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May 24th, 2007 Posted By Pat Dollard.


…by the numbers shocker

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  1. roadking

    UNBELIEVABLE, WTF is Congress thinking….

  2. A. S. Wise

    I have nothing against immigration; as long as it’s legal. We must know who is entering our country, and living among us. The government must recognize this.

  3. GBU43

    If you want to see what the US will be like in a few more decades one only has to visit any small town in southern california.

    If your brave enough take stroll through wonderful Santa Ana, or San Juan, you’ll find these once nice towns have more in common with tijuana Mexico then they do with any city that most people would relate to. Take a tour of any of our state prisons. They are stuffed with non citizens. Look at our gang problems, our drug problems, again one only has to look south to recognize where they problem is comming from.

    The current immigration abomination that is being debated in the sentate has a specific clause that allows Illegals to establish their residency date by nothing more then a Sworn statement by a non relative saying.. “Jose was in the US before Jan 1 2007.” The document can be forged by anyone with a pencil. The US has no ability to verify any document, let alone tens of millions of them.

    Whats worse is this clause effectively sets NO LIMITS on immigration. Anyone in the future that sneaks into the US merely has to forge a sworn document of date of residency to immediately become a citizen.

    Thanks Pat for making this video known to more people.. Perhaps it will make a difference.

  4. TJ

    Dhimma crats defend illegal immigration sighting the need for low cost labor yet at the same time criticize companies like walmart for utilizing low cost labor products as well as paying low salaries to employees. I say secure the border to keep the drugs and criminals out. Lets start hiring legal immigrants who have assimilated in society(learned the language)to go to work as border patrol agents. Who would be more motivated?

  5. John

    What a shocker!!!!! This should be required viewing in all households.

    Thanks Pat

  6. Judith

    Holy Toledo, this is great. Finally, somebody who understands the perils can explain it. This guy needs to be on center stage. BTW, I send faxes at this site all the time; I am sending one to the Whitehouse now. Advise others do to.

  7. Grumpy

    I agree with what this guy is saying and i think that there are many other issues that he hasn’t even touched. I think that this immigration thing needs to be stopped. However, there was seemed to be something a little strange with this video. I don’t know the background of it but it seemed a little off. The people in the audience looked and acted like actors and the editing was strange. Regardless, the message was sound.

  8. Tim in FL

    This immigration stuff will be the death of this great nation. How our government can allow the slow bleed take over like this is mind boggling!

    We won’t enforce existing laws on illegal immigration, but no problem enforcing this:

    Bar Owner Fined for Allegedly Passing Coors Light off as Miller Lite,2933,275353,00.html

    WTF? And we wonder why the country is going to shit!

    I’ll leave you with this…..
    What America Needs Is A Second Party. And A Tourniquet.

  9. John Cunningham

    This crap has to stop. For instance Mexico. They have a corrupt government that won’t spread out the oil money. So we have to buy all their oil and take care of their poor also? Keep your own dam poor and take care of them your own dam self. The descendents of the Spainish are running of the descendents of the Aztecs and Mayans. It’s an ethnic cleansing of a kind. We have our own descendents of our native Americans to take care of. Perhaps the Mexican government told them to head north, the Americans will set you up with a casino. We owe it to ourselves to be a little more selective in taking in a more educated immigrant. What the hell was La Raza doing sitting in on the negotiations of this last bill Congress is trying to shove down our throats. La Raza is a racist group that is committed to ‘reclaiming’ the southwest US. They’ve rewritten history by claiming that the aboriginals of Mexico and Central America were the original inhabitants of the southwest. They’re in the middle of swarming us and they think they’ll call Mexico and the southwest Azatlan. Who the hell knows or cares who was living where 400 and 500 years ago. Get over it, it isn’t that way today. They’re trying to do put us through this guilt trip thing. We’re responsible for for the sins of our fathers. No I’m not. Fix up your own dam place where you live, we fixed this place up which is why you want to move here. Then the minute you get here you want to start rearranging the furniture while telling us where we’re all wrong. If you have all the answers what are you moving here for? I wasn’t here 400 years ago, I never owned a slave 200 years ago and I don’t want to hit a prayer rug. Hey, world, you got a problem with that? Why do you think I want to live here and not where you’re coming from? Are you listening to us Congress. I’ll start worrying about this place when the wall that had better be built along the southern border is being built to keep me in. If rich people can live in gated communities us plain old ‘mericans should be able to live in a gated country. Hello, Washington, anybody home?

  10. J_dub

    I could not agree wth you more! As a former member of the military I was living in Pt. Hueneme California (close to Oxnard). As an agricultural area, there are many legals and illegals brought in to work in the fields. Because of this I can remember many times being in a gas station or such buying a pack of cigarrettes,waiting to get to the counter, and having repeated groups of non-english speaking person’s come up, walk right in front of me, and take care of their business with the clerk. When I spoke up and was basically like WTF!, they would act like they didn’t understand me and continue doing what they were doing. I had never felt like more of a second class citizen in my whole life. (And in my own country for God’s sake) I have since left California(even though there were many things I loved about it thank God I am no longer there) and I fear the day that I soon am treated like that in my home state of New York (upstate) or my current home of North Dakota.

  11. seejanemom

    I was at MILBLOG and was very impressed with your blog, Pat. Glad to see someone from here reads this tired Marine Officer’s wife’s screed.



  12. William Lucking

    Hello all,

    Fascinating but what to do about it? The politicians aren’t listening. In my state of California we have Boxer,Feinstein, Pelosi, Villaraigosa, Migden(sp?), Schwarzenegger, among a seemingly unending list of wealthy,self-serving whackos who are determined to destroy us in the name of progress for the under served and to salve their guilty social conscience.

    Is there a wealthy whacko out there who still believes in this country and that we could support. Let me know because voting and low-level activisim hasn’t worked.

    William Lucking

  13. John in PA

    If any of you share this info with others I recommend you also share the web site for NumbersUSA which Roy Beck has created and made into an effective means for taking action against imigration. If you sign - as i have - you get a very fast, effective & easy way to get your message to congress. I have been using the site for about 3 months with no problems.

    Background on Roy Beck & numbers USA

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