the Marines that are pro-war, they too need to just do what they are told — including leaving if that’s what it comes to.

    Everyone has an opinion — but the only opinions that matter are in Washington.

  596. Jeff Daniels

    Thank you for your service and for the great job you are doing. If I have anything to do with it, these aging hippies won’t treat you like they did the soldiers returning from Viet Nam. They claim this is Viet Nam all over again, but who is doing everything they can to turn it into that. The liberal press (who all want to be Walter Cronkite) and the Democrats.

  597. Brian Batch

    God bless you guys for your service. Don’t like idiots like Reid and the rest of the liberals believe they hold the majority voice in the US. Most of us get why you’re there and know the news isn’t as bleak as the press is reporting. Thank you.

  598. jen mccarrick

    there isn’t a political side that *entirely* suits my opinions/views these days - so as a member of the human family - thank you for standing up for our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers of the world.

    and, please know that even though folks are encouraged to ‘chose a side’ when registering to vote - our *hearts* are always on yours.

    godspeed sir.


    jen mccarrick (florida, usa)

  599. Jeff Curtis

    Cpl Rock,
    Thank you for keeping us safe, and thanks to your fellow servicew men and women. You are right about Reid and all of the democrats are like him. Far as I’m concerned, they are all terrorists. They don’t care about you, me or America. They only care about their own power. They are invested in defeat and are doing their best to assure it. Luckily, we have people like you on the right side of the issue.

    Thank You!

  600. Bill

    I wish everyone could read this and see your site! I have great pride in you dudes over there. It is very sad that our country is full of pusses, the politically correct a-holes that drive the biased media. You NEVER hear the positives on what is going on in Iraq; carefully scripted, one-sided drivel…

  601. Nancy Naive (evian ycnan)

    If you guys want some fun, come see me on the website listed.

    I’m a coward who was rejected by the Air Force Academy, so now I’m anti-military.

    I was fired by Raytheon, so now I post all day on their Yahoo! website, trashing the military and anything American.

  602. Yul Malmstrom

    Thank you for your service to the United States of America. My family respects the “honor” in wich you have served us here in protecting us. God bless you and your company of brave men.

  603. Steve


  604. Dom

    Semper Fi….. and Thanks, from an old sub sailor. :beer: :beer: :beer:

  605. A-RX2


  606. Toppie Lincicome

    While you guys over there fight the war that matters I hope we Americans stay vigilant to fight the war at home. Harry Reid thinks he’s got America behind him, well he’s got another thing coming. These liberals are showing us just who they are and I hope we wake up and see that. I hope Cpl Rock’s email is shouted from the housetops. I am so proud of you military folks, it brings me to tears and gives me another reason to hit my knees and lift you up to God. Be careful over there.

  607. Scott Ussery

    Cpl. Rock,
    Semper Fi!
    “Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But, the Marines don’t have that problem” (President Ronald Reagan)

    Scott Ussery
    Corporal (0352)
    1st Marine Regiment

  608. Michael West

    Attn all whiney bed-wetting, Leftist, Social-Fascist, hate America, hemorrhoids:

    1-UN resolutions (multiple) regarding nuclear weapons PROGRAMS, chemical weapons, biological weapons were repeatedly ignored, stone-walled, evaded and stymied.
    2-ALL of the above were found INSIDE the national boundaries of IRAQ. You lie thru your teeth when you claim otherwise.
    3-Al-Queda members were treated by doctors in medical clinics in Iraq for YEARS. You claim there’s no link. You LIE thru your teeth.
    4-Granny-Nancy campaigns around the country, claiming that the President claims that the central battleground for the domination of the Middle East is in Iraq. She lies thru omission. The President was quoting somebody. She leaves out that he was quoting Osama Bin Laden.
    5-The media report that politicians on the right (supposedly conservatives) are claiming that if we pull out of Iraq, like the advanced-senility LtCol Murtha plans, the enemy will follow us back to here. ***That’s wrong.*** Osama (remember him) has already stated quite plainly, that he has already put in place his agents, and that they have already come across the Mexican border. They’re waiting, and keeping their heads down, for now. But, they’re already here.
    6-The “conservatives” are too wrapped up in being polite and collegial in the houses of congress. They consistently fail to stand up and identify a lie when its first pronounced in front of a microphone. This lack of spine is the biggest problem in Washington DC. It helps to propogate the lies, which are turned around and used by the enemy when they do interviews in the world media.
    7-Therefore, the instigators of these lies are functioning as the marketing strategists of the enemy. That equals “aid and comfort”. They should be tried, convicted, appealed, upheld and shot. Should take about 2 hrs and 37 minutes. MAX.
    …by the way. If you want real coffee, go to a Pilot Truck Stop. Don’t mess with that prissy bitter S-bux mud.

  609. JAG

    To: Concerned Citizen

    Article 88 of the UCMJ punishes use of contmptuous words against, among others, the “Congress,” not individual members of Congress. Perhaps the young Corporal has done his homework and is smarter than you are. And calling Reid a douche is not even slanderous because truth is a defense.

    BTW, Corporal Rock, if you get in any trouble you’ll have scads of us retired JAGs volunteering to defend you.

    Bravo Zulu!

  610. Michael West

    …and yes, I drive a stinking truck. Noisy big stinking truck. 5 time Commander of my American Legion Post. VFW Life Member. 2.5 years on an ammunition ship. Had a bad attitude then. Still do.

    You Jarheads are doing a helluva job. Keep it up. (you nasty Army grunts, too).

  611. Gregg Dorgan (USN Ret)

    Corporal Rock,

    Don’t worry about Harry the Ferry we got your back. Real men stay with the fight and stick to it when the weak run and cower like Harry the Ferry. Thanks for being a real man and being a real American like our boys in WWII. Thanks for your personal service to me and my family’s protection. I will be glad to buy you a starbucks anyday.


  612. Justin

    Right on man…..WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA …..Support you too the max buddy!

    Harry reid and those other lose first dems can kiss my ass

  613. Justin

    Right on man…..WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA …..Support you too the max buddy!

    Harry reid and those other lose first dems can kiss my ass

  614. mike h


  615. DYOUNG - 5 Generation Texan

    Role Models.

    My two young sons that are 6 and 8 years old. You guys are their heroes. I prey that someday my boys will emulate your values, bravery and conviction. They understand your sacrifice and prey for your safe return. Even our youngest comprehend good vs. evil. God Bless you all.

  616. ARMY SSG

    CPL Rock,

    Keep on doing what you’re doing, and feel good about the progress that is being made, and not being shared with the pulic on CNN.
    As a brother in arms, I understand that politicians have their own agenda, that goes for both major parties.
    As a Soldier/Marine/Sailor/Airmen we just follow orders and try our damnest to get the mission accomplished and to bring all of our subordinates home in one piece. That is the nature of our business….it sounds to me like we are supported by the public and that makes me want to stay deployed doing the job.

    A difference has been made, and Im glad President Bush had the guts to make this stand against tyranny and oppression.

    Keep your heads down guys, and know the Army is there fighting beside you!!!!

    See You in CONUS!!!

  617. rumsfeld47

    I’ve never seen so much bullshit in one place! God damn, it’ll take a couple days before the comments die down again–perhaps you should ask people to make a donation before they can post comments!

    (I just made mine, you scum-sucking freeloaders!)

  618. judge jimmy lynn

    Corporal Rock,
    God bless you and the U.S. Marines that serve with you. You all are an inspiration to us here at home. My nephew is a Lt. with the 1st Cav in Baquba. We wish you all a safe return home. It is important that you continue your reportage because we do not get your perspective on any news outlets. If you can, get to Cookies Tavern in South Philly on 10 November and celebrate the Marine Corps birthday with thousands of other Marines, vets and good americans. I’ll buy you a beer.
    Judge Jimmy Lynn, Philadelphia

  619. Omid Malekan

    Thank you for your service and for defending my freedom.

  620. Mael

    If only the President would speak out like this. When strong men speak the rats tremble. We need to drive the weak willed and traitorous out of Washington.

  621. James Gordon

    THANK-YOU good soldiers!

    Without you and your personal sacrifice the Clinton/Obama/Harry Reid left-wing of pussyfied-girley-she-men DEMOCRAT’s could never spew their HATE of normal America & Americans.

    Please ignore turncoats like Harry Reid, they are only big-mouths with an agenda empowered and controlled by ABC, NBC, CBS, George Soros, Move-On, Rosie O’Donnell and all the other left-wing, third-rail homo-media. THEY do NOT represent us, we are thankful to you and respect your service, actions and good works. Know this: YOU will go to heaven, THEY will burn for eternity.
    I do not understand how these effeminate male DEMOCRATS gained political power. It baffles me the same as why I do not understand why at least one virile young male in VA did not take out that wacko murderer before he himself chose to end it. Why possess CCW’s? So our children have a chance to survive (and the guts to pull the trigger) should they ever be within hearing range of a murdering criminal.

    When I was young we were proud to be manly & yearned to be even more manly but the Dan Rather Media types have apparently brainwashed the general public. (Yes, I am a FOX news man, although I even consider FOX way too liberal; they allow too many enemies of America lip time)

    Q: How do you know when a Democrat or a liberal is lying?

    A: When their lips are moving!

    Solve this puzzle:
    A). Scooter Libby gets mixed up or tells a white lie about a non-crime and DEMOCRAT’s get the vapors and use it as an excuse to steal millions of our dollars via income redistribution to persecute Scooter, even though they already know he is innocent.
    B). Sandy Berger (Burglar) – Sandysocks commits treason by stealing classified, government-owned documents, is caught red-handed but gets off with a liberal wrist-slap, even able to regain his security clearance so he can commit more espionage under a Marxists Democrat (they hope)

    We need to take back the high ground!

    PS – Only dumb-ass lefties repeat the lie: THEY support out troops but THEY don’t support the WAR; these same people protest & spit upon us (I hope they are not stupid enough to actually believe their own propaganda) . They do not stand up to the light of day.

  622. Eric

    I work with 3 liberals. I have the following posted on my cube for them to read. They haven’t said much since I posted.

    A mother asked President GW Bush,
    “Why did my son have to die in Iraq?”

    A mother asked President Clinton,
    “Why did my son have to die Saudi Arabia?”

    A mother asked President GHW Bush,
    “Why did my son have to die in Kuwait?”

    A mother asked President Johnson,
    “Why did my son have to die Vietnam?”

    A mother asked President Truman,
    “Why did my son have to die in Korea?”

    A mother asked President FD Roosevelt,
    “Why did my son have to die on Iwo Jima?”

    A mother asked President W. Wilson,
    why did my son have to die on a
    battlefield in France?”

    A mother asked President Lincoln,
    “Why did my son have to die at Gettysburg?”

    A mother asked President Washington,
    “Why did my son have to die on a frozen
    field near Valley Forge?”

    Then a long time ago, a mother asked…
    “Heavenly Father, why did my son have to
    die on a cross outside Jerusalem?”

    The is the same - “So that others my have life and dwell in peace, happiness, and freedom.”



  623. Gregg Dorgan (USN Ret)

    Excuse me Rumsfeld47????????????

  624. Eagle, Globe and Anchor

    As a Marine, the son of a Marine, the brother of a Marine, and the Uncle of 3 Marines I have something to say:


    Well done, devil-dog. You keep speaking truth to sh1t and we’ll watch your back.

    To all of those who are against these honorable, courageous and patriotic warriors : If you don’t have anything positive to say — go over to D.U. or KOS where your vitriolic rhetoric is drooled over by like minded fools.

    Don’t make the defenders of our way of life suffer your idiocy.

  625. TWarrior

    As soon as I noticed this was on Drudge, I knew it would get flooded by a bunch of no good leftists who believe in a life of indiscrimination while they preach tolerance.

    Every asshole who has called this a civil war is a fucknut defeatist who lives in an alter ego universe.
    Wake the fuck up!!

  626. Tim S

    Scum-sucking Reid, douche bag Reid….? I guess we have to ‘pretty’ it up so the general public can still read it. Given the chance, I’d like to make it bloody nosed Reid.

    God Bless you guys & gals in uniform. May His peace & protection be always with you.

  627. Erika

    Dear Sirs,

    I was fighting mad when I read the headline on Drudge! “War Lost”. What the hell does Reid know!

    He does NOT speak for the majority of us even if he does have the bigger soap box. That man needs to take his “which-a-ma-call-its” out of his liberal base’s purse. Reid needs to man up and do what is right for our country (and Iraq)or get the hell out…he’s not serving anyone’s best interests with a comment like that. And I could care less if you are a demmy or a conservative.

    Thanks for everything you and your fellow soldiers do over there. You are doing the right thing. Thank you for protecting and helping the Iraqi’s. They have been through so much, especially prior to 2003. It makes me so proud to see you guys over there fighting for the underdog and helping them rebuild. Please let your fellow marines and your iraqi families know there are the saine and patriotic in america…its just not the politicians with the mic.

    Somebody from Nevada please initiate a recall of this seditious clown. Hello, anyone?


