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May 9th, 2007 Posted By Pat Dollard.


Ted B wrote:


Here is a copy of an email I just got from my nephew who deployed with 1/6 in
Ramadi. He is coming home real soon and we are so happy and so proud of him as
a family. What he writes validates what you have said in your blog. Thank God
for young men like this and thank you for doing your part in getting the truth
out. Tom writes…

Friends and relations,

In a few days I’ll start the journey home from Ramadi by way of about 4 or 5
other bases. My marines are already gone and I’m finishing up the turnover
process with the new platoon commander from 3/7. For once I don’t feel like
the “boot” lieutenant anymore. Today is the 8 month mark of our deployment and
it seems to have gone by pretty quickly although there were definitely times
when I never thought it would end.

I’m definitely proud of what my marines accomplished here. Ramadi is a new
place. We went from daily firefights for the first 5 months to not a single
hostile shot fired/IED attack in the last six weeks. If you compare war to
golf, we didn’t shoot 65 to blow away the competition on sunday. Instead we
made a bunch of pars and a few painful bogies on a tough course, wearing the
competition down until he broke. Like coachie used to say, “par was enough.”

I learned a ton about myself and a little about what it takes to succeed as a
leader of marines. Right now I’m slated to take the 81mm mortar platoon for
our next deployment in March. We’ve heard that our MEU might come back here
but who knows. I’m excited to get another chance to train a platoon and
implement the lessons I learned here.

The fam is great…Libby and I are headed to Vegas over leave, Mom and Dad are
living the life in their plantation home, and Chels and I are working hard
towards the wedding in August. Thanks to all of you for your incredible
support. The letters, packages, emails, and calls made the deployment fly by.
I couldn’t have done it without you. I’ve attached a pic from our last patrol
where we continued working to reopen a girls school. I can’t wait to see you

Semper Fi,


12 Responses

  1. John Cunningham

    cc: Grimy Harry, Bela Pelosi, Murtha

  2. Jewish Odysseus

    Man, is that a beautiful and inspirational letter, and photo. God bless him and all of our heroes on the front lines.

  3. tyler rock

    hey he is in my company. oo-fucking-rah lt lefebvre

  4. mindy abraham

    Go Marines-keep up the good work :smile:

  5. John in PA

    A sincere and supportive THANK YOU! :cool:

  6. Steve in NC

    Thank you from a grateful American. :beer:

  7. Steven D

    Thank you, and Semper Fi!

  8. RENO


  9. RockinRobin

    Tom - thank you so much for your service to our county! We welcome you home!

  10. Tanicacid

    Tom and Marines, thanks and good job. Do they have smart 81mm Mortar rounds yet?

  11. Iacobus

    Semper Fi, Marine! :beer: Have fun in Vegas!

  12. Maria

    A heartfelt and deep thank you!!

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