    Semper Fidelis Cpl. Rock,

    You are a true American hero, and Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, et al, aren’t fit to serve you coffee. It is because of men like you that my family sleeps safe at night - God Bless you and your platoon. I am a police officer in Washington State, and I have had to escort dirty hippies through the streets of Seattle while they spit on and burn ol’ glory and talk about how our soldiers and marines are war criminals. It makes me want to puke. I do this job so you can do yours….know that I will keep your family safe here, while you are keeping us safe over there. Godspeed! /bjb

  629. Jennifer

    Cpl. Rock (and your Marine buddies): Thanks SO much for what you do and for making the progress you’ve personally made in Iraq. It’s so important that y’all know and believe that there are millions of people back here in the states that support and believe in you, and the very vocal minority DO NOT speak for us! There are troop support organizations all over our country that send packages, perform Welcome Homecomings and support your loved ones as they await your return. We love you and are constantly amazed at your strength and bravery. Thank you what you do and for the kind of men you are! Oohrah! Marine Daughter, Sister and Mother!!!

  630. RadioActive Chief

    Direct From the Iraq Front!…

    Marine Corporal From A Bunker In Ramadi: “I Got A Message For That Douche Harry Reid”
    This is really good - it doesn’t get any more real than this posting from within a few hours of when I make this posting!
    Yeah and I got a quote for that do…

  631. jackson

    REAlly wrote:I know he (Reid) should have never opened his mouth. But I dont see how you and or the Republicans can claim victory after losing so many American lives. The point hurts more once you factor in the fact that Iraq had nothing to do with the 3000 lives you refered to in your statements. No one is calling for the withdrawl of American forces from Afganistan. I am all for fighting them over there so we dont fight them here…but couldnt that battle field be in Afganistan? Thats where they were to begin with! Your write about what Reid said but wrong on many other points

    We can’t have the battlefield be where you want it to be. We are where we need to be; both places. Don’t you think if we left Iraq that the bad guys would notice and go to where we vacated?

    Great work Marines! I love hearing good stories from the front. CNN amazingly missed your story……

    My greatest wish from here on is to make sure when the troops come home we support them completely unlike our brave Nam Veterans. That means job assistance, mortgage help, healthcare for life(physical and mental), and debt cancellation.

    All of you take note and support that effort.

  632. Leonard Peracchio

    As an OLD CORPS Marine I want to thank you and your frieds Devil Dogs for what you are doing in Iraq. We are in a defeatist attitude in the Congress at this time but rest assured that there are still Many, many Americans supporting you and the defense of our LIBERTY. Thanks! :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :razz:



  634. Bill "Joeboo" Cox

    Cpl. Rock,

    I am proud to share in a country that is not only inhabited by, but served by people such as yourself. Those that sacrifice time with loved ones and friends, endure the malice and ugliness of war and still face the next days mission with steeley resolve and courage of conviction. I am saddened that many in this country are unable to emulate, and act daily with that same resolve, even with all the creature comforts, and luxuries that life in the states affords us.

    Godspeed, and remember there are still plenty of us that know and appriciate everything that service personnel sacrifice not just for americans but for freedom.

  635. Tom

    God bless you and every soldier fighting the fight. It is because of Marines like you my son is joining MCRD in June. Reid and Pelosi don’t matter. Stay safe and God Bless America. Thank you for the bravery and the very freedoms you provide.

  636. Ron Yochum

    Right On.

    Ried is a traitor. He should be brought up on treason and sedition charges.

    Better yet, if he ever steps foot in Iraq, hopefully someone will do a battle-field summary execution.

    These assholes continue to undermine our country. They have no shame. They are with the enemy.

  637. Sgt D M williamson USMC 1969-1971

    Semper Fi,brother……..Destroy your enemy and his will to fight…………Can Harry Reid……….?

  638. Sgt D M williamson USMC 1969-1971

    Semper Fi….

  639. Sgt D M williamson USMC 1969-1971

    Semper Fi, Brother…../\/\/

  640. Alan Tasman

    Mr. Rock my family and I pray for you and your fellow comrades in arms daily. That an army of mostly Christian men would fight for the freedom of muslims truly reflects the character of our troops and our country’s history of fighting to relieve the oppression experienced by others. John 15:13 of the Bible says “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends”. You and your comrades reflect the determination and sacrifice for your country that has made this nation great.

    Harry Reid brings new meaning to the term “yellow dog democ(rat)”. It is beyond me how true American’s could vote the demon-crats into a majority in both houses. I guess 4 years of the negative propaganda spewed by the Liberal mid-stream press (think urine sample) have taken their toll. Until Americans start canceling their cable services, newspapers and magazine subscriptions, and stop buying from those organizations that fund the left, we can expect no change in their leftist reporting. I call upon my fellow Americans to do just that. My family has already done so. We also need to cut out all government funding made to the left including colleges if necessary. Unfortunately we are fighting a two front war. The left in this country represents a fifth column that needs to be taken out.

  641. Jamil Hussein

    Rock, are you for real? Your name sounds too good to be true.

    I should know.

  642. Kit

    Aside from the individual merits of any one operation or project in Iraq, one has to take into consideration the long view of the war and of Western involvement in the Middle East. The USA has no more chance of succeeding there than did the British in Palastine or the French in Algeria or any other example one might care to choose from modern history. The amount of hubris demonstrated by the American invasion is colossal and astonishing. The sooner the withdrawal begins, the better it will be for all concerned.

  643. Dennis S Twomey

    What is the best way to support troops from monetary to e-mail to getting behind a push to negate the disgusting Anti-American effort by the Democratic far Left????

  644. Tom R.

    Harry Reid should resign!!
    He is a traitor and a despicable weasle scumbag!

    God Bless our American military men and women who sacrifice for the sorry ass liberal shit heads who only know defeat and whining!

    God Bless Corporal Rock!

  645. Tom R.

    To Jackson:
    You are wrong!

    If the real battle was in Afghanistan then there would be no casualties in Iraq! Apparently the enemy doesn’t understand the battle is in Afghanistan hence they are in smaller numbers there.

  646. James

    So silly of Harry Reid and the democrats to think that a Country as great as America can’t solve 2,000 years of Iraqi sectrarian strife in a couple years.

    Who cares if 3,333 of our kids have been tossed into a meat grinder. :roll:

  647. Paul

    Thank all of you for carrying on what we fought for in WW2 Carry on that Semper Fi tradidion. God Bless you all. We support you 100%, in spit of the politicians in Washington who have their heads up their butts..Paul 83 year old USMC Vet 1943 -1946 Pacific Theater.

  648. Paul Burleigh

    I love you guys. I’d be there right beside you but when I tried to re-enlist I was too damn old (I’m 47 now). I’d rather be shot at than hear the daily harrang here at home. No lie.
    Know this. You are in the defining time of history. Truely evil againts good. Hero’s many times over. I look forward to the day when complete victory is achieved and I can welcome you home. Me and my family get it. The fear on my son’s face on 9/11 I will NEVER FORGET. Thank you. I will always be eternally grateful to all of you.

    Vancouver, Wa

  649. Tim Johnson

    This soldier is an idiot.

  650. Mark Radcliffe

    May Jesus bless you as you kill people for freedom.

  651. Frank Skorupski

    Cpl. Rock, thanks for all you do! And thanks to all your buddies there with you. You are doing an OUTSTANDING job!! Keep up the good work. God Bless and stay low! Stay safe! A speedy return!

  652. ThomasL

    Cpl Rock,

    Don’t lose heart at what you hear from the media or liberal politicians here at home. The media here in America and many of the liberal politicians should, by all rights, be considered treasonous enemies of the state. When these people turn public opinion and support away from our Commander-in-Chief and you soldiers and what this country has stood for for years just to satisfy their personal agendas they have acted in a treasonous manor.

    You guys are doing what’s right for those people and ours. Keep up the great work!!! We’ll be fighting against the media machine and the cowardly “leaders” here in America so you all will hopefully have a better place to which you can safely return.

    May the Lord watch over you all and keep you safe!

  653. Crash

    I saw this in a photo on one of my favorite websites,

    “America is not at war. The Marines are at war. America is at the Mall.”

    I think it hit the nail on the head. Keep up the great work Cpl. Rock!

  654. RogerBacon

    God bless all of our troops fighting for freedom in Iraq and everywhere else in the world. Harry Reid and the rest of the Dems have their political futures invested in our defeat in Iraq so they are doing everythign they can to make it happen. Ignore them. Even if they cut off funds Bush could ask for donations of money and supplies and the American people would give so much that you guys wouldn’t be able to carry all the bullets. :)

  655. Crash

    Hey Johnson,

    Didn’t your Mother ever teach you that if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

    If thats about all you can say I think its time you stuck your head back up your ass and get the hell out of here!

  656. Don Spitzer

    :beer: You be careful over there Marine….My son was there for the battle of Fallujah with the landing team1/3 and we were so proud of him and his buddies as we are of you and your fellow Marines..I was with the 1st Marine DaNang and all the liberal bastards back home then are being reincarnated by the Harry Reids of our great country.Just be proud and know that one day the silent majority will rise again!!

  657. RC Ayers

    Harry Reid must resign effective immediately! He and his political turn coats are traitors, anti-American. I wouldn’t be suprised that a massive protest happens when our troops get home. They have a right to protest just like any other American citizen. Flank his house, his office. Everyone who backs our fine military, who backs their commitment, who backs their courage, who backs the President and stands for real freedom - both ours and that which should be for Iraq - should call for Reid’s immediate resignation. Following that, every other polititian who has spoken treason should do the same effective immediately - 4/24/2007 1:00PM EST.

    Many heart-felt thanks to Corporal Tyler Rock and the service people nearby!!! Stay hard, stand firm and when you all come home, soften up for your families. God bless you all for taking a stand, both physically and inspirationally.

    If Harry isn’t out when you all return, then let’s stage a long-standing protest.

    RC Ayers
    Salem, VA

  658. Mike

    God is on our side, Men!! The only greater feeling than risking your life for liberty and your country’s right to exist is making that other motherfucker die for his lost cause. This is World War III –> Islamofascists versus The West. France has already surrendered as usual to the Muslim Paris rioters. Spain folded after the train station bombings. Harry “PUSSY” Reid is ready to declare the defeat of the greatest, most powerful country that has EVER EXISTED to a bunch ragtag thugs with homemade weapons. We have nukes , Daisycutters and B-2 bombers for God’s sake!!

    We are badasses!! Time for liberals to grow a goddamned spine! I recommend that everyone read General Patton’s speech to the troops for further inspiration.

  659. RC Ayers

    Take heart soldiers! The liberal, lying, propaganda machine known as the mainstream media is loosing viewers, readers and a ton of money. Why? Becasue the American people are smarter than they are and don’t like being lied to.

    Liers, propagandists cannot stand forever. Esp when it bucks against patriotism, freedom and the more important priorities set forth by our Constitution. If they had their way, they would wipe out our Constitution and declare themselves kings, queens. Such is the case for Reid, Hilary Clinton and their propaganda press.

  660. Iacobus


    I go away for a day and all the liberal douchebags get all apoplectic here. Congrats, Pat! :lol:

  661. jack douglas

    I have two family members in the military, one Navy and one Army. Both have been in the war effort. I am forever greatful to all of you who serve. harry reid, nancy polosie and all of that ilk are traitors and should be treated as such. They should be walking the halls of a federal prison rather than the halls of congress. We should find out who supports them in our communities, what they do and then boycott there businesses and/or places of employment. Our men and women in uniform deserve the best. These POS are damn sure not it!!!!!

  662. RC Ayers

    To Mark Radcliffe:

    Read your Bible from cover to cover. Don’t just pick out a favorite portions and put up a narrow-minded view of it.

    The Bible is filled with wars. Jesus makes reference to kings preparing for war by careful planning. He doesn’t condemn war when it is justified. I believe Jesus gave the US the tools to take down the tyrant and oppose those who aim to kill more people in the most rampant way - al quaeda.

    Read the Old Testament when it talks about God leaving tribes in the new land just so that young Isrealites who haven’t experienced war can learn to make war. It’s there! Many battles were ordered by God. When you get to Judges 3:1 “These were the nations the Lord permitted to remain so he could use them to test Israel—he wanted to test all those who had not experienced battle against the Canaanites.1 3:2 He left those nations simply because he wanted to teach the subsequent generations of Israelites, who had not experienced the earlier battles, how to make war.”

    No doubt, Jesus was raised on these words. Find the words that Jesus spoke what condemn defense or offensive justice?

    Let me know when you’ve finished reading it ALL THE WAY FROM COVER TO COVER. Then we’ll set up a time to talk about our presence in Iraq. Do you have the courage to read the whole Bible and then talk objectively about it?

    Read it - then let’s talk.

  663. Iacobus

    @RC Ayers:

    You’re wasting your time because liberals were never interested in dialogue, *especially* when it comes to matters of Christianity.

    You’re much better off just heckling them. It’s much more fun. :twisted:

  664. G. Bates

    A heartfelt THANK YOU to all the brave and honorable men and women serving in the Armed Forces. Your courage and valor keep our country free. Millions and millions of ordinary Americans are grateful to you. Elitist traitors like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi do NOT represent all of us!

    May God bless you!

  665. Man Mountain

    Harry Reid does not represent the super majority of the American people. Unfortunately, the news never tells of the good that is done there. All we hear about is numbers of dead. Nothing else. I am so proud of you and your fellow Marines and also every one of our military who have served faithfully to the mission given to them. We pray for your safe return and God bless you.

  666. RC Ayers

    To Tim Johnson:

    And how many American freedoms did YOU PERSONALLY enjoy today? Can you count that high? I run out of fingers and toes. This soldier stands between your freedom to insult him and the hatred of world criminals who would not think twice about taking you very breath away.

    Count your blessings that someone tough and available stood between you and your enemies. I’m glad I don’t speak German or Rusky or Arab for my primary language!

    For that matter, I’m happy that millions of Americans are alive and enjoy any freedoms instead of the alternates.

    Freedom - use it well, appreciate it and don’t abuse it.

  667. Jerb

    There is one thing that I find interesting about this whole Harry “Benedict Arnauld” Reid that I have not seen anyone mention yet. Namely, if we have lost the war, than that means that our enemies (terrorists/Al-Qaeda, et al) have won. I wonder if Reid was nice enough to call them and let them know that they had defeated America. I was certainly surprised by it. I guess I was so stupid that I thought the country that almost single-handedly defeated AND rebuilt Imperialist Japan and Nazi Germany could handle Iraq. Silly me.

    Well, I guess it’s all over but the crying. I think I’ll ask Reid if I should wait for the terrorists to come kill me and everyone I love or just save them the trouble.

  668. Chad

    Mark Radcliffe said,

    May Jesus bless you as you kill people for freedom.

    haha. silly leftists. cutting out cancer isn’t frowned upon by you guys, right? what difference is there here?

    I apologize beforehand, if that confounded you.

  669. Dico

    Cpl Rock.. THANK YOU, and THANK YOU to all of you fighting for me, my family, my country! Most of us believe in what you are doing, we know how much you are helping those people, and God knows, and you will be blessed big time. I believe in you all so much I made a film about what you are giving to these people, to the world, and people have seen it and hearts have been changed. We are trying Rock, there are underground movements swelling up to stop Soros and his band of Dems from buying our Country. Yes, the money is big in the media, and they are playing games with American heads, but I think they forgot our American genes. As far as Reid and his party, they are loosers who are using the USA for an agenda that has nothng to do with peace or helping anyone. The dems where the party of slavery, and I see them still as the party of slavery. This time thier chains are put on us by the media, who are an arm of the Dems… your message will get heard… many of us home are sick of these brainless loosers. There is a whole movement comming to a town soon that is WILL put these traitors at rest, and your blog is a big part of that movemnet… YOU ROCK..

  670. RC Ayers


    I hear you man. It is. But, I have this thing for exposing truth in a way that get’s under their skin even more. I once confounded a well studied professor on a touchy controversial topic that brought him to likely pound on his keyboard. In all of it, I never once insulted or heckled him. Everyone on the board that was on his side eventually took mine. Truth hurts and help the propagandized in the same way light fills darkness.

    Anyone who wants to talk big about the Bible and war, I’m there! Many good strategies come from it. If fact the best way to understand war is the Bible. Mere human efforts fall short. I’ve studied both. My father was in Nam and many other relatives in other wars going back to WW I.

    I will defend those who defend us on any day or night 24/7/365.25.

  671. dave baker

    stay strong Marines. America is with you. Thanks again for you service to this great country.

  672. TWarrior

    Viv, I appreciate that you support the troops, but if your going to tell people to watch their potty mouths, your in the wrong fucking site. We have a place where we can let it fly so get the fuck off your box and allow us the freedom to fucking cuss all the fuck we want!!!

  673. TWarrior

    Can’t help but notice that all the leftists visiting in the site are spouting George Soros propaganda.

  674. steve shumaker

    Thank you for your service and may God bless all of you.

  675. Lt. Jarred Fishman

    The most important thing we can do is continue to get the “Good News” out of Iraq into the homes of the American people. If they could see the truth of what is happening they would believe in victory. Check out my weekly report on the good things happening and sent it along to everyone you know:

  676. Iacobus

    @TWarrior: Did you notice that too? :lol: (I was thinkin’ more Noam Chomsky.)

    @RC Ayers: I’ll actually respond to some liberals (as I am with “notacon” in the latest blog post); others I will give both barrels with derision (and deservedly so). Those types are nothing more than cat toys to me.

  677. D_Mac

    We need to have a big pro-war march!

    Seriously we all need to get out there and have a march with such overwhelming numbers that these libs stfu and let us win the war! It’s hard to go to Washington, but what if we marched on every State Capital and as many as possible marched on D.C.?

    What if hundreds of thousands of us got together and did this?

    What if every conservative radio personality, and every blogger, Rush Limbaugh, and Michael Medved and Pat Dollard and Michael Yon and every republican congressman and senator backed it and we made our voices heard? Don’t conservatives have any power anymore in this country? Can’t we all band together and get out on the streets?

    Maybe we could do it on June 6? (D-Day) to mark the beginning of the end for the insurgents in Iraq (just like D_Day was the beginning of the end for the Nazis) because we are not going to lie down like europe and get trampled, we are going to fight to the end!

  678. notacon

    Interesting that all my comments have now been censored by the dictator who runs this blog.

    Is this an open dicussion of issues or a pro-war circle jerk?

    Am I hitting too close to home and the truth hurts?


    ain’t capitialism cool con

  680. D_Mac

    no your just a whiny lib and no one cares what you think notacon. No one here cares about your ‘dialogue’ because its the same BS you guys always spout. If you were truly open to conversation and free thought you would have realized that we are right by now. We like America, Apple pie, true freedom, beauty and strength. You like homosexuals, whiny music, pretentious “thinkers” who never DO anything and losing wars. You consider yourself a world citizen, we think you should go F___ yourself.

    Does that sum it up notacon, now go away and cry to your therapist for more prozac.

  681. D_Mac

    so what do you guys think about my June 6th D-Day March?

  682. Gbear

    To EAB, ArmyBrat, and all like-minded twats…

    Just because people disagree with you doesn’t mean they’re ignorant, oppressive, or brain-washed. (Although all liberals think this; it has to do with the fact that you have no manners and are incapable of an intellectual discussion with someone who disagrees with you. It’s also be why liberals never win national office.) You guys are the ones that really need a reality check. The majority of Americans never believed that we were going to Iraq solely for WMDs (why do you think Bush was so overwhelmingly reelected, dopes?), and you never supported this war even in the name of WMDs, so shut the hell up. Sadaam was a brutal, murderous dictator of his people and displayed both the weapons and the rhetoric to seriously threaten us, not necessarily by directly bombing us but by bombing Israel, selling weapons to terrorists, etc.

    After 9/11, Bush had the VISION to say he would not wait for another attack, he would not play Europe and allow ‘acceptable terrorist activity’ in the name of protecting every imaginable “human right”. And thru this vision he believed helping create a democracy in Iraq (friendly to us as they’d owe their existence to us) would be beneficial for our security in such a volatile and well-financed/armed region. He may have made bad calls in the process of this war, but if you take the time to actually listen to those making sacrifices over there (as opposed to reading leftist news reports) you’ll realize a lot of good is being done there, and the war is in many regards a success. Look in the region even (Egypt is progressing further with free elections than in 20+ years, Israel is withdrawing residents from Palestinian communities, etc.), and beyond Iran you’ll see progress has been made under Bush’s watch as well. What exactly happened on Clinton’s watch?? And, again, WMDs weren’t found even by 2004, so if Americans weren’t at least somewhat happy with Bush for Iraq even after no WMDs were found he wouldn’t have been reelected. True, we could’ve said “You gambled on WMDs and lost, so we’re not re-electing you”, but we didn’t. So get over it.

    (And winning Congress back didn’t mean all that much, guys. For all but 12 of the last 60+ years you guys have had Congress…)

    Keep your eye on the ball, libs. An anti-war candidate will not win the next election, so you better find someone more centrist than Hillary, Obama, and Edwards. Americans in general aren’t very happy with the war, but I think they still have the horse sense to know right & wrong, and be able to read thru the B.S. media (although you obviously don’t) to see how important it is we help Iraqi’s finish this conflict, how possible it really is, and how your scum liberal politicians actually *NEED* and *HOPE FOR* our troops to fail in order to empower themselves politically.

  683. Jack Dehlers

    You realize this blog is posted to Google news as a top news story in the USA

    Great job you’re doing.

    Relatives and friends Marines, many are home now, one leaves a widow and kids, one yr from retirement.

    There is no anti-war crusade. Please check out non-biased news sources such as, they are showing that by a 2-1 margin Americans are opposed to the leadership of our war effort.

    Not opposed to the soldiers. Opposed to the strategy of the leaders, because most people expected the war to be successfully concluded years ago.

    If the war leadership was perfect, why was Rumsfeld replaced? Why ahve so many generals been repalced? Only a GOP c***sucker woudl say that the political leadership has been worthy of the sacrifices of the brave American troops.

    VICTORY IN IRAQ should be the goal, God bless you and we are praying for you every day

  684. Iacobus

    notacon said:

    “Interesting that all my comments have now been censored by the dictator who runs this blog.

    Is this an open dicussion of issues or a pro-war circle jerk?

    Am I hitting too close to home and the truth hurts?”

    They have?

    In any case, just a refresher:

    “Be respectful of others and their opinions. Inflammatory remarks and inane leftist drivel will be deleted. It ain’t about free speech, remember you’re in a private domain. My website, my prerogative.”


    In addition to not seeing the forest for the trees, you outright insult the owner of this Website.

    I hope you enjoy your stay. While it lasts.

    BTW, you might want to brush up on your “truth” a bit, because I distinctly recall Congressional approval for Iraq.

    Or are memes too convenient?

  685. Iacobus

    @D_Mac: I like it.

  686. barry

    first off i want to say thank you to you and all our brave forces overseas. my father was in world war 2 and i have a great respect fro the military. unfortunately for us we are in over our head and have way too many problems at home to be spending precious resources overseas. my take has not changed since we started there - as i see it we are paying for you and the boys to be over there protecting our interests. i would rather spend the same money to have you all deploy in america. 140,000 troops patrolling our malls, our airports, our city streets, etc….. would keep the enemy out better than our being over there. what american would not be behind having our servicemen and women serve us here near their faimilies and making america a safer place to be. we live in a global world and we can no longer be expected to carry everyone else’s load. stationing our troops at home will keep us safer. the biggest injustice has been done by our own government - 34 years ago we were held hostage by oil producing nations and instead of doing something about it we just handed more of our nation’s $’s and security to people who hope to watch us burn. i feel terrible for your lost comrades. our government has compromised our security for far to long. g-d speed and g-d bless.

  687. Jimbo

    ROCK on. Keep up the good work and thanks to Pat for bringing this to our attention. no one cares what that d-bad Reid thinks, he’s a POS.

  688. LCpl Jim

    D mac, we’re do we sign up? i’ll be there as long as im not already in Iraq. either way, i cant lose. :beer:

  689. Mike

    Corporal Rock! (Can’t buy that name)
    From an old Vietnam era Marine to an asskicking Grunt; I pray these A holes like reid and the coke sniffen American sheeple elite don’t Vietnam you ( whimp out ) like they did us. You Grunts are my heros! Empty the magazine and we’ll do the paperwork later. God Bless & Semper Fi !!!!

  690. Gunny J.

    Semper Fi, Leatherneck! Raise the standard!

  691. TWarrior

    notacon -that’s because your a troll!!

  692. SVC Alumnus

    To all of America’s soldiers and those of our allies, I got a message for you:


  693. Emery

    Ooh-rah Corporal Rock. I’m so sick and tired of these defeatist traitors. We are not quitin’ on the home front. You inspire us all!

    God Bless and Semper Fi,


    This is good picture of Ol’ Sen. ‘chichenshit’ Reid

  694. D_Mac

    if you guys are interested in attending a march send me an email at

    d-day_march AT

    Send me the state your from and we can start from there and see how much support we can muster.

    We need sponsorship from as many big name people as we can get and we need to get it out as much as possible. June 6 is only 42 or so days away, so we will need to work fast.

    Pat you in on this?

  695. Lord Dreadmore

    harry reid is a treacherous douch

  696. Bryce Wallace

    Cpl Rock,

    I joined the Marines to beat the draft in 70′. I did my time, but was never tested. I’ll never know if I would have passed the test. It changed my life for the better for ever. Do your best, keep alert, take care of your people and they will take care of you.

    We are all VERY proud of you.

    Semper Fidelis

  697. E.C. Taylor

    Keep up the good work guys, we’ll hold you all in our prayers. The smell of the likes of the democrates is beyond belief. They don’t speak for real Americans !

    God Bless You All,

  698. Teflon Dad

    Great Post, thank you!

    The MSM will tell the bad, rarely the good. My son (Teflon Don of Acute Politics) had been based in Ramadi since September. Since then, the progress made is remarkable, obvious, and unreported by the MSM. Before he deployed, Anbar was the drumbeat of woe by the MSM, now they are silent about successes. One must go to the independent (internet based) journalists such as Bill Roggio or Bill Andolino to get the full story, the good with the bad.

    Iraq is a complex place, but we humans seem to prefer simple storylines and clean-cut conclusions to messy reality.

    “The war is lost”—Where? In Kurdistan? Anbar, where all but 6 tribes now are fighting the insurgents? Some areas such as Diyala are bad, but Anbar was terrible previously.

    Many of the commenters above about the “lost war” are have trusted the “Tokyo Rosies” of the MSM to honestly inform us about the war. The trust was and is misplaced.

  699. Jerry Paley

    It was nice to hear of your positive views of Iraq. I completely understand your frustration with the current Democratic Party, and especially with the leadership of Senator Reid and Congressman Pelosi. They are counter-productive and only hinder our military efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thank you, as well as all the fine military men and women, for your service to this great nation!

    Please know that I am completely supportive of the sacrifices you and your family are making in these very difficult times. Stay safe and continue doing a fine work in Iraq.

  700. larry blair

    Give em Hell CPL. Rock!!! Your a hell of a Marine. If you need a Beach Vacation at Topsail beach when you get back. Just give me a call, you can use my beach house for a week free of charge… Just contact me at

    Semper Fi

  701. Debbie Rock

    Thank goodness you speak your mind!Look how powerful it is!Some people have to see truth to believe it, so invite Mr Reid over and let him risk his life to live the true meaning of freedom…Your MOM

  702. Eagle-SOW

    With the attention from Drudge, you now have quite a diverse ( :roll:sorry about the bad word) audience. There are now several postings showing distain for the military and almost “in your face” repeated statement (from a smelly old politician thanks to the stupid Nevada people) about “lost war”. First, let’s clear up something about our military for the” children of the privileged” liberals. POLITICIANS LOSE WARS, not our military. If we were given the green light, we could have dropped leaflets and broadcast (all frequencies) to the people in select cities to evacuate in 72 hours, then reduce it to a smoldering heap to reduce their will to fight.:!:

    When pushed to be barbarians, no one can equal the nightmare America can make happen :evil: . Consider our past with Antietam, Verdun, Dresden, and Hiroshima. Today, we have power many times that of the past. But we CHOOSE not to unleash this hell on the Iraqi people. Instead, our military of whom are taking the bullets from an enemy dressed as civilians, are “policing” trying to protect innocent Iraqi lives to give them a chance at freedom. :wink: But freedom is the enemy to a radical Islam and Iraq (and many places around the world) is the staging ground to defeat self-rule. It IS about and has been for over 1,300 years an Islamic Conquest for world domination via Sharia law and cleansing of infidels like yourselves, you mentally ill liberals!

    But since politicians lack the will to take on the Shia Iranians and Sunni Arabs from countries like Nancy Pelosi’s Syria to stop FUELING the civil war with plenty of cash, the war continues to fester with Moslems killing Moslems. When we pull our troops out (if the liberal anti-war types have their way) before Iraq can stabilize, Arabs and Persians will pour into Iraq to have the big battle between the Sunni, Shias, and Kurds for control. Then we will see blood like never before, unless we only watch American news, which will not mention the blood bath since it is not in their best interest to do so.

    As far as our military folks in the box, remember that popular opinion doesn’t mean crap. All one needs to do is walk around any mall or store and observe the “average” person and you can’t help but come to the conclusion that if our freedom was up to what the majority thinks, then we’re F***ed!!! In addition, when studying the polls that questioned whether the colonies (prior to the Declaration of Independence) should separate from Britain, 70 percent said NO. So a small 20-30% fought and created the greatest country in the world, one that has benefited ungrateful people many times over. In the bigger picture, what helps move our civilization forward to better living standards are not the genetically inferior 70%, but those who have and continue to sacrifice themselves for the higher cause. THANK YOU! :beer:

  703. subsonic22

    Corp. Rock,

    Thank you for a job well done. I thank you and your military brothers and sisters for putting your life on the line to protect mine. I trust your judgment over a Washington politician any day.

    Semper Fi!

  704. Concerned Citizen

    Dissent does not equal treason, and ad ad hominem arguments do not prove your point.

  705. Jim Boston


    May I just say Semper Fi, Young man! you are what make this counrty the greatest country on earth. I will support you until we are done. I mean DONE! Now go get it done Marine!

    God Bless your whole Squad.

    Jim Boston

  706. mike knarr

    just want to say thanks to you and all marines,army,air force,all of you . your doing a great job and you all are thought about every day that goes by, not just me and my family but the majority of america. FUK the sorry ass surrender monkeys!!!!! keep up the good work and be carefull God Bless

  707. Eagle-SOW

    Concerned Citizen, there is a fine line between treason and dissent. Treason: The betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery. Treachery: 1) violation of faith; betrayal of trust; treason.2) an act of perfidy, faithlessness, or treason. Giving aid and comfort to the enemy IS treason. You CAN’T be that stupid to think that Islamofacist don’t feel more confident when our elected leaders tell them that we lost while the war is still being waged?! If you don’t think that this provides COMFORT to the enemy, then you truly have a mental disorder! Democrats in large numbers, some Republicans, news media, and the entertainment industry, ARE committing TREASON! We just don’t prosecute and do as other nations have done in the past - execute them. People like you, give them Grammy’s and Nobel Peace Prizes. As far as how I present my points whether you see it as “ad ad hominem” or non logical, I really don’t care what pieces of crap think - they all smell the same.

  708. Capt RJ Bellfi

    Thank you for your service, committment, duty, honor, I am grateful to you and those who serve.
    Reid is a trial lawyer and vitrolic, acid venom is his political style - a hypocrite. He is the best example of what his political group is about. I’d like him to continue to open his mouth, same with Murtha, they are showing their true colors and it will show that change is needed, away from the defeatist attitude and to bring more resolve. We know who will stand in tough times, and it’s not the ilk like Reid. Our enemies know that there is support from socialists in our own country, they are the politically correct crowd, America haters, victims are us, who look only for political gain. They pay lip service to the military, but in times of peace are purely adversarily to our military. You heard their true thoughts from Kerry. The Reid defeatist crowd is part of the strategy of our enemies, they feed on each other. Add that fool Charles Rangel, his call for the draft is stupid, mean spirited and not designed to support a professional military, it’s intention is to weaken it for political gain.
    I liked the comment about Reid being a douche bag, but an enema bag might be more accurate.
    Goodspeed to you, fight the good fight. God bless you and yours,

  709. Ryan Rutledge

    Harry Reid needs to get flushed down the toilet

    F. the media. If you want to know whats REALLY going on

    Ask a soldier:idea:

    John Q Civilian

  710. Joe

    Cpl. Brock,
    Keep up the good fight brother. I recently came home in June from the Ramadi area. I was in Habbaniyah, about 30 miles from you. No matter what you hear, America supports you, and your fellow soldiers back here are praying for you. Stay alert, keep your head down, and finish the tour with pride. You are a HERO!! God Bless…

  711. Teabag

    Cpl. Rock,

    Keep up the good work! Harry Reid and the rest of the cut and run Dems need to understand there will be a political cost when those of us who have served in Iraq are all home and victorious.

    God help the politicians who have crossed the GI’s, Squids, Devil Dogs and Zoomies. They will find themselves confronted and voted out of office. Too bad tarring and feathering is illegal.

    We need to call Traitors by their names. - That is within the bounds of political discourse. The rights which we have paid for and for which we will collect.

    Semper Fi!

    Teabag (USN)

  712. botulism

    [to conservative and proud] Thanks for taking a bite at the #3 car red herring. I knew I could rely on you to use something you know about (Dale Jr.) to spout off on something you don’t (foreign affairs).

    [to TJ] It doesn’t really matter who you talk to at the VFW hall, or who I talk to at work, I was referring to a poll on Fox news that says that the MAJORITY of Americans now believe the war was a mistake and that the Democrats can better handle it. Not sure why that makes me a spineless liberal in your eyes. I’m pretty sure that not too many liberals voted for Bush, as I did.

    I’m just pointing out that I’m upset that an administration that values ass-sucking loyalty over competence has made more than a few large blunders just about everywhere, and it’s pretty much impossible to defend a war that is over 4 years and $1 trillion old. Considering how effective the GOP is at managing media and the message, it should be much easier to manage perceptions about success in Iraq. I mean, what exactly the fuck is it going to take to end this war, regardless of why we first went there? I say, if you can’t get a project done with $1 trillion dollars, you give the fuck up and shoot the people in charge.

    Anyone that disagrees needs to prove that they don’t have a mountain of credit card debt or a husband that pays their shopping bills for them, because this war and the homeland security in general seems pretty financially mismanaged and a lot of wasted resources.

    I’ve never seen so many morons in one forum before. “Hardly Reads is a Douche!” “George Bush IS the douche!” Seriously, go tickle your balls by yourself if all you have to contribute is name calling. It just shows you can’t think for yourself and makes me feel bad that your vote counts just the same as mine does.

  713. Debbie

    You bless my heart. My son has served in Iraq 3 times as a super cobra pilot starting at Iraqi Freedom. He is now receiving emails from a young Iraqi boy around 15. This boy has lost his family during Sadaams reign of terror and now wants to come to America. He is in Bagdad now and learning to be an interpreter. My prayer is that his story and YOURS perveates the media. we NEED to be there…not to police but just be there so they as a people can be strong. There is a whole generation that has not known what we know as freedom. Semper Fi!

  714. Concerned Citizen

    Name-calling is not helpful and anyone who wears (or wore) the uniform of the US Military should be above it. I’m beginning to wonder how we intend to educate our Iraqi allies in setting up a representative democracy where the rights of the minority are protected. If this thread is any indication we’ve got our own issues to confront!

  715. mojo

    Thank you for making some seriously needed noise, Cpl Rock. Thank you for doing the dirty work that freedom requires. I’m glad that there’s a forum like this where the troops have a chance to realize that there is a lot of support back here at home. Much love and respect from a conservative in the hopelessly liberal music industry.

  716. Manny

    I’m a LEGAL, Naturalized American Citizen & appreciate very much all you do for us & preserving our freedom
    Thanks a million

  717. Christopher Willis

    You are our hero’s! You are doing a fantastic job. We love all you guys. I wish there was a way to help that counts.

  718. drillanwr


    Thanks for being “legal”, and welcome aboard. :beer:

  719. chris baker

    I think all Americans, regardless of their political views, support and suffer with the troops and wish a successful outcome of this war.

    However, what is most troubling reading the majority of these comments, is the hatred and anger professed by both left and right toward each other and the derogatory epithets hurled by both sides.

    I wish all our brave men and women Godspeed and a safe return back to the greatest country in history.

    Lets strive to hear and respect other opinions, even if we vehemently disagree.

    After all, thats really what the troops are fighting for and what makes America great.

  720. USMC86-93

    Support Cpl. Rock and all our Troops. Vote with purpose, passion and conviction. Do not respond to the traitors on here because a response gives them voice. They have done nothing to earn this voice. They are parasites that feed off the blood and hardwork of real Americans. Oh and since when was the US supposed to be a democracy? Last time I remembered we were established as a REPUBLIC!!!!

  721. An Old E8

    Concerned Citizen,
    While I agree that there is too much name calling on both the left and the right, I wonder if you object as much when the left compares the President to Hitler?

    Otto and his pals,
    Looking beyond the full list of reasons for going into Iraq, here is a term for you
    ‘Key Terrain’
    Take a look at a Map, and if you can find Iraq, you will notice that it is the center of that entire region. Taking, holding and stabilizing Iraq is the key to that area. Hence the reason the enemy is fighting us there with everything they have. ‘They’ know it.

    One day your Great Grandchildren will thank us.

    But then again, the French have already forgotten who bailed the butt’s out…..twice

  722. Daniel

    Thank goodness modern technology enables our noblest citizens (our fighting soldiers) to make their assessments known when it comes to who they know is ’stabbing them in the back’ stateside. Thank you Cpl. Tyler Rock, your ‘assessment’ of the situation is worth at least ten million angry messages sent to Reid and his cohorts in Sedition.

    My utter contempt for, and even hatred of, Harry Reid has now been entirely justified by this recent statement of his - I quote direct from the AP: “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Thursday the war in Iraq is “lost,” “…this war is lost and the surge is not accomplishing anything as indicated by the extreme violence in Iraq yesterday,” said Reid”

    Harry Reid is a traitor and MUST now resign his leadership position as well as his seat in the US Senate. As far as I’m concerned, he should also renounce his citizenship and ‘flee’ to some ’safe haven’ - France would probably take him in.


    In ‘response’ to ‘Dan’ - I quote first:
    Dan - “This wa[r] was lost when it took longer than the three to six months that was said to be necessary by our leaders to complete the job. Now we are just there to try and save face for Bush and Cheney.” - April 23rd, 2007 at 2:00 pm

    First of all, like most of the woefully misinformed ’spoiled brats’ in this country, you’re completely mistaken about what was actually said (and I’m being kind here).

    Secondly, the fact that you share a first name with me disgusts me to no end. If you must submit a comment here again, try using a different biblical name… like Judas!

  723. JoshD

    its about time someone shut that idiot senator up. no one that hasnt ever been in theatre has ANY right to say whether or not a war is won or lost. keep doing what youre doing and thank you for it. good luck.

  724. Mike D.

    Soldier, you are one righteous guy. Keep it up. You are more appreciated than you realize. Here’s hoping you all make it back, and lead this country like the “greatest generation,” not like their spoiled-brat kids. (I guess greatness tends to skip a generation?)

    I spent some time in Taiwan the last few summers. Folks there couldn’t believe GWB could possibly be re-elected. They were sure everyone in USA hated him, that he was incompetent, loved war and oil, and that was that. Why? CNN-International. It’s worse than the domestic service. If you want to know why reasonable people hate the US, that’s a good start.

    You know, people who are against “the war” aren’t out there fighting it, and won’t claim any responsibility if we leave and bad things happen. Is Kennedy sorry about what happened to the South Vietnamese? The Cambodians? We won the Vietnam war. We left in victory as surely as we did in Korea. But then to be sure to accentuate the point it never should have happened they pulled the funds and the South ran out of ammo. It was like a mother killing her 5-year-old because she never should have had the kid and felt she should have had an abortion instead. We’re almost at that point here, except they want to pull the plug before the Iraqis are quite to the point the SV were. Kill the child before he’s completely born. (Sounds familiar.) They must love American defeats.

    In fact, like you guys won the war in Iraq. It’s just we have redefined war so that the clean-up is part of the war. Saddam is gone. Two elections. Lots of bad guys killed. Iraqi economy coming back. We’re on the side of angels here. Just look at the difference in tactics.

    Good thing Roosevelt didn’t have so many of these people in the US to deal with, or Chinese schools would be teaching Japanese. And let’s not even talk about Europe.

  725. ColfaxKen

    CPL Rock. Thanks for having this site and having another Red-Blooded American able to give direct moral support to another loyal American. Reid is an obnoxious twit who is not even worth the time for conversation. We had our Jane Fonda…you have your Reid, Durbin and Pelosi. You guys and gals ARE DOING A TREMENDOUS JOB and there are MANY of us who will support you as long as you want to complete your missions. We weren’t allowed to complete ours in Vietnam…but we have a voice and a vote!
    A young friend of mine who I interviewed for his senior project in ‘04 is now on his THIRD TOUR and in Ramadi this time. He is one of your fellow Marines.
    God Bless You…Keep Posting…and take out a dozen of those murderers for me in retaliation for my 16 fellow co-workers who died on United flights on September 11, 2001.

  726. Hillbilly

    Cpl. Rock you’re doing one hellava job over there, my family & I pray for ya’ll daily.
    You have the support of the American people, no matter what Surrender Harry and his ilk do to further their political power.
    You and your fellow soldiers keep trying to get the word out, the media only reports the bad stuff.
    Thank you for your sacrifice. You keep America strong!
    :beer: :beer: :beer:

  727. Michael L from OKC

    I and my family can never thank you enough for you and all other service man/women fighting for us over there. We pray for your strength, courage and the ability to shot straight and true.
    I am as frustrated as you are when the Nevel Chamberlain, American bashing, bushwhacking, Biscuit eating, traitorous douche bag Harry Reid and his Democrat cohorts spew their comfort for the enemy free speech. I am also upset at our President for not getting in their butts when they do it. Keep the faith America is with you. You make us so proud that we are AMERICANS! Now go fight and win and come home to us, we love you.

  728. Kathleen Hartson "Tzippy"

    I can’t say it any better than Michael L…that was great!
    As you can see, there are more of us who love you guys and gals than there are of those…those…those…words cannot convey my utter disgust of those pigs.. on the left.
    I don’t know why the media feels so compelled to give voice to a minority of Americans, who clearly suffer from mental health issues.
    Right now I am equally as mad at them for shoving Pat Tillman’s mom down our throat today, who in my never to be humble opinion, hates America sooooooooooooooooooo much more than she ever loved her son. That is the way it is with the left. They do not value life, they do not value their own flesh and blood. The Party comes first with them. And they only way her other son can ever have her acceptance, and be valued by her, is to parrot his sick mom’s feelings. That must be a lonely, cold, hard place for him to be, to be loved conditionally.
    So, you see, we don’t have it so bad after all. And hey!…
    You are appreciated more than you can possibly imagine, warts and all.
    I belong to a private support group of military spouses, for military personnel and their spouses, and carefully screened members. We would love to offer your wife support through our email group. It is private to protect our service families from leftist kooks. We send out cards, goodie boxes to soldiers, whatever is needed. Just have Pat get in touch with me if we can be of any service to you, other soldiers, and your families.
    And God’s speed to all of you.

  729. TJ


    go back to saudi arabia and be with your people and we will see fit to leave yours. but it was iraqis in exile who invited us to get rid of saddam and it was the fact that he harbored terrorists that got us there.

    Ahmed you love your religion so much that you decided to live in an infidel country as far away from your heavenly abode in saudi arabia. what does that say about you?

    incidentally, if we just leave as you say, they will keep attacking . you know that as well as anyone, it is the nature of islam: “fight the unbelievers until only allah has the right to be worshipped.”

    muhammed the pervert for president! :lol:

  730. Molly Ray

    Thank you all so much for your service to our country. Please know that there are many like me who love and support you and what you do. Hurry home safely and thank you for a job well done.

    Molly :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:

  731. Dennis Doty

    This statement, attributed to Edmund Burke in the late 1700s, “All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men (and women) do nothing” Probably explains why Liberals like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and too many to list other treasonous Democrats remain in office term after term protecting the Party at the expense of the Country. It is my view that each should be charged with treason, aiding and abetting the enemy and forced to resign immediately as a result of their recent actions.

    Marine Corporal Dollard, you and your fellow Marines are definitely doing what it takes to make sure the enemy does not prevail at your station in Ramadi in spite of the published lack of support in our government. It is really up to us voters back in The States to “be the doers and not the do nothings” and see to it that Reid and Pelosi types are removed from office, come election time, to end the harm they are doing to all your daily efforts. May God put his shield of protection around all of you there and bring on the final victory quickly.

  732. Jeremy aka Doc V

    whats up?
    good to here ramadi is calming down, my batallion (3/7) was there from sep 05 to apr 06 and we will be replacing you guys shortly. thanks for holding it down. gov center and op horea here we come!

    - Doc V

  733. My Father

    Cpl. Rock

    Never wrote to someone in a Blog before but I just wanted to say thanks for serving our country for our freedom and others. My father was in the Vietnam war when I was younger and didnt get the support that they deserve during that time. Just wanted to say thanks for all that you sacrifice for all of us. Be safe.


  734. botulism

    TJ - you’re aware that the “Iraqi’s in exile” were actually employees of petrol conglomerates, right? You know that they wanted the commanders on the ground to install them as soon as Saddam was out, right? And you know that the commanders left them in the middle of nowhere when they figured out they were full of shit, right?

    Did you also know that James Baker, when working for the first President Bush, actually gave Saddam the green light to invade Kuwait? Just google “April Glaspie green light Kuwait Iraq Bush Saddam”. Those key words should be enough to take you to a transcript released by the Bush 1 library.

  735. botulism

    D_Mac said:

    “If you were truly open to conversation and free thought you would have realized that we are right by now. We like America, Apple pie, true freedom, beauty and strength. You like homosexuals, whiny music, pretentious “thinkers” who never DO anything and losing wars. You consider yourself a world citizen, we think you should go F___ yourself.”
    Wow, how incredibly, incredibly shallow. You make me embarassed to vote Republican. If you can’t argue with him on the points, empty the pudding out of your head and try again.

    It takes all kinds to make the U.S. work. Without the “other side” as a watchdog, who knows what would happen in Washington with all those lawyers and politicians. I’ve been a part of no-bid contracts even with oversight agencies in place, so I shudder to think.

    If the U.S. was just extreme liberals, we’d either be trying to recycle our used toilet paper for a better planet (remember, only 1 square per person per day), or we’d be speaking Japanese. But if the U.S. was just extreme pro-war conservatives, the rest of the world would be up in arms to stop the empire building of another Germany. Both sides need each other to function and make the country great.

  736. Milt Mario

    USMC 5th Marines

    The battle for Hue City lasted 26 straight days. Seems like you guys are doing the same everyday, just a different place & time. I have a lot of respect for you guys. It makes me sick to read what our media chooses to report, instead of backing our young heroes. This country better wake up before its too late!

    We’re praying for you guys, stay well. Semper Fi!

  737. David E from OKC

    Cpl Rock,

    You and your fellow Marines show the rest of us what is right and true and good with America. You are the best of us! Believe me when I say that most Americans DO NOT agree with that slime ball traitor Reid. We know you are fighting and winning in Iraq. Stay the course, our thought and prayers are with you.

  738. Joe

    Hey Rock,

    I think you lit a fire ( and are bringing fire down on Reid - ) just don’t forget Syria Nacy Pelosi and whiner congress critter and partner in degrading our troops and nation from PA John Murtha.

    you have inspired many - and believe it of not there are a few naval officers speaking out.. like

    LT Jason Nichols, USN
    Naval Information Professional
    MNF-I, Baghdad ( read at this link )

    as well as retired like:

    Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret
    Crestview, FL 32539

    and a zillion more..

    God Blesss you and keep you in perfect peace ( and forgive you as he has to forgive many for our wonderfully fowl words directed at an internal enemy, as well as thoughts on what we’d really like to do in this instant )

    THANK YOU for carrying the Torch of Freedom to a nation that lived under genocide ( you see the left never speaks about The Marsh People of Iraq - just a one for instance and what sadam did to them ) ..but we know why you are there and it is rightious and just. To support you Eagles Nests and Gathering of Eagles are on the move..
    hope you got to see all counter the left in support of your mission.


    Houston, TX USA and proud of it.

  739. Dbo

    This is for all the leftists who keep making the tired old argument how bush and his minions started this war to make money for themselves:

    The president and his wife made almost 800,000 this year and dick cheney and his wife made twice that.

    its stupid for you to argue they started all this warring for personal financial gain when the president only made 300,000 more than his paid salary as president and donated 78,000 of it to charity.

  740. Joe

    Jeremy aka Doc V

    WELCOME HOME ( and golly gee - god bless you on your second tour )

    Thank you son..

  741. Joe

    Hey JAG,

    You said: calling Reid a douche is not even slanderous because truth is a defense.


    LOL.. WMP.. thank you formaking my day ( night ) ahhh what ever.


  742. Joe

    Video of GOE in NC. This came after the March 17th meeting at The Wall to protect all monuments from the moonbats..

  743. disgusted

    I want all the voters in Nevada to know that I usually visit Las vegas twice a year as a minimum, I will no longer come to your state and leave my rather large donations as long as you have traitor reed as your senator. What about it folks this is one way we can support the young women & men who lay their lives on the line for us everyday. PLEASE JOIN ME IN SENDING TRAITOR REED AND THE PEOPLE IN NEVADA A MESSAGEIF THEY DONT SUPPORT THE TROOPS WE WILL NOT SUPPORT THEM.SEMPER FI

  744. Heath

    To Concerned Citizen:


    I know you want to “talk it over a cuppa and some strawberry jam on scones” with the Islamofascists - can’t we be friends, get along together?

    The Islamofascists will NEVER be interested in talking with Liberals, or Conservatives! Conservatives realise this; Liberals, in their usual self-delusionary state can only hum kumbaya. Remember, both Liberals & Conservatives are INFIDELS and are to be wiped off the face of this planet! Liberal Hollywood, a den of debauchery and godlessness would be a prime target of these religious zealots[ISALMOFASCISTS].

    Why were there so many terrorist attacks during the Clinton years? Why hasn’t there been another attack since 9-11? The enemy is being engaged outside of America. Would you rather engage them in the state where you live, “concerned citizen”? You should thank the men in uniform, such as Corporal Rock, & Corporal Dollard! These are the ones who ensure we continue to be free. Some, unfortunately, abuse and misuse this freedom because IDEOLOGY (Liberalism) supersedes country!

    Remember that a war President is NEVER popular. I am sure Liberals would have found something else to demonize President Bush if he had not gone into Iraq. Because, then, Libs would have condemned him for NOT taking action! You see, if the President had chosen to rely on the popularity stakes, he would be “for the war”, and “against the war”, SIMULTANEOUSLY! That is exactly what the Democrats & Libs are doing!

    If there is a draft, I would put my hand up even though I am an Aussie! Last night, as America is waking up, I went to bed to news of the 9 marines killed in one swoop. For one brief moment, I had wish what all Libs wish - cut and run. But then, that was because I was emotional - angry and sad - at the butchery of the troops by those Islamofascists. Emotions swing up and down like a yo-yo. Convictions don’t. Liberalism is about FEELING GOOD! War is death. War is ugly. War is pain. It never feel good. But from deaths, the seeds of life are sown. The seeds of freedom … something ALMOST all of us in this blogg were born into. I bet none of us in here came from a totalitarian society.

    Don’t sanitize war. Let our heroes do their job - put an end to the Islamofascists. Don’t tie their hands behind their backs with inane Liberal political correctness. Stop demonizing the troops. Stop tarnishing the military because of a few bad apples.

    Freedom isn’t free. Men, in the past, present and future generations have paid for it. Not just any men and women. A very special breed. America, land of the free, home of the brave. This is the face of America - the men and women in uniform who ensures the constant beacon of hope, that America is, continues to shine.

    Thank you, sir, for your service. Although you are all far away, on the front lines, you are near in our thoughts from wherever we are. GOD BLESS AMERICA. God Bless The Troops. Australia is proud be be America’s friend. SEMPER FI!


  745. Heath

    What an irony! Here we have our men and women in uniform making the ultimate sacrifice the defend country, and we have Liberals. Democrats, some Republicans, the media, Hollywood, abusing this freedom to undermine the mission of the troops!

    Who would Hollywood call on if the Islamofascists target their next attack on that “den of iniquity”, Hollywood? The men and women in uniform, of course.

    My opinion - the US and European media are traitors, using their freedom of the press (guaranteed by the sacrifices of the military) to betray America. The traitors’ “DISSENT” is continually being used by the Islamofascists to promote their cause!

  746. Eagle-SOW

    Hey Botulin (rotted meat),
    Speaking of shallow, you like to label conservatives as pro-war. Since Bill Clinton ordered the bombing (mass murder) of over 3,000 innocent Serbs (obviously an act of war if the Soviet Union was still together) does this qualify him as a conservative? And how about the liberal Senator Joe Lieberman who STILL favors the Iraq war effort?! What you and all your liberal fiends (sic) don’t get is that being conservative or liberal doesn’t make one pro or anti war. The difference is that conservatives want our country to WIN and liberals do everything possible to make us LOSE (rules of engagement), why? Most liberals feel that being a superpower is what makes us hated, which is all that they care about – our image - NOT preserving our way of life as conservatives want - no, but destroying it! They want all of us to be submissive to a global government with a ruling class over the “working class”.
    BTW Corporal Tyler Rock & company: thanks for your dedication and service! History will remember you all as the kind of men the world needed at this time and place. Others (like Clinton, Gore, Kerry, Reid, and Pelosi) will be remembered as selfish demagogs who really have no place in history other than laughed to scorn.

  747. Heath

    G’day, today (April 26th) is ANZAC DAY (US Veterans’ Day) Down Under. Thought y’all might like the following two links:,22010,5022683-5006020,00.html;=1396_Anzac&bitrate;=300&format;=wmp

    Lest We Forget,

  748. RIck Indiana

    From one previous serviceman to another “thank you again and again”. No one knows what you have done and gone through. I don’t know what the conservatives have to do to show where this country would be without our service personel and commitment. My prayers are with all the servicemen & women.

  749. TJ

    “TJ - you’re aware that the “Iraqi’s in exile” were actually employees of petrol conglomerates, right?”

    SOME were likely, since they came from an oil producing country, it is likely they had some expertise. But many also came from the iraqi militrary after the gulf war. They hated saddam and saw being captured as an opportunity to escape iraq. our government obliged them.

    “You know that they wanted the commanders on the ground to install them as soon as Saddam was out, right?”

    No, wrong. Nice try! full of shit as usual leftys, fabricating evidence without proof.

    “And you know that the commanders left them in the middle of nowhere when they figured out they were full of shit, right?”

    you learn this from chomsky, the capitalist leftist with NO insider information who is getting rich off stupid leftys like you all the while refusing to leave the confines of the great country he says he loathes.

    “Did you also know that James Baker, when working for the first President Bush, ACTUALLY GAVE SADDAM THE GREEN LIGHT to invade kuwait ”

    “U.S. Ambassador Glaspie - We have no opinion on your Arab - Arab conflicts, such as your dispute with Kuwait. Secretary (of State James) Baker has directed me to emphasize the instruction, first given to Iraq in the 1960’s, that the Kuwait issue is not associated with America. (Saddam smiles)”

    where in this transcript does she say go ahead and invade? In fact she says we have no opinion on arab arab conflicts. Saddam mentioned that his decision was contingent on the the al shattab dispute with Iran. We were enemies with iran and allies with saddam, of course we would say we had no opinion. But we certainly didnt expect him to take over the country particularly since he suggested negotiating settlements. he never mentioned to Us he intended to invade.

    typical liberal argument, take what was said and requote it incorrectly. you should be embarraseed at the ridiculous nature of your non argument.

    The journalist was drawing conclusions and second guessing foreign policy as if she were an expert. she isnt and neither are you.

    Idiot! :oops: :oops:

  750. Mickey.

    Corp. Tyler Rock.
    This is your cousinnn brittan :mrgreen:
    & i am so proud of you! I told all my friends about what you did. They think your so cool. anywayss keep doing what your doingg, because apparently everyone loves you.
    Come home soon!

  751. william clunie

    Well over half of the country supports you and our military efforts around the world. We are the true Americans, the rest are liberal wimps looking to put the Democraps in complete power (even if it means cutting funds to our military!). Please let it be known over there that we believe in you, and we know that our military will prevail. God Bless America!

    Our prayers and support are with you all,

    William Clunie
    (former USN Corpsman)
    (proud father of US Army corporal in Iraq)

  752. Kathryn Clark

    The Democrats in Congress can’t even agree on which shade of white to use for their surrender flag. Maybe they will have to borrow one from the French. Their propoganda is just what our enemies crave. Keep it up Democrats, we will take care of you in the next election.

  753. Cpl BobCat

    God Bless Cpl Rock, and all of your fellow Marine Brothers and sisters. OOOOORAH! I served proudly, and with honor I wore the uniform you wear today. It is not right that a great deal of citizens do not understand sacrafice, nor the lack of honor that our coward enemy has.

    On a greater note, I have seen firsthand the wonders our Military has done for the Iraqi’s, and it will only continue to improve.
    To all that believe that 3,000 lives were lost for no reason, Shame on you. For the history of Mankind has proven that be nature we are envious of what someone else has, and will kill to obtain it. Peace is only the intermission between wars, and to secure peace is to prepare for war. I am no war monger, I believe in peace and freedom at all costs, especially as a father and husband. I swore an oath to protect the constitution, and ensure that spineless backstabbers like john kerry and harry reid can speak their falacies. It should be the duty of every American to protect the constitution, for with it they protect themselves and their neighbors.

    Godspeed Cpl, and the rest of your Marines.
    Secure Peace Cpl, they deserve it.

  754. Pavdog

    Good morning Marine!

    Saw a soldier in desert fatigues at the coffee shop this morning (Milwaukee, WI) and thought about you. And yes I (anonymously) paid for his coffee! It was funny to see the cashier’s expression–she didn’t know how to respond to “whatever that soldier orders is on me”.

    Keep the faith brother! We are behind you 1000%


  755. @thepointyend

    @Maggie - No worries on ID’ing CPL Rock. The Majority Leader is not in his chain of command.

    @Amigocabal - Fuck Off! If vets find themselves begging on the side of the road, it is because of liberal pussies like you!

    God and the Soldier All men adore
    In time of trouble Then no more
    For when the wars are over
    And the wrongs are righted
    God is ignored
    The Soldier slighted

    Hang in there, Rock! Fight the good fight, regardless of what armchair quarterbacks in the US have to say!

  756. Lt Col Bob

    You have more support and respect back home than you and the rest of the general public are made aware of. Keep up the good work and do what you were trained to do! OORAH!

    I had to “privilege” to serve three tours in Vietnam when I was enlilsted and later I was in the first Desert War, spent over 4 years in the Bosnian AOR and was in side shows for Libya and Panama. I’m retired now but still remember with great clarity each and every action I was in. Don’t let your memories get to you when you come home treat the memories with honor and respect and you’ll survive it all successfully.

    I salute you!

  757. Daniel

    Somehow I missed this the other day… well there are a lot of comments here at this ‘particular’ post.

    Daniel - “CPL Rock needs to [censored] and do his job. I’m tired of hearing the troops’ opinions. The troops don’t make policy…” - April 24th, 2007 at 5:40 am

    I don’t know if it’s a ‘glitch’ here at Mr. Dollard’s Blog, or some Leftist hacker-geek BS going on here. But this ‘Daniel’ I’ve quoted above is NOT me.

    Now my good name has been soiled twice… Mr. Dollard, please ‘rename’ this SOB; and if he somehow has ‘discovered’ my e-mail address, please let me know.

    Sincerely, the ‘real’ Daniel

  758. Dennis Gorman

    May God Bless you and all the service men and women. Dirty Harry Reid is not America and is not the voice of the American people. I am glad the rats have come out of their holes for all to see who they are and how they think. Their day is coming to answer for their treason. God speed our prayers are with you.

    Dennis from Florida
    PS I agree with the sender who will not support Nevada until they retire Dirty Harry.

  759. Fran G

    Worked for Marine Corps MWR for 28 years and know our Marines are the best! Those who don’t support the President and our military members are a bunch of losers! Semper Fi to all our Marines, in combat or otherwise busy keeping this great country free! OOOHHHRRRAAAHHHH! May God protect you all the bring you home safe and soon. I volunteer for Operation Shoebox in the Villages in Florida and you are all in our daily thoughts and prayers!

  760. Dennis Grimland

    God bless you, keep you all safe, and give you strength, in Jesus’ name. Amen

  761. Donna

    It’s unfortunate that we “never” hear the truth through the media. That the truth lies with the soldiers of Iraq. That the truth is coming through loud and clear with sites such as this. Prayers and thoughts are with you and your families.

  762. Phil

    As a retired Naval Officer, I want to thank you for your service and let you know I am fully behind you!!

    We are very embarrassed that Harry Reid is our Senator. I assure you we will do everything we can to see that he is NOT re-elected!!

  763. Phyllis

    :beer: :beer: :beer:
    God Bless all of our troops that are keeping all of us safe in America. All of you are doing a great job and the media only wants to knock our President and service men& women for protecting us.
    May all of you be safe and come home soon.
    Thank you a million times for what you are doing.

  764. Joe Battelle

    Bill Moyer’s Journal on PBS tonight is exposing all the lies Bush told to get us into the war. You might want to watch it. It’s all documented. It was blatant dishonesty. It will contradict many strongly held beliefs. What does a country do with someone who deceives at that level. It’s hard to have a functioning democracy when that kind of deception is tolerated. And imo it totally betrayed our service people. The sad thing is the Democrats went along with the con, failing to exhibit any skepticism.

    It’s a sad tale. I’m a conservative, a real one, who voted for Bush in 2000, not in 2004 though, a former Army infantry officer. But I didn’t allow myself to be taken in by bullshit like that. And I don’t understand what seems like a blind allegiance to this fraud by the people posting on this board. Come on, show some skepticism and be willing to look at the facts. And then come to the proper judgment about someone who would mislead you like that. Peace. Joe

  765. Greg - USA

    Joe Battelle - “The sad thing is the Democrats went along with the con, failing to exhibit any skepticism.”

    I love it when people bring this up. If this is true, then the Democrats didn’t take the time to look into anything before they agreed 100% to go to war. If they can’t do their own research and fact finding then how can they properly run our nation? Obviously, they still aren’t doing the necessary research.

  766. Steve in NC

    Joe -

    I have looked at Moyers, he is as biased as they come, so years ago I began to dismiss him and his whining. This is a hit piece. It will be used by the impeach Bush crowd. kucinich started that today to dovetail with this.

    Did Dan Rather weigh in with his impeccable credibility?

    Documents can be parsed and framed to make any argument.

    No I did not watch this because he has a history of strong one sided bias, and like the boy who cried wolf, I do not listen to him. I do seek out other viewpoints to consider but I am never beholden to anyone but me.

  767. TJ

    Joe batelle,

    conservative? my ass! and PMS(PBS) is more liberal media. I guarantee that they can not substantiate one statement by bush as a lie, otherwise, they would have impeached him by now? Instead they attack members of his cabinet. If you were in the military then you would know that faulty intelligence is common, and mistakes are made. We have seen the “lies” and realize they are fabrications themselves and in no way reflects the dutiful way our soldiers fought saddam and now fight al qaeda who the dems say had no connections to Iraq even the alzrqawi was in Iraq BEFORE we invaded. The hijacker of the achille lauro was also being given safehaven there.

    We make no distinctions between terrorrists or those who harbor them.

    Understand it you leftist lying sack of shit. :evil:

  768. Joe Battelle

    TJ, they won’t impeach Bush or Cheney because the Democrats know they can ride those two to victory in ‘08. Cheney’s approval rating is somewhere around 18%. That’s why Kucinich’s resolution will go nowhere, can’t get even one co-sponsor; and it’s why Pelosi took impeachment off the table. The polls last year showed people were not voting for Dems so much as voting against the war and Bush/Cheney. Dems will try to use the same approach in ‘08.

    Actually, the intelligence from the CIA was not faulty. If you look at what they told the higher ups, they did not misinform. They correctly warned about the questionable credibilty of key sources used by Bush to justify the war — people like Curveball, the Niger claim, and Chalabi’s defector who couldn’t pass a lie detector test. But the CIA’s warnings were ignored.

    Zarqawi I believe was in that part of northern Iraq over which Saddam had no control. Subsequent intelligence has shown Saddam had an extreme dislike for religious fundamentalists and did not collaborate with them and killed many of them, like Sadr’s father and brother. You need to do a little research on that one.

    As for your calling me a “leftist lying sack of shit,” well first off I think you violated the admonition to “be respectful of others and their opinions.” That’s ok though. I was called much worse in basic training and OCS, LOL. When I said I was a real conservative, I meant one who supports limited government, fiscal responsibilty, a limited foreign policy. That’s why I don’t support W any more.

  769. nick rhodes

    why do the generals that are now retired tout on the media how wrong things were in iraq. they say they would have been removed or even fired if they told of the truth of the horrors that were done. did this mean that their retirement income was more important than doing what was right…

  770. Tom Siegel

    I support you guys 100% Screw the demofags. Most people support your hard work it’s just the liberal media that enjoys bringing you down. To bad we can’t dress up rosie and drop her over enimy lines and blow her fat ass up! :lol: My respect Tom

  771. @thepointyend

    @Joe Battelle

    Well, I for one didn’t watch it last night, but that’s okay. I don’t give a flying fuck about what got us into the war at this point. We are in one, and we damn sure better win it. At this point, why worry about the rest? There is fightin’ to be done and I aim to do it. We can AAR the damn thing later - because our adversaries aren’t going to take a ‘time out’ while we try to unfuck ourselves on why we’re there in the first place.

    That said, I wouldn’t believe a damn thing that comes out of Bill Moyer’s gob, period.

  772. @thepointyend

    Even Joe Lieberman gets that point!

  773. @thepointyend

    @nick rhodes - good question. In general (no pun intended :wink: ) their retirement wouldn’t be threatened by making comments - other than perhaps not having time in grade to retire at their current rank. For some, I think it is more sour grapes over promotions and assignments post-iraq. Guys who get it - like Pete Chiarelli - keep moving up; guys who don’t, go home. AS IT SHOULD BE.

  774. christopher bailey

    just wanted to thank cpl tyler rock for standing up for this war …so many times i thought the words cpl rock said but only an enlisted person words would have any weight …i am so tired of some of these members in congress and senate who just want to give up and wave the white flag …thank god we have heroes who want and sacrifice there lives to win this war on terror all our children owe these heroes a debt of gratitude thanks again chris

  775. Cole Nogrady

    Semper Fi. When politicians run a war, we have an unwinable solution to any problem. Reid should tie a rag around his head and tote an RPG for all the good he is doing for brave men like yourself and your fellow servicemen and women in Iraq. One needs to look no further than the democratic senate for a conspiracy theory, or in country traitors. It’s all about power and money. Thier power and our money,and sadly about the loss of life and integrity for our armed services.If he and others like his mindset were fragged tommorow, I would personally pin a medal on the one who did it.

  776. WhiteDove

    My prayers for all our TROOPS. Thank you for protecting us while protecting them. May the one true Living God keep you safe, and protect your family while your away as they await your return home.

    Prayers, Love and SUPPORT for all our TROOPS!

    Have :beer: on me!

  777. drillanwr

    I sort of see this as Cpl. Rock throwing himself on a live grenade for his buddies.

    G-d! I love this kid! (I say “kid” `cause he’s young enough to be one of mine … and I’d be damn proud if he were!)

    Stay safe, Cpl. Rock, and G-d Bless you and your band of brothers!

  778. gayle wagner

    To My Military Heroes

    Still aware of all the jagged corners
    Your eyes focus on the distant hope of today…All those memories full of sorrow and sadness, set your face in a granite like pose…Like a monument of historical fact
    To offset the injured child who lives within.

    I am proud to know of you
    And grateful for your devotion to freedom…

    Can I tell you how I cry for you…
    How I feel your torment daily?
    I do not know your name
    But I care for you, my brother
    And that you are suffering and dying
    In a place that is far from home…

    I’m sorry there are no parades or
    Confetti…and that many
    do not want to understand how you feel.

    I will give you confetti and parades
    I salute you for your willingness
    to fight for justice…and thank you
    for always being my heroes.

  779. James Norris

    I needed this! The “Reids” of this country and their propaganda machine hammer away so constantly with the negative, you need reminders that our Country still has real patriots.

  780. Aaron

    Thanks for your service Marine! There are still a lot of us who support you 100%

    Stay safe bro and God bless.

  781. SSaxdude

    Remove our troops from Iraq as soon as possible. Before you call me some “America hating Democrat” I’m not a liberal, I’m a libertarian. And hating the president and his foreign actions doesn’t make me any more of an America hater than you.

  782. Greg - USA

    SSaxdude - tell us, why should our troops be removed from Iraq as soon as possible? When you make a statement like that you should offer some reasoning as to WHY.

  783. drillanwr


    Because he FEELS that way … No real reasoning involved.

  784. Texas-Maverick

    OOH-FUCKING-RAH! Cpl. Rock tells it like it is, like a Marine!

    Harry Reid is useless, cowardice candy-ass politician. But, he is only one in a LONG list of useless sacks of crap that need to be told to GET THE FUCK OUT!

    If the libtards like Reid had their way, I’ll bet we’d ALL be speeking Arabic and praying to Mecca 5 times a damn day!

    Buy that noble Corporal a beer! :beer: … or better yet, a case of beer! :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: … I’ll gladly pay!

  785. Triker

    Good work, Marine.
    Mr. douchebag Harry isn’t worthy of anything but contempt.
    Triker - USMC 1960-66

  786. Joe Battelle

    Cole Nagarody:

    says “When politicians run a war, we have an unwinable solution to any problem.” Agree. That’s what got us into this mess. When Gen Shinseki said it would take 300,000 troops to win the war, Bush the Washington politician fired him. And When Gen Garner was put in charge of the occupation, Bush the Washington politician fired him and replaced him with the inept Washington politician Paul Bremer, who made mistake after mistake and dug the hole deeper. And now Bush is railing against the Washington politicians. LOL.

  787. alexa kim

    I am deeply proud of each and every one of you My Soldiers, My Troops, OUR Troops.

    I pray for GEN Patreaus and all of you.

    I pray for America too.

  788. Bill Dakin


  789. Texan Aussie Heath

    SSaxdude, you are not the only one with those sentiments. OBL, and all those America-hating Islamofascists share your sentiments. I am sorry that Bush is your enemy, not those animals (repeat after me … I_S_L_A_M_O_F_A_S_C_I_S_T_S)

    You are the hero of the Islamofascists. Congratulations.



    Sgt at Arms
    BOX 554
    TILTON,N.H. 03276

  791. Diann Shultz

    What can we say—-Harry Reid is an idiot!!! This is what happened during Nam (my husband served in the Navy during that time)and is about to happen again; the politicians have now reared their ugly heads and they all believe they are military experts!!!! God help us all.

    Diann Shultz
    Lebanon, Pa.

  792. SSaxdude

    The war is useless, there was no reason to invade Iraq.

    Kubby in 08, McCain will lose.

  793. Greg - USA

    SSaxdude - Why is the war useless? Why was there no need to invade Iraq?

  794. Gramps

    dude just wants to hold & sing Kumbaya :-)

  795. justAnAmerican

    To all our guys in Iraq - be safe. You’ve got more guts than I ever had.

    Bush really screwed this thing up big time.

  796. SSaxdude

    No WMDs.
    The case for “we’re helping the Iraqis” doesn’t make sense since we didn’t do anything about the genocide in Darfur (which has left more people dead.)

  797. Gramps

    Darfur? Give it time, the Dems want us to go there, but only 2500 troops they said. Sort of reminds me of WJC and Somalia. Go with nothing and unload nothing like tracks.

  798. rumsfeld47


    Fuck you, motherfucker.

    1. So it’s not all fuckin’ hunkey-fuckin’-dorey with you to kill one genocidal motherfucker and not the motherfuckin’ other?

    2. One genocidal motherfucker at a time, motherfucker. Be patient, we’ll be in Darfur before too long. Probably after they discover oil there. :twisted:

    3. Eat shit.


    Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Whiskey (retired)

  799. Greg - USA

    SSaxdude - “No WMDs.”

    Maybe they were moved out of the area while we broadcast our “invasion” plans on the MSM and are now in Syria. Maybe that gas Saddam used to kill was a dream. Maybe that gas used recently was a fabrication by the evil, war-mongering, get-rich-quicker Bush administration. What WMD would have to be found to make you believe they were/are there?

    I fully believe that if Bush and his oil-stealing cronies really lied about WMD then they would have set up a “find” of these weapons. The fact that Clinton had the same intelligence, said he believed they were there, and all of the Democrats voted to go to Iraq means nothing, eh?

    “The case for “we’re helping the Iraqis” doesn’t make sense since we didn’t do anything about the genocide in Darfur (which has left more people dead.)”

    Huh? I am pretty good at making up liberal bullshit but I don’t get this one. Maybe George Clooney can help explain that. With your logic though, there are less dead people in Iraq therefore Iraq is more successful.

    Wanna try again?

  800. Greg - USA

    Rummy - wear it out! :grin:

  801. The Hammer -wmd’s in iraq -un resolution 1441;=yfp-t-501&toggle;=1&cop;=mss&ei;=UTF-8 -why no one should listen to SSaxdude

  802. Greg - USA

    The Hammer - Ah, SSaxdude is just 16. Still has that young skull full of mush that the Democrats are molding in public screwel.

  803. The Hammer

    The internet gives people the advantage of anonymity.

    He could have been anyone spouting off his own breed of political banter. Now we can see that he is a child who can’t decide which video game console is superior, but thinks that he can make better decisions than the president. Self entitlement is all too common with the uneducated.

  804. SSaxdude

    “Ah, SSaxdude is just 16.”
    Somebody has too much time to search the internets (as your favorite president calls it) to find out my age. For the last time, I’m not a Democrat. I don’t agree with their opinions on taxation, smoking bans, etc.

    “Be patient, we’ll be in Darfur before too long. Probably after they discover oil there.”
    That pretty much summed up why we are currently in Iraq. Halliburton anyone?

    “why no one should listen to SSaxdude”
    Sweet, I feel famous. Yes, I like video games, but so do many other people. I also visit to have more serious political discussions (mostly about why drugs should be legal.)

    I don’t really feel like coming back here, seeing as I don’t usually post more than 3 responses against the flame wars against me.

    “but thinks that he can make better decisions than the president.”
    In many ways, yes I think I could make better decisions than Bush. In some ways, I might not. But he has people with him to help him make decisions.

  805. drillanwr


    “No WMDs.
    The case for “we’re helping the Iraqis” doesn’t make sense since we didn’t do anything about the genocide in Darfur (which has left more people dead.)”


    Your last comment might hold more water than a generic brand of disposable diapers if:

    You were capable of remembering and recalling honestly your god Bill Clinton and his administration’s (and the fucking useless and demonic UN’s) criminal and sinful failure to do ANYTHING about Rwanda …

    Recognized and admitted to the fact it is radical Islamist Muslims committing genocide on mainly Christians in Darfur … and then honestly pondered aloud WHY Clinton decided to run to the military aid of Muslims in Kosovo/Yugo/Bosnia, and not to the large number of “Christians” slaughtered in Rwanda …

    Vocally forced “Darfur Activists” in Hollywood and wherever else to ADMIT it IS Muslims butchering Christians …

    Were honest enough to realize that Christian ethnic cleansing in the Sudan has been going on longer than George W Bush has been President … (It’s going on in other parts of the world too)

    Were capable of foresight in seeing the “genocide” WE would be throwing the people of Iraq into if we left …

    As for WMDs, the time we foolishly took in the run up to the invasion of Iraq gave more than enough time for SH to do what he did with them … If you could get off your porn sites and search for the documented evidence of exactly WHAT was left behind that we have found so far, and the documented testimony of one of SH’s former Generals (I believe he was) that gave a detailed eye-witness accounting of the hollowed out planes that were loaded with WMD and flown out of Iraq to Syria … Not to mention the millions and millions of DOLLARS (much Oil For Food bucks) we found upon invasion that used in the following point below COULD be considered WMD … BUT PLEASE DON’T LET FACTS AND EVIDENCE GET IN THE WAY OF YOUR ASSHOLE OPINION!!!

    Were smart enough to “look ahead” at the “big picture” of terrorist possibilities and probabilities and see that SH was already aiding, funding, and encouraging terrorism in the region through his money to the families of Palestinian homocide bombers in Isreal … and that seeing he was getting away with it knew the fat bastard would do the same in funding a 9-11 type attack on us …

    And had a big enough mind to look ahead to see the threat in Iran, and how, tactically and defensively, tumbling SH and being in Iraq helps not only us but everyone else in the region (Arab, Isreali, whatever) who doesn’t want to see Iran carry out whatever they have been planning … *

    Oh, and see if you can fight the urge and tickle in your rectum to spew the “Oh, but Darfur doesn’t have any OIL so that’s why we won’t go in there” bullshit … We haven’t seen a drop of Iraqi oil, or benefited from Iraq’s oil being on the market or you wouldn’t be seeing near $3 a gallon this weekend … Unless I am mistaken, and forgive me if I am (but you’d probably prove me right anyway) YOU were the one singing the praises of 17 cents a gallon in Hugo The Hut’s country. If you, or any other brain dead lib, really wants cheaper gas get on the ball and demand more refineries be built in our country … and we start drilling on our own territory.

    * Oh, and you can save the “Well what about North Korea” fart too … We’re in South Korea and Japan, aren’t we?

  806. Robert

    Liberals/Democrats are a disgrace to America. Thank God for Soldiers like Cpl Rock who protect our country and are trying to help the innocent in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Thank God for these Soldiers who understand the “BIG PICTURE” and the threat of radical islam.

    31 of the 33 worlds wars and conflicts are ISLAMIC related. The U.S. is involved in 2 of those wars. It’s Islam on one side versus Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhaism. It’s Radical Islam versus the rest of the world. Shame on the rest of the world and the news for ignoring the 29 other radical islamic wars and conflicts. Think ISLAMIC FACISM isn’t a problem? Think Again!!!

    BTW I haven’t seen Sudan (Darfur) trying to hide WMD’s, banning UN inspectors, nor have I seen Sudan ignoring UN resolutions, if you idiot Democrats are wondering why we’re not in Darfur. You Liberals want to protest wars? Start by protesting wars in Sudan, Chechnya, Nigeria, Indonesia and 27 other radical islamic wars and conflicts.

    31 radical islamic related wars, do your own research

  807. Clyde Salerno

    Your bravery is very much admirable, but you’ve been sent into a quaqmire. Seems to me that your efforts are in vain.

    I saw a bumper sticker the other day, said “Marines never die, they go to hell and regroup”..


    If you want to lay your life on the line for your country, at least your leaders could have had the intellectual curiosity to make it count. You should want more for your life, than to lay it down for, what became a failed adventure.
    Not only should you expect more for your life, you should expect more from them.

    I don’t worry about them “coming over here, if we don’t fight them there”.. What a myth perpetuated!

    Be careful out there. Thank you for your service.


    Clyde Salerno
    here are some that have died so you can open your suck
    navy and usmc kia and wia

    was there loss worth you opening your suck

  809. Greg - USA

    drillanwr - “Were smart enough to “look ahead” at the “big picture” of terrorist possibilities and probabilities…”

    You stated it very succinctly. These people saying Saddam wasn’t a risk, that WMD isn’t there, and we are losing in Iraq are only looking at the here and now. Their attention span isn’t beyond fifteen minutes ago and is never looking into the future. Good call!

  810. Greg - USA

    Clyde Salemo - “I don’t worry about them “coming over here, if we don’t fight them there”.. What a myth perpetuated!”

    A myth? They have already been here and are here. You have such a short term memory. What happened at the WTC in 1993 and who was our president? You better worry.

  811. Marc L. Sabin

    To all the servicemen and women in the United States Armed Forces, we and the people of this world owe a debt of gratitude. A small percentage of the people in this country stand between the rest of us who live fine lives in the greatest country in the world and the terror that is out there beyond our shores. We all live in a country wherein everyone is free to criticize anything they want, to plaspheme those who make it possible for them to do the things they do and say the things they say. Are we right all the time? No. Are we well intentioned all the time? Probably not. But are we better by light years than those terorists and weak bellied apologists who see nothing right about this country. Damed right we are. I only hope that some day they wake up see the world for what it is and realize there is evil out there and they are fotunate that there are those who see the need to combat that evil and are willing to pay the price. These naive and ignorant (and I do believe in many cases malevolent) naysayers are entitled to their own opinions, but they are not entitled to their own facts. This is a tough world. We are the land of the free because of the brave. God bless you all and the United States of America.

    Marc L. Sabin
    California (Not everyone in this state is a left-leaning idealogue)

  812. David

    Cpl Rock,
    Thank you for your service, and your honesty. I’ve been wanting to hear from one of the troops in the field. Am tired of the fabrications passed as “news” anymore.
    You’re welcome to pass my e-mail addy around, and you write, too.
    Truman got “Give ‘em hell, Harry!”
    Reid gets “Go to hell, Harry!”
    Thanks again.

  813. Cpl. Tom

    I’m about to celebrate my 40th anniversary as a Marine. Damn, son, you make me proud! Semper Fi!


  814. Jerry

    Cpl Rock, we are proud of you and your service. Reid is a POS douche-bag.
    Don’t pay any attention to the scum like “Greg-USA” and his moronic comments which I see several entries before mine. The world would have all been better off if his mother had smothered him at birth and sold the milk and so would have Mrs. Reid. That about sums it up for those characters!

    This is the edited version, I am a professional man and have to conduct myself accordingly.

    Semper Fi

    Jerry 3rdMarDiv VN 67-68
    Mike (my son) Cpl of Marines, Desert Storm

  815. Greg - USA

    Jerry - “Don’t pay any attention to the scum like “Greg-USA” and his moronic comments…”

    Uh, I think you have grossly misunderstood me unless you meant that for someone else. If you think I have any respect for Reid, Pelosi, et al then you really misunderstood my posts. I suggest you re-read.

  816. Joe Battelle

    drillanwar, what a name. How about instead of drilling every last drop of oil dry, we set some aside, like in Anwar, for future generations or for special uses. If man has his head screwed on right, he would be doing everything possible to develop alternate sources of energy and saving oil for special uses. The Shah of Iran felt the same way, diagreed withn just burning it all up in automobiles. He suggested restricting oil use to jet fuel, for which he said there was no real substitute. At any rate, we ought to leave some oil for future generations .

  817. LavaDogMom

    Cpl Rock,
    Very proud of the work you are doing and the accomlishments you are part of. My son, a Lava Dog with the 1/3, is in the Anbar now but does not have communication links yet so I enjoy reading yours. You and your brother Marines are the best America has to offer and your strength and endurance are awesome.
    P.S. Guess I should remind you to message or call your Mom.

  818. Heath Aussie Texan

    Why does Senator Reid broadcast to the world that America has lost the war when he knows that the enemy, the Islamofascists, take that to heart and get GREAT INSPIRATION from that?

    The US media is only interested in those servicemen who disagree with the Iraq War. If you are in the military, and support the President and believe in the cause, expect to be ignored.

    The Iraq War can be LOST from within America, not outside America! Remember Vietnam! The Libs have blood on their hands - they banish the South Vietnamese from their homeland. They are responsible for Pol Pot’s killing fields. Vietnam the crowning achievement of the ant-war activists? What a sad joke! Ask any parents of South Vietnamese now living in America. They were the lucky ones who made it. Millions did not - slaughtered by the Vietcongs, or perished at sea as they fled. Thank you, Jane Fonda! You killed the nation of South Vietnam!

    Thank you Corporal Rock. You are a hero. Not the likes of Hanoi Jane! The word for that is, traitor.

  819. Heath Aussie Texan

    Darfur civil war - Libs say America has to intervene. Iraq, also called CIVIL WAR, by Reid & co., and America has to surrender. Why?

    If the President had not taken action in Iraq, you, Saxdude, would have wanted to know why he did not!

    Who is your enemy? The President, or the Islamofascists?

  820. Heath Aussie Texan

    RC AYERS, well said … “;This soldier stands between your freedom to insult him and the hatred of world criminals who would not think twice about taking you very breath away.”

    The absence of war isn’t peace. War brings peace. The men and women in uniform stands between tyranny and freedom. Through war, and their sacrifices, through generations, they bought peace for us! They paid for the freedom we take for granted. Don’t ever forget that, Libs! I know it’s easy to do so, while sipping latte at Starbucks! Sure it’s just coffee? Perhaps it’s hallucination juice?

  821. Jim

    I was recently at an anti Cindy Sheehan protest in
    Greensboro,NC. The pro troops supporters were there
    in full force. Most of these socialist,liberal hippies
    have nothing better to do when they’re not in class but
    to protest while the real Americans have jobs and familys to support,but slowly I feel the American people are waking up especially with the pussy ass defeatocrats like Harry Reid showing us the partys true colors and
    there certainly not red,white and blue. God Bless I
    totally support,respect and admire you guys. I’m always
    praying for you and our country. We will prevail. Jim Greensboro,Nc

  822. HJ

    Jim, I live in Virginia and my Father is retired from Langley AFB (WWII, Korea & Nam) and my brother is retired from the Army - Where is the media when these events happen? It really frosts me that there isn’t any coverage. My frustration mounts daily…..

  823. ARMY SSG

    Ok People,

    Here is the real deal. We are fighting a war that requires a lot of American fortitude. World War I and II took longer than 10 minutes to win, so will this war. As long as we have fine Americans out there fighting the scourge of terrorism, the fuckers have no chance but to try and thwart our efforts to find them. they cant fight us head to head, so they do this pussy ass roadside/car bomb shit.

    Its just unfortunate that so many are dying in the wake of this shit.

    My only problem is that political correctness is killing us. The Glenn Beck Special on radical Islam should have opened a lot of eyes in the states. The entire militant islam population is the enemy. We need to vanquish the militant islam way of thinkning, way of life before they do the same to us. It is only a matter of time before something big happens or one of these scumbag insurgents get a hold of a nuke….its a matter of time people. All of you fucking weasel librals out there need to see this. If not, turn in your balls at the door and be ready to be force fed the Islam way of life…..

    Or we can stay and finish the job, while we have the forces there to do it with.

    I have 3 Iraq deployments under my belt and my rucksack is packed and ready to go again. I just wish the administration would stop trying to be politically correct, and let us do the job correctly, instead of putting Marines on trial for murder…….I would like the prosecuter of those Marines to spend one fucking day in their shoes, and lets see how he reacts under fire.

    We have to make some serious changes in this country…..And if the whiney ass liberals like Reid cant see this, then impeach them and put someone in there that can get the job done.

    This bullshit of fighting the liberals to get funding is total horseshit.

    To all the Coalition forces out there in Iraq/Afghanistan: Godspeed, Goodluck and remember, coining a phrase used by General Patton, when your grandchild asks you 30 years from now…”Grandpa what did you do in the War on terror? You dont have to say “I shoveled shit in Louisiana…..or listened to and agreed with faggot, whiney liberals like Reid.”

    Sorry for the profanity, but this shit is getting ridiculous….

    Im out. :twisted:

  824. ARMY SSG

    wheres my response? :???:

  825. Novanglus » Why are the Democrats doing this?

    […] Marine in Ramadi writes: well ramadi was once dubbed by everyone as the worst city in the world. but we have done […]

  826. David

    Heath Aussie Texan: “The absence of war isn’t peace.” 2 years before the “fall” of the soviet Union, there was some conservative think tank that asked question concerning the differences between soviet communism and American capitalism. One question was “What is the definition of peace?” The Soviet definition was “Lack of resistance to the state.”
    ARMY SSG: First, I want to thank you for your service.
    The only comment I can make about your post is that I agree.

  827. ARMY SSG

    I think a prayer is in order for those MIA today.

  828. Michael West

    24 May 2007

    John McCain’s words in his interview with Sean Hannity
    are proof positive that the terrorists have infiltrated the
    Washington DC water supply, and poured in thousands
    of gallons of LSD. Simplistic, stupid, narrow-minded focus,
    and stuck on the word “comprehensive”.

    *How do you eat a whole hog?
    **ONE bite at a time.
    ***SHUT UP about “comprehensive”!
    The Congress has passed a law. It didn’t work, so they passed
    ANOTHER law, which didn’t work. So they passed the latest law
    (1995-6) to modify the previous law (1986-7).

    NO MORE STUPID LAWS.!.!.! Enforce the EXISTING LAWS!!!

    The primary function of the Federal Government, as stated in the
    Preamble, is to “…PROVIDE for the common defense…” and to only
    “…promote the General Welfare.” Bin Laden has stated quite
    plainly that his agents of terror have already infiltrated the US,
    and they came across the border from Mexico.

    ****This was accomplished AFTER the aforementioned laws
    getting passed. Attention Congress: you are a FAILURE!

    Every illegal alien that has a job in this country, and has
    been hired by a corporation that withholds money from the
    employee’s paycheck, is in violation of the laws and regulations
    found in the Social Security Act. The employers that accept
    a SSN of 000-00-0000 (there are a LOT of them) are in violation
    of RICO. Also numbers 111-11-1111, 222-22-2222, …999-99-9999,
    AND 123-45-6789.

    ARREST the Human Resouces managers, Personnel directors, Vice
    Presidents and Presidents. NOW. Full prosecution of RICO.
    EXACTLY like Bobby Kennedy did to the “Mob”.

    DO IT NOW!

    THEN, you won’t have to round up ANYbody. They will head for
    the hills on their own.
    When the bathtub is overflowing, you don’t sit around and look
    at the water in the living room floor, discussing the color
    of the new rug, patterns for the new furniture, whether you
    put up more dry-wall, or go with paneling.

    *(NOT go cut it back a little bit, like Chernoff is so proud of).

    **Illegals coming across the border are flooding our schools,
    hospitals, welfare, and Social Security system.

    “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”

    Not no, but HELL NO!
    (I could have sworn this was in English, it’s not Klingon,

    Bust this thousand-page bill, with all sorts of little secrets
    hidden inside, into item-by-item separate independent bills.

    The Senate and House have repeatedly proven that they can
    NOT GET THE JOB DONE when they get into back-room deals.

    each single item. If you have to hide it, then it’s WRONG
    for America, and HAS TO BE EXPOSED.

    You don’t like that? You don’t want to do that? Then…

    Pack your stuff up, and clear your office by Friday
    at lunch.

  829. Michael West

    Attn: ARMY SSG.

    You asked for a response. How’s that?

    SOMEbody has got to stand up against these political prostitutes, and call a spade a spade…

    Yes, I already sent the same thing to my sleaze-bag senators.

  830. Colt .45

    What ever happened to the crooked land deals that Dingy Harry was under investigation for? Why isn’t this twerp in jail?

  831. speppers69

    I wrote this a while ago for a friend that was on his way to Iraq. It was not meant for only him, but to all of our military men and women. God Bless you and keep you safe…..speppers69

    Admiration is too small a word,
    To describe the way I feel,
    For everything a soldier does,
    All in the name of freedom.

    What ever word I choose,
    Just never seems enough,
    What a soldier gives every day,
    Is more than most for life.

    To face the danger,
    To pay the price,
    Is more than just a noble sacrifice,
    To bring peace and freedom,
    To those who have none,
    Is more than just a worthy cause.
    The bravery,
    For how you face every day,
    Is more than just an admirable trait,
    You do your job,
    And with the grace of God,
    We pray he brings you home safe.
    Back to the arms of your countrymen,
    Back to your families,
    We are forever grateful,
    For what you do,
    To give hope to millions in the world,
    Without one thought for yourselves.

    I give you my words,
    And my eternal support,
    And forever,
    May God Bless You………

    speppers69 1/2006

  832. Julieann Najar

    so wonderful to see and hear from the real defenders. this is just the tip of what is really going on and wish the media and politicians would listen and print and say the truth instead of “posturing” for the news. and re elections
    I’m a proud mother of a soldier who was in Iraq and now in medical care.and proud to serve

  833. James Freygang

    Fantastic! From a “butter bar” from a long, long time ago, I proudly salute you and everyone else sacrificing so very greatly!!
    Reid is not fit to carry your TP. Please take heart, the great majority are with you!

  834. New Items @ Eagles Nest II « Eagles Nest II

    […] Pat Dollard […]

  835. JMH

    Cpl Rock,
    Thanks for the great report. We’ve got big worries when you look at the likes of Congress and NO WORRIES when you look at you and your Fellow Warriors!!!
    Please know that there are THOUSANDS of us with our and your FELLOW MARINES who are DOWN RANGE. I think about you Marines and Iraq every day. Having seen it first had in 05-06 it is amazing what you have been able to do!
    This old timer is in AWE of each and every one of you GRUNTS who have stayed the course and turned it around!! Keep moving forward. We’ve got your back here in the US!
    Semper Fi,
    USMC 79-06

  836. COOL

    To Cpl. Rock et. al.,

    Thank you all for your SERVICE and SACRIFICE and that of your FAMILIES.


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